A series of lemony events set across several one-shots, the story takes place in AU where Naruto was born before canon, same as Itachi, but lost his parents the same way. Raised by Sarutobi, Jiraiya and a semi-present Tsunade, Naruto grows up to be a more mature shinobi, at times callous, and heavily biased towards Konoha's betterment. I initially wanted to write this is a full-fledged story, but the story had too much fat and not enough meat. So I trimmed it down to this and today's girl is: Mei Terumi. Enjoy, wankers.

The smell of blood and grime and shit invaded his nares. Scrunching his nose underneath the mask, he moved through with quick pace. The Naka Shrine was where it was concentrated the most. There was a chakra signature at the Police HQ, but he was advised not to go there. He wasn't ready yet, and it took every ounce of will in his body to not let the wrath take over.

His priority, right now, lied elsewhere and if what he surmised was true…he only hoped he wasn't late. Though the amount of bodies said otherwise. Finding the familiar household of the clan's head, he rushed through and almost instantly he stood frozen.

The father of two was gone. Departed for the next world. The boy was frothing at the mouth, shaking in his unconsciousness and the mother, badly bleeding, in shock, but alive. And across the fray stood the perpetrator. Tears in his eyes and guilt wracked over his face. The blood of his kin all over his body that finally seemed to have broken his will at last. He saw what others couldn't. He saw the man who was never allowed to be a boy in the days he was supposed to, and the boy needed help. His cursed red eyes morphed, changing into something more wicked as he stood no longer in the house where a family was torn apart.

He stood in a realm of red and black and white. Murders of crows flew past him everywhere as one settled on his shoulder. He stood face to face with the crying killer as all his secrets unveiled.

He woke without making a sound. He'd been used to doing this over the last seventeen years. Bandages wrapped around his arms and legs and chest and torso. The wounds were superficial. Nothing too life threatening. He'd been hit and treated with worse, sometimes exclusively at training and the results spoke for themselves. Here he sat in enemy territory, a lone shinobi of the Leaf, helping to destabilize an entire power structure of a rival village that had been at place decades well before his birth.

By his hand an entire legacy ended and a new regime was installed. Taking off the bandages, he clapped his hands as several letters spread out from the sole of his foot, crawling like ants and encroaching the entire room.

His index finger glowed eerily, first orange and then a darker shade of blue as he pressed it against his navel. The sigil of a complicated, well-crafted seal appeared and on top if another layer he added, a true work of art if he was allowed to say so himself. The blood ran strong in him. As did power.

How do you feel? The thought in his mind was said with a gentle tone.

I'm doing fine. His friend informed him. He's sleeping now. Let him rest as much as he wants. Sage knows how long he was under the control of that animal.

He'll recover soon enough. The blond reassured his oldest friend. I'm glad we were able to reach out to him. The worst case scenario would've left him open for more attacks later on. We'll talk later.

Naruto, he stopped on the cusp of cutting the connection. Thank you.

Don't mention it, Kurama. Now if you excuse me, I have to deal with her. The blond felt the chakra signature draw closer and the knock on his door informer him of her arrival. He, of course, removed the restriction seal before granting permission. In walked a woman exotic as one could get; comely from every angle, auburn hair kissed by fire, green eyes that could be mistaken for gems and a face so beautiful that it would make any male feel butterflies in his stomach.

"You're up already?" She asked taking a seat on the only chair in the room, making sure to cross her legs so her exposed thigh would draw his attention. She'd have to work harder than that. "I was worried you'd be out for much longer."

"It's a bad habit. I keep getting back up." It was true and the woman smiled hearing that. Mei Terumi always found something to be delighted from whenever they spoke. Not wanting to let her get an edge, he did what he learned was the woman's natural weakness. He discarded all the bandages and turned, making sure she got a good look at his muscles, and his scars.

She was attracted to him, as he was to her, but he had a better poker face; growing up in ANBU did that to a person. Among all her features, the one that got to him the most was her hair, the near crimson shade of it. He'd always been fond of it. A trait, if rumors were to be believed, his father passed on to him. At least the man had good taste.

"You're going somewhere?" She asked as he felt her eyes leer all over him hungrily. "I think we should get you to the doctor later. Need to check you out."

She wasn't even trying to hide her intent at this point. "That will have to wait. I need to go."


