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About two months after Maddie left David…

A rumble. Then a crash. Laughter, cheers and a high-five.

'I don't know, Gus, I didn't think you had it in you. Two strikes in a row, man, way to go!' David Addison was always the first to jump up and congratulate a fellow teammate on a good game.

Thursday night was League Night at the local bowling alley, and David tried to never miss a tournament. Even with a few beers in him, he was always a very good bowler, and the Harem Scarem Carpet Cleaners team needed him. A few months ago, when things had started heating up between him and Maddie, the guys understood when he'd miss a game or two. The lady, of course, was the priority. But that was then, and well, things change.

Of all the guys, Benny knew David the longest and was closest to him. He was even the one who gave David his nickname, in honor of the great Fred "Twinkle Toes" Flintstone. He asked, 'Hey Twinkle, hear back from your girl yet?'

In between handfuls of chips, Lou blurted out, 'Yeah, that Maddie Hayes sure was a looker back in the day.'

David scowled at Lou's rudeness. 'No, Benny, the woman could very well be having my baby in six months, but do you think she could do me the courtesy of calling to let me know? Nope, had to hear the joyous news from my bumbling assistant, Bert. It's hard, you know, my heart won't let me, but my head keeps telling me it's time to move on.'

Moments later, a group of very attractive, young women walked by. They had clearly been here before. They waved and called to David and his buddies as they passed. David responded with a wink and a smile. He is a flirt by nature, and the women here adore him, but it was clear he wasn't interested in their affections. Not yet, anyway.

Just then another crash was heard, and nobody there would have believed it if they hadn't seen it, but Gus actually bowled his third strike in a row. This called for a celebration! 'Hey everyone, this Turkey deserves a beer,' David cried out. 'Anybody else want one? It's on me!'

David headed up to the snack counter to order a pitcher of beer for the team. As he approached, he noticed a thin teenaged boy wearing a tattered black jacket and torn blue jeans nervously pacing back and forth in front of the counter. As the attendant walked up, the boy hunched over close to the cash register. Assuming he was placing his order, David looked around to watch the others bowl. A few minutes passed and he heard what sounded like a scuffle behind him. He turned to find out what was taking so long, and saw that the boy was aiming a gun at the attendant. David stood there shocked. Suddenly the anxious boy grabbed the cash off the counter, turned to run and shot David, for no reason other than he was standing in his way.

David fell to the floor as people crowded around him. Before blacking out he could hear the sound of the ambulance siren in the distance.

A telephone call in the middle of the night.

Virginia Hayes was startled awake by the sound. She sat up to answer the phone, 'Hello?'

Just down the hall, Maddie Hayes did not hear the phone ringing as she was sound asleep in her childhood bedroom. Her mother rushed in to wake her.

'Maddie, honey…wake up. Your receptionist is on the phone. That Dipesto woman. She said she needs to speak with you. Something about an emergency.'

Flustered and feeling a dreadful pit in her stomach, Maddie asked, 'What is it, Mom? What's wrong?'

Virginia quickly handed her the phone.

'Agnes, what happened? David? Oh, my God, no. Is he alright? How can you not know?! Alright, alright, I'm sorry, Agnes. Thank you for letting me know…goodbye.'

Maddie sat there stunned. With her mother asking her all sorts of questions, she could only focus on one thing. She needed to get to David. Nothing else mattered in this moment.

Just then Maddie's father walked into the room.

'What's going on in here? It's 3 o'clock in the morning!'

'I need to get home, Daddy. It's David. There's been some kind of accident, and he's at the hospital.'

'Oh no, honey, what can we do to help you?'

'I need to get dressed. Daddy, can you please call the airline and get me on the next flight back to LA?'

'Sure, honey, I'll take care of that. And, I'll arrange for a car to drive you to the airport.'

Both of Maddie's parents found out only recently about her pregnancy. They had their concerns, but so far have refrained from asking too many questions as they don't want to put their daughter through any unnecessary stress. After all, they had already suspected her extended stay was her way of avoiding her business, maybe, or perhaps a certain someone.

Alex was able to book Maddie on an 8am flight to Los Angeles. Maddie and her parents waited anxiously in the living room for the car to arrive. She felt badly that she hadn't been more open with them about her relationship with David. She was pacing the floor and wringing her hands.

In an effort to be comforting, Virginia took Maddie's hands in hers, looked her in the eye, and said, 'He's going to be okay, Maddie. You have to believe that. David would want you to be strong for him and that baby you're carrying. It's not good to worry.'

