"You dare to presume your role in this world! To take that which is not yours!?"

The shout rang out filled with hate and malice as she tried to grit her teeth against the pain of the strikes she took as penance. Pain radiated out of her body and soul as well with each blow. For each blow took a piece of who she was, her life force in a sense. Though her kind were ageless, they did die if their Light faded enough and that was what was taken, her Light.

She grit her teeth, defiant to the end as each blow landed again and again. Pausing only to give her time to recover before another fell. Enough time to give feeling to each and every stroke.

"You are the Great Wolf! You know the rules! Saving a human who means nothing in the life of the World, and then using our magic to heal him without permission! How dare you think you are above the Laws! You...you are NOTHING!"

The Lord High Priest sought to break her more in spirit as body as he cast venom upon her with his words. For all gathered to hear! Each one watching her punishment and doing nothing. Portraying nothing. No expressions did they give to give her a clue to how they felt at this treatment. Not even her own father. He stood, solid as stone. Her eyes locked with his only once and seeing no help there, she buried her emotions deep inside, turned her face to the ground and bared her teeth against the whips onslaught. She was alone in this.

But no, not completely alone. If she turned her mind inwards, she could 'see' William, watching, listening. Feel his rage, his agony at this punishment she would willingly endure for saving him. For to her, he WAS worth it. She allowed her minds eye to connect with his and for an instant, something happened between them. They connected! She felt it deep within her as she gasped softly but then quick as it came, it faded upon wings of agony!

Curses fell from the Lord High Priests lips as her endurance seemed to falter. Hands hit the ground as she tried to remain somewhat upright, only for them to give as she crashed to the ground. She tilted her head and looked inwards once more and her hand moved on its own accord, reaching out to the thin air but in her minds eye, she reached for William, and he responded and lifted his own hand and for a moment, she felt his gentle caress, even though they were leagues apart. For a split second, all was Light, before the darkness came and crashed back upon her and all was left was unbearable pain as she screamed and tried to curl into a ball in order to protect herself. Malice and hate spewed from above her, Darkness creeping in to claim her. William! Where was William!?

Darkness! Death! Alone...so alone!


She shot up out of bed with a strangled gasp, her heart pounding as she struggled to breathe. Sweat dripped from the back of her neck, and down her face as her hands came up to cover her face. It was a dream! Only a dream! But no, it had happened. It had been real! It was only a nightmare, that returned to haunt her. That and nothing more.

She gave a loud yelp, however, when her bedroom door flew open and only breathed easier when she saw William standing there. Dark hair mussed from sleep and cascading over his shoulders, dark sleeping pants tied snugly to his waist, bare from the waist up. He had heard her cry and come running. Seeing her in distress but seeing no harm was forthcoming, he strode over to her, climbed into the bed beside her and took her gently into his arms, kissing the top of her head.

"It's alright Rebecca." He whispered to her as she burrowed into his embrace. Soft sobs shaking her form. "I'm here. You are safe, Little Wolf. It's alright." He moved them both gently so that he was resting against her headboard, giving her space to curl up into his embrace. His hand trailing slowly up and down her back as he held her.

This was becoming almost a nightly occurrence, it seemed as almost every night after she woke up screaming! Things had gone back to a quiet normal between herself and William, and yet the dreams had started up again and she didn't know why. Nor how to stop it, her memories ran rampant and she couldn't shut them off. Had it only been four months since that time? And yet, every night, it felt like it was happening all over again. Only William could chase the demons away, each and every night it happened. She wasn't aware how someone like the Lord High Priest could hate her so much. For that was how he had acted, in hatred. She had felt it. Even if everyone else present hadn't.

"Shhh. Rebecca. I am here. Don't cry, Love. You are safe." William whispered softly as he curled around her, tightening his hold as if to protect her from even her dreams. "Listen to my voice. It is me and you, just us here. Breathe, Rebecca. Breathe. It's alright."

William felt helpless, just as much now as he did when he had been forced to 'watch' what Rebecca had gone through. He had been enraged at her treatment, but this, this just about broke him again. He knew something was different between them, for he would do anything to protect her, when that usually went against his nature. The cold, cruel fa├žade fading whenever she was near, and something warm and even gentle emerging. He answered her cries each and every time. Feeling his heart break as he held her, comforted her till she settled. She was HIS! He still felt awkward as that feeling of possessiveness wafted within him, but he wouldn't deny it. Not anymore.

