To Hell and Back: An Elf's tale

Disclaimers: Ok, first off, I don't own anything from Middle Earth, capish? Also, I probably don't go along with a lot of what other fanfic writers say so I'll talk about that in the notes below.

Notes: What did I tell ya? Anyway, please not that I personally believe these things and they show in my fics; ahem. (1) NO SLASH!!! (That stuff is wrong, yuck!). (2) It is of my personal belief that Legolas knew Aragorn since he (Aragorn, not Legolas) was an infant and that Legolas had a hand in his upbringing (again, this is my personal belief and you can call me crazy if ya like for it and I won't mind *you would not be far from the truth either ^_^;;*) And Aragorn was called, Estel while living in the house of Elrond so Legolas will call him that every so often. Oh, and Estel means "hope" (3) I think that Legolas and Arwen were very likely a couple before Aragorn got into the picture (I'm not saying it worked out but you know, both elves are well over 2,000 years old! That's plenty of time for a lot of exes! *whoa! That's a word?*).

(4) It would appear there have been a few (err) differences in what elves are like. Ok, in my understanding is as such. (a) Elves do sleep; they just don't need it nearly as often or as long as humans. Also, it's more like day dreaming because they can be active while 'sleeping' or they could lay down, whatever they prefer. (b) ELVES ARE NOT INVINCIBLE!!! They can be killed by a broken heart or slain in battle (they are a tad harder to kill then humans). (5) Ok, I messed with what happens in the book a lot so let's just say I'm really making use of my poetic license. OK I think that's it, now onto the actual story (lemme guess, you were beginning to think this was long enough to be the story?

Chapter 1- The Ultimate Sacrifice.

"Aragorn! Watch it!" shouted a disheveled Legolas as his best friend sparred with him (but a little too enthusiastic). The king over did his slash (with a wooden sword) and bashed his elven friend upside the head sending Legolas sprawling. Gimli laughed as the poor prince (who didn't look much like a prince at the moment) stood up. "Ok Aragorn. You wanna play hard ball? We'll play hard ball!" he abandoned his wooden sword and with a mock battle cry, tackled the king of Gondor to the ground. "Give up mortal?" he said to the pinned human.

"Never foul being!" laughed Aragorn. Legolas almost hoped he would say that. "Fine." He said as he began to mercilessly tickle Aragorn. "Stop that Legolas!" cried Aragorn whose face was now bright red. "This isn't helping the children! You don't seriously want them to try to tickle orcs, do you now?" Legolas finally conceded and helped his friend up. "I do not think even a hobbit would be that fool hardy." "Hey! We resent that!" cried Merry and Pippin but Sam and Frodo were laughing too. Gandalf even was chuckling a bit as well as the small group of kids (ages ranging from about 10-14). "Well, well, well. So is that the secret to fighting of the Mirkwood elves?"

Legolas was becoming less and less amused. "Ha, ha, ha, very funny Gandalf!" Gandalf laughed a bit less. "Oh come now Legolas! You are too serious. Lighten up." Gimli was still in stitches over the mess that the two noble friends were in. Neither of them looked their parts. "So, this is the Prince of Mirkwood and the King of Gondor! You both look like something the wargs dragged in!" as he laughed, Legolas and Aragorn looked at each other and silently agreed to make Gimli pay. They both made mock battle cries as they charged the dwarf and all three of them were soon in the mud caused by the prior day's rain. In a short while, the three friends were covered from top to bottom in mud.

Arwen was fuming when they came in. "So, this is the sparring you're going to teach our future children, eh Aragorn? I don't believe you three! And you Legolas! I would think that I could expect better from the Prince of Mirkwood! Two and a half thousand years of imperial training at your home and this is the final result? Gimli! Don't you dare set foot in these halls until you wring some of that mud out of your beard!" She went on ranting like that and soon the three were outside washing off like three boys who were just yelled at by their mother. "So Aragorn," began Gimli, "Is this Arwen's time of the month?" Legolas and Aragorn were about to tell him off but unfortunately for Gimli, Arwen was still in hearing distance.

