Quick Disclaimer: This is my first story ever written, so I'm sorry if it's not too good. This is a Dick Grayson/Zatanna Zatara story. And a quick PSA from future me, the first few chapters are an actual pain to read, so I'm sorry in advance for that crap. Trust me, it gets infinitely more tolerable after around the first 30 chapters, so I hope you can stick with me through then.

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This first chapter simply highlights the major events that have transpired thus far in the story. It'll be updated after every "year" in the story has passed as a short summary of what happens, nowhere near as in depth as the story itself but just a quick recap.

1998: Dick Grayson is born to the Flying Graysons, Mary and John Grayson, in Haly's Circus. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne, age 15, has just left Gotham in search of training to become a symbol of fear to protect Gotham City. His first stop is Rome, where he tracks down fabled stage magician Giovanni Zatara, age 21, whose wife just passed away in a car crash. After much convincing and the revelation that he knows of Zatara's powers, Bruce finally gets Zatara to accept him as a student. He spends roughly a year with Zatara and his 1-month-old daughter Zatanna (Zee's birthday is November 20th and Dick's is December 1st), training in the art of escape. He then leaves for his next stop, France, where he is to train with one of the greatest vehicle handlers in the world for the next step in his quest.

2006: Dick Grayson, age 8, witnesses the death of his family when Tony Zucco sabotages the trapeze lines to get revenge for Haly not allowing him to use the circus to launder stolen goods. Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth are in the audience, and Bruce sees himself in the traumatized boy. He offers to adopt Dick, who reluctantly accepts when Haly tells him it is for the best. A week later, Wayne finishes the paperwork to legally adopt the boy and Dick Grayson becomes his first legal son. Dick quickly discovers that Bruce is the Batman, and he helps Wayne bring Zucco to justice, officially becoming Robin, the Boy Wonder and the world's first ever sidekick. Dick also starts going to school at Gotham Middle, where he meets 9-year-old fellow kid genius Barbara Gordon, who quickly becomes his first ever real friend.

2008: Robin meets Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and the Cadmus-created clone of Speedy, forming lifelong friends with the 3. When their mentors get kidnapped, Robin, KF, Speedy, and Wonder Girl team up with new teenage hero Aqualad (Kaldur has been Aquaman's partner for about a month) and Supergirl, who is training with Superman but chose to suit up to help find her cousin. The 6 save their mentors and choose to form a team, jokingly named the "Sidekick Squad" by Wally. The Sidekick Squad lasts about 6 months before they slowly fizzle out. The friends do their best to keep in contact afterwards, but Kara moves to National City and Roy begins drifting away from the others due to his Cadmus programming, effectively shattering their adolescent friendship.

2011: The Team is formed. Donna and Kara were given invitations to join with the boys but declined, since Kara was still learning how to master her abilities with the Danvers family and Donna preferred to do things on her own with Wonder Woman. Following the events of YJ Season 1, the team grows closer and adds several others to its ranks, including one Zatanna Zatara. On New Year's Eve, Wally and Artemis finally become a couple, Kaldur and Raquel agree to try dating, and Zatanna kisses Dick.

2012: Robin and Zatanna finally begin dating, and the team continues to grow closer than ever before. The team encounters the mercenary Deathstroke when trying to keep him from killing an influential senator, and Slade develops an interest in the Boy Wonder. He captures him and forces him to assist in stealing the essential equipment to save his son, Grant, from a terminal disease. Dick hesitantly complies, saving his son and earning the assassin's respect. The team is also sent on a mission in Las Vegas, where they encounter none other than Sindella Zatara, Zatanna's mother. It turns out Klarion saved her from dying with the intent to use her as his personal assistant, having recognized how powerfully affiliated with the magic arts she is. He forces Sindella to manipulate Zatanna into becoming the battery for a spell he hopes will plunge the world into chaos. With Dick's persuasion, Sindella finds the courage to stand up to her captor and stops the spell at the cost of her own life. Zatanna and Dick honor her mother for both the torment she endured at Klarion's hand and her willingness to die for her daughter, though Zatanna still harbors some hidden resentments towards her.

2013: Garfield's mother is murdered by Queen Bee, and he is pseudo-adopted by Megan, meaning he now stays at the cave. His martian powers have not yet manifested so he just lives there as a friend. Towards the end of this year, Donna Troy, who is still Wonder Girl, joins the team after having failed to convince her ex-boyfriend, Red Arrow, to come back from his quest to find the original Roy Harper.