Slowly, listening to his soft voice, feeling the warmth of him surrounding her, Becca settled and her sobs faded to small sniffs. She held William tightly and nuzzled into his chest, inhaling his scent and that helped calm her. Hearing his strong heart beat under her ear.

She blinked a few times to clear her sight and tilted her head up to meet his eyes. So full of concern as she looked up at him.

"I'm...I'm alright, William." Her voice soft. "I am sorry to have woken you."

"Nonsense." William replied with a smirk to his tone. "You know if you need me, I am here. How can I not be? Are you not mine, Little Wolf?" He teased her, but it made her smile faintly. "There's my girl." He booped her nose lightly with his finger and she snorted a laugh.

"Stop it! That's not funny." She tried to be angry with him, as she didn't like having her nose booped, and he knew it; but she was being playful and gave him a light scowl. Resting her head against his chest, she sighed softly. "Am I yours, William?" She asked. They had yet to actually discuss what had happened between them and what it meant to each other.

His arms tightened around her considerably and he buried his face into her hair, sighing as well. How was he to tell her how he felt, when he had never felt such a way before? He had felt that connection between them that horrible night. Had answered her call even then and had felt her fingers brush with his even though they were separated by space and time. This...was all new to him and it terrified him and excited him at the same time.

"We don't have to talk about that now, Rebecca." His voice soothing as he lifted his head to look back down at her.

"But...I WANT to, William."

"Want to what?" His voice went guarded as he had gone very still around her, hardly daring to breathe.

"To...to be yours." Becca bit her lip at her boldness and felt her cheeks flame. For her kind, they only mated and had feelings for their own. William was human. She, was not. It was a very rare thing indeed. But she couldn't deny that the bond between them had grown considerably in the past few months.

Even more after they had made up from their fight, they spent almost every waking moment together. Talking, learning. She had told him things that she had never told anyone, opened up to him when it went against her better nature. Only to part when the sun went down and returned to their respective rooms and beds. But even separated, she could still feel him, and he, her, deep within not just her mind now, but her soul. Hadn't her father said that first day when he scolded her for her actions, that their lives were now entwined? She didn't understand what that meant then, but she was starting to.

"Are you...sure?" Williams voice shook just the tiniest bit as he lifted her chin so that their eyes might meet and hold. "You know how difficult I can be, Rebecca. But rest assured that I would do anything for you. Be anything for you. Protect you with my life." His voice had dropped an octave as he spoke, the conviction burning in his eyes that he would do as he said. His thumb lightly traced her cheek as his eyes went to her lips and back to her eyes. Searching. Did she truly understand what she asked?

Something had changed, with just that single sentence and she saw it in his eyes. The gentleness and tenderness was still there within him, but something else peeked through. Something they had been dancing around for months now. Hunger. Need. Want. He desired her? How had she missed that?

She gulped softly and he took her hesitance and silence the wrong way. Sighing, he kissed her forehead and pulled back from her, moving to slide off the bed. "Do not worry, Rebecca. I will always be here for you. But I think it best to let you rest now. We can talk in the morning."

He was leaving!? She didn't want him to leave! Reaching out, she caught his wrist as he sought to push off the bed to stand. "No! William...don't go!" She beseeched him.

He froze, his back to her as he turned his face just the slightest to be able to see her out of the corner of his eye. "Do not concern yourself, Rebecca. I don't want you to do anything you will regret. We can talk in the morning..."

"But I wouldn't regret you, William! Not ever!" She slid up to the end of the bed and rose up on her knees to bring herself to eye height to him. Reaching out to turn his face back to hers. "I might not understand all these emotions as you do. I am not raised or brought up that way. Our kind only associate and mate with others of our kind. Never with anyone else." She paused and bit her lip. "But when I saw you on that battlefield, and you SAW me, actually saw me, I knew that there was something there, between us. Something that I wanted to discover, with you, William. You and no other." She tilted her head as her eyes searched his. She moved her arms to wrap lightly around his neck, pressing her forehead lightly against his as she played with the ends of his long raven, black hair. "I WANT you, William. I want to be yours. I would never regret that decision. Never." She whispered.

