Losing Control Chapter 4

Sango stared in shock. They did WHAT on Kagome's roof?!

"Whoa whoa whoa... you had SEX?!" Sango said disbelievingly. "You mean to tell me that you got him on the roof of your house with HIM and had SEX?!"


"I always knew you two would get together!" Sango exclaimed happily, nearly forgetting Kagome's problem, only to be reminded when Kagome began to walk away into the woods.

"Kagome-chan?! Where are you going?" Sango trotted after the retreating form like a puppy would follow its master.

"On a walk. Alone." Kagome was obviously not in the mood for 'girl talk' so Sango decided sagely to leave her alone. She turned and headed back to camp and left the miko to her thoughts.

She soon found herself at the Goshimboku tree once again.

"You started this." She threw at the tree. No response, just a rustle of the leaves.

Inuyasha was watching her from his favorite branch, knowing that he had made a deadly mistake back at the well.

"Dammit, I thought I have something good, something I could rely on for ONCE in my life. I know he didn't mean it but.." She trailed off and settled herself among the ancient roots of the tree before continuing, "Sometimes I wish he would forget his pride.. Even just 'sit'ing here.."


"It IS possible for me to forget my pride." Inuyasha's muffled voice could be heard from the dirt.

"Is it also possible for a girl to get some privacy around here?" Kagome asked irritably.

"Look Kagome.." Inuyasha pouted "I came here to say I am sorry."

"Mmmm hmmm." Kagome rested her head back on the tree and closed her eyes, willing his away with her mind.

"Come ON Kagome! They don't know yet, and so I just said what they expected to hear!" Inuyasha explained.

"Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you shouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed of me if you REALLY love me." Kagome whispered calmly, eyes still shut.

"But I do love you!" Inuyasha held.

"Do you love me enough to forget your pride?" Kagome inquired, opening one eye to look at the puzzled hanyou in front of her. "No. No, you don't."

"What do you want me to do, kiss you in front of everyone?" Inuyasha said sarcastically.



"Hello Lady Kagome." Miroku said as the two walked into the clearing.

Stopping about 10 feet from where the whole group was sitting, including Kaede, the couple stood to face each other.

'Feh, everyone's watching... man the comments from Miroku are never going to end.. Wow she smells good..' Inuyasha re-directed his attention to the girl in front of him, looking up at him with expecting eyes.

In one swift movement Inuyasha had her in his arms in a very, very passionate kiss. The world dissolved around them and the only thing in any of Inuyasha's senses was Kagome. The only thing on his mind was Kagome. She swam through his thoughts gracefully, winking at him.

"Mmmm..." Inuyasha mumbled, snaking his hands up Kagome's shirt slowly.

"Eep!" Kagome yelped when she felt his warm hands touch her stomach but relaxed when she saw they were only Inuyasha's.

"Ewwwwww, Inuyasha is turning into Miroku!" A tiny voice broke the reverie that they were both sharing. Realizing where they were, Inuyasha hastily removed his hands from their position under Kagome's shirt and took a step away. Kagome also was quite embarrassed and was a remarkable shade of red that equaled the red in Kirara's eyes.

"Gomen nasai." Kagome said bowing.

"O don't let us keep you, please continue." Miroku urged lecherously.

Sango was silent and Shippo was regarding Inuyasha with a disgusted stare.

"Much better." Kagome whispered contentedly. "Never be embarrassed of me, Inuyasha, and I'll never be embarrassed of you."

Smirking, Inuyasha took Kagome's hand and they walked towards the forest happily, ignoring stares from their comrades.

Inuyasha stopped and stepping in front of Kagome, beckoning Kagome into his arms.

"Kagome?" Inuyasha probed, with a hint of uncertainty in his voice.


"Which time do you consider 'home', this time, or the future?" Inuyasha asked.

The question surprised Kagome, her head tilted in thought as she considered the inquiry. She WAS after all, born in the future and had lived there her whole life until recently when she fell into the well. Then again, she spent much more time in the feudal era these days and had begun to have the mental picture that when she came to 'her' time that she was kind of just taking care of business. Had the feudal era really become her home? Had she really given her life to the world in the well and the search for the shikon shards? 'Hai. I knew this would happen from the day that I decided to look for the shards with Inuyasha.'

"I would have to say the feudal era." Kagome finally answered. Her words seemed to stir something in Inuyasha, which made him beam contentedly. Watching his face light up like that made Kagome's heart melt, and right then and there, she knew that she would spend the rest of her life with him.

Sango 'Awwed' mutely from her post in the bushes, causing Inuyasha to glance over Kagome's shoulder and spot her. Choosing not to tell Kagome that Sango was watching, he decided to take this chance.

"Kagome, will you marry me?" Inuyasha's voice did not falter, pink wisps of cherry blossoms sailed around the couple.

"Yes!" Gasped a very radiant girl as she flung herself into his arms.

Inuyasha felt his stomach settle with relief, 'Not that there was anything to be nervous about,' he assured himself confidently.

The scene was perfect, the rays of sun danced in the trees and reflected upon the flecks of petals floating lightly to the ground. The moment WOULD have lasted forever had Kagome not turned very green, ran off the path and threw up.

'This could only mean one thing!' Thought an exited taijya as she rushed to the girl's side.

Inuyasha also rushed to her side, but couldn't stop himself from smiling. He had a loving mate, and he was going to have a full family soon! He looked up into the azure sky as Kagome rested herself against him. 'I'm going to be a father.'


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