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The Taur'i Pharaoh

~ * ~

~ The unknown Pharaoh was the one to lead the revolution against the false Gods.  In defeating them the Pharaoh used powers that they had no knowledge of and was able to defeat them – casting them forever away from the mortal realm.  Because of this the Gods struck the Pharaoh's name from all records within their possession, cursing him for all eternity. ~

~ * ~

Daniel looked around the temple before finding a likely wall to translate.  His team mates were resting a small distance off, allowing the Doctor to translate in peace before heading off back through the Stargate.  Unfortunately Jack's mutterings still… somehow… made themselves known to his friend, so he wasn't doing it in too much peace.

Jackson threw an irritated glance at the Colonel before banished the surrounding world from his awareness and focused his full attention to his work.  The planet's culture appeared to have been influenced by the Goa'uld at one time or another.  However an interesting difference was that this temple wasn't typical of what he would consider normal of these civilizations.  There were no statues within that depicted the 'God' that the temple was dedicated to.  In fact there was hardly any clue as to who the temple was for.

Interested in finding the answers to the difference he began translating the hieroglyphs chiseled into the hard stone walls.  Several minutes passed and the more Daniel was able to translate the more he was amazed.  The hieroglyphs explained that the temple was actually dedicated to a Pharaoh of Earth.  More specifically, the one that was able to defeat the Goa'uld and free the planet of their oppressive rule.

"Teal'c!"  Daniel turned and gestured for the Jaffa to come closer.

"What is it, Daniel Jackson?"

"Look at this… what do you know of the Pharaoh?  He queried.

Teal'c glanced at the writing with an eyebrow raised.  "It is forbidden by the false Gods to mention the Taur'i Pharaoh and the offense is punishable by death.  Because of this very little is actually known of him."

"Wow… he must've done some real damage to them…" the Colonel commented, joining them.

"It is as you say, O'Neill.  The Taur'i Pharaoh that these writings speak of was the one to drive the Goa'uld from your planet.  They suffered severe losses amongst their troops and themselves.

Jack looked at Daniel, both very impressed.  "I think I like this guy," O'Neill voiced his opinion.

"Teal'c, do you know how the Pharaoh defeated the Goa'uld?"  Daniel quizzed.

"No.  All that is known is that the Pharaoh controlled stronger powers than that of the false Gods.

"Jack!  If we could find what this Pharaoh used… if we could somehow duplicate it… we would have a formidable weapon against the Goa'uld!"

Jack smiled at his friend's enthusiasm and looked at his watch.  "I agree with you, Danny, however we've got to head back."

Daniel took a photo of the hieroglyphs before stooping to gather up all his tools.  It didn't take them long to get back to the Stargate and dial Earth.

As they exited the wormhole they were met by the final member of their team.

"How'd it go?"  Sam asked.

"Not bad… Danny found his rocks and Teal'c and I just sat and… looked…"

"Artifacts…"  Daniel tried to correct the Colonel.

Jack glanced at him.  "Whatever…"  He turned back to his second-in-command, "So what's new?"

"Well, General Hammond has made arrangements for us to go to Japan.  There's a 'Dueling Tournament' being held…"

"So… what's that got to do with us Carter?"

"Well sir, they're using holograms in their games… and I'm not talking about the type that our government has been trying to develop.  I'm talking about holograms that are extremely advanced – not only is it hard to see the…"  Sam tried to find the best word to describe what she was trying to explain.  She settled with something simple.  "… 'Joins', they can physically affect the real world by creating shock waves from an explosion and the like!"

"Whoa there Carter… slow down, you're giving me a headache…"  Jack interrupted.

She gave an embarrassed smile.  "Sorry sir… but you have to admit it's very interesting.  This technology isn't supposed to be available for years… decades even… let alone to the public and yet here it is being used to play card games."

"So when are the games being held?"  Doctor Jackson spoke up.

"We leave now.  Dad's accompanying with us as well."

"When'd Jacob show up?"  Jack asked.

"Not long after you left for P2X-971.  He and Selmak are also interested in the holographic technology."

"Okay kids, Japan it is."  Jack called as he headed out the blast doors.

~ * ~

Yugi looked out the entrance doors to the main arena and the crowd of people that were filling the seats up in the stands.

//Don't worry, Hikari, all you have to do is ignore them when we have our duel.//  Yami consoled through their private bond.

/Easy for you to say, Yami, you were trained to deal with large crowds,/ his other half replied nervously.  /I've never had to stand in front of a huge audience before./

//You'll find that you won't even notice them when we're into our duel.//

Yami sighed and the two halves switched places as his name was called out by the announcer.  It was Yami that stepped out onto the arena floor and into the spotlight.  He looked around the assembled masses and tried to relax, he wasn't about to admit it but he was nervous.  After all it had been 5000 years – in his days as Pharaoh – since he had had to deal with a large crowd.

His crimson eyes then fell on his opponent.  He smirked, this particular match would be child's play.

/Don't get to confident Yami.  You never know…/ Yugi advised.  He looked out of their eyes and readjusted his views.  /… uh… Yami… let's take it easy on him… okay?/

//Alright… but you're taking all the fun away…//


The Dark half smirk widened at Yugi's cry.  He then took his place on the field.

~ * ~

Jack leaned forward in his seat as a small boy with spiky, tri-coloured hair stepped onto the floor below.  "Isn't he a trifle young to be the World Champ at this game?"

"He's older than he looks, Jack."  Daniel replied.

Several hours later Jack left his seat, his thoughts of the kid being World Champion considerably different.  "Absolutely brilliant… that kid has the material to make a good strategist."

Jacob nodded.  "Yes, he does.  You can get to know him a bit better... we have an appointment with him – see what we can find out about the holographic technology."

O'Neill nodded and led the way to the ground floor.  Behind him he could hear the Major and the Jaffa commenting on the technology they had seen throughout the duel and possible ways it could be used against the Goa'uld.  Jacob spoke up every now and then adding his and Selmak's own ideas.

"Jack!"  Daniel called from behind Sam, Teal'c and Jacob.  The Colonel stopped, letting Jackson catch up to him.  "Jack… did you notice what the boy was wearing around his neck?"

O'Neill frowned, flicking back through his memories on the duel.  He finally nodded, slowly.  "Yes… a golden pyramid… upside-down."

"Well yes that to… but the 'monsters' all have a very similar appearance to carvings on the walls of an unknown Pharaoh's tomb in Egypt."

Jack shrugged.  "Could be a coincidence… or that the game 'monsters' were based on those carvings… anyway, we'll find out soon enough."

By now all the audience had gone and they were alone as they passed through the arena doors to the private dressing rooms.

~ * ~

Yami started suddenly within his soulroom.  Something was approaching… something dark… something from his days as Pharaoh… something he hoped to never come across again.

/What's is that?/  his light asked as he too picked up the approaching darkness.

//Do you remember the false Gods?//

Yugi nodded.

//It feels like them… but I can't be certain… be careful…//

Yugi broke their connection as a knock sounded on their door.

"Come in."

~ * ~

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