His heart was pounding out of his chest with each and every word that fell from his Angels lips. She...wanted him? Wanted to be with him? Seeing the look in her eyes, the emotions wafting within them, that decided him! Leaning forward, he silenced her last sentence, crushing his lips to hers in a soul-searing, passionate kiss! Something he had been wanting to do for a very long time if he was honest with himself. Ever since he had kissed her that first time! His hands came up to wrap around her body, pulling her closer as he slipped his tongue along her bottom lip, begging for entrance and groaning softly when she complied. She was so sweet!

Pulling back, panting softly, he looked down at her to gauge her mood. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, William. I am sure." Becca tilted her head back up to him and kissed him, feeling something inside flare up at that passionate of embraces. She trailed tiny kisses from his lips to his cheek and then down his neck. Feeling his hands and lips upon her enflamed her. This was all so new and she wanted more!

At her kiss, he lifted her up into his arms, feeling her instinctively wrapping her legs around his waist and growled in delight against her throat as he moved so she was under him, resting lightly in the pillows. Pulling back to look at her, he felt his heart swell as he watched her. Blushing and beautiful and wanting. It made him shiver, he had been without a woman for so long, but this wasn't just any woman! This was his Angel, and he would worship her!

Starting slowly, he kissed her tenderly. His hands trailing her form slowly as if to tease her, coming to stop at her breasts, kneading them softly through her nightie. He felt her stiffen at his touch, but then arch into his hands and he nearly groaned again at how receptive she was. Her nipples hardening under his caresses as he kissed down her neck slowly, licking and nipping at her collarbones. Moving aside her shirt as he went, he kissed a line down her chest before flicking his warm tongue over a pert nipple. Loving it as she gasped and moaned softly for him. Such a beautiful sound.

"William...what...ohhhh!" Becca felt as if her body burned under Williams soft, slow, sensual ministrations. He knew where and how to touch her to make her feel so much! Strangely though, she was not embarrassed being naked before him. It was as if they were one already, for he could hear her thoughts just as easily as she could hear his and so he knew, if he listened, what he made her feel.

Her hands gripped his shoulders as her nails left small crescents in his pale skin. Her back arching gently like a wave at his teasing's and when he took her breast into his mouth fully, she almost choked on the cry that wanted to leave her lips! Her hands moving to his hair, threading fingers through his raven locks, as if to hold him there. Never had she felt anything like this! When he moved to her other breast, she moaned and pulled slightly at his long raven hair, moving her hands down to his face to pull him back up to claim his lips in a kiss!


"Rebecca...!" He breathed against her lips as their eyes met and held. His breathing already hitching as his heart ran rampant in his chest. He knew now, it beat, only for her. He had grown hard at their teasing's and he arched his hips lightly against hers, teasing and delighting as her eyes flew wide at feeling his bulk rub against her panties, trapped still within his pants. He watched her reactions and noted without a doubt that he would be her first. That, made his heart swell with passion and possessiveness. He wanted her! Needed her! And he would have her. "Breathe Love." He chuckled when he realized she had stopped breathing. "We haven't even started yet." He whispered into her ear. His warm breath tickling and making her shudder against him.

He rolled so that she was on top and positioned her slightly behind his cock, so she could see the bulge within his pants. This being her first time, he wanted her to feel comfortable. To explore if she so desired first. "See what you do to me, Rebecca? I desire you, above all others." His voice was soft, but lust filled and he grinned softly at how she trembled as he spoke. He took her hand and guided it down to his member and allowed her to touch through his pants, grey-green orbs seeming to glow as he watched her every expression and movements. "Touch me. I am yours."

Becca actually stopped breathing then, hearing Williams words and feeling his length under her hand. He was by no means small! How would something like that fit!? She froze and he chuckled softly, the sound making her whimper in delight. Slowly, she began to move her hand upon him, watching him as she did so. Even through his pants, his eyes fluttered shut and he made the most beautiful sound she had ever heard. It made her want to explore him more! To please him! For she found that to please him, pleased her! Moving her hand to the hem of his pants, she paused and looked up at him.

"May I?" Her words whispered so faintly he almost didn't hear them. Opening his eyes to look at her, he nodded.

