After the battle, everything went fine but it seems not quite well to Fuuko. She was now known for being Tokiya's spouse, and she is really grateful for that.

"A man...who accepted me...even...even though..." her eyes tightened as if trying to get rid of a hurtful past. She shook her head heavily, her long cherry colored hair played across the air and she sobbed to her hands.

"Recca...you idiot," she murmured.

Tiny hands suddenly held her sleeve. "Mama, what's the matter?" She shook her head slightly and ran her hands through her child's hair.

"Nothing, Riiya. Mama's fine,"

"A man called a while ago, it's Hiro..Hami...Haramiki-san" Riiya informed.

"I believe its Hanabishi, Riiya," Fuuko chuckled.

"Ah! Right, kaasan, Hanabishi-san," "He said he wants you to call him back at once because it's very important."

"So, did you asked him what's his number?" she asked

"Huh? Do I have to?" Riiya replied. Fuuko's eyes sharpened through her son as he replied.

"What do you mean, 'do I have to?' of course, you have to. You said that he told you its really important, and you know that man had already moved since he was able to have his own house. Am I right!"

"But I...I...I forgot to ask him," Riiya said confused to answer his enraged mother.

"Fine, so I guess we can't do anything about that," she said in a lowered voice.

"No need, I already called him," a voice said interrupting their conversation. They both glared to find out who's talking.



"He said there'll be a reunion of the Hokage team and his engagement with Yanagi on Saturday," he informed.

"But...Riiya said Recca called a while ago," Fuuko said confused

"I called him a while ago, he called last Saturday," Fuuko's eyes started to berserk while Tokiya added, "Riiya must have forgotten to tell you earlier because last Saturday you were with your family,"

"A while...ago, huh?" Fuuko said with striking eyes to her son and her hands to her waist.

"But I did forgot, kaasan. Gomen." Riiya said hiding behind Tokiya. Fuuko's face was very scary and Fuuko suddenly sounded her fists ready to strike that Riiya ran away, screaming.

"He really thinks you'll knock him out," Tokiya chuckled. "Just like Recca," he added

Much to her surprise, Fuuko became stunned and turned facing him. "Tokiya..."

"Did I just say something wrong?" he asked with a smile.

"But Tokiya, Riiya...he..."

"I think you've already told me that 5 years ago, and you reminded me that 1, 825 times if I'm right," Tokiya inferred

All she could do is smile for such things he told her even though he knew how hard it is to take responsibility to the child that's not his.

"A weak smile doesn't suit you, Qin Ai"

"Qin Ai? That's not a Japanese language,"

"Of course it's not, because it's Chinese language,"

She chortled. "You really have changed. Now you're the one who enlightened things." Fuuko said with a cheery smile.

"It's because before you're the one who enlightened me."

"And that's why you still accepted a careless girl,"

"How many times do I have to tell you, it's no one's fault, okay?" Tokiya said holding her through her shoulders and trying to seize her tears to appear.

Fuuko gave him a wry smile. "I'll take responsibility for every pain that everybody has caused you because you're agonies were also mine since we vowed to be together forever, right?" He said while holding Fuuko's cheek then she pulled herself to embrace him. "Now, I don't want to see tears shed from you, it doesn't suit you. Besides, the Fuuko I know doesn't know how to cry. Okay? It's alright..."

"Uh...What are you two doing?" a voice said intruding them

The couple immediately broke off holding each other. "Nothing," Tokiya replied.

"I don't think so. Look, kaasan's blushing!" Riiya exclaimed. Fuuko held her face and became reddish.

"Why you...Come back here you brat!" Fuuko and Riiya went running around the house.

"As long as it's not Hanabishi Recca's son," Tokiya murmured when his smile turns to frown.