"WHAT WAS THAT GIMLI SON OF GLION!?!?!?" Gimli shrank back in a fear that only those who have been caught saying that know. "S-s-s-sorry m'lady-" "DON'T YOU 'M'LADY' ME DWARF!!!!" Legolas and Aragorn laughed as Gimli was forced to run from the "lady" of Gondor. "So, Aragorn, why is the Lady Undómiel a little. err. upset today?" Legolas chanced. Aragorn smiled, "I'm not sure, I think she is a little anxious about tomorrow." Legolas was puzzled, "Why, what's tomorrow? You two are already married and I thought that was the hard part." Aragorn sighed, "Tomorrow, Lord Elrond is leaving these shores. and she is not there to see him off."

Legolas felt for her. His own parents were speaking of leaving too. Legolas himself was feeling the call of the sea but he promised himself long ago that he would not leave while Aragorn and Gimli drew breath. "So, should we continue cleaning off before your wife kills us or should we help the dwarf?" Aragorn laughed, "I think he can handle her, after all, he did kill more orcs than you at Helm's Deep." Legolas looked half-serious for a second. "Aragorn? I'll let you in on a little secret. I didn't count the orcs that fell off of that ladder I shot down because I couldn't prove how many actually died but it was defiantly more than two." (At Helm's Deep, the "final score" between Legolas and Gimli was Gimli-41 and Legolas-40) Aragorn smiled, "Should we tell him or do you think that'd be too much for his pride?" Legolas smirked, "Begging your pardon but I think your lady is about to kill him so it won't matter will it?"

Sure enough Arwen had caught up with Gimli and was currently smacking the hell out of him (not meaning to really hurt him, but elves sometimes forget that the other races cannot take as much as they can). Aragorn was laughing but decided it was best to help out the forsaken dwarf. "Come now melamin I think Master Gimli has had enough punishment." He said while Legolas helped Gimli stand after his "beating."

Gimli scoffed at being treated like he needed their help. "Ha! A dwarf needs no help from an elf and a man!" Legolas smirked, "Then should we leave you to the lovely Lady Arwen here?" Gimli laughed, "If you think any elf maiden is frightening, then you must have never met a dwarf woman." "No and I do not think I would wish to for from what I have heard form you I may make a slight misjudgment in identifying female form male and may earn myself a clop on the head." Gimli scoffed, "I'm likely to 'clop' you for that one anyway elf!" Right after finishing his sentence Gimli aimed a fist at the elf who nimbly dodged the playfully directed punch. Arwen couldn't believe they were at it again, "Honestly, if you boys keep this up it'll be daybreak before I allow you in here!" Finally, after an hour of extensive scrubbing, the Three Hunters passed Arwen's examination and were allowed in the palace.

Legolas laughed as Gimli shook water off his beard like a dog. "Come now Master Dwarf, Aragorn and I do not need a second bath! And besides, your beard is long enough without watering it!" (That last one is an old joke that elves often say about dwarves and their beards) Aragorn in turn wrung his own beard and sprayed it on Gimli and Legolas. Legolas saw what was coming, "Estel" he started in a warning tone, "The Lady Undómiel is already in a bad mood, I do not think it would be well to test her this night with an indoors water fight." Aragorn smiled, "I think you are right Legolas, perhaps later but not now. Now I do not know what plans you two have for tonight but I need to sleep. I suggest you two do the same." The Elf and the Dwarf nodded and they headed off to their rooms that were right next to each other. "Gimli, if you snore again tonight, I am likely to throw you out the window!" Gimli scoffed, "Dwarves do not snore!" Legolas smirked, "Right. Whatever, just do not trouble me this night." Legolas left and went into his room.

He did not know why but he felt a bad omen in the air. Something foul they believed to be dead was stirring again. He feared it to be Sauron but 'that is impossible' he thought to himself. 'We all saw the fall of Sauron and Frodo saw Gollum fall into Mt. Doom with the Ring. There is no way.' Legolas was still concerned. Whatever this being was, it was evil, powerful and full of malice for Aragorn. "I will not let Aragorn die." He said to himself, "He has come too far to lose it all now. Besides, I promised her I wouldn't let him die." He began to get into sleeping clothes as his mind drifted back to when he made that promise.