"Home." Naruto Uzumaki said as he wrapped up all the bandages, turning it into a small ball as it heated up in his enclosed fist. A second later, only ash remained which slowly disappeared soon enough. "I'm due back home."

"Wait." She was on her feet. Mei cleared her throat. "I mean, you just recovered. You're not in any shape or form to leave."

Now it was his turn to tease as he stood close to her. Very close and the crook of his nose was just above hers. "Trust me. I know my body better than anyone else's. Do you see anything wrong?"

"No. God, no." It was just a whisper, but the tension between them had been escalating for some time. A slight touch on his forearm when she would pass by, accidentally rubbing parts of her, telling him to carry her on his back after battles ended. It infuriated scores of her soldiers when those instances happened. Firstly because it was not them, secondly because he was not one of their own. Thirdly, he flirted back. Openly. Something no other man in her presence did and apparently she liked his boldness.

"Good, I'd be disappointed if you did. Besides, I'm not leaving right away." Naruto said as he slowly took a step away from her, not averting his gaze from her eyes as he sat down on his bed. He was not putting on a shirt.

Not now.

He'd been through a lot over the last year just to leave like that; he didn't spend time away from the comfort of his home, knee deep in the middle of a civil war he was not (officially) a part of, fought, killed and maimed through hundreds of shinobi, saved God knows how many people who might come for his head one day, just to walk away without a prize.

Yes, the Leaf would be entering an alliance with the newly formed structure. And he did help two siblings reunite, helping Isobu break free from a cruel fate. That was all great, but Naruto Uzumaki was selfish and he wanted his reward. And the only thing he wanted was in front of him. That and ramen. Rubbing both hands through his hair, he slicked back his spiky golden locks as he found himself looking into the eyes of a predator.

The future Mizukage looked like him when he'd pass by Ichiraku's, and that gaze lowered from his eyes, to his chest, to his abs, to his crotch, as the semi aroused outline of his member was clear through the sweatpants.

"When will you leave?" She asked getting up towards the door, her back turned to him.

"Around dusk."

"Glad to hear it. Also," she locked the door as she started walking forward. "Since you're in the newly running Village Hidden in the Mist, the Mizukage has a mission for you."

"I'm not your soldier, Lady Mizukage." He played along as she pouted before lowering her face, inches away from his lips.

"Then consider a working relationship between two villages, Jōnin Naruto Uzumaki. A little diplomacy never hurt anyone."

"You've never entered deals with Kumo, have you?" He made her laugh as he'd been doing over the last year. "But I'll bite. What's the mission, Lady Mizukage?"

"I want you." She got on the bed, more specifically his lap. Her toned, milky thighs rested against his legs, and her arms wrapped around his neck. "To fuck the Mizukage so hard she doesn't walk straight for the rest of the day."

Oh he'd make her regret those words.

"As you wish, my Lady." He whispered back making the auburn headed beauty giggle before he leaned back in delivering a peppery trail of soft succulent kisses along her neck. Mei tilted her head back letting out an elated breathy moan as he did that, then she trailed her fingers downward, feeling up his bulge. Her eyes drooped to half-lidded ones dripping with lust as he pulled back from her neck and lowered his face to her chest. He'd been fondling and caressing them over her t-shirt for so long, so when he did take off her top, he wasn't surprised to see those rosy buds stiff and ripe for the taking.

Mei's breath hiked when the soft, yet firm sensation of Naruto's lips latched onto one of her nipples while his right hand closed around the mound of the other. He felt her hiss in sharp gasps of pleasure as he began gently suckling the lustrous pink nipple between his lips into his mouth sucking on it fervor.

"Mmmh! You're greedier than I thought." She breathed out feeling dizzy from the wave of sensations his service provided her.

"Can you blame me?" Naruto started pulling in more and more of her delectable breast as he had fun playing with the other.

"Don't stop, baby~" He started sucking harder at her tease, making it difficult for Mei to remain still as she started grinding against his lap, his grasping a handful of her buttocks. With a fresh smack of lips Naruto resumed sucking on Mei's right tit then moved on to the next while his left hand reached down between her legs cupping her mound over her pants. She wasn't wearing underwear. The redheaded beauty was in a world of pure bliss as he assumed was touching her in all her sweet spots, but what he really wanted lay beneath.

