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Parings: NarutoxSasuke, later on Sakura+Lee
Warning: Lemon in later chapters... mature themes
Story: Everyone knows him as a chunin working at a raman shop, the silent, patient Naruto that
could never pass the jouinin exams...but when things start happening to ninja's with the blood
limit Sharingian, Sasuke soon learns that Naruto isn't who he thought he was...

Authors Note: Muwhahahaha.... I have now decided to corrupt the world of Naruto. The idea
behind this story... no clue where it came from, but anyway Naruto and Sasuke are about 19, and
for the sake of the story the whole Orochimaru never happened... ok there will be lemon later...
big shout out to my beta Maho the all mighty beta... ok so enough rambling on with the fic!

Melek in Olum

Mission I: Deals and Raman





Bright blue eyes blurred with tears as the orange streak darted from tree to tree, trying vainly to
escape the voices in his head. The names... always the hate that repeated constantly, like some
twisted song burning into his mind.

Panting hard, the figure leapt once more, this time missing his targeted branch. With a short cry
he fell to the ground with a thud. Whimpering slightly, the orange clad Chunin shifted on his
side. The salty tears that had been held back came flooding forward as the boy wept... why did
they hate him so? It wasn't hard to figure out, it was the fox... that evil spirit that lived within
him... just on the edge of his conscious. In the dark, waiting for him to let his guard down.

Everyday he trained with the same cheerful face, the same annoying demeanor... it was all he
knew. A shuddering sigh passed through the prone body... he knew he shouldn't be crying like
this, it was weak to cry... Sasuke said so.


He was the best.

He was his rival.

Yet, deep down the blue eyed blonde knew he held great respect for the dark haired shinobi.
Though he'd never admit it out loud. The blonde boy would have giving anything to be like
Sasuke. Strong, brilliant, popular... and good looking. Anything was better then what he was...

Fresh tears sprung to already puffy eyes. Unable to ebb the flow, the young ninja continued to cry
till the heat of the afternoon sun faded to the darkness of twilight. Not bothering to move as
crimson shadows touched the ground before him, the boy caught in memories of hateful words
and harsh glares... maybe... maybe...

Suddenly, the orange lump sat up, startling a nearby chipmunk. Quickly, the ninja pulled out his
kuni. This was perfect, now... now... without expression, the blond boy brought the knife down
cutting his wrist. Smiling grimly he left the blade imbedded in the flesh, he knew how well he

The youth watched avidly as the precious red liquid slide down the metal of the blade and onto
the dirt floor, absorbing instantly into the ground. Vaguely. he wondered how long this would
take. The pain was great... but the mental anguish was worse...

"Is this how your going to let it end?" Startled blue eyes tried to pierce the rising dark, searching
for the unknown voice. "Why now?" Suddenly, the owner of the voice, a man in a flowing white
robe, walked slowly forward, pipe clamped firmly in his mouth. "What do you care?" Woozy
from blood loss, the younger of the two present tried to ignore the elder. Snorting, the man
cocked his head to the side, "Why do you try to kill yourself?"

Blinking slowly, the boy laughed hard. "Easy... no more pain... no more being a scared, useless
ninja... no more caring around this... this... evil. Everyone will be happy." The wrinkled man
rubbed his chin. "Why not become better? Why not train harder?" Smirking slightly, the orange
blob on the ground shook his head. "I'm a lost cause..."

Shaking his grizzled head, the most feared and respected man in the village kneeled before the
boy on the ground. "I don't think you're a lost cause... why not work for me and me alone. I will
train you... I'm not saying this out of pity. I know how great you can be. I've felt it... I want you
to become what this village so desperately needs..." Against his better judgment, the still bloody
boy was intrigued. "What does this village need?"
Smiling, the older man looked deep into twin storm coloured eyes, "A hero. Uzamaki Naruto, I
want you to be a hero... albeit an unsung hero. Still, what I ask of you is not easy. I'm asking for
your life to be forfeited for the people of this village, and for those who would seek your service.
In this job you will become nameless, your identity never known. You will perform only the
highest level assignments solo... you will be asked to take the lives of many in the name of
peace... and at times of war, you will be a myth feared by the enemy".

