Epilogue: Quatre POV

Me and the guys were worried, Duo was definatly not acting like himself anymore. He wasn't making any progress after the war, like something was stopping him of doing so. But Heero, Trowa and Wufei said he was trying to deal with everything that has happened lately and we decided to give him some space.

We decided to let it go when he started to read often, we thought he finally started the healing, since we all found something that helped us do that, we thought Duo's way was reading. Though he read a lot and seemed to take notes we never mentioned it since he had a lot more to deal with in his life then any of us had, though some of us come close enough, so we thought he needed more time to distract himself.

Then one day, he went out and bought some roses. We all though it was funny he would bought roses so we teased him a little, that he bought it for some lucky girl or boy. He laughed a little but said we'd find out soon enough and left. The way he said 'you'll find soon enough' brought frowns to our faces but dismissed it since we all knew we never lied and we'd indeed find out soon enough. We all went our separate way and did our stuff.

I went to the music room, feeling like playing the violin for awhile. Some time later Duo showed up and we talked a little and then he proposed to play together with him on the piano. I was pleasantly surprised when he played so well and I enjoyed it immensely. About an hour later, he decided to leave and when I proposed we'd do it again sometime, he just hugged me really close. I don't know what it was but there was something strange about that hug, it seemed 'off' somehow.


And then I thought he whispered 'Bye Quatre' in my ear and was about to dismiss it but when he left without looking back and my spaceheart told me I was right , I became worried. I vowed to talk to the guys later that day.

Some hours later, I decided to talk to Trowa about what happened. And he told me Duo sat and talked with him for awhile and then pulled him up and hugged him and whispered 'Bye Trowa' before leaving, then Wufei walked in claiming Duo beat him in a swordfight, hugged him as well and also got a whispered 'Bye Wufei'. We started talking about it since we were all worried now, when we heard Heero and Duo coming back, we looked trough the window in a way we could see them but they couldn't see us. Duo was hugging Heero as well and we saw him whisper something in Heero's ear before coming inside and going upstairs without looking back. Heero just stood there looking after Duo with a look of shock on his face that made it clear that Duo also whispered a 'Bye Heero' to him. We asked him about it and he confirmed our suspicions. We talked while Duo was taking a shower about what it could mean. We decided to follow him and see what he was up to.

We hid when he left his room, dressed in his old priest outfit and holding the flowers, what threw us of the most was his smile. It seemed different somehow. Releaved. We entered his room and saw a paper on his bed. Heero read it out loud, it was confusing but we had some idea's now and when Duo left with his car we followed him with ours.

He stopped at a cemetery off al places and entered it. He was looking for a particular grave it seemed 'cause he stopped when he found it. We could see it from were we were standing, it was standing under a tree and had a white headstone and when the sun shined on it, it seemed simply made for an angel. He dropped in front of it and lay his flowers down, closed his eyes and started talking. We moved closer so we could hear what he was saying.

" My promise has been fulfilled, I avenged my loved ones, protected the innocent and helped stop the war twice. I did not know why I was still here after that but I finally found out I had to say goodbye to the only family I had left here: Heero Yuy, Trowa Barton, Quatre R. Winner and Wufei Chang. I wish you all long and healthy life. I wish you joy and happiness. Take care of each other, I wish you all the best."

"Goodbye, my friends, my family, my life." He kissed the headstone.

And then something strange started to happen. He seemed to slowly fade away until he vanished. I'll always remember the smile he wore on that right moment. I guess it was that smile that made us stay where we were.

When Duo vanished we came closer and read the headstone, it read:

Here Lies:

Duo Maxwell

War orphan

Born: ac. 180 Died: ac. 194

'I Run, I Hide But I Never Lie'

We couldn't believe our eyes, Duo died a year before operation Meteor started and yet we worked with him during two wars and we never noticed. It all made some sense now and we understood the note now. He had some unfinished business in this plain: a promise to fullfill and having to let us go by saying goodbye to us before he could finally rest in peace.

We stood there for awhile letting it sink in when he saw a new text appear on the headstone.

The Promise had been fulfilled.

We will meet again.

Strangely enough we weren't all that sad, we had a lot to thank him for and we'll never forget him. Heero ripped the note with a smile and threw it in the air letting the wind pick it up before kissing the headstone and thanking him, we all followed his example before leaving to go back home.

We will meet again Duo.

Thank you for everything.


The note read:

When people die, the ghost can sometimes come back and roam our plain without anyone noticing anything different about that person. They look and act like regular people. They can be touched by the living, though when hurt by any means available on earth, they shall not be harmed in any way since there mortal body has left this plain. The ghost shall at the most feel sore but other then that feels nothing.

Said Person exist only in our plain because he or she has some unfinished business from his previous life on that plain.

The ghost must figure out for himself what his or hers unfinished business was an try to finish it by any means necessary.

When this is done, said person has to find the place where his mortal body has been put to rest and say out loud that their business is finished. If the person does not find or know where his mortal body was put to rest, he or she simply has to find the place where they felt most at peace and do the same thing.

When this is done, Shinigami will take them back to where you belong, whether it's heaven or hell.

And there shall you remain for all time.


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