Watching Jaunverse

Son of MAFIA

EB hummed a silent tune as he cycled through reality shards, that's what they are called by the way.

Anyways as he cycled through them one shard took his attention from the others. A shard floated onto EB's open palm, one as clear as crystal but within is what seemed to be a was white and at the center of it was a picture of a hand holding three cards, each one having a different card.

"Him huh? Well, this should be interesting."

With a simple flick, the shard shot towards the screen and slowly turned on.

With the Audience

"So what do you think are we gonna watch next? I hope it'll be a Jaune that's super cool! Oh oh maybe this one will be like me!", Ruby chatted with her friends as she waited for the viewing to start.

"That would be dreadful, I can only handle one of you I don't need another one.", Weiss groaned.

"Lighten up Weiss cream! Maybe you'll find your knight in this next one.", Yang suggested while wiggling her eyebrows.

Weiss gagged, "No Yang just no! I already have Neptune!"

'Yeah, Yang/Sis! I don't need another rival going after my Jaune!', Those are the thoughts of both Pyrrha and Ruby as they looked at the balcony Jaune is on.

Team RWBY is seen running towards an alarm that had recently been set girls had been assigned a task by Headmaster Ozpin to patrol around The Museum of Ancient with them on this assignment were their sibling team, Team JNPR, who are probably on the way there now.

"Oh yeah! We'll see ourselves in action!", Yang cheered.

Ren turned towards the headmaster, "There's a Museum like that back at Vale?"

"Yes there is, tho I wonder why I or atleast a version of me sent you there.", Ozpin replied as he grew curious.

"Finally some action!", Yang was pumping with excitement.

"Yang focus! This isn't kind of game, this is a mission!", Weiss nagged at her teammate.

" Excuse me?!", Weiss said feeling offended, "I do not nag! I am-"

"You are doing it now", Yang said with a grin when she saw Weiss shut her mouth while cheeks blushed in embarrassment.

Blake rolled her eyes at her teammate's antics as they ran into the room where the alarm was set off.

"We're here! Now where's the baddie!", Ruby scanned the room for the intruder while her teammates did so too, but found nothing.

As they walked deeper into the dim room the team had found that the room appeared untouched.

Ruby gave out a whine, "Aww, where's the bad guys? Was it a false alarm?"

That was until they noticed that the display case in the middle of the room was empty.

"Nope, I guess that's what triggered the alarm", Pyrrha noted.

"So we're dealing with a thief?", Weiss guessed, "I'm betting Torchwick is behind this!"

Roman raised a brow, "Why are you putting to blame on me ice queen? I'm not the only thief in Vale, besides what could I find worth stealing in that pile of old junk?"

"Um, guys? Wasn't there supposed to be something in there?", Ruby questioned as she went to get a closer view, as did the others.

Blake narrowed her eyes and used her kind's natural night vision to spot for the enemy, "I guess that's why the alarm triggered but I see no signs of a break in."

"So something old is missing, big are the grunts I'm gonna pummel?"

"You are such a brute Yang", Weiss deadpanned.

Weiss sighed, "You are such a brute Yang ", she inspected the display case a lot closer for any indications of what was exactly missing.

"See! Even me on the screen agrees"

Yang rolled her eyes, "Cause you both are Ice queens, of course, you'll agree with each other."

"Huh?", The heiress traced her finger on a plate on the display case," The Golden Case of Ancients, a relic from a civilization long one knows what is inside since it has been locked shut by unknown reasons and can not be opened, yet the case itself is made from pure gold"

This drew the interests of Roman, Neo, Emerald, and Mercury, seeing as they are thieves.

"Pure gold huh? I guess I would steal something like that", Roman stated.

Neo agreed and even held up a card that said, 'Me too'.

"Well at least we know why they stole this", Ruby concluded," But why just this one?"

"Mostly because everything else is worthless here."

"Oh okay!"




"Wait who just said that!", Ruby widened her eyes as she and her team instantly got into formation, "Who are you?! Show yourself!"

"So the culprit stayed at the scene of the crime?", Mercury shook his head," That's definitely not Roman, he would just get in and get out."

"True and the voice sounds a lot younger than him, although a bit familiar", Cinder concluded as she thought of who this thief was, perhaps she could recruit them if they show great promise.

A chuckle echoed throughout the room, one that held a familiar playful tone, "Now where's the fun in that?"

"Over there!"

Blake shot at the spot where she heard this voice but a blur seemed to dodge it.

