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Chapter 2

The rangers and their parents gathered in the youth center with burgers and shakes.

"Guys we still have homework to finish." Kelly said.

"What are you still doing here then, go you have to develop your mind as well as your combat to bake a good ranger." Billy said urging them out the door.

The kids leave and go home to finish their homework.

"What do we do now? Zack asked.

"We live our lives and give advice when they need it." Trini said.

"How do we just sit back and watch as our children fight." Jason said.

"We don't have much of a choice Jase, we gave up our powers." Rocky said.

"They can do this we trained them from the time they could perform karate I have faith in them as you guys should as well." Tommy stated.

With the rangers

"Well English is finished." Kira said.

"I guess we should start on math." Alex suggested.

The group continued to study and complete homework. Once they finished they went to their houses. The rest of the night was quiet.

Up on the moon.

"We must attack while they least expect it." Impago insisted.

"Dearest we can't send down a monster to attack right no we can't see anything to make a monster." Robana said.

"I'll take a group of skelbots in the morning." Rolgar said.

"Before they go to school." Impago ordered.

The early morning light shined through the windows.

"Anthony, Kira time to get up." Kimberly said as she was setting the table for breakfast.

Tommy came into the house returning from the morning jog.

"Good morning Beautiful." he said as he kissed her before sitting down at the table.

Pounding down the stairs Anthony arrived in the kitchen. "Morning mom" Anthony said not seeing his father at the table.

"Morning mom, Morning dad" Kira said entering the kitchen from the other doorway.

"Oh morning Dad, I didn't see you there!" Anthony remarked.

" Good morning kids" they said in unison.

Over at the Scotts Alley woke up to the smell of waffles and bacon. she got out of bed and walked downstairs.

"Morning mama, Morning Daddy." she said as she sat down at the table.

At the Cranston residents Kelly woke to the sound of her alarm she got up and walked to the kitchen grabbed a pop-tart and exited to the garage.

"Dad what are you doing out here?"

"Just messing around with some gadgets." Billy said

The morning sun came in on Bobby's face waking him. He dressed quickly and walked downstairs to find his dad in the kitchen.

"Morning dad, mom head out to work already?" He asked

"Yeah you want some breakfast?" Zack asked

"No I'm gonna head over to Micha's and walk her to school.

The Park residents were buzzing that morning with Micha and Adam sparring before school.

"Now remember jump over low kicks and duck under high punches." Adam directed.

Then they heard a knock at the door. Tanya answered the door.

"Good morning Bobby, Micha & Adam are downstairs for their morning spar.

At the DeSantos house Alex woke early and along side his father took a morning jog, On their way back home Alex noticed Micha & Bobby walking to school.

"Hey dad I'm gonna walk this morning." Alex exclaimed

"Ok kiddo I'll see you after school remember you and Anthony have your class to teach this afternoon." Rocky stated.

"I won't forget Dad." Alex said as he grabbed his backpack. Then he jogged over to his friends.

"Hey guys how's your morning going?" Alex asked

"Not bad" Bobby said.

"We are going to walk by to meet the others on our way to school." Micha said.

The three had walked while chatting about the days events in school when all of a sudden skelbots appeared with a henchmen they had not met yet. The three stopped and shifted into a defensive stance.

"What do you goons want this morning?" Alex asked

"Your destruction, of course!" Rolgar snarled

"Well sorry dragon breath that's not going to happen." Micha said

"Attack!" Rolgar ordered.

The skelbots charged the unmorphed rangers.

"Alright guys remember aim for the diamond." Bobby said Alex & Micha nodded in agreement.

The three separated to split up the skelbots. Alex was kicking and punching the skelbots that surrounded him. He finally landed a kick to the chest of one of the skelbots destroying it.

Micha was using the lessons she learned from her father landing a couple of kicks destroying two of the skelbots. Bobby was tripping the skelbots around him and once he knocked them all down he simply stepped on the diamonds destroying them. Shortly after that Alex & Micha dispatched the remaining skelbots. The three looked around to make sure that nobody was watching "Ninja Ranger Power" they said. They launched into kicks toward Rolgar who blocked their attacks. He then blasted them with a lightning strike knocking them to the ground.

