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Melek in Olum

Mission XIII : Angel of Death

Motionless…he stood unmoving his dull gaze focused on the still figure collapsed on the blood soaked ground. All around him screams and cries, people surging forward in disbelief. It was all dull background noise to his mind, rationally could not accept what he was looking at.

"Sasuke! We have to help him!" Sakura's panicked voice finally invaded his thoughts. Before his mind had time to function his legs carried him to where his lover lay. Slowly dropping to his knees he leaned over the still man. "Naruto?" he whispered reaching out to hesitantly touch the pale face smeared with blood. "Come back to me Naruto!" tears welled up in crimson eyes.

Cupping the stubble cheek he willed his loves eyes to open. Much to his surprise there was a shuddering breath before one summer blue eye and one demon eye opened. Smiling with joy Sasuke stroked Naruto's cheek.

Sakura was crying silently eyes fixed on the deeply embedded shurkan heaving with every pained rise of the blonde's chest. It was a macabre scene. "S-Sasuke…" gurgled the blonde man lying on the ground turned his head painfully blood running from his mouth. "Sasuke…I'm…I…" coughing again in pain he winced feeling wetness from his eyes. Sasuke clutched Naruto's hand tight as he watched the blue eye he loved so much cry blood.

Choking back tears Sasuke remained steadily watching and hoping. "Sasuke…I'm sorry…I l-" with a final racking cough and a wet gurgling he slumped forward the painful heave of his chest stilling.

"No…" with a whisper Sasuke balled his fists in his lap as he gazed and the unstaring blue eye gazing heavenwards. "No! This wasn't supposed to end like this, not like this!" wild crimson eyes turned to bore into those of the Hokage, "It was you! You! You're the one who put him up to this, if not for he would have...he would have…" sadly the Hokage shook his head. "You know better then that, he made his choice, he chose to give his life for this village. He knew what the consequences were." Gasping Sakura turned to him, "You mean he…he knew it would come to this?"

"With a sad smile the Hokage knelt across the body to look at Sasuke who's eyes streamed silent tears of despair. "He knew the second he started this war…the second I commanded him to that this is what had to be done to save us…the entire village. He was a hero of the highest order, and no one knew." Bringing the cold hand up against his face Sasuke closed blood stained eyes feeling the rough palm against his cheek.

"Why Naruto? Why? We had just found happiness you and me…why couldn't we keep it." Heaving a shuddering sigh Sasuke opened his eyes once more eyeing the protrudence of metal from his lover's chest with venom. Without considering the ramifications he tugged the metal free, angrily throwing it harmlessly away. Turning to watch as blood began to ooze from the wound.

"Serves the demon right!" someone nearby yelled, "We don't need his kind around this village tainting things." There was a chorus of agreements from those standing around. "How dare you!" Sasuke roared surging to his feet, "This man just saved us all, and all you can do is stand there and condemn him! What the hell did he ever do to you except save your miserable life?" Breathing hard Sasuke found the flash of lighting followed by the crack of thunder satisfying.

Shamefaced the people looked away, slowly moving back towards what was left of their town. Done with those hypocrites he turned once more to Naruto's body still lying still on the ground kneeling once more he felt the first splatter of rain. Sakura, Kakashi and Iruka all tried vainly to get him to let them move Naruto and himself. But Sasuke was lost, all he knew was that right here and now for a split second in time he had shared something profound and that now it was gone and all that was left was the shell of the man he loved and he was not ready to let that go just yet.

Deciding to give the grieving ninja space, the moved away into the headquarters where they could keep an eye the pair. The rain poured, quickly soaking Sasuke through, long black hair hung before his face shielding his tears from the world. Leaning forward he rested his head on Naruto's chest.

Maybe he could join him…he just witnessed a supreme act of sacrifice and those he had died for had continued to scorn him. What was the point? Naruto's death had been in vain. "What do you think Naruto? Should I end this, and join you?"


So bright.

Why was there so much light here? Where was here?

The light flashed brighter and suddenly he was standing in a room, a long bright corridor with a single figure standing in it. Sighing Naruto leaned back sagging against the corridor wall behind him. He was tired, so tired and now he could rest. The figure in the empty space moved forward slowly, jerking, as if bound hand in foot. Eyes closed Naruto heard the shuffle approaching, he wasn't scared, he couldn't be he'd been through this before.

With a growl the figure settled in front of him 'Ruined my fun…' the voice was not spoken allowed it came in his mind. Opening his eyes, two summer blue eyes Naruto looked at the figure…the other Naruto. This one was the form of the demon, slited red eyes, clawed hands and feet, sharp fangs that currently smiled at him. 'He killed us you know,' grinning the real Naruto tilted his head, 'I told him too; I knew you wouldn't play fair and I needed insurance that you would be stopped.'