Silently, the boy known as Uzamaki Naruto absorbed the information, "I'd leave behind
everyone?" Grimly, the Hokage shook his head. "You will carry on a normal life so as not to
rouse suspicion... publicly you will never pass the level of Chunin." The silence stretched and
blonde brows furrowed. " But I can promise you this; you will surpass every other ninja in the
village... and perhaps in time you shall harness that which lives deep within you..."

There was silence once more... then a pale hand grasped the hilt of the knife, ripping it free.
Holding his arm forward, before the wound closed, he solemnly spoke. "I have nothing to live
for... except my dream of one day making those acknowledge me and be the Hokage. One day I
hope I realize that dream... till then, though, I forfeit my life for the Leaf Village."

Nodding slowly the Hokage stood, "Come. your training starts now..." Rising, Naruto wobbled
slightly. Maybe now he would be needed...

That night marked the first of six grueling months of training. Naruto was removed from team
seven under the pretenses of committing a high level offense forcing the blonde into 'community
service'. The community service was only the start.

Naruto was forced to live in the woods where he'd once taken his Chunin exams. Except, this
time, he was given nothing but himself. More then once during those first months Naruto wanted
nothing more then to quit, admit defeat... end it all.... but the dream he held so strong, prevented
him from once more trying to take his life.

So Naruto grew, and he trained, and he learned. At the end of six months, gone was the loud
mouthed that had lived to create trouble. In his place was a quiet, mysterious, powerful ninja. It
was then Naruto was given his first assignment... an assassination. At the age of fifteen, the
blonde took his first of many lives.

Upon returning, he curled up and cried the entire night... alone.

Still, training continued and Naruto became stronger daily. Eventually surpassing even the
strongest known ninja in the village, one Uchiha Sasuke. Though no one ever knew of the work
Naruto did to protect the village. This is where the true story begins... four years have passed and
with them both Sasuke and Naruto have grown and changed and now at the age of nineteen
Sasuke was about to be drawn into Naruto's world... his world of endless nights...

~*~*~ 4 years later...~*~*~

The Leaf village was silent at this time in the morning. The sun had yet to show itself, leaving the
large village in darkness. No one in there right mind was up at this time in the morning... but then
again who ever said Naruto had a mind to begin with? The blonde ninja was already up and
about preparing for his morning routine, involving a 40 mile jog, workout, and home in time to
get ready for work.

Securing the tie on his sweat pants, the blonde headed out the door and onto the street. Smiling
slightly, the teen took off at a rapid pace that he could maintain for days if he needed too, and at
times he had. Shaking his shaggy head, the ninja pressed on, clearing his head of all thoughts,
just enjoying the peace and freshness of the early morning air. He had come a long way from the
small scared boy who had once tried to slash their own wrist. Grinning slightly, the Chunin's
long legs ate up the ground.

When he was younger, a sore spot in Naruto's life had been his height. Being shorter then both
Sakura and Sasuke had been a never ending source of embarrassment for him. Iruka-sensei had
once told him that everyone grows at there own pace... he was right. Naruto had hit his growth
spurt at sixteen. Now he stood a tall six foot ten inches, not only had he grown up but out as well.
Shoulders that Sakura told him girls swooned for, and the physic of an Adonis... so said Sakura.

The pink haired girl had grown closer to Naruto over the years, becoming one of his best friends.
Startled, the ninja stopped, realizing he'd reached his destination already. Well it serves him right
for zoning out...


The sun was rising and the village was springing to life, vendors were opening up shop, people
bustled about trying to beat the afternoon rush to get fresh foods and new wares. The tall blonde
deftly weaved in and out of the gradually building masses easily the tallest person for miles

Practiced grace served the trained shinobi well and he soon found himself opening the Ramen
shop. Yes, he, a lover of Ramen, worked for crazy Mr. Atsuko, making and serving ramen. It was
actually a really fun job.

Tying a white apron on, Naruto set about getting the fires going and opening up. He knew the
regulars would be appearing soon. True to his prediction, the several older men who always
stopped by, were entering the doors as he finished wiping down the counter.

"Morning Naruto! What's good today?" And so began the mundane humdrum life that Uzamaki
Naruto loved so much.