She coughed again as the poison began to take its toll on her mortal life. "Please Legolas!" Aragorn's mother pleaded in her last few minutes. "Please do not let my boy die!" Legolas looked at her with a concerned look. "I will not let your son die but, why me?" She took his hand with what little strength she had left. Legolas was horrified at how weak she was for immortals were not used to watching living beings die. "Because, something in my heart tells me that he will need you before the end. He cannot die. The entire race of men depends on him. They depend on you now too." *end flashback*

It was not very long ago by elven standards but it seemed to him that he had this duty all his life. Legolas stopped changing his clothes and went back to his normal fighting attire. He was not going to fail. Whatever this thing was, it was coming tonight and he would have to watch for it.

It was cold. So very cold. Legolas was glad that he was elven for it did not bother him as it would most others who would want to sit on the roof of Minas Tirith at two o'clock in the morning in February. For five hours had he been keeping his silent vigil. He was beginning to think that perhaps his elven senses were off this one time when he felt it. A shadow was making it way up the tower to Aragorn and Arwen's room like a shadow of death. 'How did it get past me? I saw nothing enter the city and it was not here when I came up here.' He had to warn Aragorn, and fast. He was having a hard time though; he cursed himself for having such a hard time getting off the icy roof that the thing was halfway to the room when he managed to clamber off into a window. He had not expected needing to rush off the roof so quickly. 'Why do none of the guards see this?' he thought though his question was soon answered. They were asleep and could not be arisen. He could not linger, he had to help Aragorn.

Legolas made it to Aragorn's room a minute before the creature would. Though he did not wake Aragorn, Arwen noticed his presence right away and when she started up, Aragorn, who was still the ranger he had always been, woke up as well. "Legolas? What are you doing? It is two thirty in the morning!" grumbled a tired Aragorn. Legolas was beginning to hope that he wasn't wrong otherwise he would look quiet the fool. "There is something coming. The guards are asleep and will not waken. There has been some spell cast on the tower." Little did Legolas know that it was not only the guards, but the entire castle. All that were in it (except for Aragorn and Arwen's room) were now asleep in the trance Legolas spoke of. As you can see, that means it was indeed a good thing Legolas was on the roof for he was unaffected. Aragorn hastily grabbed his sword from a drawer and stood in his night clothes but ready. He knew Legolas too well to think that that elf was over reacting.

Normally, Arwen would have complained about someone bursting into their room but now that she was awake, she felt the shadow too and made for her own sword that was kept in the closet. Legolas smiled even though he was worried. "You two trust your guards so little that you keep your own swords in your room?" Aragorn smiled grimly and said while still looking at the door Legolas had his bow pointed at, "Hey, you never know when a horrifying monster while make all of the guards sleep and then come to kill me in my own bed." Legolas felt it. It was right outside the door. It knew he was there. Legolas felt every nerve in his body screaming at him to get out but he held steady with his bow pointing at the door. Watching, waiting for the thing to make its move.

Then, it happened. The door was blown clear off of its hinges and knocked over Legolas and Aragorn in the process. Arwen was then blown back by some unseen force into the closet which locked as if to keep her out of the way. When Aragorn and Legolas managed to get the heavy door off of them they saw just what "it" was. Saruman. "No! It cannot be! You're dead! Frodo saw you die," shouted Aragorn. "Come now King Aragorn." Saruman sneered. "Did you honestly believe that a mere knife would be the end of me?" Legolas glared up at the fallen Istari. He never did trust him in all the years that knew him. It would be a pleasure to be rid of him once and for all. "We were hoping it was the end." Saruman looked at the elf and acted as if he just noticed Legolas was there. "Ah, I thought I felt another presence. So, you're it hmm? For a moment I thought I actually had something to fear."

However, in his mind Saruman remembered this elf with much hatred. Even long before it became obvious Saruman had joined the Enemy, that dratted Prince of Mirkwood had always looked at him with a cold stare of distrust. There had been a few times when the elf had almost blown his cover before it would have not mattered if he was caught. Now he could make him pay for all of the grief he had caused him. But he had to take care of Isildur's heir first.