'I know, Mom. I just love him, you know?' Maddie said, trying not to cry.

Pulling her daughter in for a tight embrace, 'Oh honey, I know.'

Just then, the headlights from Maddie's ride outside shown in through the window. Alex grabbed Maddie's suitcases and the two of them walked outside. He gave Maddie a big hug and told her how wonderful it was to have her at the house and that she is always welcome there. He told her that he thought David was a good man, and that he would be very happy if it turned out that he was the father of his grandchild. 'I knew he was an exceptional man the moment I met him.' he said. 'He will be just fine, Maddie, you'll see. He loves you. I have no doubt about that.'

'In just a few minutes we will begin First Class boarding for Flight 1752 to Los Angeles.'

Maddie collected her carry-on bag and her purse and hurried to get onto the plane. She quickly found her seat and settled in for the four-hour flight. She felt absolutely drained after being woken at 3 o'clock in the morning with very unsettling news. She was glad no one was seated next to her, as she was hardly in the mood to talk. As soon as the plane was in the air, Maddie could no longer fight her exhaustion and she fell into a deep, dream-filled sleep.

Maddie emerges from the elevator and walks down the hallway to the Blue Moon office. She stops and peers into the window before opening the door. David must not be in yet, she thinks to herself, the shenanigans haven't started and everyone seems to be on their best behavior. As she opens the door, the phone rings and Ms. Dipesto answers.

Blue Moon Detective Agency

Think a thief is in the midst?

'Cause your penny jar's been plundered?

Don't despair, you'll know we care

'Cause Maddie and Bert got it covered!

Maddie stops short and stares at Agnes. Did she hear right, Maddie and Bert? Quickly she turns around and sees that the name plate on what should have been David's office door, reads Mr. Herbert Viola.

Looking back towards Agnes, suddenly Maddie finds herself standing in a seedy hotel room surrounded by surveillance equipment. She wonders why David is not with her. Frightened, she runs to the door, opens it to find she is sitting all alone…

in a restaurant. David's untouched dinner is on the table, his suit jacket draped across the back of his chair, but there is no sign of him anywhere. He isn't there either, late at night, when she's lying…

in her bed wanting him, needing him, reaching for David in the dark. She begins to panic when she turns over…

on her hospital bed, in pain and in tears crying out for him as the doctor tells her it's time to push. David, I need you!

Thrashing about in her seat, Maddie was awakened by the flight attendant.

'Are you okay, Miss?'

Embarrassed, Maddie just looked at her and said, 'Oh, yes, I'm okay, sorry about that. Will we be landing soon? I'm in a bit of a hurry.'

David woke late, undoubtedly due to all the pain meds he was on. The events of the night before were foggy, but when he pulled up the sheet, he quickly recalled the excruciating agony he felt when the bullet grazed the side of his leg. He had winced in pain when the doctors and nurses cleaned and dressed his wound. He thought about Maddie, and the baby she was carrying. He felt a wave of emotion come over him and he thanked God that he was still there for them. If only she would decide to come home to him.

It was shortly after noon when Agnes and Bert walked in for a visit. While Agnes couldn't be more thrilled that David was okay, Bert was firmly intent on finding the delinquent that would do such harm to his beloved boss.

Agnes quickly said, 'Oh Mr. Addison, we are so happy you are okay. You had us up all night, worrying. We didn't know if you were dead or alive. It's such a relief to see you!'

Meanwhile, Bert offered up that he had already been to the police station earlier that morning, and begged Sergeant Flannery to let him work the case with him. 'You should see the list of clues we put together,' he said. 'We'll nab this hoodlum…this varmint…this no-good lawbreaker. You'll see, Sir…er, Mr. Addison, we'll lock him up and throw away the key!'

After Agnes and Bert had visited with David for about 20 minutes or so, an attractive nurse poked her head in the doorway and said she would be back soon to get his vitals. Leaning in like he was telling Bert a secret, David said, 'Let me tell you somethin', Bertie-boy, there ain't nothin' gets your blood pumpin' and your heart racing like a sponge bath given to you by a hot young nurse in a short skirt, if you know what I mean.'

Chuckling at his comment, Bert replied, 'Oh, don't I ever Mr. Ad…'

Cutting them off, Agnes scolded, 'Mr. Addison! Herbert Quentin Viola! How dare you talk about a nurse like that! What would Ms. Hayes think if she heard you say that?'

