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Chapter 1

This was the time of the day when Edward most wished that he was relaxed enough to sleep sitting in a chair with a room full of people.

High School.

Or was purgatory the right word? If karma was a real thing, he wondered what he had done to deserve this punishment. There were days when school could engage him but most days he simply sat and daydreamed maladaptively to escape this prison-like institution. Why were they forced into this, he often wondered. Wasn't there a way to receive an education without feeling like a criminal and having everything you did questioned..?


Edward's head jerked ahead from being hit from behind by the huge hand of his brother Emmett. Edward turned to him and scowled, while Emmett grinned in return. Emmett was a senior and he took Edward's daydreaming as a personal offense of sorts. Everytime Emmett caught Edward thinking off into space he did something to snap Edward out of it.

Edward twisted his body and hunched onto the table in order to appear more engaged with his family on the table instead of the crack on the wall right over Jasper's shoulder. Edward noticed Jasper's expression while turning away, he seemed to be engaged in some sort of conversation with Rosalie, his twin sister. Edward decided to pull his earbuds out to actually listen to what they were talking about.

"...in Math. She's cute, seemed really shy though", Jasper was saying.

"You'd think she was Meghan Fox with the way people are mooning over her", Rosalie huffed.

"People get excited about the smallest of things", Jasper reassured her.

Rosalie sniffed looking away from the offending table that held the topic of their conversation, it seemed.

"Let's wait a week and see how things develop, babe", Emmett said wisely, while Edward looked up in confusion, zoning onto the table that held the regular school gossip and Rosalie's attention, Jessica Stanley and some of her cohorts- Angela Webber, the pastor's daughter, Mike Newton, from the football team, and Eric Yorkey, the student paper editor. Edward felt that Jessica pretty much covered all bases when it came to being the intelligence department of School- she heard gossip from the church, the town (Newtons heard most things that happened), the bank (where her mother worked), and the school (from her pact with Eric Yorkey). Yorkie gave her school gossip that he heard, which was a lot, in exchange for math tuition which Stanley was really good at. He was barely keeping ahead of her in it.

Edward frowned, maybe he's going to study some this evening.

Jessica Stanley turned to say something to a head of brown hair, which popped up to reveal a girl's face. He saw Jessica Stanley giggle, and the brown haired girl hid her face again. Edward squinted a bit, frowned then looked down deciding that it didn't matter too much. Pulling out his planner to write down an hour of calculus in today's schedule at 8pm.

"I have a feeling that I'm going to be friends with her", Alice said casually. Edward decided to pay attention to the conversation again. Clearly he was missing something.

"Friends with her?" Edward asked looking Alice, who decided to snatch his pen from his hand and cross out the 8pm calculus he had planned and wrote down Movie w/ Alice instead.

Edward gave her smiling face an amused nod and snapped his planner shut after making a check mark next to her entry.

"Friends with her?" He repeated.

"Chief Swan's daughter, Bella Swan. She sat down next to me in English class. Seemed nice. Quiet but nice.", Alice replied and settled back into Jasper's arm that was thrown onto the back of her chair.

That cleared it up for Edward. He had heard about Charlie Swan's daughter joining Forks' High. So Rosalie was fixated on Bella Swan and not Jessica Stanely as he previously assumed. That made less sense than he previously thought. Rosalie was probably the most beautiful girl in school, objectively speaking, and she was a senior. He didn't get why she was worried about some new junior girl when she barely has a semester of school left. Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett already had acceptance letters from U of Washington.

Edward decided that it was a five minute thing for Rosalie and chose to keep his mouth shut.

"I heard she's in your next class, Ed", Jasper said casually.

Edward glanced at the Stanley table once again. He caught Bella Swan looking at him only for a second before her whole head dropped on the desk. He turned to Jasper and shrugged. Jasper patted on his shoulder and tilted his head to the parking lot. Edward rolled his eyes at Jasper and they both silently went outside. Once they reached Edward's car Jasper took out a pack of menthol cigarettes and offered one to Edward, which he declined. Jasper was secretly a smoker. Our house was a no smoke zone, what with our father figure being a doctor and our mother figure simply disliking the habit, but Jasper had moved in with us very recently with his habit formed beforehand. Jasper was trying to quit. He'd been trying for a year and Edward was helping him do it by monitoring his smoking and stopping him when he felt like Jasper had enough. Jasper had suggested this incremental reduction or something of his smoking and Edward was willing to help him with it.

Edward stopped Jasper when he was halfway through the cigarette and glanced at the wrist watch.

"Class", Edward muttered and Jasper nodded before putting the put out cigarette carefully inside the box.

a/n- This is an AH story. The Cullens are not Vampires. It's going to be EPOV because I want to explore Edward's neuroticism and self-image issues as a human being. This is not going to be a fluff piece. This is both an exercise in the butterfly effect, a story of self-actualisation and a way of getting back into writing. I'll try to update every other day but the chapters won't be long.