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The Taur'i Pharaoh

o O o

He groaned as he woke up to a splitting headache. Very slowly, as to not cause any further pain to himself, he opened his eyes and sat up. It was rather gloomy, even darker then the corridors that they'd first arrived in. A dim light drifted in around the edges of the cloth that hung across the door. Looking across the room he made out a large figure on a second cot with their back towards him. Going by the size and nauseating 'feel' it was certainly not one of his friends.

Wanting to get away from the person as soon as he could, he slipped off of his cot and slowly made his way across the stone floor. It was when he reached the door that he took notice that he and Atemu were once more two halves and that his Dark was only just beginning to stir. He briefly considered waiting for his other half to waken fully and joining once more before leaving the relative safety of the room. Yugi shrugged, if they were in enemy hands they would be in chains or at least a much more secure chamber, he decided. With that the Light stepped through the curtain.

o O o

Bakura 'came to' quickly, seemingly unconscious one moment and alert the next. He waited impatiently for his eyes to adjust to the lack of light but nothing happened. Stilling his mind for a moment he reached for the minds of the Priest and the Pharaoh but found nothing.

Holding his left palm face up in front of him and called forth his power to create same light to see by…

Nothing happened.

The Tomb Robber let out a scream of intense rage. There was no cage within all the realms that could hold the Thief King against his will and he wasn't about to let someone prove him wrong!

Picking a direction, he stalked off stretching his other senses to their fullest trying to discover anything that would be of benefit. An itch formed between his shoulder blades… there was something he was missing but that something had to wait to be unearthed till after he escaped.

o O o

Yugi looked back at his 'hosts' not at all bothered by their slight inhuman appearance. They stared straight back, neither side entirely willing to make the first move. Yugi bowed and cautiously began. "My name is Yugi Motou. Uh… would you mind telling me where I am?"

They didn't answer and continued to stare.

/Um… Yami, a little help please?/ He pleaded to the Pharaoh who had finally woken.

Yami peered through their eyes at the silver ones. These are the ones that we have come to meet.

/You know them?/

Yugi felt Yami do the mental equivalent of shaking his head. I have no knowledge of these two individuals. I know their race. They are my Allies from old.

/Your move./ Yami's light surrender their body to his other self.

'/I greet you. My name is Atemu and I have come to ask for your support./'

'/You have come at a most ill-fated time, Old One. Our people are divided and have been for some time now… this was about the same time we lost contact with yourself and your home-world./' A deep melodious voice replied from the smaller of the two figures.

Yami frowned. '/Surely your people had put aside such pastimes before you reached our corner of the galaxy. What was the cause of the divergence?/'

'/Power. One the more rash youths within the council decided that the best way to keep the peace in the universe was to rule over it, with force if necessary. He had quite a following behind him and was able to overthrow the rest of the council./'

The other silver one took up the story. '/It has been going on for so long and so many people have been lost to their causes. All that is left of population is on this planet. The only way that we would be able to help in your quest would be to overthrow those who now hold the reigns of power. Sadly we find this possibility hard to believe. So many have tried and their voices have been silenced./'

Yami frowned. They did need their help… and he needed to gain possession of an object that he had left in their hands all those millennia ago, and by the looks of the situation they had to help the Ancients first.

o O o

The Colonel woke up almost as quickly as Bakura, which could be put to his Black Ops training. After making sure that he was alone and without any restraints he got to his feet and looked around. All he found was an empty darkness.

"Ah hell! Why is always the same?! Just once I'd like a change from being imprisoned."

Disgusted, Jack O'Neill picked a direction using the old 'eenie meanie miney mo' method. As far as he was concerned one way was the same as another.

o O o

The General looked back and forth between Thor and Doctor Jackson. "This morning three intruders were able to get past our security, shutting down all power on the base and dial out. One of these individuals was the individual that was shown on the surveillance brought back from the Abydos mission. We weren't able to get a look at the other two but I am assuming that one is this Atemu and Yugi that you speak of. All escaped through the Stargate with the rest of your team and Jacob. You do understand that without knowing what symbols he used when he dialled out we'll never find this Pharaoh or his companions."

Daniel looked dismayed at the information. "There must be some way we can track down the address that was used!"

Thor shook his head. "There is no method of retrieving the symbols this long after they have were activated. Particularly once the Stargate has been used again."

"But… Jack… but how are they going to get home without any help. We can just stand here…!"

Thor held up a small hand, stopping Daniel in his tracks. "However, there is a theory that has only been tested positive recently, that might meet our needs. Our scientists have found that the wormhole leaves traces of a unique signature that dissipates after 36 hours." The Asgard Commander glanced at Hammond. "I am assuming that the Stargate has only been opened twice within this time frame?"

The General nodded his confirmation.

"Then the trail that we are searching for will be the oldest. If you will excuse me General Hammond and Doctor Jackson, I will start scanning at once." Without further ado Thor teleported back to his ship.

Daniel fell into a seat, his head buried in his hands. "I hating waiting…" he sighed.

"Me too, son, but there isn't anything we can do to help at the moment," was his commanding officer's reply.

o O o

Jacob came to the sound of soft talking in the room beyond the one he currently resided in. Quick to note that nothing was holding him down; Jacob sat up and looked around. The room held little light to see by but he was able to make out the empty cot on the other side of the room. With as little noise as possible Jacob crept up to the covered entrance leading to the next room.

Not daring to move the curtain for fear of discovery, he listened intently to the words being said beyond. It took him seconds before he was able to make out that they were speaking Ancient Egyptian. He had no trouble understanding the conversation with the help of Selmac's translation whispering within the boundaries of his mind.

It was clear that the conversation was coming to an end.

'/I will deal with the Leaders of this group. You will need to gather those loyal to you and the old ways and secure the rest of the citadel./'

Jacob gathered by the attitude of the voice that this was one of the Goa'uld that he, his daughter and their friends had pursued through the Stargate. The deep following voice that faithfully followed the first was clearly one of the 'hosts'. The Tok'ra could almost hear the bow that he was sure was preformed.

'/As you require, Old One./'

The soft sound of an entrance opening and closing echoed in his ears. It wasn't long before the cavern beyond the screen went dark and the sound of footsteps faded away. He was thankful that the ones that had brought him here and apparently forgotten about him. They must have thought him to be in league with the Goa'uld and the System Lord hadn't bothered to check to see if he was one of the two that had originally accompanied him into the SGC.

Jacob slipped out and proceeded towards a passageway that would hopefully lead him into the vicinity of his companions.

o O o

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