"Close but no cigar Kitty Cat"

The hidden Fauna flinched for a moment, a shock of how this thief knew about her only ones who knew were her team, Team JNPR, and a few more people.

"Whoever this is is fast, And knows about your, um secret", Ruby said to Blake who grew curious as to who this thief actually is.

"Hey! No one calls Blake that other than me!", Yang shot shotgun shells at the continuously moving blur hidden in the dark.

The voice chuckled, "You gotta do better than that Goldilocks", the figure dogged the shots and settled on the side of the wall like a spider.

"Goldilocks? Huh, not bad of a nickname for me.", Yang caressed her hair as if it was a prized possession.

Meanwhile, her team and NPR sweatdropped.

"It seems our thief is a chatterbox and has some kind of sticky semblance", Roman noted," And he has a nake of making like me."

Suddenly a glyph appeared under the figure's feet, encasing their feet in ice while Ruby charges at them with her semblance.


"GO ME!", Ruby cheered at herself on the screen.

"Don't think so Little Red", The figure threw a small object somewhere in the room just before they disappeared on the spot and Ruby was forced to stop before she hit the wall.

Eyes widened and interests were caught from everyone in the room," Wait what? Did he just disappear or turn invisible? I thought they could stick to walls, isn't that their semblance?", Winter questioned while the generals beside her thought to themselves.

'Hmmm this thief could be a threat if they even exist in our world that is', Ironwood thought when he remembered that there was a possibility of it.

"I'm not little!", Ruby objected," I DRINK MILK!"

"Sheesh calm down sis, you'll grow soon enough", Yang teased while Ruby was fuming at her sister, in a playful way.

"Where is that scoundrel?", Weiss scanned her surroundings for their target as their team regrouped and had their backs to each other.

"Cold of you to call me such a Ice Queen."

"Really? Why do people keep calling me that?!", Weiss pouted in her seat.

Qrow meanwhile chuckled," Actually your more of an ice princess cause that title goes to Winter, ain't that right Ice Queen?"

That got him an empty bucket of popcorn to the head by a said person who raised her head away from him.

The team turned around just in time as the light from the moon finally shinned through the skylight and illuminated the, casually standing on top of a statue basked in moonlight, was there a thief in his trademark black suit.

"No-", Pyrrha started off with eyes wide in shock."

"Flipping-", Ren continued with a shocked face.

"PANCAKES!", Nora exclaimed as her jaw dropped at the true identity of the thief.

"Long time no see girls", Blue eyes seemed to glow as Jaune smiled mischievously down on them.




"AND WHY DOES HE LOOK SO GOOD IN THAT SCENE?!", Weiss blurted out in accident before curling up into a bull when everyone threw her a questionable look.

To spare the girl from embarrassment EB intervened," To answer your question, a multiverse centered on leads to many different possibilities, including ones where he is a villain."

That managed to take their mind off of what Weiss said, who she thanked him for, and thought of what other Jaune there could Ruby and Pyrrha took note to keep an eye on Weiss from now on.

"Oh not you again", Weiss let out a low growl while her teammates were hit with looks of realization.

" Well that explains the nicknames", Yang pointed out before reading herself.

'And how he knew about my heritage', Blake thought the same before she used her semblance, leaving a fake in her place while the real her stalked up behind him.

"COOKIE THIEF!", Ruby shouted out as she pointed her weapon at him," YOU SHALL PAY FOR YOUR CRIME CRIMINAL!", Comical flames were in her eyes.

"What? What does other me mean by that?", Ruby asked, confused.

"Is this about the cookie? I only took one", Jaune chuckled.

Once things clicked in her mind her eyes filled with rage.



Those around her covered their ears and scooted away from the enraged Reaper. For a cookie lover like her, taking away her cookie is an unforgivable crime, in her eyes that is.

Just then Blake pounced from behind, intending to deliver a knockout, however, expected this and suddenly shifted to the right.

'How did he notice my presence?!', Blake thought in shock while everyone else was awed at Jaune's fast reaction time.

'Dang it, not again!', Blake thought before she caught herself in mid air, landed softly, and stop beside her team.

"You know, why don't you just let me leave and you girls go back home then we'll call it a night?"

"Never!", This team shouted as they stood on had underestimated him last time but this time, they won't do the same mistake.

"Tonight will be your final heist -", Weiss narrowed her eyes as she readied her glyphs.

Jaune smirked as he lazily placed his hands in his pockets, "Jaune Torchwick, son of the infamous Roman Torchwick!"





"HE'S MY/YOUR SON?!", Half of the room shouted in shock and disbelief in that eyes.

