Ok so here I am again with another fanfic only this time there is a twist.

Negan from the walking dead and Izzie from Greys anatomy, what would happen if those two met? Would Izzie be able to mend Negans broken heart and would Negan be able to save Izzie through the apocalypse? Lets find out!

Seattle Grace hospital.

Who knew that there would be dead people walking outside, Izzie thought as she walked near the enterance, the doctors and interns had already barracaded it up, but it could only hold for so long and they were already beginning to run out of basic food supply.

Izzie was walking through the quiet halls, her mood was somewhat foul after learning that the doctors had all agreed to stop treating the patients and had been doing that for quite a while now, just so that there would be enough supply to support them.

She walked passed a room and tried to ignore the sound of a patient crying out for food and water. She tried so hard to not help people, but Isobel Stevens is not the sort of person that doesnt help, she is a helper, and goddamit she is getting that patient some water.

She swivelled herself around and headed straight for the food supply, where Richard Webber was guarding the stash.

'Can I help you Stevens?'

He asked with a look of disdain on his face, Izzie smiled politely as she replied.

'Yes sir, I was wondering if I could get a protein bar.. It will be the only one today'

She chuckled slightly and tucked her hair behind her ear as she carried on, feighning innocence

'Dont wanna be wasting that food there'

She smiled sweetly, far too sweet, but it was enough for Dr Webber to give in, he handed her the bar and a small plastic cup of water.

She thanked him and quickly left for the patients room.

'Here, but you have to be quiet'

Izzie whispered as she gave the patient some water and began cutting the protein bar into bite-sized pieces. The patient accepted it gladly and Izzie left once the water and bar were finished.

'Thank you'

The patient stated, Izzie looked back at the older woman and nodded, smiling before leaving.

'What do we do during the apocalypse?'

Alex asked as they were all sitting in the locker, Izzie watched her friends as they thought of their replies, she noted how different each of them had become since the dead started walking a few months ago.

Meredith was a shell of her former self after loosing Derek the day the epidemic began. Cristina was much the same after losing Preston, George was constantly paranoid and worried about how he would die, but yet Alex, well, he had become something.. different, almost inhuman, as he acted like this was fine, infact it seemed to be a game to him.

'Iz, what would you like to do? Wanna join me in the on-call room?'

He smirked as he eyed her like a predator ready to pounce on his prey.

'Leave her alone Alex'

George managed to speak up, but Alex looked at him in disdain, like he was a bug which could be easily squished, causing George to cower back on the bench.

To Izzies horror, Alex grabbed her arm and began leading her out of the locker room, while the others could only watch.

'Alex stop! Im not going anywhere with you!'

She attempted to free her hand from him but winced as his grip only tightened around her wrist. He didnt listen, George and Cristina attempted to stop him but were shoved to the other side of the hall.

Nobody could help her, Alex had become something evil, and no-one was going to save her from this sudden attack that Alex had decided to make.

He dragged her through the halls, and to Izzies horror, she saw why the sudden change was happening, she saw the terror of it all. Alex dragged her into the room where the patient that she had given food and water to earlier was in, the patient looked scared as she looked between Izzie and Alex, then over to the other people in the room, Izzie noted the look on Dr Webber's and that wierd anaethesiologist face as they watched her.

'You broke the rules Stevens, so now you need to learn the consequences of that decision'

Dr Webber nodded to the anaesthesiologist and to Izzies horror, he began suffocating the woman that Izzie helped. Izzie screamed out for them to stop but Alexs grip only tigthened around her body, causing her to ache in pain.

Izzie slumped to the floor as she saw the deathly stillness of the patient, Richard and the other male turned to leave, stating a simple 'this was your fault'

To Izzies suprise, her horror didnt end there as she heard the door shut to the room and the faint 'click' of the lock. Alex was still there and he had some other terrors in mind for Izzie.

Izzie screamed as Alex pushed her down on the bed, he shoved the body of the patient that had just been killed to the floor with a heavy slump and positioned himself right on top of Izzie, she screamed, scratched, kicked and punched, but Alex was not moving, it was like he had another entity in him, like he was possessed. This is not the Alex Karev that she knew, the Alex Karev who broke her heart when he cheated on her, was this to make up for the humiliation that she caused him? But how did she humiliate him?

