Chapter 6

Darkness and pain was the only things she could sense right now. The pain
in her head was so great that she couldn't tell if the darkness was all
around her or if the pain brought it on.
As her consciousness began to return, it brought with the reality of what
had happened to have caused her current state. Slowly she began to
remember the gruff voice in her ear, and his hands wrapped tightly around
her small frame. She could still taste his blood in her mouth; remember
the feel of his flesh as her teeth bit into him. The thought of his touch
almost making her gag. Then the horror returned as she remembered those
eyes. So cold. So dark. In her minds eye she could clearly see them
staring at her as the drug took control. Piercing their way into her mind.
Embedding themselves in her memory, to forever haunt her. The thought of
those eyes stirred something deeper in her memory, but she couldn't quite
place the feeling. Not in her current state.
As she felt the last traces of the drug leave her body, and her senses
returning to normal, she instinctively opened her eyes. The sudden light
that shot in them caused her forgotten pain to return, and her eyelids flew
shut reflexively.
She heard movement from the far side of the room. Cautiously she turned
onto her side to face the sound, opening her eyes half way so as to catch a
glimpse of the cause.
She recognised him immediately.
He had been the suspect in one the earlier cases she and Gil had worked.
Before they had stopped working together. Even in her present condition
she couldn't help the sadness that crept over her as she thought of Gil.

The acrid smell of alcohol brought her back to reality as he bent down, his
lips only centimetres from hers. His breath filled her nostrils with its
smell. Only just succeeding in not turning away in disgust, something she
knew would definitely upset him, she moved her gaze back to his eyes. A
shiver ran through her, and she hoped he was drunk enough not to notice.
He didn't. After a few seconds, that lasted hours he moved his mouth
awkwardly to her exposed ear; his voice made her skin crawl.
'You know Blondie, you and me'll have so much fun here...' he stopped short
as his intoxicated body lost balance and toppled to the ground.

Seeing his heavy form hit the ground, Catherine grimaced. As he started
moving to his feet again, she tensed, expecting him to lash out at her,
blaming her for his fall. Her eyes never left him. Every muscle in her
body contracted, his head lifted from the ground, followed by his broad
shoulders. His arms came up from under him and he pushed himself to his
knees. Steadying himself he slowly rose to stand. Swaying, he turned
slowly, deliberately to look at Catherine. 'This is it.' She thought. It
was only then that she closed her eyes, not willing to let this man see her
fear, the fear that was always present during her marriage. She heard the
heavy footsteps as he stumbled. Listening intently she found that the
footsteps were getting quieter.

Cautiously opening her eyes again, but still not relaxing her body, she was
not face to face with him as she had expected. She watched his retreating
form as it began to disappear into the darkness of the room. For a few
seconds he disappeared before a slot of blinding light shot across the room
as the door was opened. Squinting at the sudden brightness, she saw his
silhouette fill the doorway. The light poured out behind him, framing him.
'Maybe later Blondie.'

And then he was gone. The light vanished as the door thudded shut. Her
eyes, no longer adjusted to the blackness that surrounded her, stared
straight ahead, unseeing. She rolled onto her other side, bringing her
knees up into a foetal position, still staring into the black, as the tears
slipped silently down her bruised cheeks.



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