Mei had the mutual feeling as her hands fiddled with the hem of his sweatpants and tried to pull it down all the way, revealing more and more of himself. Naruto, the Mizukage still in his lap, stood with one arm hooked under her bubbly butt, shrugging down the last of his clothing.

His erection surprised the two of them, him more so, since he didn't expect his rock hard member to slap that hard against her covered ass cheek this hard. Absence made the dick fonder it seemed. Mei broke apart from the kiss, her eyes looking down at what caused her meaty rear to jiggle.

"Oh my!" Mei gushed with bright red cheeks while salivating at the sight. "I've had my fair share of men, but I'm not sure if they're supposed to be that big."

"It was the only one I was born with it. If you're afraid," Naruto suggested with a light chuckle, "we can just stop right here."

"That's a cruel joke, Naruto Uzumaki. You never stop halfway through when a woman is in your arms." He'd heard that before, only from a white haired pervert. Placing her on the bed, Naruto raised her legs as he helped her take off her pants, revealing the Lava user in all her unrivaled naked glory with her hands behind her back posing like one of the many pieces of semi-nude art he'd seen as her creamy perfect legs crossing to block view of her pussy. She undid the knot at the top of her head as more of her dark auburn hair spread out and wagged her finger. "Now, make up for saying that."

Naruto smiled hearing that, surging with desire as they caught each other in another passionate kiss. It got deeper, harsher, evolving into a erotic lip-lock. Massaging his tongue against hers, the hands of the Uzumaki held her legs firmly before slowly spreading them apart revealing her a slight tuft of flaxen reddish fur above the delectable sight of her pussy. Her vulva was a soft pink. moistened by the excitement earlier, plus it looked pleasant too.

The look in her eyes screamed 'Do it', but who said he had to play by her rules?

Guiding the head of his cock over to her vulva Naruto held himself above Mei as still as he could. The length of it rubbed along the soaked slit. Up and down, he was coating it with juices of her desire making her gasp in pulses when he flicked it on purpose on that one spot. He felt a sense of satisfaction at how she moaned, trying to gobble up his cock inside her, but he was calm, methodical and liked to play with his food sometimes before eating.

After a little more rowing up and down her womanhood, slightly slapping on it with his cock a few times, the head of his phallus patiently plunged into the shallow depth of her twat eliciting a squeal of surprise and excitement from her as he finally gave her what he wanted. Every inch of his cock went inside at a serene pace he was welcomed with her warm, wet and hot insides. Her face reddened, breathing harder and she bit her lips. Still inside her, he slowly retracted back before he went back in. Hard.

"OH!" She cried out softly in pain and pleasure as he repeated his actions, letting her get adjusted to his size. A minute or two had passed until Mei started to match his pace. She wrapped her arms around his neck , locking her legs around his rear, bringing him closer and leaning her head back against the pillow, nails digging into his skin. Naruto gladly took to that idea and began driving his length in and out of her pussy making her moan, her mouth remaining agape.

He grunted feeling Mei's vaginal muscles constrict him tightly in its moist sponginess. Deep primal instincts slowly took over, take control Naruto began slamming his hips into the auburn haired leader of the new regime. Mei's body jigglde with each thrust as the flesh of his hips created loud slaps of skin by slipping into her body, filling the room with carnal music.

The intensity of the noises increased further as she got tighter and tighter, her juicy cunt making him feel hotter. The bed's head was hitting against the wall and formed a hilarious overture with the sounds of her moans and skin smacking with sweat, Mei was already succumbing. Victim to the inevitable release of sweet joy.

"Oh Naruto!" She howled out, in desperation, as he felt her pussy squeeze down in furiously on Naruto's thrusting phallus. He grunted and moaned as he kept on plunging his thickness into her tight twat despite the spasms and convulsions of the woman, making it a little harder to hit her sweeter spots. Naruto endured, as he always did, and relished in the afterglow of Mei turning putty in his arms, the outburst of her vaginal juices all over his cock and spilling onto the bed below her buttocks.

"Done already, Mei?" He asked, breathing a little harder, slowing his thrusts to a steadier tempo. Mei whipped her head in his direction, her face redder than ever. She took a moment to catch her breath before speaking elegantly.