"Now as for you, you're majesty." Saruman said the title as a slur. "I have a special treat for you! I promised myself that I would be the cause of the fall of man and now I will finish you all!" A light began to glow in the palm of his hand. Legolas could tell two things about this orb. It was defiantly a killing curse but the amount of concentration Saruman showed made Legolas believe that he could only do it once plus that was often the way with strong killing spells. Legolas would not allow it to hit. Just as Saruman released his spell Legolas knew what he had to do. He ran in front of Aragorn and spread out his arms prepared to be a living shield for Aragorn. "LEGOLAS!!! NO!!!" shouted Aragorn as it spell hit Legolas full blast and even tattered the elf's clothing. Legolas felt his life draining away rapidly. "NO! YOU DAMNED ELF!!!" Saruman cried.

Legolas was right about one thing. Saruman could only do that spell once but another blessing was that Saruman had only enough life force left to use that spell once. He would die without accomplishing his task. 'Oh well." He thought bitterly, 'That Elf will pay for this with much more than his life.' Saruman's image dissipated but Aragorn was not worried about that right now. "Legolas. Legolas! Please tell me you're ok." Aragorn prayed that his life time friend would be ok although he felt Legolas shivering in pain. Legolas looked up into Aragorn's face although his once keen eyesight that could at one time see for miles could barely make out Aragorn's worried eyes. "Estel, I do not think I will recover from this one." Aragorn refused to believe it. "Don't you dare die on me Legolas!"

Legolas smiled weakly, "Do not worry about me. In my heart, I knew this was to happen some day. Take good care of Arwen." Aragorn's eyes nearly bulged out of his head from realization. "Wait, you and Arwen." Legolas smiled weakly, "You need not worry Aragorn. It was a long time ago." his eyes began to close but he forced them open again. It pained Aragorn to see eyes that had once burned so brightly suddenly seem so pale "Do me another favor, tell Gimli what really happened at Helm's Deep. I do not think that I need to worry about him killing me." Aragorn was trying his best not to cry although he was failing miserably. "Don't talk like that Legolas Greenleaf! You will live through this!" Legolas smiled again into his young friend's face. "Estel. That was no misnomer Elrond named you." Legolas closed his eyes again and sighed but this time, he did not reopen them nor did he draw another breath.

It took Aragorn about five seconds to realize Legolas had stopped breathing. "NO! LEGOLAS!!! No! No." cried out the king as he tried to awaken his fallen friend. At that moment, not only did Arwen finally break out of the closet (breaking the closet while she was at it) but the guards, Gimli, the hobbits and Gandalf rushed into the room but stopped in their tracks when they saw the fallen elf. "No." whispered a horrified Gimli. "He's not. dead." The hobbits were ready to cry. Sure, Legolas had never been as close to them as Strider (Aragorn) was but Legolas was kind to them and helped them when they asked for his aid.

Gandalf looked sadly at Legolas' body. He had known the elf since Legolas was a child. To see him dead at such a young age and when he was so close to being able to cross over the sea. It pained Gandalf even more when he saw the kind of curse that had been used. "Aragorn, what happened?" Aragorn looked up all of a sudden to see where the murderer of his friend was but he saw only ash where Saruman had stood. "Saruman returned, but I think he is dead again." he said as he pointed to the pile of ashes. Gandalf normally would have been sad that one that he had once counted as a friend was so bitter at the end but he was too busy being angry that Saruman would use that curse on anyone. Aragorn sensed something was wrong but waited until most had left to ask. "That was no ordinary curse. What is wrong Gandalf?" Gandalf sighed, "It is one of the worst curses known to this world. It had no name for it is a forbidden spell to learn for not only does it kill but. it denies the soul of the victim the right to his or her final judgment and the soul is therefore."

Gandalf choked on his words for the next words would be too horrible for anyone to imagine. "It is therefore sent directly to hell." Aragorn was in shock. "No. Legolas was too good in life for that!" Gandalf shook his head, "With that curse, it does not matter, whoever the victim is shall be sent directly to hell. That is why it is so forbidden." Aragorn felt as though he had died too. Not only had Legolas saved his life, but he had taken his place in hell.

Ok, how was that so far? Yea, I know it was a bit melodramatic but come on! I'm crazy about that blonde elf! You know I'm gonna get him outta hell! You'll just have to wait and see how. Hn! My computer just rated this to be the work of a sixth grader! I'm in High School! Do you agree with my computer? REVIEW!