'I knew there were many possibilities for this Jaune but I didn't think he'd be your son in one!', Neo held up a sign, equally as shocked as almost everyone in the room.

Soon enough Roman's shock wore off as he turned to watch the screen, a bit more seriously this time along with the rest of the villains.

'Roman's son huh?', Cinder thought as she eyed Jaune like some kind of candy,' Hmmm he does look good in a black suit, but I wonder how powerful he is?'

Raven looked at the screen and much like Cinder, eyed Jaune with the same look, "He has looks, tho j wonder how strong that one is if his father is a professional criminal."

"So you do remember me from last time?"

"How could I forget, you were with your dad on that day at the docks! You will be put to justice."

"Oh, you just angry that you fell into a pool of my defense tho you just lunged at me, and you just happened to trip...on my foot."

"Pfft- HAHAHAHA!", Yang laughed out loud as did her uncle, sister, Roman, Neo(a mute one), Emerald, and Mercury.

"Haha, the kid's funny, I'll give him that", Roman said as he wiped a tear from his eye.

'Don't you mean your son?', Neo emphasized you are as she presented her sign.

"My son huh? Could be fun having a kid like him."

Weiss gritted her teeth as she was reminded that ink was stuck to her clothes and skin it took weeks to get cleaned, weeks! Not to mention the teasing she for from Yang calling her Ink Queen, the Ink-ueen.

Another round of laughter ensued at the sight of Weiss covered from head to toe in black Blake couldn't help but giggle Weiss grinded her teeth at the embarrassment the thief of an Arc did t her.

"Oh yeah I remembered that!", Yang said before she chuckled while Weiss seethed with anger.

"Yang! Not the time! We have a job remember!", Ruby managed to get her sister back into the game and they readied to attack.

Jaune merely rolled his eyes, "Always straight to the point little red.", He sighed before pulling his hands out his pockets, "Alright, let's see how much you improved."

"Finally some action!"

"Go team RWBY!"

"...go us"

"Make that scoundrel pay!"


"Here we go Blake!", Yang said as she pounded her fists together while her partner merely nodded her head.

"Flash Bang"


A plain white card was thrown at them before it explodes with a deafening BANG into a blinding light.

"Ouch that's bright!", Ruby winched as she covered her eyes.

"AHH THAT'S LOUD!", Blake cringed and covered her hurting ears from the loud bang.

The team's sight and hearing were distorted for a full minute and in that time wobbled about like headless chickens.

"How was he able to do such a thing?!", Weiss said through wide eyes as she stares at the effects of such a card.

" I don't know, Dust maybe?! Whatever it is definitely messed us up", Yang added.

Meanwhile, Ironwood was intrigued at such an object able to disrupt one's senses would be very useful for Atlas, "Specialists Schnee, take might find a use for this, FlashBang."





Jaune chuckled and held a scroll, recording the silly acts the temporarily blinded and deaf team was wobbling about with hands in front of her, Weiss was on the floor covering her face after Yang punched her, Blake was crouching on the ground winching and covering her cat ears, and the blonde comedian was busy punching the air, along with the occasional walls and teammates.

Seeing what their dazed selves are doing Ruby covered her face in embarrassment, Blake held her sensitive as she felt the phantom pain of her counterpart.

"How could you hit me!", Weiss nagged at Yang.

" It was an accident!", Yang excused as she held her arms in front of her.

The villains meanwhile chuckled at the pitiful sight of the vulnerable students.

"Tsk tsk tsk, they haven't learned."

Suddenly the shattering of glass is heard followed by a war cry from above.


"TEAM JNPR IN THE HOUSE!", Nora cheered for her team and for herself on the screen.

Suddenly Pyrrha realized something," Wait if Jaune's the thief in this one, who's the J in our team?"

Ren shrugged his shoulders, "We'll just have to wait and see."

Jaune jumped off the statue without looking up as a ginger haired hammer maniac struck the spot he once was.

"Welcome to the party Leg Breaker!"

"LEG BREAKER, THE BREAKER OF LEGS!", Nora said in a deep and scary voice.

People around her moved away from the hammer wielding Valkyrie.

Mercury looked towards Ren, "What do you feed her?"

Ren gave out a sigh, "Pancakes and Syrup from the forever fall forest."

Jaune then held a neon green card over his head, "Reveal", a neon colored pulse was sent out of the card. A few moments later an outline of a person is revealed heading straight at threw a crimson colored card at it.

"He can even reveal cloaked enemies?", Ironwood's eyes widened," If only he wasn't a thief, he'd be a great addition to Atlas."