2014: Tula and Garth, who go by Aquagirl and Tempest, join the team. An alien princess named Koriand'r lands on Earth, and after kissing Dick to learn English, joins the team as she has nowhere better to go, taking the name Starfire. Barbara becomes Batgirl to save her father, and once Batman and Robin learn who is behind the mask, they approach her and offer a place on the team. Starfire, Batgirl, and Zatanna become fast friends, and Kaldur feels conflicted between his lingering feelings for Tula and his romance with Raquel. He breaks up with Raquel because he feels it is unfair for her to be with someone who does not fully love her. She is upset but moves on. Meanwhile, Lois Lane gives birth to Jon Kent, the son of Superman.

2015: The team has an encounter with Grant Wilson, Deathstroke's eldest son. He has taken a job from the shadowy organization HIVE to eliminate the team, but in the ensuing battle, his heart gives up on him and he dies, marking a dark turning point in Slade's rivalry with not just Dick, but the whole team. On Dick's 18th birthday, he tells Batman that he would like to no longer be Robin. Bruce is happy for his departure from the role and proudly lets him leave. Dick moves into the Cave to live with Zatanna, and less than a month later, Bruce adopts street orphan Jason Todd after catching the boy attempting to steal the tires of the Batmobile. Bruce makes him Robin around New Year's. Meanwhile, Dick considers finding an apartment for him and Zatanna to move in together. During this year, Roy starts a fling with the assassin Cheshire during his quest to find his genetic template, and Batman has a one-night stand with Talia Al Ghul under the influence of a drug, siring a child with the assassin.

2016: Dick meets Jason, and he is initially at odds about being replaced, but he understands and tries to accept his new brother. Jason joins the team, and after a talk with Superman, Dick takes the name Nightwing and becomes Blüdhaven's protector. Around Thanksgiving, the Joker once again escapes, and this time decides to go after Batman's allies. In order to hurt Commissioner Gordon, he shoots Barbara through the spine after paying her a visit in her apartment, unintentionally removing Batgirl from action. When the heroes find out about this, Jason is enraged, and he was already dealing with anger issues leading up to this. He goes after the Joker alone, but gets captured and beaten to death with a crowbar. Bruce recovers his body upon finding him and falls into a severe depression. Dick, now shattered from the news that Barbara is paralyzed and Jason is dead, breaks up with Zatanna in order to try to keep her safe. Zatanna, heartbroken, leaves with Raquel to join the Justice League.

2017: Dick starts acting much more like Batman following the death of Jason, blaming himself for not being strong enough to save his brother. Donna and Kory leave the Team following their recent tragedies, and the new Wonder Girl, Cassie Sandsmark, joins around March. Tim Drake, a resident of Blüdhaven with a fanboyish love for Nightwing and Batman, witnesses his father die after stealing from Two Face, and upon overhearing Two Face's plans to unite the criminal underworld of Gotham, seeks out Nightwing, who he has deduced is Dick Grayson. Dick takes the boy to Bruce, who is still depressed and has been noticeably more violent with criminals, and the Dynamic Duo, with the help of Barbara who has become Oracle, attempt to stop Two Face. The Bat Family convinces Bruce that Tim is perfect to be Robin, and Bruce reluctantly agrees to take the boy under his wing, although he is adamant that Dick trains him instead to avoid what happened to Jason. Dick spends a lot of time with Tim, and the ability to teach his new brother starts to wear Dick's shell down. Meanwhile, Zatanna starts dating John Constantine, although it is clear to her that it is just a rebound meant to get her mind off Dick. Constantine is not too interested in Zatanna either, as he is just there for the sex. Once Dick learns of their relationship, he decides he needs to get over Zee, and he reluctantly throws himself into a relationship with Kory, who desires to fit better into the world of man and believes a romance could help her in that regard. Dick and Kory break it off after a month, agreeing that they are better off as friends and neither's heart was really in the relationship. The Bats meet Cassandra Cain, who has rebelled against her mother Lady Shiva and the rest of the League of Assassins, and they help her create her own heroic path. She leaves to follow her own journey, though she promises to return. In retaliation for the Bats "stealing" Cass foiling his plans, Ra's Al Ghul grave-robs Jason's body and resurrects him, beginning his brainwashing into becoming the League's secret weapon against Batman. Around August, the Court of Owls come out of the shadows, determined to recruit Dick Grayson, as he is the great grandson of William Cobb, one of their most prominent warriors, and kill Bruce Wayne, as they have unknown rivalries with the Wayne Family. Tim, Zee, and Superboy are there to witness Dick nearly die at the hands of an elite Talon. They save him and bring him back to the Cave to heal. The Bats, with the help of a returned Cassandra, defeat the Court, driving them back into the shadows. Zee realizes she still loves Dick, and promptly breaks up with John, who doesn't really care as he was only there for the sex. Cass is made Batgirl by Barbara and adopted by Bruce. Conner breaks up with Megan after she starts growing increasingly violent and even tries to mind wipe him. Dick and Zatanna begin repairing their relationship.