Ten minutes before

"What do you think is keeping them?" Kelly asked as she arrived at the Oliver's house.

"I don't know they talked to my brother Kelly." Kira said.

"We need to get going if we don't want to be late." Alley said

"Guys they should have been here by now." Anthony said as he stepped out on the porch.

"Well lets head in the direction they would be walking maybe we will find them." Kelly suggested.

The four of them walked toward the normal meeting spot, they approach the spot and noticed off in the distance the other three get blasted to the ground.

"Ninja Ranger Power" the four of the said. After getting their ninja robes on they attacked in blurs of Blue, Pink, White, Green. knocking Rolgar away from the rangers.

"You guys alright?" Kira asked.

"Yeah" Micha, Alex & Bobby said.

In the time they took to check on their friends Rolgar regained his footing and sent a clast at the rangers, blasting them off of their feet. Just then they seen another red clad ninja fly over them and kicked Rolgar in the chest.

"Looked like you could use a hand." Rocky said with his attention on the kids he didn't see Rolgar's attack coming hitting him directly in the back causing him to collapse to the ground.

"Dad!" Alex said as he morphed without saying a word brandishing his Tomahawks and attacked Rolgar. The speed of his attack caused Rolgar to backpedal. The girls went to Rocky. Bobby went to get Aisha, and Anthony went to help Alex. Before Anthony could make it to Alex's side Rolgar disappeared.

"Alex man you need to calm down." Anthony said.

"What!" Alex said

"Bobby went to get your mom." Anthony informed his best friend.

The two walked over to the group of their friends and Rocky.

"Ow my back, I was stupid to think I could help." Rocky struggled saying.

Running up to them Aisha dropped down beside her husband. "Rocky what happened?" she asked

"I seen the kids struggling and thought I could help." Rocky struggled to say.

"We need to get you to the hospital." Alex said.

"No you need to go to school and I'll get him to the hospital. "Aisha said firmly

"But Mom..." Alexander Adam DeSantos you and your friends need to get to school. I will let you know what the doctor says." Aisha said.

The group left reluctantly and walked to school. Aisha pulled out her phone and called Adam and then her job to let them know she wouldn't be there today. Minutes later Adam arrived to find Rocky laying on Aisha. "What happened?"

"He was helping the kids and got hurt can you help me get him into the car?" she asked

"Yeah" he replied.

Adam & Aisha lifted Rocky and lay him across the back seat of Adam's Durango.

UP on the moon.

"What happened down there you had them on the ropes and them on the ropes and then you returned." Impago questioned angrily.

"Sire I hurt on and then the red brat attacked me ferociously." Rolgar said

" You are giving excuses not results, now do your job or I'll destroy you." Impago threatened.

Back on earth

The rangers were in school and Alex was having a very difficult day

"Alex focus I know your worried about your dad, but you have to stay here and learn." Kelly said.

"Easy for you to say, your dads not laying in a hospital bed right now." Alex snapped.

"Mr. DeSantos one more outburst like that and you will be sent to the principals office." Miss Kaplan said.

"I'm sorry Miss Kaplan I'll keep it down." Alex said.

The rest of the school day was kind of a blur. After the last bell Alex took off for the hospital he arrived a few minutes before the rest of his friends. They followed him slowly. The group arrived moments later to find Alex demanding to see his father. When a heavy hand fell on his shoulder "Calm down Alex, he is doing fine." Jason said.

"Uncle Jason" Alex said just before he barreled into him and started sobbing.

"Everything will be fine." Tommy said as he and the others surrounded the two. Just then the rest of the rangers walked in the waiting room.

"How's uncle Rocky." Micha asked

"He is fine and in recovery now" Adam said answering his daughter's question.

"Can we see him?" Bobby asked.

"The doctor is in with them now so that's why we are still waiting." Kimberly said.

"Well then lets sit down." Anthony said

Alex hadn't moved from his spot squeezing Jason for dear life.

"I want to see my Dad." he said

"I'll walk you over to the room." Jason said.

The two walked over to Rocky's room. The door opened as Alex reached for the knob.