"Force: Push", The card exploded midrange but the figure in neon outline was blown back by an invisible force, along with Nora who was caught in its were sent crashing into a wall.

" It seems Mister Arc cards have different effects based on their color or design.", Ozpin concluded while others watched on to see what else the boy could do.

"Femja! I missed you, how's your asshole? It's not as sore as the last time we met right?", Slowly the outlined figure revealed themselves to be Lie Ren, the ninja who looks like a didn't show it but he grew irritated at the thief.

Team RWBY and NPR who were in the middle of drinking did a spit take on what Jaune had just said.

"What!", Ren exclaimed as he, along with the other teens, jaw dropped.

" Oh yeah", EB said for his seat," In this one, Jaune is bisexual and has an eye for Ren. I think they end up getting together in this one."

'Jaune and Ren...', Blake thought to herself before dirty thought suddenly appeared in her enough her cheeks flushed a pink shade and blood started to drip her nose.

Ruby didn't understand what the word asshole meant but after what EB said she was fuming,' Even Ren's after my Jaune?! Oh, come on!'

Yang and Weiss were still too shocked to give a reply about the subject.

Pyrrha, much like Ruby, was jealous but since this was their teammate Ren she felt confused inside.

Ren, oh poor was having turmoil within his head about the stated to others but Nora he himself was bi, yet to think he and his leadership would be together, it somehow made a reaction in his heart.

Nora meanwhile was the biggest surprise of them there in her seat the valkyrie was a red glowing mess with steam coming out her ears, literally," Renny...and...Fearless leader...together.", Let's just say Nora is in lalaland for the rest of the viewing.

"And hello to you too Spartan!", Jaune dodged a spear from above before taking a few steps backwards, letting Pyrrha to land and retrieve her spear.

"Jaune", She narrowed her eyes at him before she noticed a violet card below her feet.

He smirked as he snapped his fingers, "Explosion".

Pyrrha widened her eyes before she was sent flying by a sudden explosion towards her team, sending them toppling over each other into a heap.

"The gangs all here...well that's missing now is-"


"The Knight"

Jaune turned around with a grey card in hand, "Transparent", just in time for someone who lunged at him with a sword in hand.

However, to their shock, the person merely phased through their shock they didn't expect the kick that sent them rolling to the others.

"Boost: Strength", He whispered as the red and green card he had turned into dust," Always expect the unexpected Knight."

By this time the others had already recovered and had formed a ring around Jaune.

When the so called knight recovered and stood straight everyone got a good look at them, or rather her.

"You alright Jeanne?", Pyrrha asked her partner, Jeanne Arc, who nodded her head, "Yeah, just caught off guard."

Jeanne Arc looked like the genderbend version of wore blue jeans, The Pumpkin Pete hoodie, and her armor. In her hands was a different weapon, a great sword with a sniper rifle function.

Wide eyes stared at the screen in shock at what they see as the image of Jaune as if he was born a girl.

Yang looked at Jeanne from head to toe," She doesn't look that bad, not as hot as me tho."

"So she's an Arc, I remember Jaune saying he had seven sisters but I didn't know he had a twin.", Pyrrha pointed out.

Weiss shrugged her shoulders, "Different reality I guess?"

"HER WEAPON LOOKS SO COOL!", Ruby, like any weapon nut, stared at the weapon with a star in her eyes.

The knight in training recovered and stood her ground while the other did the same.

"We got you surrounded and outnumbered Jaune! Surrender now!" Jeanne shouted out.

Jaune simply shook his head and chuckled, "Sorry but I'll have to decline your offer."

"We'll do it the hard way then." Jeanne looked towards the others and after that, they charged.

The thief looked at his opponents with a smirk as he twirled his hand and several cards suddenly appeared in them.

"Pick a card-" More cards appeared in his other hand as Jaune's eyes seemed to glow, "PICK 'EM ALL!"

Jaune spun in a circle all the while throwing different colored cards in every direction and each card has a different effect.

"So cool!", Ruby and Nora both awed with stars in their eyes while the others grew more impressed at Jaune.

A pink card hit Yang when she jumped and sent her to the ceiling, before she knew it the card blew up into extra sticky gum that held her part? It got to her couldn't even scream cause gum covered her mouth.

Back at the theater, Yang stared at the screen before rage took her, turning her into a blazing angry woman, "RAAAAAAAAAHHHH! JAUNE YOU ARE DEAD YOU HEAR ME! NO ONE MESSES WITH MY HAIR!"

Suddenly her hair and eyes returned to normal, "Wait what?! What just happened?!"