At Recca's house

Recca is lying on his bed (um...correction, I mean his messy bedroom)

"It sure has been quite a while," he thought. "What could have happened to every one? Hope they're doing fine. Wait a minute...I never heard of Fuuko right after my 17th birthday. The last thing I heard of her is that she's married to Tokiya. I wonder how they're doing now, but...how complicated...can't Tokiya wait for the right time to marry Fuuko. Marrying at the ages of 17 and 18 surely is very early. Well, at least Tokiya's able to take good care of my lifetime friend, nothing to worry and on Saturday I will be meeting with Fuuko, I'll be able to ask her everything I want to know," Recca fell asleep for so much thinking and plans for the reunion.

On his dream (You surely have clues from the very beginning whose child Riiya is, but kind of really complicating. But this time, you'll have the clue )

"Well, here we are!" Yanagi said as she runs to her door and turns to Recca. "Thanks for bringing me home, Recca-kun"

"Sure thing, Princess, no need to thank me, it's one of my job. Ja!" he said and walks away.

He was walking to his home with simple clothes of a white polo shirt with pants and rubber shoes. The entire thing that's on his mind was his princess. "Hime," he thought. Suddenly his voice echoed, when he heard it he became stunned for an unusual event.

"If you're able to beat me, I'd be happy to call you princess and be your ninja, Fuuko," a voice said that looks like coming from a boy.

"Huh?" Recca is confused figuring out where that voice comes from. He turns and turns looking for the source of that unusual event.

"Take care of yourself, Recca, I'll miss you..." the lass in the swing said and her long dark pink colored hair hiding her face. Her voice seems just near him even though she's far from him.

"Fuuko?" Recca murmured in prediction. "Fuuko..." he turned and saw the young lady in the swing. He ran towards the young lady, trying to reach for her, but she stayed in the same place motionless. "Fuuko!" he yelled. When suddenly, the young lady is able to look at him, and he's right, she's Fuuko and she's crying...blood.

Everything went blank and he's static. "Fuuko..." he murmured repeating again and again, and then he closed his eyes. He woke up and found himself on his desk.

"Hanabishi-sama!" his secretary exclaimed trying to wake him. "Yokata, well, it's already 10 o'clock sir, I'm leaving. Ja!"

"Oh, I guess...it's pretty late." He fixed his things and ready to leave when suddenly a small sound of chuckle was heard. He ignored it first but then those small chuckles became a laugh. He found out that it came from his front desk and peeped slowly.

He saw a boy in front desk and he's watching Fuuko's video cam. His eyes widened as he saw the boy's face. The boy (Riiya) turned and stared at him, he smiled at Recca and said,

"Otousan..." End of the short and whatever dream

He woke up (and this time it's for real) he is perspiring and he is still.

"Who's that boy? Why does he look just like me? Was that girl, Fuuko? Why is she telling me all those things? Why was she crying? Was she in great pain? But first of all, what does that dream really means?" Recca asked continually on his thoughts. For too many thoughts on mind, he held his head down.

"Huh? Doushita no, Recca-kun?" Yanagi asked with worry-look on her face as she found Recca sit still, holding his head down. She went nearer to him and when she's about to touch him, he suddenly looked at her. And because of that, she stood back and was frightened.

"Hime...Gomen," he said with a sigh.

"Something wrong?" she asked and held his cheek. He shook his head delicately and smiled. She hugged him and whispered, "I'm glad, I'm so worried"

(Back to Fuuko)

Fuuko is watching TV with her son, Riiya. Riiya is watching cartoons.

"What a stupid show," Fuuko said bored.

"Well, I'm the one who's watching, so better shut up, old woman!"

"What did you just said, you brat!" Fuuko said hitting Riiya on his head.

"Grandma!" Riiya said after rubbing his head after Fuuko's hit him. Fuuko lost temper and runs toward Riiya ready to execute him. Tokiya is in the master's bedroom and was concentrating on his work. Suddenly, Riiya jumped over him and made him fall.

"Tokiya!" Fuuko exclaimed worrying for Tokiya for any injuries or bruises. She rushed towards him.

"I'm fine, don't worry," Tokiya informed her with a smile.

"If anything happens to your father, it's all your fault, you brat!" she barked to her son.

"Hmph! If only I don't have a tomboyish mother like her, I wouldn't have been a brat," he murmured.