'Agnes, Agnes, Agnes, I'm sorry if I offended you, but Ms. Hayes has heard me make comments like that more times than I can count. Besides, she's not even here to hear it, is she? I mean, you did let her know I was injured, right?' Agnes nodded her head. 'And look, not even so much as a simple phone call from her to ask how am I doing.' David couldn't hide the sadness and disappointment in his voice.

'Well, Bert and I should probably get going. Sounds like the nurse will want to get in here soon,' said Agnes, seeing how sad he looked. 'Mr. Addison, you should have heard how scared she sounded on the phone last night.'

'Yeah, well…it'd sure be nice to hear from her.'

'You will, Mr. Addison. I just know it.'

David nodded his head, and gave Agnes a sad smile, as she and Bert turned to leave. He tried to put on a brave, happy face, but deep down he felt hollow. Maddie had been gone now for just about two months. The one call he got from her the day after she left was nothing more than to let him know where she was and that she did not want him to call her. She needed time, she told him, to think. Well, how much more time could she possibly need, he wondered. He did have some hope recently after talking to her father. Maybe he would go back to Maddie and encourage her to go home, he thought. The thing he couldn't figure out was what did he do to deserve this. He did everything she asked.

'Mr. Addison is in room #4219. You'll take the elevator to the 4th floor and follow the signs to the East Wing. Be sure to have your visitors pass visible at all times.'

Maddie thanked the clerk, and moved towards the elevator. She was unbelievably scared. She had no idea what happened to David. For all she knew he could have suffered a heart attack or been in a bad car accident. Agnes knew nothing last night other than that he had been taken to the emergency room. She told Maddie the nurse on the phone wouldn't tell her anything because she wasn't an immediate family member.

The elevator doors opened and Maddie entered along with several other people. By the time the elevator reached the 4th floor, everyone had left and she was standing all alone. When the doors opened, Maddie suddenly felt panicked. She hadn't communicated with David in so long. Would he be angry? Would he not want to see her? What was she going to say to him? She closed her eyes, inhaled deeply, counted to ten, and exhaled. She could do this.

Maddie's nerves were getting the better of her as she approached David's room. She had never felt anxiety like this before in her life. It felt as if she was walking on a boat on a rolling river. She steadied herself against the wall, then slowly moved to stand in the doorway.

David looked up, and at first glance, he thought he saw an angel. Was he hallucinating? Could it really be her? She smiled, and he was convinced – it was her! Thank goodness the sound was turned off on his monitor, he thought. His heart was beating so fast, he was afraid an alarm would reveal his excitement. The surprised expression on his face was fleeting, though, slowly fading away, not able to hide all the hurt and anger he'd felt for the past two months. They remained motionless, staring at each other for a long moment until David broke the silence.

'My, oh my,' he said with a slight bitterness in his voice. 'Look who traveled 2,000 miles to get here today. But hey, what's a few more feet, right, Maddie?'

'David,' she shyly scolded him. She did not come here to fight.

With eyes still locked on one another, David patted the spot next to him, beckoning her to come close. Maddie could barely feel her legs beneath her, as she slowly made her way over to the bed. David tried not to show his discomfort as he moved over so she could sit down next to him. Staring into her blue eyes, he thought she had never looked more beautiful. It took every ounce of effort that he had not to touch her. Maddie saw how David tried to hide his pain from her, and it made her feel incredibly sad. One lone tear fell from her eye, and David could hold back no more. He reached up to wipe the tear from her cheek, and then as if a magnetic force was pulling them together, they tightly wrapped their arms around each other.

Maddie and David stayed that way, in that safe warm embrace, for a short while until reality settled in and they shyly pulled their arms away from one another.

'What happened to you?' Maddie asked.

'Let's just say I was in the right place, but at the wrong time.'

David pulled the blanket back to reveal his upper left thigh, all bruised and tightly bandaged up.

'Oh, David…'

'Yeah, some young punk with a handgun decided to rob the food counter at the bowling alley, and I just happened to be in his way as he was making his big getaway.'

'You could've been killed…'

'Luckily the bullet just grazed me. Didn't hit anything real important in there. Doc said my leg should heal up fine in no time. Bound to leave a bit of a scar, though. By the way,' he joked, 'I read somewhere that women find battle scars sexy on a man. You're a woman, so what do you think about that?'