"I turned off your semblance and cooled down your temper.", EB explained," I can't have you ruin my theater now, can I? You'll be able to use it again when you get out here."

Everyone stared wide eyed at them they were reminded of just who and what this being is cable of doing.

"Now let's return to the viewing."

Nora jumped and went to smash Jaune but got hit by a dark grey next thing she knew she was encased in a coffin made from a strong material.

"Aw come on! I didn't even land one hit!", Nora whined.

Blue, white, and red colored scheme cards exploded in front of Blake and Ren, covering and wrapping them in a cocoon of strong spiders they found themselves stuck to the floor.

Yang, feeling a lot calmer now, looks towards the two with a grin, "Looks like Jaune wrapped you two up good."

Blake groaned, as did everyone around the blonde, while her father gave her a thumbs up.

Weiss created a glyph in front of her as a shield for protection, leaving her, Ruby, Pyrrha, and Jeanne safe from the barrage of cards.

"Clever strategy Weiss", Winter complimented her sister while Weiss beamed with pride at being praised, "Why thank you sister."

Suddenly the cards stopped peeked out to see that Jaune had stopped firing and just stood there with his hands in his pockets, "So you guys are gonna keep turtling?"

The glyph dissipated to reveal that Ruby, Pyrrha, and Jeanne changed their weapon into range warning they brought down their own barrage at him.

"Guess not"

Jaune held his a light grey card and the barrage of bullets passes through him.

"Hacks! I call hacks!", Ruby stood up and pointed an accusing finger at the screen.

"Is it just me or is this Jaune a little overpowered? We haven't even landed a single blow on him!" Blake pointed out.

Pyrrha shrugged her shoulders, "Could be worse but then again, he looks amazing ."

"We're wasting ammo. There's just passing through him!" Jeanne stated before turning her weapon back into a great sword.

"Pyrrha! You and Ruby are gonna charge and I will be your for isn't effective on him when he uses that card but when he stops we'll lay suppression fire!", Jeanne commanded and the rest nodded their heads.

"Wow, Jeanne's a good tactician like my- I mean our Jaune", Pyrrha corrected herself while others looked at her weirdly.

Ruby glared daggers at her head, 'No fair! I saw him first!'

"Huh, so you did learn something, Impressive." Jaune congratulated playfully as he clapped.

Roman chuckled, "Man, my son sure is sassy when he wants to be."

'Your son?' Neo questioned him with a raised brow, 'You accepted him already?'

"Why wouldn't I? He's strong, he's quick with his hands, and he's doing his job!"

'Yeah but he's wasting time on could easily just get out of there and be done with it!'

"Neo, I think you are not getting the big picture here", Roman whispered to his partner," He's waisting time on purpose"

Suddenly Neo's eyes Widnes when she finally realized what was really going on, 'Oh...oh he's good.'

The girls growled before Ruby and Pyrrha dashed towards him with weapons at the ready. However, they didn't notice the violet cards littered on the floor.

'He's really good!' Neo looked at Jaune on the screen and somehow felt attracted to him in a certain way.

"Wait it's a trap!" Jeanne warned but it was too late.

"Minefield" The Pyrrha stepped on a card it had exploded, sending for to the floor where another explosion launched her to other cards that explosions later her bruised and knocked out form landed in front of Jeanne with her aura shattered.

"Pyrrha!" Her teammates and team RWBY shouted in concern for the redhead.

Pyrrha shivered as she saw the downed form of herself. The hits were too quick, too consecutive for her to get out off, and in the fact they were powerful enough to break her aura and knock her unconscious." I think Jaune is more than a little bit I've powered."

" Pyrrha!" As she went to her partner's aid Ruby kept on advancing on the moving faster than the mines could detonate, it made a trail of explosions.


"On it Ruby!"

A glyph appeared when Ruby jumped it right she pulled the trigger, propelling her towards Jaune, add in her semblance and she was rocketing.

Jaune on the other hand simply held a card in between his fingers.

"Lady of Illusion" the card had a blacked out picture of a girl holding an umbrella while the background was like a cracked mirror.

"Why does that seem familiar?", Ruby wondered after she awed at herself flying fast towards Jaune.

Meanwhile Roman recognized it immediately," Hey, doesn't that seem to look like you?" he asked Neo.

Neo herself grew curious as to how and why the boy she started to like had a card like that.

Before Jaune could move Ruby had reached him and went for w slash, a slash that hit its mark on his Jaune suddenly shattered like glass, yet instead of glass shards, it was widened her eyes at the sight, "What just happened?!"

