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Chapter 17: You're Alive?!

Aragorn leaned against a tree, thinking about wha just occurred, and trying to think of a way Gimli could have survived that wound. He thought of nothing, 'How could I have let this happen again? Legolas and Gimli are both gone... Those two were my best friends and I let them both die in front of me.'

Haldir was thinking along the same thoughts, 'I allowed my own brothers to die.' He thought, reflecting on the ever joyful Rumil and Orophin. 'How could I?' he cringed as he remembered his brothers' smiles. Always ready to cheer him up. They were among the few that could get him to smile.

None of them were ready when all the dead came back into the clearing.

"Haldir!" came a familiar voice.

"Why do you look as a child who lost his dog?" jested another.

They all looked up and saw the elven party and Gimli walk back into the clearing without a scratch on them. Gimli laughed at the look on Aragorn's face, "Ye didn't think ye'd get rid of me that easily, did ye laddie?"

Aragorn smiled, he did survive.

Gandalf and Thranduil were wary, Thranduil showed this in a more physical manner than Gandalf, by pointing an arrow at the dwarf. "How are you still alive, dwarf? Your throat was sliced open, I know I saw that! How can any of you still live after that?"

Rumil answered, "To be completely honest, we don't know the answer to that question ourselves."

Orophin nodded, "Aye, we could have sworn we were dead ourselves."

Gimli smiled, "I think I have an idea though. I believe Legolas had something to do with it."

Aragorn couldn't dare to believe that, "You mean he didn't kill you all?"

Rumil laughed (not having heard about Legolas becoming a demon), "Why would Legolas kill us? I don't think he is quite that sore over my putting blue ink in his brush last time he was here." He stopped laughing when he saw the grim look on the travelers' faces, "... would he?"

Gandalf sighed, "Yes and no. You must keep this secret with you. Legolas is not himself..." The Maia explained all that happened and made it clear that Legolas was not to be allowed to pass the borders without alerting him.

Orophin nodded, "So, we are not to stop him ourselves?"

"And repeat dying? I think not, most do not get second chances like we did, I care not to waste that." Rumil replied.

Everyone laughed in spite of themselves.

Meanwhile, deeper in the forest.

Phantasma returned to the demons' camp and sat down gracefully. "Well, I got rid of the dwarf." Vulcan smiled eerily.

"Who said that you could?" he said flatly.

"Oh come now. It's not like we needed him anymore than that pack of elves." Phantasma retorted.

"Heh, it's not like they stayed dead..." came a cold voice from the forest before Exile walked into the clearing. "You lot left quite a mess so I had to clean it up."

Vulcan couldn't believe it. "What are you doing back?! Where's Doram?!" he shouted.

Sure enough, Doram came in behind Exile who just sat down on the edge of the campsite as though nothing had happened. "You... little... brat... Would you stop running ahead like that?"

"Hn, is it my fault if you can't keep up you little frog?" Exile snapped.

Vulcan got in Exile's face, "What do you mean by 'it's not like they didn't stay dead'?"

"Just what it sounds like, you idiot. Or do I have to write it all down for you although I doubt you can even read!" Exile snapped.

"You are not to be so arrogant. I thought they showed you your place down in hell."

Exile laughed quietly but maniacally as well, "They did." He drew the Blade of Darkness and held it to Vulcan's throat. "And it's above you, you piece of trash."


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