Ignoring his attempt at being humorous, Maddie's fingers lightly touched his injured leg.

'See, that there…the best pain reliever in the world…your soft fingers touching my leg like that. Works like magic every time,' David said, with a wink. She smiled.

Maddie moved her hand to take David's hand and placed them both on her belly. She intertwined her fingers with his and stared at him with tears in her eyes.


'Yeah. It is pretty amazing, knowing there's a little baby growing in there. You know, David, it makes me sad that you found out about the baby from Agnes and Bert. I never should've done that…leave a message on Agnes' machine, I mean.'

Hesitantly, David asked, 'Is it mine?'

'The doctor said we can do a blood test…a paternity test after the baby is born.'

'Does Sam know?'

Maddie just shook her head no. She had decided a while ago that she would deal with Sam after the baby is born, if need be. She figured it was not likely to be Sam's child anyway.

Lightening the mood, David asked, 'So…are you home for good, or are you heading back to Chicago now that you know I'm still in the land of the living?'

'Home…for good.'

'And what about us?' David asked, as he softly squeezed her hand.


'Yeah, you've certainly had plenty of time to consider.' David bit his lip in anticipation.

Maddie leaned in, hesitating just for a moment to look him in the eye and wet her lips, and then softly covered his mouth with hers. She then pulled back and said, 'Does that answer your question?' She went in for another kiss, but David stopped her by grasping onto both her hands.

'Yes….no, Maddie, look, I love when you kiss me, you know I do, but I need to know, what does that kiss mean?'

Embarrassed, she lowered her head, and said, 'I know, I shouldn't have done that. What I should be doing is asking for your forgiveness first.' She then looked up, searching his eyes for a clue as to what he was thinking.

David was still holding onto her right hand, rubbing her palm with his thumb. 'Forgiveness?'

'Forgiveness. For running off to Chicago…for not letting you call me?'

He moved his hand across her lap and around her hip to pull her close enough to be able to place a gentle kiss on her forehead. 'I can forgive you,' he said, losing himself in the feeling of having her in his arms again, kissing her eyelids, her cheek, her lips. He was getting carried away when he suddenly pulled back. 'The truth is…I want to forgive you, I want to trust you, but you hurt me real bad, Maddie, more than I think you know.' His heart was pounding in his chest.

It was like Maddie to believe that she never did anything wrong, and apologies were not easy for her to make. But she could see how deeply her actions affected David. With tears in her eyes, she admitted, 'I think I do know. David, all you ever did was love me, and I was awful to you. You didn't deserve any of it. I hurt you, and I'm sorry.' Feeling awkward and a bit uncomfortable, Maddie turned away from him. "I should go.'

'Don't go,' David said, wrapping his arm around her waist. 'Look at me…I still love you, Maddie. Nothing will ever change that.'

'I love you, too.'

They smiled sweetly at each other and shared a quick kiss just as the nurse walked in the room. They had so much more to talk about, more catching up to do, but David needed to be taken for an x-ray. Maddie promised him she'd come back later during evening visiting hours.

Maddie was starving so she grabbed a quick bite to eat at the hospital café. She then took a cab back to her house. It was around 3 o'clock in the afternoon when she decided to lay down on the couch for what was to be a quick nap. The phone ringing woke her up from a deep sleep.


'Hey, it's me…you sound like you just woke up.'

'I did, I was exhausted. What time is it? I fell asleep on the couch.'

'It's 7:30. I'm glad you rested. Listen, visiting hours are about to end, so I want you to stay home tonight. You can come pick me up when they discharge me in the morning.'

'Okay, I'll come get you then.'

'Maddie, get a good night's sleep, but eat something first. Gotta think about what's best for the bambino.'

'I will. I'll have something delivered. Chinese maybe.'

'Mmmm, sounds good. Save me some.'

'How do you feel tonight? How's your leg?'

"Leg's not feeling great, but me? Honey, I've been on Cloud 9 ever since you walked through my door. I missed you so much, Maddie.'

'I missed you, too. I'll see you in the morning…sleep well, good night.'

'Good night, Maddie.'

The next morning David woke feeling happier than he'd felt in months. With the help of his nurse, he got washed up and dressed, and practiced getting around on crutches. He was standing near a chair next to the bed when the discharge nurse walked in. In an instant, all the strength in his legs gave out when he recognized her as the woman he slept with the night he went out drinking with Bert. He grabbed the chair and had to sit down; he felt so dizzy. She, on the other hand, appeared very pleased and charmed to see him.