"I dare you say that again!"

"I'll say it as many times as you want! YOU'RE A TOMBOY!" Riiya turned and found a furious Fuuko her sleeve up and was tightly seized by Tokiya. Riiya slapped a hand on his head and shook. He then murmured, "Was that really, my mother?"

A knock from their door was heard while the mother and son were quarreling. Riiya volunteered to open the door. While he's downstairs, Tokiya fixed himself and with a smile on his face. Fuuko is staring at him while he doing that. He realized being observed and stared back at Fuuko.

"What's the matter?" he asked, Fuuko shook her head smiling.

"Kaasan, Tousan, its Ishijima-san," Riiya yelled from downstairs.

"Huh? What could be the problem?" Fuuko wondered.

"Might be something important," Tokiya predicted.

"And Yanagi-chan!" Riiya added.

The couple stared at each other as if really surprised. While downstairs, Yanagi and Domon were seated and waiting and Riiya is making juice and prepared some assorted cookies for them.

"It might be quite really a surprise for my parents," Riiya said as he put the tray on the glass table of their living room and took one cookie. He sat on the solo chair, near Yanagi, and ate the cookie. Yanagi is staring at him in every move he make.

"What do you mean by that, Riiya?" Domon asked

"Kaasan isn't that taking too long preparing herself for some visitors, well, otousan, he is taking much time, but not longer than 5 mins," he explained.

"Very unusual indeed, eh, Yanagi?" Domon replied but then Yanagi is staring at Riiya quite too long that Domon slightly pushed Yanagi.


"Huh? Oh, yes, whatever it is," Yanagi replied and laid her head on the sofa she's sitting on. Not much later, she stared slightly at Riiya and suddenly saw Tokiya behind Riiya.

"Good job, Riiya," he tapped at Riiya's head. Riiya's face turned into fox- like.

Tokiya sat on the other solo chair, near Domon. "So, what might be the problem?"

"Your hair's...short" Yanagi pointed at Tokiya and wondered.

"But otousan always have a short hair," Riiya butted in.

"Silly, your father's hair before is long, didn't you know that?" Fuuko said in a sudden appearance. She sat on the arm of Tokiya's chair.

Riiya is eating a lot more cookie and went to the kitchen to get some more. Yanagi is staring at Fuuko and Fuuko smiled back at her.

"Doushite, Yanagi, you've been really quiet," Domon doubted.

"Nothing," Yanagi shook and smiles.

"Uh, Fuuko...We just want to borrow your video cam, I don't know but Recca suddenly needed it badly," Domon requested

"Might be for the red letter day on Saturday," Yanagi guessed.

"Oh, okay, but it's in my house," Fuuko replied.

"Well, I think we better leave now, Recca isn't feeling well. Let's go, Domon," Yanagi said and got up.

"Uh, thanks for everything, Fuuko, Tokiya," Domon said.

"Oh! You're leaving already," Riiya eclaimed and rushed towards them. He guided them to the door.

"How strange, what does he want in that video cam?" Tokiya wondered.

"Could be for the party," Riiya guessed as he closes the door. "Otousan, can I go to the reunion?" he added asking.

"Well, I think that's fine," Tokiya permitted.

"I'm not going," Fuuko said.


"On Saturday, it's my..."

"Right, its grandma's birthday. I forgot," Riiya remembered.

"Yes, and I promised her, I'm coming," Fuuko said with worry.

"It doesn't matter," Tokiya comforted.

"Right! I'll be the one to go to grandma's birthday!" Riiya volunteered.

"What!" they chorused

"Don't worry, kaasan, it doesn't matter. Cause it's also a party, but much greater, cause it's a birthday party!" Riiya exclaimed. "I'll explain everything to grandma," he said bravely.

"And how old do you think you are to go alone at such occasion huh!" Fuuko scolded.

"Old enough to look for you when you left the house without permission from Otousan or me," Riiya answered.

Fuuko gripped herself to held back her temper. "He's my son. I'm not angry. I'm just fine. Calm down. He's my son..." she murmured over and over.