"Hello there may I assume you are Alex DeSantos?" Dr. Mitchell said.

"Yes" Alex said questioningly

"You are being asked for young man." said Dr. Mitchell

Alex waisted no time he rushed into the room to see his mom sitting in a chair beside the bed his dad was resting in.

"Dad" he said through a chocked throat.

"Hey, Buddy I'm fine." Rocky said.

Alex said nothing he just rushed to his fathers side.

"Easy Alex" Aisha said. he shook his head and slowly and gently hugged his dad.

"I was so worried about you." he said

I'll be okay kiddo just have to take it easy for a while that's all." Rocky explained

The rest of the group came in the room at this point. After the door closed the rangers communicators beeped.

"This is Anthony."

"Teleport to the Power Chamber quickly."

They teleported out. Landing in the Power Chamber.

"What is it Ninjor?" Anthony asked

Rolgar and a monster have appeared downtown with a group of skelbots.

"What are we waiting for, It's Morphin Time!" Anthony said.

They morphed and teleported to the area of the attack.

"Rangers you come to your destruction." Rolgar snarled

" You really think that you can do that, my boy here sent you packing earlier." Anthony said.

"Yes how is Daddy dearest!" Rolgar said staring at Alex.

Anthony put his hand on Alex's shoulder to stop him from blowing up.

"Guys you notice how all they are doing is taunting us." Kelly said.

Just then Kira turned around to see Elickzor coming up behind them.

"Guys we have company." she said as the monster wound up to fire his bolt of power at them when Anthony turned and flipped over his team and took the blast meant for his sister.

"TONY!" Kira exclaimed

Alley turned at Kira's scream and noticed a bottle of green liquid.

"A J" she screamed. she launched into her most ferocious attack. Ducking and dodging the beams that could of turned her into a pink vile of liquid. The others shook out of their stupor and attacked. Alex went after skelbots and Rolgar after making quick work of the small group of skelbots. Micha, Bobby, and Kelly fought off the skelbots as Kira grabbed the vile her brother turned into and teleport to the Power Chamber. Leaving Alley to fight Elickzor.

Kira arrived at the Power Chamber. "Ninjor, Alpha, Tony got turned into this how do we change him back?" she asked.

"I will work on that Kira." Alpha-5 said.

"You should return to the battle." Ninjor stated.

"Right, back to action." she said

She returned to see her friends battling Elickzor, and Rolgar acting quickly she flipped over and kicked Rolgar in the chest saving her friend from an attack. Rolgar stumbled back and joined shortly by Elickzor due to a double team by Alex and Kelly.

"You'll pay for that White Ranger" Rolgar snarled.

"As if your no match for me and my team." Kira said

"You have already lost your brother, how many more are you willing to lose." Elickzor said.

"Lets get them." Rolgar said.

The two charged the rangers. The battle resumed and the rangers split into teams of three and took on the monsters. Alex, Kelly, and Micha took on Rolgar blasted the blue and yellow ranger away leaving Alex to battle the henchmen. Brandishing his Tomahawks again and swung them at Rolgar who caught a Tomahawk only to have one swing into his side. At that moment Micha attacked with her fans in a spin attack. Rolgar stumbled back and then get hit by the arrows Kelly fired at him, Meanwhile Kira, and Alley were attacking with fierce blows neither brandishing their weapons yet. The attacks forced Elickzor to back pedal giving Bobby a chance to perform a spinning heel kick only to have it blocked and thrown to the ground. Elickzor then blasted the black ranger turning him into a vile of liquid. He turned his attention to Kira and Alley but before he could blast either of them they dove out of the way. Across the battlefield the other three had continued their attacks on Rolgar. Alex went to kick Rolgar when the monster vanished. As he turned to see how the others were doing he noticed there was only two rangers fighting Elickzor and another vile was on the ground.

"Kelly get that vile and go help Alpha get them back to normal." Alex said as Elickzor shot out another blast that hit Micha, and Alley. "I'll gather the viles and get to the Power Chamber." Kelly said.

The remaining two rangers began the attacks on Elickzor. Finding it not as much of a challenge to fight just two power rangers Elickzor returned to the Lunar Palace.