The eye's widened in shock and recognition at what he just did.

'Did he just, use something similar to my semblance?!' Neo thought to herself in shock.


"Weiss!", Ruby turned around to see Weiss on the floor knocked out while Jaune stood in front of her holding a black card, "Knock Out" She heard him say before she dashed towards them.

Weiss hung her head in shame, being beaten by such a simple was embarrassing and overpowered.

Jaune ducked under a swing from Jeanne, who was done healing her partner with her semblance, and backed away as Jeanne kept on pressing the attack.

Ruby was almost there and was ready to intervene but before she could Jaune had shot a card her way, "Gravity: Increase!".

The card with a picture of a black sphere exploded in front of Ruby before an invisible dome appeared with Ruby in it.

The next thing she knew she slammed to the ground hard as if bullhead landed on pressure was short lived as it disappeared as fast as it would have felt glad, if not for the fact she was laying in several mine cards.

"Oh, cookies-"

A game of explosive ping pong with Ruby as the ball later, the huntress in training was covered in soot and lay on the floor with swirls in her eyes.

"RUBY!", Her team and friends shouted in concern for her while her sister had her in a bear hug.

"Tight! Can!"

Meanwhile Raven grew more and more interested in Jaune, "Such strength, such power" She looked up towards the balcony where the boy is, "Perhaps I'll take him to the tribe and train him myself, if he shows this much promise then he'll surely be one of the strongest."


"Guess it's just you and me Jeanne."


With resolve and rage in her eyes she kept on attacking with swipes, slashes, and even an overhead slash yet every attack was dodged by Jaune.


Jeanne swung her sword in an arc, aiming for his head and when Jaune ducked under it she pulled her trigger, launching the butt end of the sword forwards.

It made contact with his forehead, staggering him, and gave Jeanne the chance to do an upper slash.

The group of students cheered! Even tho Jaune was their friend they were at least happy they managed to land a hit on his overpowered body.

The blade had made its mark, yet to her surprise, his image shattered into hundreds of cards, "Oh shit"

The celebration was cut short the moment they realized Jeanne was done for, having already seen what Jaune could do when it comes to cards.

"Swear Jar!" Ruby shouted as she stood up and held a jar, where did that come from.

"Oh shit indeed.", Jaune's said behind her but before she could the cards turned blue before bursting into an explosion of ice.

Ignoring Ruby who screamed " Swear Jar" again Yang was about to tell a pun until what Jaune said stopped her in her tracks.

"But I have to give it to you, you look cooler than last time." Jaune snickered and turned around to leave Jeanne who was stuck in a column of ice with her head as the only part that wasn't frozen.

Silence filled the minus those who could care less, were computing on what Jaune had just said.

" Did he just make a pun?!" Yang said in shock until a smile grew on her face.

Taiyang rubbed his chin, "The boy ain't that bad."

His pun earned a groan from everyone in the room, even the ones that were however gave a sound that resembled a giggle, even tho a guy is a dead man for ruining her hair, he was funny.

"Take this as a time to chill and-.", Jaune looked towards those who were left hanging on the ceiling, "Hang out with each other."

"He made three puns!", Yang cheered, "Finally! I Am Not Alone!"

"NOOOOOOO!" Her friends and teammates screamed in despair at this.

" Um, I'm right here", Taiyang pointed out but was ignored by his daughter.

Another round of groans and giggling from Yang later Jaune stood in the middle of the room and bowed to the others, "I enjoyed our time together, I really did. I do hope you improve next time we meet."

"Wait, What? He's just gonna leave us like that?" Weiss questioned.

"Let's just be thankful he didn't finish the job with could easily kill any of us", Blake pointed out and the teens soon paled at that fact.

"Until then, I bid you goodbye." With a wink Jaune snapped his fingers and hundreds of cards flew from behind him and circled around his form, obscuring him from sight. A second later the teens had to look away from a flash of light and when they opened their eyes again their jaws dropped.

The room looked exactly the same way the first time they entered was to craters made by the explosions, no broken artifacts, no cracks on the wall, and the Golden Case was back on its display's more shocking was that every one of them was free and had no evidence of bruises, pain and in Yang's case, gum in her the ones that were knocked out are now awake and fine as they stood amongst each other.

Shocked eyes were glued to the screen as many questions spiraled in their heads.

"Did he just, revert everything back to the way it was before?", Emerald said in shock.

"Does he have some sort of time semblance?!" Vernal added in with her own shock.

