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Summery: When someone he loves is taken, will he have a chance to tell her before it's too late? C/G and some N/S. (This is actually the first CSI fanfic I started even though it is the 3rd one I've posted.)

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Chapter 1

The night outside reflected back what she felt inside. Cold, bitter and dismal. Why didn't anyone want her? She wasn't that bad was she? Even her daughter, who she had, had a relationship with closer than anyone else, was starting to slip away. And the one person she thought she would always be able to turn to was the one person the furthest away. With this last thought she felt the tears in her eyes flood over her eyelids, she let them, there was no one to see her. She sat there crying for hours just letting all her emotions spill out. The ring of the doorbell startled her and she wiped her eyes with her hand clearing the haze just enough to be able to see the digits on the clock; 3:30. 'Who could that be?' she thought as she stood up from the couch and headed towards the door. Without thinking clearly or looking to see who it was, she unlocked the door and was thrown backwards as the 'visitor' shoved the door open. Her body, tired from sleepless nights and crying, couldn't put up much of a fight as the stranger covered her mouth with a cloth, coated in chloroform.

'I must let him know' she thought. Before the chloroform could take over her mind, she grabbed the vase from the small table by the door and threw it at the wall just in front of her, missing her attacker by a few feet. He just growled in anger and grabbed her in his arms. Just as the drug took over her, she used all the remaining strength she had to bite him. As her teeth pierced his skin, the blood dripped down his arm and onto the clean carpet. He yelled in pain and the last thing she saw before she blacked out was his eyes; cold and dark.

"You'll pay for that Little Miss, and no one will be able to help you."

'I hope your wrong' she thought, 'help me Gil, I need you.'


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