This one isn't an actual chapter, more of a question/proposal I'm throwing out there. Sorry if you were expecting an update and just got this, but I kinda wanted to get people's opinions on this. Plus, I think I'm entitled to an A/N after 200+ chapters lol.

Looking at the length of the story so far, I was wondering if you all would prefer me to split this book up into different sets in a series. For instance, bundling the earlier chapters together to form a "Robin Era" book, with the next set being the "Nightwing Era" and so on. The upsides would be that I'd get a chance to update the older, messier stories I've put in here to tweak some questionable choices I may have made and clean up the writing. It would also probably be simpler to find specific stories if they're all coded to specific eras, which removes a good chunk of the hassle with a 200+ chapter fic. Eras would probably be closer to 50-75 each. The downside would be that it might take a little while to reach the stories we haven't covered yet, so I wanted to ask you all what you'd prefer.

Lastly, I'm sorry that updates for this book have slowed down. With 3 other stories to juggle, I may have stretched myself a little thin across the board. I'm still gonna try to fit in one of these every week or so, but if not then I hope you all can understand. If I don't get response to this question I'll probably just continue doing things as they're currently being done, so don't worry about that. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions for chapters you wanna see. Next chapter up soon.