"Far from it, Naruto-kun." Trying her best to sound composed, the hitch in her voice didn't help. "You'll have to do a lot more if you want to- AH!" He slammed all of himself into her as his face hovered directly above hers.

"Trying to sound high and mighty while I'm inside you is not a good idea." Naruto chuckled and pulled her up off the bed, him still inside her firmly, as the woman settled onto his lap and started moving. It wasn't long before his cock was ravaging her inners again and he claimed her lips once more, her buttocks in each hand while shoving his cock up into her cunt in hard, short bursts with the motion becoming faster. Her ass cheeks smacked against each other and his thighs as the woman moaned into his mouth like some common whore paid to pretend she was losing it. Except in her case, she was.

Mei's body bounced, her tits swayed, and she was trying to almost nestle into his body as he held her in place with his appendage drilling her. In and out, his blessed member burrowed into Mei's depths, breaching the deepest part inside her, raping all the secrecy of her body's weaknesses, sending jolts of bliss throughout her very soul. Her breasts squished up against his chest as he held her close, his tongue overwhelming hers as he pulled on her hair from the back.

Then Mei suddenly came yet again, pulling his head to her bountiful chest and letting out an ear-piercing wail. Naruto grunted as he felt the woman's vaginal pull on his length. Tight, hot, unbreakable. She was going to finish him off as well. His own grunts got louder, matching her moans and hilted himself deep inside her as the woman shook once more as his seed was let loose inside her.

She locked her legs tighter around his lower back screaming his name as they both sat in post coital bliss. He felt the overflow of sperm gushing out of his loins, having not been allowed to let loose for over a year, with thick audible pulses as his spunk made their way deep into the Terumi before it started leaking out.

"Ooooh Naruto. Mmmm~" Mei moaned in a dreamlike state, resting within his arms, bathed by the afterglow of sex. His member eventually softening after letting out the load long overdue, but as he pulled out his member was hardening again. At the sight of Mei, at the feeling of being in bed with a woman again, but most of all…he was horny. As he reached for her, Mei almost trembled at his touch.



"But we just finished." Mei's eyes fell on his now hardened prick, twitching for more, and he laughed at her silliness.

"Didn't you order me to fuck you so hard you wouldn't be able to walk straight for the rest of the day?" She gulped, almost cowering under his gaze. As if that was enough to change his mind, and with that he fulfilled her wish.

Over the course of a year she'd come to learn how stubborn the Uzumaki could be, but there was an fiery will to it. Whatever he said he would do, he did. Whatever he promised, he delivered. And in according to her wishes, he really made her feel numb from the hips down. Mei Terumi wished she didn't use those exact words.

"For a Kage, you sure bend over easily." He joked from behind her as she was spread out on all fours over the bed. The soon-to-be Mizukage bit down on her lips after having being delirious with pleasure for so long, Naruto's length hadn't softened one bit as he repeatedly kept plunging into her. Mei felt him push his dick straight into what she thought was her womb, no man, fruit or object had ever gone close to that place, and he kept humping her with all the savage grace of an animal.

Her body bounced back against his, her tits swollen and red from his bite marks and groping, scraped the surface of the sheets while her body jiggled endlessly in backward and forward motion. Her hips slapped against his loudly as he held her waist driving his slab of meat he called his cock inside her mercilessly.

So much time had passed, time she wasn't keeping track, as he kept fucking her without hesitation, as she once again screamed out to the heavens and let out elated moans, all the while her body betrayed her by shuddered, weak and pathetic in the face another climax.

Naruto pulled her by the arms back into his body, not letting her rest as her orgasm continued. The sounds of his grunts made her feel weak and small before him, her cunt responded by furiously squeezing on his length, as she felt him tighten his hold and the familiar sensation of being filled with warm sticky goo inside her returned.

She squeezed and squeezed some more, the throbbing flow of sperm poured into her depths like a hose discharging large streams. Her face muscles twitched as she grinned with her head held back and tongue pouring out her mouth and eyesight going blind for a second before it returned. Naruto's penis finally chose to show her some reprieve as he set her down, his member pulsated several more times in a soft finish before pulling out of her.

Breathing harshly against the pillow, Mei wanted to relax. To sleep. To calm the fuck down, but her heartbeat wasn't slowing down, her legs could not stop shaking one bit, and she felt a sense of shame for acting in such a way. Her, the leader of the rebels, the woman who was set to be the first female Mizukage in history, acting nothing but like a girl freshly bloomed as her body refused to listen to her as white ooze kept leaking out of her sensitive and roughed up womanhood.