Chuckling the bared his fangs again, 'You are smart cub…too smart I guess it's not so bad being trapped in here. One day you will die and I will be free from this prison.' Shaking his head Naruto looked at the demon 'Maybe sooner then later' the demon looked at his bound feet and hands, 'Yes…they will kill you if they do not release me… but he needs you,' a shimmer in the air between them produced a flickering image of a very familiar black haired man, Sasuke.

Reaching out Naruto felt his hands pass through the image blurring it, 'You love him…' laughing aloud this time his demon self twisted against the bonds that held him, 'I see cub, I just hope they figure out that once that damable shurken is removed you'll heal.' Shrugging Naruto just started at his hands, 'Ten minutes…I only have ten minute time frame to come back from death before its permenate'. With a wry chuckle he looked at the demon, 'The question becomes will anyone think to bring me back?'

The two Naruto's sat in silence looking at one another, the minutes slowly ticking by and with each elapsed minute the corridor of his mind beginning to fade out. Sighing the real Naruto smiled cynically at his companion in this place; 'I guess n-' suddenly the bindings holding the demon broke into a million peaces setting the fox free. 'Well it seems as though we stay tighter a little longer cub...' the demon faded from sight slowly, 'I will watch you closely young one, we shall meet again and maybe then your shurkun will miss…"


The first sound he heard was the pounding rain the second was the quite sobbing against his chest, soaked through and aching everywhere he remained still trying to review what had just occurred. Obviously someone had pulled out the cursed shurken blinking slowly he groaned, he felt as though he'd been through a meat grinder but who was crying?

With the sudden groan from beneath his cheek Sasuke went silent immediately, "Naruto?" stunned he glanced at the weary face of his lover washed clean by the rain. Groaning again Naruto sat up slowly hand on his chest breathing shallow as he felt the bone and muscles begin to knit together. Sasuke started in disbelief, reaching out he gently touched Naruto his pale hand trembling violently. "Your dead…I felt you, you were so cold…and…and…" unable to go one he just silently waited in the rain.

Tuning carefully Naruto reached out with one hand to gently take Sasuke's hand. "I'm very much alive Sasuke," pulling the slim hand towards him he placed it on his chest on his heart, the strong beat against the slimmer ninja's hand was his undoing. With a cry the crimson eyed beauty threw himself into those strong arms sobbing harshly. "Don't ever…never ever, thought I'd lost you…" wincing slightly Naruto held the battered Sasuke closely offering silent comfort to the man.

Once finished Sasuke backed off wiping his eyes hesitantly, "We should…tell the Hokage your not dead, everyone is worried…" trailing off Sasuke say a sort of glint in blue eyes. "I've got a better idea," leaning forward Naruto softly, sweetly kissed pale rain drenched lips. Pulling back slightly he murmured against them softly, "Let's just pretend I'm dead for at least a week." Grinning Sasuke wrapped his arms around the blonde's neck. Standing fluidly Naruto gathered the much lighter ninja in his arms.

Gasping Sasuke looked into his lover's eyes, "Your hurt! You shouldn't be carrying me!" grinning wider the part demon nuzzled the pale neck of his boyfriend. "No way… I'm completely healed." With a sort run and a leap he was off across the housetops making haste for his apartment. "I think I need to spend at least a week in bed don't you think?" Sasuke just held on tight smirking the whole way home.


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Yawning lazily Sasuke stretched out settling against his lover's chest feeling the strong heartbeat against his cheek lightly fingering the long scar across his chest. "Does it bother you that you saved the village and they still hate you?" Chuckling he kissed the pale hand playing with his chest. "Nope," muttering Sasuke sat up eyeing the blonde who was laying eyes closed with a satisfied smile on his face. "So mister angel of death what does that mean for us?" Opening a single blue eye he smiled wider, "It means I love you."

Wide crimson eyes slowly smiled, "Well that's good because I'm kind of fond of you as well." Laughing Naruto pulled him down kissing him hard, breaking away Sasuke retuned to his position before listening to the strong heart beat. "I love you Melek in Olum, and I will never lose you again…" smiling slowly Naruto kissed Sasuke's temple, "I've always been with you Sasuke and I vowed to always be with you. You need never fear for I will never willingly leave you..." Satisfied Sasuke drifted off into an exhausted sleep while the blonde avenging angel of death held him close, Melek in Olum the most hated man in the village, and yet he was the savior of them all.