"I'll get Jean to help you." Said Charles.

"Thanks Charles." Said Beast connecting Kurt up to the machines.

"What's the deal with all scratches on Kurt's arms and legs Charles? They are very deep and look infected," said Beast.

"Kurt has been inflicting pain on himself intentionally a lot lately," said Charles.

"You know why he would do this?" Asked Beast as Charles asked for Jean to come in his mind.

"It's to do with Kitty. Kurt has a love for Kitty but that is being destroyed because of Kitty's recent boyfriend Lance Alvers," said Charles.

"Alvers? Where have I heard that name before?" asked beast.

"He's a member of the brotherhood," said Charles before Jean arrived.

"You wanted me professor?" asked Jean.

"Can you get the package of Kurt's blood? Mr McCoy really needs it to help Kurt," said Charles.

"Of course Professor." said Jean before she walked to where the extra blood was kept for the Xmen team.

She found the bag of Kurt's blood and passed it to Beast who connected Kurt to the extra blood.

"Is he going to be OK?" asked Jean.

"He'll be fine Jean. I believe you have some homework to do. I suggest you go do it me and Mr. McCoy will take care of Kurt," said Charles.

Jean left the room and the two adults watched as Kurt recovered.

The next day....

Kitty woke to find the phone ringing beside her.

She answered it to hear Lance yelling at Pietro.

"Yeah hey Kitty it's me I just got your message, what's wrong?" asked Lance slamming the door to the kitchen behind him.

"I hate to say this lance but I don't think this is working out," said Kitty feeling regret deep in her heart.

"What do you mean Kitty?" asked Lance. "I mean I think we should see other people," said Kitty.

"But Kitty..." exclaimed lance.

"I'm so sorry lance. But it's for the best." whispered Kitty before she hung up the phone.

Kitty got changed and walked to the medical room where the professor and Mr McCoy were watching a sleeping Kurt.

"Is he OK?" asked Kitty.

"He's had a blood transfusion and is making a full recovery. Unfortunately nothing can be done about the scars on Kurt's arms and legs. Hopefully he will soon regain consciousness." said Mr McCoy.

"Can I stay and watch him? After all this is my fault," said Kitty.

"It was not your fault Kitty but you may stay and watch Kurt. I need to ring school and explain why Kurt won't be at school for a while," said the professor wheeling out the room.

Beast left with the professor leaving Kitty and Kurt alone.

Kitty sat down in the chair next to Kurt's bed and took his furry paw.

She stroked it to help her nerves when she felt Kurt's paw clasp around her hand.

"I'm sorry Kitty. Sehr sehr sorry. I hope I did not say anything that hurt you," whispered Kurt.

Kitty couldn't look at Kurt but whispered "it's OK Kurt. I'm just glad your OK."

"Hov did I get here?" asked Kurt opening his cat like eyes.

"Mr McCoy carried you here last night. I have some good new Kurt. I dumped Lance." Said Kitty fingering the scar on the back of his paw.

"Really? For vho?" asked Kurt wincing as Kitty's finger brushed the cut.

"For you Kurt. I realised last night when you were in possible death that I love you. I love you for being yourself and for not being discouraged because of the way you look." explained Kitty.

"I love you too Kitty. I alvays have and alvays vill." smiled Kurt.

Kitty leaned over and kissed his lips lightly.

"I'm just hoping that I'll recover soon," whispered Kurt leaning over and kissing Kitty passionately. "I'm sure you will," murmured Kitty between kisses, "I'm sure you will."