She tried to get up, readjust herself so as to stave off the feeling of helplessness, knowing that his eyes were glued on to her rump. She turned her head and found herself locking eyes with a predator, feeding on her weakened state, feeding on her desire, and a deep hunger that could not be sated. His erection stirred up, coming back with a vengeance and he was already manhandling her again.

"Please! Just let me rest a bit." She said as he lied down and he held her at his mercy. His iron grip on her waist, his monster of a member looking up at her leaking snatch, and she watched him furrow his brows. He was thinking. Contemplating. Then he smiled. It was so warm. Yes! He relented at last.

"Nope." With a wet squelching sound followed by a breathy grunt, Mei found herself on his dick one more time, already cumming as her hands grappled on to his pecs, her nails dragged hard along the skin making it red and she choked from the sudden impulse of it, his hips making hers gyrate in a slow circular rhythm making her feel every inch, every nerve of him. A hand of his pulled her hair, holding her head backwards as her spine arched feeling whirls of pleasure as her walls tightened now more than ever. An ungodly heat took over and her hands went over to the back of her hair, gripping it as she whipped her hips in circles.

"There's my girl." Naruto said with a guttural, lying down completely, and the girl felt her chest swell with pride hearing that. She wanted him to cum. She wanted him to cum so badly. Spill it all inside her again. She started slamming her hips back and forth in loud claps of flesh, grinding whenever her legs felt too numb resuming her place with him.

She rode him hard, with all the strength she had, her hands secured tightly on his chest while she rocked and slammed her body over and over. She was repeatedly sucking Naruto's thick meaty member into the tight cream filled passage of her cunt, almost violently squeezing down on it every time. A trick she and many other kunoichi knew while seducing their targets, but when applied on a dick as powerful, girthy and unbreakable as this, it was counterproductive and she felt waves of pleasure shooting across her body.

Naruto gripped her hips, thrusting back up into Mei's clenching cunt harder than she could move, making her scream his name as she continued riding him in this room, not caring if her men heard their leader screaming out with impassioned frenzy. She held out for a long time before his thrusts got stronger, all her spots heated up more and more and more, building up to pitch fever as her body was trying to squeeze him for all his worth.

Oh God! ITS COMING! I'M CUMMING Time ran out when his hands reached up, grabbing her breasts, squeezing them tightly, sending her over the edge in a soul crushing climax that came down upon her like a storm.

She arched herself back, feeling the tight spasms of her pussy muscles convulse furiously on Naruto's length. She couldn't even scream anymore. All she did was whimper. Her inner walls sporadically pulsed, squeezing every inch of his member inside her as he plunged his hips skyward before gifting her with another heavy load of his Uzumaki seed. Like a tidal wave it was unleashed inside her. Thick creamy ropes of sperm shot straight into Mei's already overstuffed pussy.

She gasped for breath, her chest unable to stave off the heavy feeling, cumming , not stopping as she felt her stomach becoming full. Herself becoming whole. She was one with him.

Mei finally, finally came down from her blissful high, collapsing, trying to find her ground on his chest, breathing raggedly as she watched him smile and it got darker. He was saying something, but for the life of her she couldn't figure it out. She needed to rest…

When she stirred awake, immediately she felt the messy stickiness between her legs and she moaned lightly before getting up. Her pussy was sore as hell and the phantom sensation of the monster that ravaged her was still there, lingering around. Her hair was disheveled, her face still felt warm, and tits were swollen red, not to mention her ass cheeks stung from all the spanks he gave. The one responsible for her state was in far better condition.

He had come in wearing all black, and a hoodie. No headband, no jōnin outfit, just an official scroll and smelling entirely like fish.

She'd laughed at that one. Still disguising himself as a rat and sneaking on board a fishing ship to get into the Land of Water was not an unwarranted action. Yagura's guards on the borders and throughout the country made it damn near impossible for her and her group to get their resources. Then the heavens sent an angel, one with hair gold as the sun and eyes blue as the skies. An angel of death, ruin and calamity.

Compared to what she saw he was capable of, the man Naruto Uzumaki was very different from the shinobi, but she liked to think as a lover he functioned best.