'Hello…funny running into you again, David.'

'Yeah…hi, uh…'


'Right, Rita. I'm surprised to see you here.'

'I'm sure,' she said giving him a knowing smile. 'What happened to you?'

'Oh, let's just say I'm a victim of a very sloppy bowling alley concession stand robbery. Couldn't make that one up if I tried. Crazy, huh?'

'Well, I can tell you I've heard crazier. You're lucky your injuries weren't worse.'

David nodded his head. Rita pulled up a chair.

'Now David, let's go over your discharge paperwork.' Rita went through a lengthy list of instructions on how to care for his wound. He signed the papers and thanked her. She then asked, with a hint of curiosity, 'So, do you have anyone at home who can help you? Wife or a girlfriend, perhaps?' She touched his thigh with her pen, suggestively moving it back and forth. David couldn't deny that Rita was an attractive woman, but this…this needed to stop.

'Yes, I do,' he said firmly, and he left it at that. Maybe she's subtly pursuing him, he thought, or maybe she simply wants to know if she slept with a married man, but either way, David was eager for her to leave.

Just then Maddie walked in the room.

'Maddie, hi!' David was jittery and his face was flush, like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. 'Great googly-moogly you got here fast!'

'I spoke to you over an hour ago. I told you I was leaving soon.' She looked great, he noticed, well-rested and cheerful.

'Well, we just finished up here, and I'm all ready to go.'

Maddie noticed that David was acting a bit flustered and somewhat uncomfortable. Concerned, she looked at Rita and asked, 'He still seems to be having some pain, does he have his medication with him?'

Rita offered to shake Maddie's hand. 'Hi I'm Nurse Corley. Yes, he does, along with the instructions to care for his wound. Of course, he will need some help with that. You must be relieved that he's recovering so quickly. Take care of him. David's a great guy.' With that, Rita winks at David and slides past Maddie.

'Thank you, I will,' Maddie said, with a questioning look.

Rita was quickly forgotten though, as Maddie started to pull together David's belongings, mostly just Get-Well cards from the office staff, his crutches and an obnoxiously large helium balloon in the shape of a band-aid from his brother, Richie. Waiting for the aide to come with the wheelchair, Maddie and David found themselves sitting together on the edge of the bed. David was oddly quiet, clearly affected by seeing Rita again. Maddie, unsure how to read him, reached for his hand, rubbed it tenderly as a silent reassurance of her presence.

Despite the previous day's emotional declarations of love and forgiveness, conversation was light in the car on the way to Maddie's house. As soon as they got inside, David went to lie down on the couch and rest, while Maddie ordered sandwiches to be delivered for a late lunch. She set up trays in the living room so that David would be comfortable while they ate together.

But while Maddie was trying so hard to be helpful and sweet to him, David could not stop thinking about Rita. He felt a tremendous amount of guilt about sleeping with her. Maddie had been gone for about two weeks, and he was going out of his mind with anger and depression. She wouldn't speak to him, wouldn't give him any indication that she would ever come back. He was at the absolute end of his rope. And there was Rita, ready and willing to ease his frustration. He knew they loved each other when Maddie left, but there was no commitment, so at times he was able to convince himself that he did nothing wrong. But now that Maddie returned, did he owe it to her to tell her what happened? If she ever found out he was keeping a secret like this, it could ruin their relationship. Yesterday, she apologized and asked for his forgiveness. Wasn't it only fair that he fesses up and does the same? All of these thoughts were spinning around in his head like a tornado when he accidentally knocked over his tray and his lunch fell onto the floor.

'God damn it!' he blurted out.


'I'm sorry, it's my fault, maybe I shouldn't be here…' He was becoming emotional. She could hear it in his voice, but for the life of her she couldn't understand why.

'David, what's wrong with you!?

Brooding, like he was about to burst, he said, 'Maddie, I can't do this!'

'What do you mean, you can't do this? David, you're scaring me!'

'I mean I can't be dishonest with you. Grrrr…this is just eating me up inside!'

David couldn't stand up, so he forced himself to calm down and breathe.

'Maddie, do you remember the nurse in the hospital this morning?'


David slowly closed and then opened his eyes, swallowed the lump in his throat and said, 'I slept with her.' There, he did it, he thought. He passed the point of no return.