'Im going to do this, Iz, and your gonna have to like it'

He smirked as he dipped his head down, kissing her neck as he began to move his hands up her scrubs.

'Alex Stop!'

She wailed, but then she heard something, Alex must have heard it too as he sat up slightly and turned to look at the window, but it must have been unimportant as he quickly went back to attacking Izzie.

Izzie continued to scream and kick her legs when a knock interrupted her thoughts. She looked to the door and screamed.


Alex looked at her and smirked as he whispered softly into her ear.

'They wont help you, they let me do this to you, your nothing but trailer trash now'

And as that last thread of hope began to shatter, a voice on the other side of the door, caused Alex to look in confusion.

'Well, usually, I am not one to barge in on extra-curricular activities, but from what I hear, you're not sounding too enjoyable there doc, so how bout, you open this here door and let me in'

Alex looked at Izzie and then back to the door as he frowned.

'Who the hell are you? How did you get in the hospital?'

Izzie watched the door closely as she prayed that whoever is on the other side would break through and save her from this.

'Who Me? Hah.. Well Im just a lonely traveller, come to this here hospital for medical supplies, since thats what hospitals are for, unless this is some weird freaky deacky shit that you see in those horror movies..'

She noted the silence and then BANG, the door had been pushed through.

She saw the man, the savior that came to her rescue, the only person that came to her rescue, he was tall, slim, older but devilishly handsome, his eyes were dark and cold and his hair was black and combed, his leather jacket and barbed baseball bat completed the look. This man is someone that had survived on the outside.

Alex shot up and stepped back from Izzie, holding his hands in the air in surrender.

'Look, I dont know what you want here, but this place doesnt have much supplies, theres nothing here for you'

Negan looked around, noting the corpse on the floor he smirked, realising that corpse would soon be a walker and these here doctors havent realised whats to come.

He looked over to Izzie as she sat up, pulling her top down to cover her slightly marked stomach from where Alex had been grabbing her too roughly, the tears begging to break through the walls of her eyelids. Negan seethed as he turned back to the doctor.

'Want me to kill him dollface?'

Negan asked as he walked over to Izzies side, but to his suprise she grabbed his arm, her face filled with grief and disgust by what he had offered.

'No! no.. I dont want that'

Negan looked from her and back to Alex and huffed, he nodded and helped her to her feet, assisting her as she walked out of the room, Izzie heard as Negan locked the door behind them, leaving Alex alone in the room with the patient that he had killed.

'He needs a time out'

He shrugged as he offered his arm for Izzie to take, she looked at him hesitantly before taking his arm, they walked in slow silence.

'So why did you come to this hospital?'

Izzie enquired as she looked up at the man next to her

'I was meant to come here a few months ago for my wife.. but I never made it'

He stated rather solemly, Izzie could guess from the sorrow in his eyes that his wife had most likely died already.

'Was she discharged before this all happened?'

'No.. She was still here, I ran into some obstacles along the way'

He didnt look at her as he spoke, just carried on straight ahead.

'Is she still here?'

Negan stopped, as if he were trying to compose himself, and to Izzies suprise, the wall of facade that he created to protect himself went up instantly as he began to mock her.

'Now hold on darlin' why are we not talking about your little excapades with shit dick in there?'

He winked, a motion that caused Izzie to stiffen as she recalled Alex on top of her only a few moments ago.

Negan chuckled and began walking, this time not supporting Izzie as she stood still, watching him.

Something bad must have happened..

She slowly followed him to the locker room where all her colleagues were sitting on the floor with guns pointed to their heads.

'What are you doing?'

She shouted towards Negan but was shocked when another man grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down to the floor with the others.

Negan looked down at her and whistled before speaking

'I cant blame that other doc, he does have impeccable tastes'

Izzie seethed as she looked at him, while he smirked in return before directing his attention to the others.

'I would like to take this moment to introduce myself, I'm Negan and this here group of mighty fine people, are with me..'

He took a step as he eyed the doctors under him befoe carrying on with his introduction.