"Lets get back to the Power Chamber and figure out how to get our team back to full." Kira said.

"Yeah" Alex replied

The two of them teleported out. They landed in the Power Chamber to find a group of people working on their problem.

Fifteen minutes earlier

"Alpha have you found anything yet?" Kelly asked as she landed in the Power Chamber with three viles of liquid.

"Eye yie yie Kelly I'm trying but i found nothing that works." Alpha-5 said

"Allow me to assist maybe we can find something." Kelly offered

"Well I've tried molecular recomposure and that didn't work." Alpha-5 informed.

"What if we try that with a jolt of morphin grid Power." she suggested.

"That sounds risky and dangerous." Ninjor said.

"Yes but it could be our only option." Kelly stated.

They attempted he idea with the same result as Alpha got before. Thinking quickly Kelly got an idea, lifting her wrist she called the one person she knew could help.

" Yes Kelly" came a voice Alpha knew very well.

"Can you get Aunt Trini, & Aisha, or Tanya and meet me at the Power Chamber." Kelly asked.

"Yes but what's going on?" He asked

"Dad I can't talk over the communicator just get here I need your help." she barked into the com.

"We will be thee soon." her father said. Moments later there was four beams of light arrived in the Power Chamber.

"What seems to be the problem." Trini said. Just then the others teleported in. They noticed everyone moving around trying to figure out how to get the rangers back to normal.

"Quazetronics manipulator online." Trini said.

"Alright Trini, line the viles up on the floor." Billy said

"Now?" questioned Aisha.

"Now" Tanya said.

Aisha squeezed the trigger and her aim was on target as the rays hit the viles of liquid and in a blink of an eye four rangers were standing there.

"What happened" Anthony asked stretching to get the feeling back in his body.

"How did we get here?" Micha asked

"Yeah the last thing I remember is battling that creep Elickzor." Bobby said.

"When are we going to take care of the freak of a scientist" Alley stated.

"He returned to the Lunar Palace, so we have to wait for him to attack." Ninjor stated

"So what do we do now?" Kira asked

"Wait" the four former rangers said in unison.

"Alright we have a class to teach at the youth center Alex." Anthony said.

"Oh right " Alex said. they all teleported our to the park and then jogged over to the youth center. They arrived just before the students of their class. As they taught the class the others walked up to the bar and seen a stranger behind the counter.

"HI my name is Andros your father hired me this afternoon."

"I'm not Rocky's child he is down on the mats, my name is Bobby." he said introducing himself

"What can i get you?" Andros asked

"Pineapple-Banana smoothie please." Bobby ordered

Andros went to make the order when the rest of the group bound up to the counter.

"Who's the new guy?" Micha asked

"The name is Andros." he said introducing himself once again.

"Would you like a smoothies or something?" he asked

Yeah a blueberry, two strawberry-banana smoothies, and one chocolate shake. As he walked back to make the smoothies and shake that were ordered.

"He's kind of cute" Alley said at the same time that Alex and Anthony walked up to the counter.

"I'll catch you guys later." Anthony said

"Uh-oh" Kira muttered. as Alex grimaced knowing his best friend was irritated.

With Anthony outside of the youth center. A hoard of skelbots surrounded him. He fought but soon the numbers we to much and they were able to capture him. Landing in the dark dimension inside the Lunar Palace, Anthony notices Rolgar standing there.

"What do you want dragon-breath." he said

"I had him bring you here." Impago said as he shimmered into the room.

Anthony took a step back an unconsciously slipped into a fighting stance.

"You won't win child so don't even try." Impago said

"What do you want with me?" Anthony asked.

Chains then appeared on his wrists

"Walk with me." Impago stated.

"What if I refuse?" Anthony asked

Almost as if to answer his question his arms felt something pulling him.

"You resist the chains will pull." Impago informed.

They walked into the throneroom and Impago raised a hand and blasted Elickzor effectively destroying the monster and then Robana approached Anthony from behind. They both touched him and mumbled some words. Anthony fell to his knees. The chains disintegrated, and when he stood his eyes were glowing green...

To be continued.

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