Title: Afterwards

Rating: PG

Author: Mac (col_sarah_mackenzie@yahoo.com)

Spoilers: The Abduction Parts 1 and 2

Disclaimers: Dr Quinn and all related characters are property of Beth

Sullivan and some other people who aren't me.


"Colleen," Sully called, helping Michaela into bed. The young girl

nodded and rushed to get some medical supplies.

"Ma, you okay?" Brian asked.

"I'm just tired, Brian."

Sully knelt next to him. "Your Ma needs to rest right now. Why don't

you and Matthew go outside and tell Dorothy to come in."

"Are ya sure, Sully? She might need me."

"I'm sure," Sully replied, looking at Michaela. She had fallen


Matthew put an arm around Brian's shoulder. "Let's go, Bri, we'll come

see her later."

Brian nodded and followed his brother out the door. Colleen returned a

few minutes later with a bowl of water. Dorothy was behind her with


"I'll be outside," Sully told them.

Colleen set the bowl down and gave Sully a hug. "Thank you for

bringing her home."

"You're welcome."


"How's Dr. Mike doing?" Horace asked Matthew.

"Good physically."

Horace nodded. "Them renegade Indians are real bad. I can only

imagine what she went through."

"Yeah," Matthew responded. "Anyway, I just need you to send that

telegram to Dr. Mike's Ma. How much is that gonna be?"

"It's on the house!"

"Thanks, Horace."

Matthew slowly headed back over to the Clinic. He wished he could find

the renegades who took Dr. Mike and hurt them as much as they hurt her.

"Matthew." He shook his head, clearing his thoughts. "You okay?"

"I'm fine, Brian."

He shrugged, but wasn't too sure. "Ma's awake. She's askin' for ya."

"I'll be right there."


Michaela was staring out the window when Matthew arrived in the

recovery room. "Hey," he said.

She looked up at him, tears filling her eyes. Matthew rushed to her

side and wrapped his arms around her. "It's all right, you're safe


Michaela hated to show weakness in front of anyone, but she couldn't

control the tears. Every time she thought of the experience, a sick

feeling came to her stomach.

She remembered One Eye's hand reaching for her skirt. If Sully hadn't

gotten there in time, who knows what he would have done to her.

She was suddenly feeling very vulnerable and nervous. She gently

pushed Matthew away and he understood what she needed.

"I can get Sully for you."

"No!" she said a little too quickly. "I mean, please ask Dorothy to

come by."

He nodded. "If you're sure. I know Sully'd like to see you."

Michaela sighed. She knew that too, but at the moment, she wasn't up

to seeing him. "Just please get Dorothy."

Dorothy arrived ten minutes later with a bowl of stew and some corn

bread. "Grace thought ya might be hungry," she said, setting the tray

on the night table.

"Maybe later," Michaela said softly.

"Ya need to keep up your strength, Michaela. Ya been through quite an


She nodded. "I know, Dorothy. That's why I asked you here. I want

someone to talk to. I-I can't talk to Sully about this. At least, not


Dorothy said next to her friend and took her hand. "I'm here for you,


Michaela took a deep breath and began her story.