The sky cracked open. The wave has begun. Monsters started pouring out, ready to ravage the land and its people! or they would have. An old man stood on a hill nearby, garbed in an old cloak, torn at ends, and more gray than green. The old man looked at the crack appearing and raised his left arm, encased in a thick vambrace, and adorned with a green jewel, that shone brightly.

"I am the Shield Hero who bears the Will of the World.
I have deciphered the Laws of everything that is Shield.
Protect the World I've grown to cherish and the people in it."

"All Drifa Air Strike Shield!"

A giant green projection, vaguely in the shape of the shield covered the crack in the sky, while the old man watched his SP points drain away to nothing. Now he just had to sit back and wait till the wave of calamity stops. Who knew that skill of such simple origin would become his go-to when he had to deal with a wave by himself.

He looked upon the land he protected, the village in the distance, which is now probably evacuating, just in case. Knights would normally rush to be on their way, but seeing the shield will probably turn them right around. Lazy bums.

He sat and just enjoyed the moment. He wasn't sure how much time has passed. but he was woken up from the trans by the rattling armor.

"So. We'll do this dance again, Medea?"

Behind him stood a beautiful redhead, of a voluptuous figure, and lustrous hair. Her face carried a pair of glowing green eyes, and a pair of soft ruby lips, that any man would want to touch, and would die to kiss just once.

Her face was as serene as the one of the old man. For she will finally complete her goal on this day.

"I'm afraid there won't be any dancing. As if your his could handle me, old man."

"Now now, we both know you're many times older than me. I'd call you grandma, I'm pretty sure that you can't cook, let alone bake cookies."

"Hah. Me, a grandma? Does this make you the big bad wolf?"

The old man facepalmed. How could he have known that the Little Red Riding Hood would stick so well here? All because he wanted some passive income in case he'd get to retire this time. Now they had Red Hood festivals, where all the little girls would wear them, and baskets of goodies, to share around with people, while being chased by boys, pretending to be wolves. Maybe next time he'd try Snowhite? Or he could buckle down and write an original story again. The possibilities… Oh. One minute till the end of the wave. Guess he'll die.

Medea had a short temper, but nothing blew her fuse more than being ignored. Seeing the crack in the sky slowly close, she peered her dainty finer, and a concentrated red ball of light shone on the tip of it. It was a skill she learned in another world, that would now come to good use.

"Light I summon thee
Amplificated by my will,
Stimulated by my intent
Emanate your power,
Radiate you might!"


Now, he took a lot of blows in the past. He knew how to take a hit, how to counter various elements, and even fortify a specific body part. It was useful when he decided to take the brute force approach, and knock down a door, or a wall that was in his way. But he also learned when to call it quits. When he definitely lost and struggling would just make everything worse.

He felt the laser beam enter, and exit his body. She at least made a clean shot. He hated when death got… messy. As he gently leaned back, to gaze upon the now unbroken sky, he heard her say her last words to him.

"Join your companions in death, and rejoice. You lot have been the biggest pain in my side. I, Medea Pideth Machina, the Great Goddess proclaim you the most annoying among the bugs that crawl in all the Worlds."

She turned around and left, leaving him to die. He gazed one last time at the sky, where first stars started to emerge. Slowly his breath left him. His body grew colder. Until finally, Naofumi Iwatani, the Shield Hero closed his eyes.

He could hear it. The Infinite Dragon God. it always waited for him in at the end, sometimes in the form of small lolita, sometimes as an old man, and sometimes in its true form, which he could not comprehend. Sometimes his time with it seemed short, barely an instant, and sometimes sit seemed to have dragged on forever.

He wasn't sure how he got its attention. He could barely remember how his original life ended. Did he accept the hatred and been driven mad? Did he overcome Wrath, and use its powers to do good? Did he have a family? Or did he break one of the big rules of Cardinal Weapons? All he knew was that somehow, he was chosen by it, to forever repeat, forever struggle. Forever Shield those who could not defend themselves.

The attention of everything and nothing slowly moved away from him, and he could feel himself drifting once more. It seemed to have gotten bored of him faster than usual. Naofumi surrendered himself to the flow of the infinite nothingness as it carried him on. Back in time? To a parallel world? He couldn't possibly know. All he knew how to do was protect.


People yelled, and Naofumi Iwatani slowly opened his eyes. He was in a familiar room, wearing familiar clothes.

"Welcome, Four Heroes. Please save our world!"

Aw shit, here we go again.

And that's it. That's all I'm giving you. The rest is up to you. IF you decide to pick up this story and make it your own. It could be sitting here forever, untouched by anyone, or it could be made into something amazing. Guess we'll have to wait and see.