"You're up," he said putting on an set of full-sleeved black shirts and black pants, identical to various sets that he'd been wearing ever since he arrived here. "Good timing. I was about to leave."

Mei didn't even bother to hide her sigh of disappointment. She thought after one whole year of exchanging looks, subtle touches, endless flirting and overwhelming sexual tension would keep him a bit longer around, especially now that she didn't have an entire village looking to murder her and those associated with her. He was a key figure in their victory, deserving the applause of Kiri. Also, that blond was really good in the sack. More than she'd thought. "Can't you wait till tomorrow? You just healed this morning. Everyone will want to meet you, especially after what you did."

"I did what you requested me to. You're the one they should meet." Naruto put on a pair of black boots and tested them out. "Besides, I'm sure a lot of your lot are tired of seeing my mug around."

"Please, they like you." Mei said pulling the sheets up to cover her chest as she leaned back, watching him carefully roll up so many scrolls within a scroll that he hid in his arm. Uzumaki and their flexes. "Given how you nearly died as you whisked Yagura away. I thought you nearly died, which by the way I'm still pissed off about. Do you have any idea how many heart attacks I had when I saw that red light shoot off into the sky? I thought you died."

There was amusement in his smirk as he sat on the bed close to her. "Lady Mizukage, don't tell me you've caught feelings for me."

"Please." Two knew how to play this game. "As if you're worthy of-" Her words were cut off when he grabbed her hands, holding them in his and staring deep into her eyes. They were really, really blue now that she thought about it. Calm down, Mei. It's just the sex. Don't let your pussy speak for your heart.

"Because I have." Oh her poor heart. It was beating too fast as he kissed her hands. "I've been trying to hide it for a year and yeah I was worried to when I dragged Yagura away. I knew I had to come back to you. That's what kept me going."

"N-Naruto." She needed to speak without stuttering. Oh no, the blond was getting down on the floor on one knee.

"Life is short, and I realized I want to spend it with someone who can be there with me. By my side." He closed his eyes before he breathed in deeply. "Mei, will you marry me?"

"Wait! Wait! Wait!" This was too quick. Not that she would mind marrying him. But this was too quick. Then again life was short. Aaaaaaaah! Curse her insecure mind. Before she could accept or reject his supposed proposal, she heard a snicker. A giggle. A laugh and she pulled her hands away, crossing them and looking away as the Uzumaki started positively cackling.

"I'm sorry!" The words came in between his supposedly hilarious wheezing. King of comedy this guy. "You should've seen your face."

"I will melt your nuts!" Mei tried to slap him, but he caught it before lying in bed and giving her a hug. She tried to move away, but he didn't let go. Also, he was warm.

"It was just a prank. Calm down." She didn't reply and only huffed. It was the only mature response she had apart from melting what made him a man. Though that would be a shame. "I'm sorry." That sounded more sincere.

"You need to learn better jokes." Mei said slowly getting up and putting on her clothes and took a look at the clock. Four hours. Four damned hours since she came into his room. There would be questions, but honestly, who cared? "Are you sure you're going to leave?"

"Positive." He stood up and stood face to face with her. It was going to be weird not seeing him lurk over her shoulder every day. He offered her a hand. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Mei Terumi."

"You could've not pranked me." She shook his hand and was about to let go when he pulled her in for another heated kiss. Her lips smacked against his, and she slapped his chest a few times before kissing harder than him and cropping a feel of his butt. It was nice. "Seriously," she said in between another kiss, "I'm going to order you," she smooched, "to not leave." After a minute or two their kiss ended and he finally walked away from her.

"If I met you a few years earlier, I would've probably stayed." His words only made her more wistful, as Naruto Uzumaki put up his hood and walked out of the door. "See you later, Mei Terumi."

The door closed and so did that chapter in her life. She sat down, still feeling the effects of the rough fucking he gave her. Now whoever she met would have to live up to his damn standards.

"You better see me again. Stupid big-dicked, pranking, muscled up…lovable idiot." Walking out of the door she found a heavily blushing Chojuro and a deeply despondent Ao looking to say something stupid, so she cut him off in advance. "Don't say anything, Ao. Or I will melt your Byakugan."

That's it. Hope you liked it, you wank pheasants. Le Wanker, King of the United Wankdom, is now royally fucking off.