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Last time on Power Rangers Tommy opened the scroll a golden light filled the room.

"Rangers if your viewing this its means we are awaiting there arrival of a very powerful enemy. After viewing this message I fear will have about six months until the enemy arrives. I urge you to bring the next generation to see Ninjor, Dulcea, and Myself." The message finished and the scroll burst into flames.

Meanwhile outside of the home office Anthony was headed to the bathroom when he noticed the golden light and heard a voice he didn't recognize, the he heard the voice stop the light died down and then the sound of fire erupted. The doorknob turned and he bolted into the bathroom. Tommy walked out and down the hall to Alley's room. Knocking on the doorframe he called to the kids. "Hey we need all of you in the office please."

"Ok" Alley said in confusion.

"Where is Anthony?" he asked.

"Right here dad." he said returning from the bathroom.

"Your all needed in the office." Tommy demanded. The group followed Tommy to the office.

"Dad what are we doing here?" Kira asked aggravated due to be pulled from her studies.

"There are things we tried to keep you away from but it seems your destiny is to join the family business." Jason said.

"Dad I don't want to work in construction." Alley said with slight discus in her voice.

"Not that business sweetie." Trini said

"What are you talking about?" Kelly asked.

"There is only one way to answer that, wouldn't you agree oh fearless leader?" Rocky exclaimed

"You have a point Rocko." Tommy said as he reached behind his back, followed by the rest of his team. "Its morphing time." Tommy yelled. The eleven of them morphed.

"What the fu... Alley quickly put her hand over Anthony's mouth.

"Watch your mouth AJ." she whispered.

"You guys are the Power Rangers?" Bobby stated.

"Its something that we wanted to keep you from but now we don't have a choice" Tommy said.

"What" the kids said in unison.

"You must teleport with us to the Power Chamber to meet some allies of ours." Billy said.

"Well how about we get going." Adam said.

"Adam's right the kids still have homework to do." Aisha stated.

"Ok, stay close you guys." Rocky said.

They all teleported out to the Power Chamber.

"Hello rangers." Zordon said,

"Who is that." Bobby asked

"More like what is that." Kira said. The rangers (The Parents) stood there and listened to their kids reactions to the allies of the Power Rangers.

"Aiy yi yi yi yi Rangers what are you doing here?" Alpha-5 questioned.

"Whoa a fully sentient multifunctional automaton never seen anything like it." Kelly said.

"That's defiantly Billy's offspring." Trini said.

"What do you mean by that?" Bobby asked.

"That was his reaction the first time he seen Alpha-5.

"Welcome rangers I see you've read the scroll" Ninjor said as he entered the main chamber.

"Who the hell is that?" Anthony asked as he shifted into a defensive position.

"Easy young eagle" came another voice entering the room.

"Dulcea, what are you doing out of the Medical-Bay?" Adam asked.

"Daddy what are we doing here and who are these people?" Kira asked

"I am the master warrior of Phaedos young panda, as you heard my name is Dulcea." she explained

"Ok can somebody explain what is going on cause I am totally confused." Alley said

"Rangers please sit down and allow me to speak with the children." Zordon stated.

The adults did as their mentor suggested. Ninjor exited the room to gather some things for the new set of rangers. As Zordon was sharing information with the younger rangers.

"As your parents have been informed there is a great evil coming but first you will have to team with them to fend off a returning villain of theirs." Zordon explained.

"How are we supposed to do that?" Bobby asked.

"With these" Alpha-5 said entering the main chamber carrying a trey with seven new power coins.

"What are those?" Anthony asked.

"Those are your power coins they will allow you to call upon your power that you inherited from your parents." Ninjor said as he re-entered the main chamber with the power morphers.

"Your saying that we are to become Power Rangers?" Alex said.

"He's to excited about this." Micha said

"Just like his father." Adam thought.

"When do we begin." Anthony asked

"Your wanting to be a super hero there brother?" Kira asked.

"I'm in bro." Alex said in agreement.

"If you do this you'll have to do it as a team." Tommy interjected.

"Well I'm in Bobby,& Micha said.

"I'm not letting my brother do this without me." Kira stated.

"You will need my assistance." Kelly said.

All eyes turn to Allison.

"What!" she asked "Alley- cat we could really use your skills on the team." Anthony said.

"Alright AJ but only because I'll have to save your butt, I'm in." she said.

"Alright now all you have to do is grab the coins and walk over to Ninjor and get your morpher." Alpha-5 said.

The new team did as instructed and collected the coins and morphers. Once everything was finished Dulcea stepped forward and explained to meet her outside. The group of seven newly minted rangers walked out to the cliffs overlooking the dessert just outside the Power Chamber.

"As I told your parents years ago, buried deep inside each of us is an animal spirit." Dulcea said.

"How do we do that?" Alex asked

"Close your eyes and look deep inside yourselves." She explained.

