Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction using elements not belonging to the author. Such elements belong to their respective owners. Any similarities with other stories by other authors, either living or dead, is purely coincidental.

It was a foreboding land. Sand covered the entire ground and almost blocked the sun. In the middle of this vast arid wasteland, a lone figure drudges through the dust. His figure; pale and zombie-like. His clothes hint that he was a pirate though he is more than that. In his hand he holds two blades; on the left, a modified gun-dagger, on the right a sword bearing an evil aura.

His name is Cervantes de Leon. He was once a dreaded pirate who slaughtered thousands. He was also a puppet. During his days as a pirate he held two very powerful blades. These were known as Soul Edge. Using Cervantes as a host the two blades killed hundreds of warriors and innocents taking their soul to increase its power. That ended when two warriors confronted the pirate and managed to shatter the swords. This left Cervantes nothing more than a pile of ashes.

But now, through the power of evil sword's shards, Cervantes walks the world again. He seeks to regain the power he once lost by finding the shards of Soul Edge and reuniting them. As of that moment, he was only one shard away from his goal.

And in this arid dessert, he seeks the biggest shard of all.

'He is close. I can feel the sword's power.'

Under the cold earth, within the ruins of an ancient temple, sleeps a creature clad in azure amour. It has been a year since he arrived in that place. Wary of all the death he caused, he sought this place and forever isolated himself from the world.

This was the one called Nightmare, and the great one-eyed sword he carried in his grotesquely deformed hand was comprised mostly of one of the Soul Edge blades. He was once a youth seeking vengeance for the death of his father. He believed that in order to do this, he must find the Soul Edge.

He eventually found the sword. After defeating its old user and a blazing creature, ha took Soul Edge as his.

The sword, however, had other plans. Being tricked into believing he could resurrect his father with the sword by feeding it with souls, Nightmare, under the control of, Soul Edge slaughtered thousands across Europe. This ended when a warrior bearing a blade called Soul Calibur defeated Nightmare. When Nightmare was defeated, the youth, now a man, gained partial control of his body. With the sword no longer controlling his mind, he realized the terrible things he has done in order to fulfill a wish that cannot come true. He also realized that he was the one who killed his father. It was then he decided to take the sword to a place where it cannot take another soul again. Though the sword still manages to control him, he, nonetheless, achieved his goal. Now he sleeps under the cold earth with a now weakened Soul Edge and the blade Soul Calibur.

Now the knight awakens at presence of the power from the surface. He could distinctly feel to power of the Soul Edge. He knew that if the Soul Edge would come closer to its completion, it would undoubtedly want to take souls once again.

'The Soul Edge must not be made whole. I won't allow another innocent to die.'

Cervantes entered the ruined temple. He smiled at the pictures on the wall, depicting the Soul Edge in use. He could also feel the aura of anguish and death all around. It was the rightful place for the blade to rest. As he came close to a great door, it began to open. Behind the door stood his goal, Nightmare and his Soul Edge.

As Nightmare came out of his vault he saw an old man standing outside. He quickly recognized him as the corpse from which he found the cursed sword. He also recognized one of the blades he carried.

"Soul Edge."

"Ah, so you recognize my weapon." Cervantes said with a smirk.

The knight then eyed the pirate.

"Who are you and what do you want?"

"Cervantes de Leon." The pirate said with a bow. "And I have come for your sword."

The knight narrowed his eyes on the pirate. "For what purpose do you seek the sword?"

"I wish to regain the power I have once lost. I seek to collect the pieces of the sword and hold the Soul Edge in my hands again."

Hearing the response, Nightmare grips his blade and enters a fighting stance.

"I will not let you have the Soul Edge. I will not let another innocent lose their life and soul to that accursed blade."

The knight quickly lounged forward and charge towards Cervantes. The pirate only stood there, not doing anything against the incoming attack. As soon as he was within range Nightmare lounged his giant sword forward. The point hit Cervantes in the middle of his chest, sending the pirate flying through the air. He landed some meters away and did not move anymore.

Nightmare stood still, looking at the fallen pirate.

'The Soul Edge must not complete itself.'

He walked towards the body, planning to take the sword. As he walked towards it, their swords began to resonate, confirming his suspicion that it was Soul Edge.

As it reached for the blade, it suddenly leapt up from the pirate's hand jammed itself into the side of his torso. Then came a kick from pirate who lay at his feet. Nightmare doubled back and fell to his knees. The blade went right through his body and he was bleeding profusely.

"Now, now, Nightmare," Cervantes said, towering over the wounded knight, "I expected better from you."

Nightmare began to stand up. He knew he couldn't let Cervantes gain possession of Soul Edge. He charged at the pirate again bringing his sword into full swing. Cervantes just stood there and raised his hand.

To the knight's surprise, Cervantes caught the blade with his bare hand. As soon as the blade touched his fingers, it glowed with a bright light.

"Yes! The power is now mine once again."

The pirate then hit the giant sword with his own Soul Edge blade. Nightmare tried to back away from Cervantes, but the grip was amazingly strong. He could feel the power of his sword slowly draining away.


With the power within him Cervantes launched a great force that sent Nightmare flying to the edge of a chasm and into the abyss below.

Cervantes' eyes were fill with unholy joy as he saw his goal slowly being completed. The large chunk of metal from Nightmare's sword slowly changed its form. At the same time, the Soul Edge Cervantes created started to take a new form itself.

The bright light finally subsided. Cervantes stood with his eye on his smocking hands. On them were the two Soul Edge blades. However, the expression on Cervantes' face has change.

"This cannot be! After all this time it is not yet complete?" the pirate shouted.

Cervantes could clearly see that the female blade was not yet complete. Furthermore, the power of the male was not the same, as if part of the energy was taken away.

As his rage subsided, he began to assess the situation

'It cannot be helped if that knight didn't have all the pieces I needed. I will just have to search for the missing pieces. It will be easier now anyway.'

With that, Cervantes left the ruins and walked into the night.