Ozpin narrowed his eyes at the screen, " Mister Arc restored fixed the damage and brought back the students to a healthy state, along with returning what he what is he thinking?"

Everyone had the same thought screaming in their heads, 'What just happened?' They were so shocked at what happened they didn't hear the sound of the bullhead flying away.

Inside the bullhead

Jaune peeked out from the open door, staring at her museum bellow, before closing it.

"Nice job back there kid, cause of you we took all the unrefined dust we need to cover up what we lost at the docks" Jaune looked towards the cockpit to see none other than his father, Roman Torchwick, piloting the bullhead.

Realization soon struck everyone who hasn't figured it out earlier.

"So everything that Mr. Arc did...was to keep them busy and distracted while Roman stole all the dust in the museum..." Glynda had wide eyes as she said this, "I've underestimated Mr. Arc skills in tactics and strategies."

"Hehe, Told you so Neo.", Roman chuckled at all the shocked faces, "My son sure is amazing."

Neo nodded her head with a smile before she started to wonder what relationship she and Jaune are in, in that universe at least.

Jaune shrugged his shoulders and smiled, "All in a day's work old man."

Then he felt someone hug his left side but Jaune already knew who it was, "Hello to you too Neo"

True to his words Neo sat next to him and wrapped her arms around his own with her head resting on his shoulder, "Glad your back, I missed you you know?"

Roman and Neo grew surprised at hearing Neo's voice. Even more, so that she could talk, 'My voice... It sounds beautiful.'

Jaune rolled his eyes, "I was gone in just an hour."

"Well, it's a long time for me, "Neo said with a giggle.

"Sounds like you've gotten used to your new voice."

"Yeah I am, thanks again for that Jauney"

"So my son's the reason you can talk now, ain't that something Neo?... Neo?", Roman looked towards her partner who stared at the screen, more specifically on Jaune.

'He gave me a voice! He's good looking, playful, and powerful! Not to mention the cruelty and wickedness hiding behind those deep blue eyes of his HIM!'

Roman stared at Neo who looked lovestruck as she kept on looking at Jaune," Guess my son has his father's charm." He chuckled as he looked proud that such a man is his that he thought about it, he looked at the balcony, "Maybe I can teach you a few things too, son."

Meanwhile Ruby and Pyrrha didn't like how Neo was touchy and close to their man or how lovey dovey they talked to each other so casually.

'PLEASE DON'T LET THEM BE TOGETHER!' They screamed inside their heads as they gritted their teeth.

"No problem, sis." Jaune smiled as he patted his sister, in all but blood, on the head.

Rolls reversed when it was revealed that Jaune sees Neo as just a sister.

Ruby and Pyrrha were screaming with glee inside their heads at this fact.

Neo on the other hand jaw dropped and her mind went blank for a few minutes. Is this what it feels like to be friend zoned by the one they like, or in her case sister zoned.

Roman tried not to chuckle at her predicament to prevent himself from getting mauled.

"Oh and for letting me borrow it."

Jaune handed the "Lady of Illusion" card back to Neo, who held it in her hands for a second before it floated into her chest, "Your welcome but remember, I didn't do it for free owe me a box of ice cream."

Everyone's eyes widened in shock as they saw that, others even more so when they realized what Jaune actually did.

"Wait, wasn't that chick's semblance like what Jaune did earlier?", Yang pointed out.

Ruby gasped," Wait so Jaune can copy semblances!"

"Ruby, I think it's more than that", Weiss explained to her leader with wide eyes of disbelief," He can steal semblances in a form of cards."

Now Roman was flabbergasted at this info before he smiled widely before laughing, "HAHAHA! THAT'S MY BOY FOR YA!"

"Cinder", Salem commanded and her follower turned her attention to her mistress," Yes my mistress?"

"Learn what you can of Jaune Arc, he will be a valuable asset if we manage to turn him to our side.", Salem narrowed her eyes as she stared at Ozpin who probably is thinking of utilizing the boy as well.

" It shall be done", Cinder said before looking at the Jaune on the screen, 'Perhaps eliminating Jaune Arc isn't the best solution.'

He gave out a sigh before pulling out a card that had an ice cream picture on it, "Retrieve", the card glowed for a second before dissipating and in his hand laid a tub of ice cream, to which Neo snatched and began digging into the frozen treat.

"Wow, now that would be handy.", Roman then began to think of the many easy heists he, Neo, and his son would do if they had that.

"So kid, you got what you wanted?", Roman asked as he looked at his son through the rearview mirror.

Jaune smirked before he pulled out a deck of cards from his sleeves, yet they were different. There were three kinds of cards in the deck, each one having a different image," Definitely."