At his permission, she slid his pants off his hips, exposing him to her eyes for the first time. Soft curls of dark hair led down to where he lay and she felt her eyes widen again at the sight of him. But, she let her gaze travel the whole of him and he took her breath away. He was Glorious and he was all hers! Smiling wickedly, she stretched out beside him and kissed down his body, learning any places upon him that provided her with a noise or a twitch. Those spots she remembered and 'tormented' until moving on to the next one. Her hand wrapped around his cock, moving slowly up and down as her lips blazed a path along his lithe form. Growing ever more confident at the sounds she pulled from him. He was vocal and she loved it! Each moan, groan or call of her name enflamed her and made her insides clench!

When she reached his apex, she settled herself in between his legs and looking up into his hazed, love filled eyes, she flicked her tongue from his base to the tip. Her eyes never leaving his, before she took him fully into her mouth. Delighting in the gasped, strangled cry that earned her. She took him as deep as she could, flicking her tongue against him as she found a rhythm that suited her. Her hand still holding and stroking in time with her mouth and tongue. She loved how he reacted and it emboldened her, made her body shudder in bliss as she pleased him.

She was shy at first, William noted and his soft smile seemed to encourage her but once she began, that shyness disappeared. Feeling her hands upon him had him biting his lip and hissing in pleasure, but add her lips to his heated skin and it took all of his control not to pull her back under him! When she found his sensitive spots, he groaned or cried out as each sensation pulled him higher, made his body burn in the most exquisite way. He had had many lovers before, but none had ever made him burn in this way. It was bliss, ecstasy!

When she flicked her tongue along his length, she caught him by surprise and his eyes widened as his fists gripped the bedsheets in an attempt to remain still and let her explore. But upon feeling her mouth upon him, he almost came undone! His back ached slowly as he tried to keep his hips from rocking into her mouth. His head tilted back into the pillows as his eyes slid shut as he grit his teeth as the sensations stole his very breath. Only her name was he able to utter as she pleasured him willingly. His breathing came in great gasping breathes as he trembled and bucked, opening his eyes a moment to look down at her; and seeing himself disappear over and over into her warm mouth, he groaned loudly and fell back into the pillows. He had to stop her, or he wouldn't last!

"Rebecca...Love. Stop." He managed to gasp out and tilted his head up to catch her confused look. "I won't last if you continue." He said with a breathless chuckle and sat up, reaching for her and pulling her close. He moved a stray lock of hair out of her face and kissed her, rolling so that she was under him once more.

Laying her back into the pillows, he deepened their kiss, his hands caressing her cheeks and trailing lightly down her body as he kissed her. Ghosting over her breasts and loving the soft gasp against his lips, did he continue downward till he found her warm center. At stroking his fingers lightly against her folds, she pulled back with a loud gasp and he saw questions within her eyes. Knowing this was her first, he nuzzled her gently, nipping at her shoulder. "It's alright Love. Relax. I seek to please you."

She trembled against him and he felt her relax but a little as he parted her folds gently and found her wet, warm core. Slicking his fingers against her outsides, he teased her, finding that tiny nub and rubbed small, slow circles against it. Watching her slowly come undone with but his fingers.

She had no idea anything could feel so good! At his gentle touch, she gasped and felt her hips buck instinctively towards his touch. She wanted him! Wanted him to do this! Is this what he had felt? Surely she was dying, for nothing had ever made her feel this way! So many different emotions wafted through her and hearing his soft words, she relaxed long enough until he found her clit and then she nearly came off the bed! Dear Gods in Valhalla! What a sensation! She could only utter a strangled moan as she writhed lightly under him.

He didn't stop his administrations as he angled himself over her and kissed down her body. Leaving light marks with his nips, claiming her as his. Kissing past her breasts, nipping at her sides and over the curve of her hips and over her stomach before pressing a light kiss just at the top of her womanhood. Moving his fingers, he pushed gently against her thighs and settled between them. He cast a glance up at Becca once before leaning down and flicked his tongue out and tasted her for the first time. The cry and the way she responded to him, made his stomach clench. Using fingers to part her folds, he dove deeper against her, probing with his tongue as he seemed to devour her. Knowing just how to please her and wanting to make her completely come undone!