Shocked, but without yelling, Maddie went on, 'What do you mean, you slept with her? When…like a few years ago?'

This pains him to tell her. 'More like a few weeks ago. Actually, it was a couple weeks after you left for Chicago.'

Maddie shook her head back and forth. She could hardly believe what she just heard. With disgust in her voice, she looked him straight in the eye and said, 'How could you?'

Maddie's question broke the dam that had been holding back David's anger. He grabbed one of his crutches and stood up. He raised his voice to her, and said, 'How…how could I? Maddie! You wouldn't let me talk to you! I couldn't tell you how I felt! Couldn't tell you how I missed you so God damn much that I would go straight home after work and sit by the phone because maybe – just maybe – you'd call! I couldn't tell you how I would lay in bed at night aching for you. You wouldn't let me share any of this with you! My God, Maddie, that woman I slept with, I never wanted her. I wanted you!'

David stopped to sit back down on the couch and take a breath. Maddie stood there before him, completely speechless. He felt bad for yelling at her, so he lowered his voice and continued. 'Maddie, there came a point after you left when I just told myself that maybe you didn't care anymore…about me, about us. So, on this one night I grabbed Bert, and we went to a bar and met these two women. We ended up back at their apartment. Bert didn't stay long. He wanted to leave and go patch things up with Agnes. He tried really hard to get me to leave with him, but I uh…I didn't listen. I stayed.'

Maddie couldn't move, and she couldn't look at him.

'After she and I, uh…, well…I just got up, got dressed and left. Walked around the city…for hours until the sun came up. I was so ashamed of myself, Maddie, but at the same time, in my head, I'm blaming you. I don't think I'd ever been more confused in my entire life. I mean, what kind of man am I? How could I love someone as much as I love you, and then turn around and betray your trust like that? I think maybe for that one night, I just needed to be numb to it all, you know? And, I'm sorry.'

David stopped talking, and with wet eyes, looked up at Maddie. She said nothing, just calmly walked to the foyer, grabbed her keys and purse, and walked out the door. He could hear her start the car and drive away.

David was lying on the couch an hour later when he finally heard Maddie's car pull up into the driveway. Thank God she came back, he thought. He got up and used his crutches to walk over to the front window when she didn't come in after a few minutes passed. He could see her sitting there in the car, her head hung low. It broke his heart. He could only stand for a short time before his leg began to hurt, so he walked back to the couch. Another long hour passed before he heard her open the door.

There were no lights on when Maddie walked into the room, and the sun had started to set. She turned on a small table lamp, and saw David sitting, holding his head in his hands. Her heart ached for him. He looked up once, and then looked away. She went to a chair near the couch and sat down.

'Do you feel okay,' she asked, 'Is your leg hurting?'

'Nah, just a bad headache is all.'

David felt sick to his stomach waiting for Maddie to speak. He knew she had something important to say, words that would likely determine his future happiness. Sometimes he hated that he fell so deep for her. The pain she caused him, at times, it was excruciating. But when she loved him, there was no greater high. He was hooked for life.

The uncomfortable silence felt like an eternity. Finally, Maddie worked up the courage to speak.

'David, I know you're sitting here in the dark, feeling guilty, but I understand why you slept with that woman. I heard every word you said earlier, and it hurts me so much to know you did that. But David, I guess I have to make a choice, right? I can either be angry at you for what you did, or I can love you more because you chose to be honest with me.'

She hoped that would get him to look at her; to find out what option she'd chosen and if she'd forgiven him. But he did not move, nor did he speak.

It was at that moment that Maddie realized, for the first time perhaps, the depth of this huge mess she created, and that all of it truly was her fault. She stood up and walked over to the window. She took a deep breath, and exhaled, signifying a change of course.

Looking outside, she said, 'Boy, I really messed things up, didn't I?' It was a confession of sorts, made more to herself than to him. 'I'm gonna fix it, though…because this relationship…what you and I have…I know it's worth fighting for.' She turned to look at him. 'David, I don't ever want to hurt you again. And, I know if we just listen more and respect each other's feelings that we will be okay. To me, David…you are worth it.'

David was completely blown away by Maddie's words to him. For the first time in months, he felt like the dark cloud he was under just disappeared, and the bright warm sun was shining down on him.

Looking into his gorgeous green eyes, she said, 'That night when Agnus called to tell me you were in the hospital, I was so scared that I would lose you. I realized that you are the most important person in the world to me, and I need you to know that.'