"Well, I guess, that settles everything," Tokiya confirmed with a grin.

DREAM...dream, dream, dream...DREAM

"Where are you going, you twerp!" Fuuko shouted

"To grandma's house!" Riiya raised his index finger and rushed outside.

"What! Riiya, matte!" Fuuko ran trying to catch Riiya. "That brat! Always have a way to escape me!" she murmured when Riiya disappeared before her own eyes.

"...Fuuko..." a voice said.

"Huh?" she turns and found Recca standing behind her. Recca's face was full of sorrow and is so calm. His eyes full of guilt and he suddenly came closer to her and holds her in his arms.

"God! I miss you, Fuuko..." he whispered

She chuckled, "Doushite? Hey...Recca?" she pulled back and saw Recca much more guilt seen in his eyes.

"I'm sorry...I'm so sorry, Fuuko." Recca closes his head on Fuuko and repeats again and again.

"I really don't know what happened to you, but, whatever it is. It really worries me," Fuuko pulls back and steps backward.

"You don't have to hide it anymore, I already knew," he informed

"What? I'm married? Well, you already knew that right?"

"That I left you helpless with a child,"

"What are you talking about?"

"Fuuko..." Recca steps forward trying to reach Fuuko

"Stop that! You really terrify me," Fuuko frightened but he's able to grip her.


"Hanase, hentai!" Fuuko screamed so scared and began to cry silently.

Recca covered her mouth with his handkerchief; she smelled medicine and began to feel sleepy.

"I'm sorry...Fuuko..." Recca said.

Fuuko woke up and found herself lying on an unfamiliar place. "Where am I?" she thought. A television was left on in front of her.

"This is what I recorded on Recca's birthday," she murmured.

She watched her records and chuckles on those memories they shared. They all got drunk except Yanagi and her. Recca was hiding on the door and watched Fuuko reminisce.

The record went over and Fuuko was satisfied when suddenly another record was shown.


Fuuko was carrying Recca, his arm around her neck and Recca is obviously drunk. She laid him on his bed, and left to prepare some things to fix him. She brought a basin of warm water, a coffee and a fresh towel. She was trying to take his clothes off when suddenly his arms went around her and now he was on top of her. She tried to push him away but he's way too strong.

"Recca, stop!" Fuuko resisting but he kissed her body and touched her all over, she began to pull away but he kissed her. He's irresistible for her but all in her mind was Yanagi. She pushed him with all her weight.

"Let me go, you pervert!" She tried to run away, as fast as she could but he's able to catch her because he's a ninja.

She's trapped by corners and he touched her cheek.

"Hime..." he whispered softly to her ear.

She became stunned and could not move. He started unbuttoning her clothes and the show cut off.


"No..." Fuuko sat still staring at the TV. Recca is standing behind her and held her in his arms.

"Hanashi te..."

"Fuuko," Recca locked his arms around her.

"I SAID LET ME GO, YOU FIEND!" They both fell lying and his hands tightly gripped on hers.

"Fuuko, I..."

"I don't want to hear anything, ANYMORE!" Fuuko crying out trying to get away from him, he laid her still and tried to calm her. He pushed her down but then she still resisting with all her might.

Fuuko's scream is way too loud that it can be heard from outside. Yanagi became worried and rushed inside. Recca's push on Fuuko was strong that her shirt ripped. Yanagi opened the sliding door and was stunned when she found Fuuko helpless under Recca. The two were surprised finding Yanagi on the door.

"Yanagi..." Fuuko said. Yanagi's eyes became misty and ran away from them.

"HIME!" Recca chased her and Fuuko sat there motionless and felt so guilty.

"I am...an intruder..."

End of dream

Fuuko woke up gasping for air. She's at Riiya's room, and it's very late. It's already 2 in the morning. Riiya is fast asleep beside her. So calm. He looks like an angel. So innocent. Fuuko decided to go back to their room. And with a kiss on the forehead of her asleep son, she slowly crept out of the room.

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