Starting a fire between her and the new team she pulled out a pouch of magic dust, scattering it across the flame as the rangers were looking deep inside themselves the appeared in their ninja suits. Dulcea walked to stand in front of the Red clad ninja. "Fierce and Fleet-footed Alex you are the Cheetah. she explained. Stepping in front of the Blue clad ninja, "Clever and Strong Kelly you are the Rhino. she stated, then stepped in front of the black clad ninja. "Sleek and Swift you are the Panther. she explained. Next she stepped in front of the yellow clad ninja. "Micha what's wrong?" Dulcea asked. "I'm a dog, No my dear Sly and Cunning you are the Fox" she informed then stepped in front of the white clad ninja. "Caring and Tough, Kira you are the Panda. She said then stepped in front of the pink clad ninja "Silent and Graceful Allison you are the Flamingo. Dulcea explained and moved to stand in front of the last ninja clad in green. "Loyal and Protective Anthony you are the Eagle, also you will become team leader. You all must return inside and speak with Ninjor and Zordon to connect your powers to the morphing grid." Dulcea instructed.

Once back in the power chamber Ninjor and Zordon worked quickly to connect the new team to the morphing grid. Moments before they were fully connected the sirens blared signaling a monster attack.

"Aiy yi yi there is an attack in Angel Grove Park." Alpha-5 said as he pulled up the attack on the viewing screen.

"How much longer will this take." Anthony asked

"Just a little longer." Zordon said.

"We will go and buy you time." Tommy said causing the originals to stand up.

"Ninja Ranger Power" they said then teleported out to hold the enemy at bay.

"Rangers how nice of you to join us." Elgar sneared.

"Didn't we kick your ugly ass enough years ago?" Rocky asked.

"Guys lets finished this once and for all." Tommy said

Before they could make a move Master Vile made his presence known and blasted them to the ground.

"My son will have his revenge on you pathetic Power punks." Master Vile exclaimed.

Just when Rygog was about to attack a familiar key-ya was heard and Rygog was kicked in the chest by none other than the leader of the next generation.

"Who are you" Divatox asked. as six other ranger joined him flanking out on each side.

"Well would you believe the Power Rangers" Kira smarted off.

"Seven more makes no difference we will destroy them all.

The battle then started. Master Vile took this time to return to the Lunar Palace. Leaving Divatox and her henchmen to battle the 18 rangers. Elgar was battling with the help of some paronitrons against the team of Adam, Rocky, Alex, & Micha. The four of them worked together to take out the paronitrons. Alex performed a jumping split kick knocking two paronitrons down. Adam & Rocky were fighting with Elgar dodging attacks and timing their double teams just right. The two connected with a double whammy knocking Elgar down momentarily. Micha was using a combination between Zack's hip-hop kito and her parents fighting style. Spinning, ducking and kicking the foot solders of Divatox's army.

Rygog was fighting along his own group of paronitrons battling Anthony, Jason, Tommy, Kira, and Allison. With the girls and Jason keeping the paronitrons busy allowing Anthony & Tommy to fight Rygog. Jason performed a tornado spin kick and land just in time to see Alley perform her own spin kick knocking down three paronitrons. Followed by Kira performing a triple spinning split kick ( like Tommy does in the ninja encounter part one against the putties) Jason then spin kicked another paronitrons in the face. Rygog was having trouble with the father & son he was fighting. Rygog not being a very formattable fighter was spending more time getting up then fighting back. Tommy attacked with his flurry of punches as Anthony attacked with a spinning split kick to Rygog's, causing him to stumble forward into Tommy's advancing punches. Rygog soon became like a ball in a tennis match.

The remaining nine rangers took on the paronitrons and Divatox. Noticing the two henchmen were spending more time on their backs she could since their destruction. Adam, Micha, Rocky, and Alex all kicked Elgar causing him to land by Rygog who landed there due to a kick from Tommy and Anthony. Then the newly formed team called for the power cannon. Once they charged it they blasted the two henchmen and they exploded. The only villain left was Divatox.

The rangers re-grouped and faced off against their advisory.

"Give up Divatox?" Kimberly said.

"Not a chance you little pink bitch." Divatox snarled.

"Hey lets watch who your calling a bitch" Alley said anger coloring her tone.

"What are you going to do about it you little brat." Divatox asked as she charged at them. She scooped up Elgar's discarded sword and swung it at the rangers which missed due to their ninja streak. The group summoned the super power cannon which took all 18 charges they they didn't give her a chance to attack again they blasted her effectively destroying Divatox with a huge explosion.

"Lets get back to the Power Chamber." Tommy said fatigue showing in his posture.

"Dad, are you alright?" Kira asked as her brother came up beside him in time to catch him before he lost his strength to stand.

"Whoa dad lets get back so you can get in the medical bay." Anthony said.

The Rangers teleport to the Power Chamber. When they landed the older ranger's fatigue caught up with them and they hit the floor. "Zordon what's wrong with them?" Questioned Kelly...

To be continued

A/N 2) So to clarify the Rangers children are around 14-15 years old there won't be another time jump as i mentioned in the above authors note. What is going on with Zordon's chosen team and their powers? Well Lads and Lassies only one ting left to do and that's review. Chapter one will be out soon.