"Where did he-" Weiss started before things started to connect, "Don't tell me those are what was inside that golden case?!"

Mercury and Emerald were doing that no one would ever know that he did steal, even tho it's just if they learned something in the viewing, it is that a Jaune like him having cards means a bad thing for others.

"Who knew the old civilizations before we had such amazing cards" Jaune pulled out a card from the deck before placing the deck back into his sleeve.

"So those cards are over a thousand years old?" Ozpin asked their host, who shook his head, "They are a far older wizard, a few millennia give or take."

Eyes widened at this fact, "S-so these things are that old, so what? They are just cards!" Yang said.

"Yes they are, but in the hands of someone that can bring us their true potential...Well, just look at the screen and see for yourself."

"Huh, are you sure your power will work on 'em?" Roman questioned with a raised brow as did Neo who looked up from her tub of ice cream.

Jaune took a deep breath and his eyes glowed a blue color while the card did the same.

In a flash of light, the card had been replaced by a sword neither of them had ever seen before.

The audience didn't know why but just the mere presence of the sword sent chills down there Ozpin and Salem quivered as they remembered such a feeling from long ago.

"Th-that sw-word,wh-what is th-that?!" The usual weapon but Ruby stuttered as a feeling of fear entered her heart.

"That is Great Demonic Sword, Klarente.", EB explained," A weapon, if wielded by him, that destroys any kind of they be enchanted, high-tech, magical, demonic, or divine."

"It can destroy anything?" Ruby said in horror as she hugged her scythe like it was a baby.

"Yes, it and any items or weapon fall before Klarente."

"And he has more of those swords in there?" Cinder answered out of curiosity.

EB shook his head," It's not just swords but other things as well, yet the most dangerous and powerful things in that deck, are the beings trapped in their card prisons."

"Beings" Salem, for the first time in her life, felt fear, "What kind of beings?"

EB looked at the screen with narrowed eyes, "Legendary Warriors, Spirits of Nature, Souls of the Dead, Powerful Dragons, Fiendish Demons, Unbelievable Monsters,

Holy Angels, and even those who are in the Divine class."

"Like gods." Ozpin as a haunted look appeared on his face, even Salem flinched at that word.

EB nodded his head," And all obey Jaune's will for their own had been stripped away long ago."

"Guess that answers my question", The infamous thief said to himself before he went back to piloting the bullhead.

"Nice sword" Neo complimented before going back to her ice cream.

Jaune looked at his new weapon with glee clear in his eyes, "Things are definitely going to get interesting from now on." he gave a low chuckle as the sword gave off a demonic aura.

"It was at that point where he started his climb to become one of the most powerful Jaune in the Multiverse.", EB explained as the screen turned black, "And that concludes our viewing."

Then a part of the screen flashed white just as the Golden Deck Case from the viewing emerged and they all watched as it floated towards the display went into the one right next to Jaune's armor and settled on the purple pillow placed inside.

Neo, Roman, Emerald, and Mercury couldn't take their eyes off else do you expect from thieves?

From above EB looked down at the audience to see them all in some sort of shocked trance, "It seems they couldn't handle just how potent 's potential is."

"Well, I wouldn't blame them" His special guest as she shook out of her shock," To suddenly discover that a friend or someone you know can become one of the most powerful in the multiverse is mind blowing."

"True...so do you finally see what you can become? What greatness you can achieve, Mr. Arc?"

EB turned to his left to see Jaune Arc, the one the audiences know, staring at the screen with the widest and shocked eyes EB had ever a moment later he fell back onto his chair, the shock sending him to unconsciousness.

EB sighed, "I'll retire him to his room, can you make sure nothing happens while I'm gone, Summer?"

The now named Summer nodded her head with her silver eyes twinkling from under her hood, "Sure can."

"Good", EB lifted up Jaune's body with just a thought in his head," BRB"

In a blink, the two were gone.

Somewhere in the facility

EB and Jaune appeared inside a dark around no light could be found, until suddenly a yellow glow appeared before EB.

Carefully the host placed Jaune's body onto the glow before it shined brighter to reveal that Jaune is now inside some sort of glass capsule.

In the middle of the glass capsule a circular slot is seen, one that held two shards, the golden shard from before and the shard that had been used in today's viewing.

"Rest easy Jaune...you'll need it."

After that EB disappeared, leaving the unconscious Jaune within the glass capsule that slowly filled up with gold colored capsule filled up with it until it was completely full and the Arc's body is obscured by the liquid.