"Congratulations on a mission well done Sasuke..." The Hokage smiled at the dark haired boy
crossing off the mission on the scroll marked A. "Thank you Hokage-sama." Bowing slightly, the
teen known as Sasuke exited the room. "SSSSSaaauuukkkeee-kun!" A pink blur flew out of
nowhere knocking the wind out of the dark haired, red eyed teen. "Sakura..." smiling brightly the
green eyed girl tilted her head, "We did good ne?" Smiling in spite of himself, Sasuke nodded,
"Hai we did".

Clapping her hands, the female ninja spun. "It's good to be home!" Nodding in agreement, the
taller of the two made a b-line for the doors. Smothering giggles, Sakura followed. "Off to see
Naruto-kun?" Absently, Sasuke nodded, he really needed to talk to someone and surprisingly
enough Naruto was known to be one of the best listeners in the village.

Hmm... I think I'll go with. It's been a long time since I've seen him..." Trailing off, Sakura
grinned secretively. She knew without a shadow of a doubt that Naruto and Sasuke were destined
to be together. Of course hearts of many around the village would shatter, but...

With unerring direction, Sasuke strode to the small ramen shop on the corner of the marketplace.
Sakura not to far behind, eager to see her long time friend. Instantly, she spotted the large blond
behind the counter chopping up vegetables, "NAAAARRRUUUTTTOOO!!" The agile girl
literally flung across the counter and glomped the broad back in a tight hug. Unfazed by the
sudden extra weight, Naruto grinned slightly. "Sooo... miss me Naruto-kun?" Sakura leaned her
chin on one broad shoulder, holding on for dear life as Naruto picked up two steaming bowels of
ramen. "Hai..." The tall blonde replied softly. Releasing her childhood friend, Sakura dreamily
took a seat at the counter, watching as Sasuke walked up to Naruto.

"Naruto..." Finished serving the food, the large teen turned smile widening at the sight of the
other dark haired shinobi. "Sasuke..." And that was it. Naruto walked behind the counter and
Sasuke sat down beside Sakura. "How have you been Naruto?" Quietly, almost shyly, the teen
spoke. "Fine." Shivering slightly, the pink haired ninja leaned on one elbow running appreciative
eyes of the male before her. Naruto had certainly grew up well.
Tallest male in the village, mild wide shoulders, well sculpted muscles, shaggy sunshine blonde
hair that flopped forward into his eyes. Naruto's body caught every females attention
immediately, until they got a look at that strong face... and unusual eye.

Naruto's right eye was a deep blue that reminded most of summer skies... his left eye was a deep
crimson red with a black slitted pupil... the eye of a demon fox. No one knew how it had
happened, all that was known was the thick white scar that started on his forehead, passed
through his left eye, and ended just under the eye. Sakura had only ever seen it once, when the
teen had first received the injury, but hateful looks and scared reactions caused the boy in
Kakashi fashion, to wear his headband tilted to hide the eye.

"Was your mission successful?" Snapping out of her revere, Sakura smiled happily, looking at
the strong, tanned planes of her friends face. Many a time she wished she knew what had
happened to him. Naruto had once been the most annoying, conceded, short tempered, and idiotic
moron in the village... now he was easy going, quite, oozing masculinity. Every girl in the village
loved him. His 'bedroom' voice, his strong and silent demeanor... and of course his piercings.
Several hoops in one ear, and an stud, high up in the cartilage of his right ear.

"Hai, easy enough..." Sasuke answered, drawing Sakura's attention to Naruto's only rival in
looks. Where as Naruto was raw masculinity, Sasuke was all grace and beauty. Tall, but not as
tall as Naruto, the dark haired shinobi was the opposite in everyway. Slim and pale, he was more
of a 'pretty boy' then a potential boyfriend. The Sharigian from his blood limit, had stained his
eyes a deep red that never faded. Sometimes, in times of high emotion, the irises blackened.

All in all, the two were the hottest bishounen in the village. It was an ongoing joke with all the
females that Naruto with his silent, friendly personality, begged to be looked after... and Sasuke
with his cold personality and 'touch-me-not' attitude, was for looking at. "It's good to see you
home." Two bowls were placed before Sakura and Sasuke, with a smile. Flashing a return smile,
Sasuke reached for his chopsticks. "It's good to be back..."

Sighing, Sakura rolled her eyes, those two just had to get it together!


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