Swelling with emotion, David reached out for her, and she moved to sit next to him on the couch. He wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in the crook of her neck. She then took his hand and held it to her face. He caressed her cheek with his thumb, drying her tears.

'I'm so sorry, David, for all of it.'

'I'm sorry, too.'

'I love you, David. You know what I want? I want for us to start over…with a clean slate.'

'Yeah, I like that…a clean slate. Me…you…and the baby.'

She grabbed his face and kissed him quickly on the lips.

'Wait right here.'

Maddie ran into the kitchen, stopping along the way to turn on a little soft music, and returned with two wine glasses filled with ginger ale, one for David and one for herself. She was also holding a piece of paper. David pulled Maddie down to sit next to him. She showed him an ultrasound photo of the baby. David took the photo and studied it carefully.

'You know, David, ever since I found out I was pregnant, I wish every day, with my whole heart, that this baby is yours. I want to be able to give you that.'

David looked at her with his lopsided grin and squeezed her hand. He wishes for the same thing.

'This part here, is that the baby?'

'Yeah, as of about a week ago.'

'Can you tell if it's a girl or a boy?'

'Not yet, but we can find out in a few months. Would you want to do that?'

'Yeah, I mean, I gotta know, do I buy a Phillies baseball onesie in pink or in blue?' Maddie smiled at his excitement about the baby.

Mesmerized by the picture, David said, 'Wow, we sure have a lot of important stuff to talk about, don't we?'

''I know, and we do…but let's talk about that stuff tomorrow.' She took the photo from him and placed it on the table. 'Tonight, I just want to take care of you…get reacquainted…get close…you know,' Maddie said a bit timidly.

'Sounds good to me,' David said. They clinked their glasses together, then took a sip of ginger ale. David pulled Maddie close to him. He held her tightly and kissed the top of her head.

'Who'd a thunk that getting shot in the leg during a bowling tournament would turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to me?'

'What!?' Maddie cried.

'It got you to come back to me, didn't it?'

'Don't say that.'

'Wait, I take that back. If it was truly the best thing that ever happened to me, I'd be upstairs in your bedroom right now, making hot sexy passionate love to you.' David playfully tickled Maddie's side and kissed her neck. Laughing, she sat up straight and turned to face him.

'David! Stop that! You have to be careful…you have to keep your leg up.'

'I know, I'm being careful. You know, Ms. Madolyn Hayes, you…you are the best thing…the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I knew it the moment you walked into my office, and I never doubted it, not for a second.'

David reached out to tuck Maddie's hair behind her ear, placing his hand behind her neck to pull her in for a slow, soft kiss. Needing to touch her, David slowly pulled off her suit jacket. His fingers traced along the lacy edge of her silk camisole, up to her bare shoulders, and he gently rubbed his hands up and down her arms leaving her skin warm and tingly. 'You are so beautiful,' he told her.

Maddie leaned further into him, placing her head on his shoulder. She wrapped her arms around him and slid her hand under his sweater, running her fingers all over his upper body. She really missed these quiet, romantic moments with him. She began to draw lazy figure eight patterns on his chest and smiled when she realized he was doing the same on her lower back.

Knowing this was as far as they would go tonight, they rested their heads on the back pillows and closed their eyes. The music was still playing softly in the background, and after a few minutes, David started humming along to the song that was on.

'You like this song?' Maddie asked.

Still with his eyes closed, 'Mm-hmm, one of my favorites. I think it's our song actually. Just listen.'

He sweetly sang along with the music, 'You're sugar and spice and everything nice. You're the girl of my, my, my, my dreams. If you wanted to leave me and roam, when you got back, I'd just say 'welcome home'. 'Cause honey, nothing…nothing can ever change this love I have for you. See babe, that's you and me.'

'Yeah, it is, isn't it?'

'Sure is.'



I always remember the line that David says to Maddie in "Symphony in Knocked Flat" when he's about to open the car trunk and Maddie's afraid it's going to blow up. He says, 'I leave you my Sam Cooke records.' I had never heard of Sam Cooke before, but I love music, so I started to take notice and listen to some of his music. When I was writing this story, I envisioned it as an actual episode of the show. I thought, this song - 'Nothing Can Change This Love' - would have been perfect playing in the background while Maddie and David were sitting together on the couch at the end. Anyhow, it's a great song, and now that you've read this story, if you ever get a chance to listen to it, it may just make you think of Maddie and David.