2018: The year starts off with a bang, as Tula dies near Valentine's Day. Wally and Artemis leave upon seeing how dangerous the hero's life is, Garth leaves to mourn, and Kaldur leaves upon learning who his father is, leaving Dick in charge. Lagoon Boy, who was being trained by Garth and Kaldur, joins the team, taking Kaldur's place and starting a fling with M'gann. Garfield starts to exhibit Martian shapeshifting powers, taking the name Beast Boy and joining the team. Bumblebee and Mal join the Team after Bumblebee gets shrinking powers from a lab accident with the Atom, and her boyfriend only lets her join if he will be there to watch over her. Ted Kord, member of the Justice League, dies, and the alien scarab he was studying latches onto Jaime Reyes, who becomes Blue Beetle and joins the Team around July. In August, Kaldur comes to Dick with a plan to infiltrate the Light, and Dick accepts knowing that Kal will do it anyways and with Dick there, he is less likely to die. Dick alerts Robin, Oracle, and Batman of his plan when Kaldur goes undercover. They realize they need backup on the inside, so Dick reluctantly asks Artemis to go in due to her past with the League of Assassins. Artemis accepts, much to Wally's anger, and Dick also tells Zatanna of his plan, who supplies a Glamor Charm to Arty. In line with YJ Season 2, Wally dies shortly after the Light is crippled. Arty stays on the Team as Tigress to honor Wally, and Bart becomes Kid Flash. Cass's girlfriend, Stephanie Brown, is made the new Batgirl after she finds out about the Wayne Family's "nightlife", and Cass takes up the mantle of Black Bat. Roy, now going by Will since he found the original Roy, chooses to raise his new daughter with Donna's help, as they have made up and Cheshire has ditched her kid in order to keep her safe from her hectic assassin life. Conner and Megan get back together and Tim and Cassie hook up. Dick goes on a leave of absence, deciding that he needs to clear his head following Wally's death. After finding his purpose in life, he returns a few months later and immediately asks Zee out on a date. She accepts and the two of them waste little time in revitalizing their once fantastic relationship, choosing to do so both to honor those that have fallen and to finally accept happiness with one another.

2019: Raquel's fiance decides he is not ready for commitment, but not before he gets her pregnant. She gives birth to Amistad, her son, after calling off her engagement. Kaldur, having taken the time to discover more about himself as a person, starts to date an Atlantean guard named Wynnde. Conner and M'gann build a small house in a beautifully green area of Metropolis, and Dick and Zatanna finally move in with one another a few months afterwards. During an attack on the U.N, Zatara is sent into a coma, prompting Zatanna to throw herself into her mystical studies in an attempt to grow more powerful and stop anyone she loves from ever getting hurt again. She forces her body through a dangerous and unstable ritual to harness Order Magic, and as a result, she damages her connection to the mystical forces of the universe and seemingly loses her powers. Devastated from her loss, she very nearly quits, but her friends give her the push to keep going, and with Dick and Artemis's help, she decides to give vigilantism a shot, donning a more armored up variant of her normal costume to try and continue her hero work alongside Nightwing without her powers.

As the story progresses, the timeline will be updated as a sort of summary in case one doesn't want to sit down and read 200+ chapters of a story. Feel free to leave suggestions for stories you would like to see, because I am more than happy to (try to) accommodate any requests and any ideas are good ideas. I'm gonna update this series semi-frequently, like once a week if not more, but I won't have a set schedule. I hope you enjoy.