'And I was here looking for someone very important to me, but imagine my horror when I find out that you fine doctors had decided to stop treatment and kept all the food to yourselves, thus causing the gravely ill patients to die?'

He looked from Izzie to the others and took a breath to compose himself.

'Lucille Smith'

Izzie watched the reactions from the others around her, noting the sweat begin to drip from Richard Webber as he looked up in horror. Negan noted the look of horror and pulled his bat up to face Dr Webber.

'What happened to her?'

He asked, his voice a suprising whisper laced with anger.

Dr Webber gulped as he began to stutter his reply.

'She was on the cancer ward, there was nothing we could do for her..'

Negan huffed, taking a step back as he began to swing the bat in frustration.

'So where is she?'

Richard sighed and turned to another male that Izzie didnt know entirely.

The male spoke up in a whisper

'She was cremated'

Izzie couldnt quite grasp what had happened as in a flash, she saw red, as the males head was burst open right infront of her, his brains spattered around her and the others.

Her ears rang as she heard the screams from the others as Negan let his men loose, killing all the doctors, interns and nurses around her, she looked up toward the gun pointed at her head and shuddered as she realised that this was the end of her life, she closed her eyes quickly as she awaited her fate but was suprised to hear the voice of Negan speak up.

'We bring that one with us'

She watched as he looked down at her, a look of power and something else in his eyes before walking away. One of Negans men lifted her to her feet and led her to their vehicles outside of the hospital, she walked passed the room where they had left Alex, Negan making it a point to stop and look inside, Izzie noted the smirk on his face and found herself curious as to what was so entertaining for him, she looked inside the room and was shocked to see Alex wrestling with the woman that was killed not long ago as she had come back as a walker.

'They come back?'

Izzie asked in shock, Negan stopped and turned to her, a look of confusion playing on his features as he asked.

'How didn't you know? Who dealt with the people once they passed? Didnt you find anything wierd when someone died?'

Izzie thought for a moment, her mind still in shock as it tried to process all that had happened, she came to the conclusion that some things didnt add up but never found a reason to ask.

'I guess.. Dr Webber usually disposed of the bodies.. infact, thats the first person that they left in the room, they usually take them straight to the burn pit..'

Negan chuckled as a realisation dawned on him.

'They wanted to leave you in the room, they wanted to feed your pretty little face to that there walker'

Izzie looked in horror as she understood, it was true, Alex probably was supposed to leave her but wanted one last go on the Izzie train before leaving her for dead.

'Where are we going?'

Izzie asked as she began to walk in pace with Negan, he looked at her, contemplating on telling her the truth or putting a blindold over her.

'Back to my site, theres only a few of us at the moment so we have settled somewhere safe'

Izzie nodded, she felt her head feel fuzzy, most likely from the lack of food and dehydration, topped off with the fact that she had just lost everyone that she had known and loved. She felt herself tip to the side and found herself brushing up against Negan, she was suprised by the arm that slowly draped around her back to steady her as he allowed her head to remain against his shoulder as they walked back to the vehicles.

'Steady there, darlin'

He smirked slightly as he lifted her into the large van, causing Izzie to seethe as she replied.

'My name is Izzie'

She sat on the leather seat and crossed her arms as she tried to keep her eyes open.

'Negan, you ridin up front?'

Izzie noted a balding man ask, she couldnt help but feel uncomfortable as he eyed her like a piece of meat.

Negan noting the predatory eyes, took a step to hide Izzie away, a frown on his face as he replied in a sweet but yet deadly tone.

'I'll ride with this here doc'

Izzie let out a sigh of relief as she noted the male leave and scooched over a seat to allow Negan in.

'Thanks for that'

She stated simply as she looked down to her hands as she fiddled with her nails.

Negan watched her and nodded, he couldnt help but wonder what it was about this here doc that he found captivating, she was pretty, had the figure of a goddess.. but there was something deeper in there, and he found himself curious to find out what there was with this Izzie woman.

Izzie found herself wondering rather much the same thing as she fiddled with her nails, she truly should be terrified of this man, he had just killed her friends and sent Alex to a brutal death, so why was she so.. interested in this man?