"William! Gods! WILLIAM!" Becca's voice rang out over and over as the sensations of love and ecstasy threatened to drown her. Her body trembled on its own as pleasure and bliss overloaded her senses. Her insides clenched as she felt her body grow warm. Something was happening to her and for once she didn't think and just enjoyed! Her hands pulling at the sheets as she twisted and turned slightly under him, her hips arching in time to his licks. She couldn't breathe! She lost all sensation as something burst within her, causing her to scream his name as her body went numb and burned out of control at the same time.

Feeling her release, William licked up every last drop before slowly kissing back up her body, nipping at her breasts and shoulders. Delighting in how flushed she seemed to be and claiming her lips as he reached them. His tongue tangled with hers as they kissed, allowing her to taste herself upon him and hearing her moan because of it made him shudder. His body covered hers as she lifted her arms to wrap them lightly around his neck and he felt her freeze when she felt him resting against her thigh. He pulled back gently and looked deep into her eyes.

"We don't have to, Rebecca, If you are not ready." He panted softly as he kissed her cheeks, her nose, her forehead. "Even now, we can stop." This was something he would never have offered any of his past lovers. Once he began, he was like a hunter and would not stop until he was sated. But with her, his Angel, he wanted this to be different. Wanted to know that what they were experiencing together, was real.

"No. Don't stop. Please."

"It will hurt the first time, Love." He whispered. "Only for a moment and then it will fade. Try to relax, it makes it easier. I will never hurt you..." He kissed her again and waited until she relaxed into it before angling his hips to line up with hers and ever so slowly, began to push into her. Groaning softly against her lips at how tight, how wet she was.

Becca tried to do as William bid and relax but the moment she felt him enter her, her body tensed as her arms tightened around him, her nails digging into his back. He was so big! She felt stretched and full and she was positive he wouldn't fit! A thought that made William chuckle softly into her mind. 'Relax, Love.' His soft whisper ghosted through her mind and that helped to steady her. 'Ready?' He asked and at her nod, arched his hips hard against her, sending him through her barrier. Pain shot through her enough to make her whimper against his lips as he had kissed her deeply to muffle her sounds as he had made her forever his. Her body stiffened only to slowly relax against him as he pulled out gently and then pushed back in. In. Out. In. Out. He was so very gentle as he moved within her, letting her get used to him, kissing down her neck and she happily obliged, turning her head to give him better access as the pain fled to be replaced with the most glorious pleasure she had ever felt. But she could tell, after a few moments, that he was holding back and that made her growl playfully at him. Bringing his face back up to hers, she ran her fingers through his long hair and rained kisses over his face.

"Don't hold back, William. You won't hurt me." She whispered with want, need for him.

Giving a low growl himself, he shifted so that he was hovering over her, hands on both sides of her head, staring down at her as he angled the way he moved within her and picked up the pace. The way he was positioned, his body hit hers in a different way that sparked different sensations and had her moaning and crying out the faster her went. His body moving like a well oiled machine above her as he grit his teeth and thrust harder, deeper into her. Giving her everything he had and then finding some hidden reserve and giving her that too! Loving each and every cry he pulled from her lips, every moan, every gasp, it fueled him in a way he had never felt. Making him pant with desire, gasping as a soft sheen of sweat covered his body as he arched above her. Only to pull her closer, slipping his arms under her and covering her once more with his body, gripping her hips, he pounded into her, letting himself out just as she had asked.

It was a different sensation for him too, for no woman had ever been able to sheath him fully, let alone take him at his hardest and that she could just about made him faint! It was driving him insane! He could be gentle, but his tastes also ran towards the dark side at times and it was hard, to find one in his time, who could sate him fully. That Rebecca could and would, willingly, made him cry out a strangled hoarse cry as he felt her tremble around him, milking him in such a way that left him panting. He was so close, but he held off until he felt her go and feeling her body spasm around and under him, he threw back his head and groaned out her name as he emptied himself into her, his hips arching slowly against her now as they rode out their release together. Rolling over to his side, did he pull her tight against him, holding her close as both came down off the most wonderful highs they had ever felt.

Tilting his head down at hearing a soft sob, his eyes furrowed in concern as he moved to embrace his Angel against his chest, trying to catch her eyes.

"Rebecca? Are you alright? Did I hurt you?" He asked, concern and fear laced his voice, pulling her eyes to his.

"No, William. You didn't. I am perfect! I just...haven't experienced anything like that before and it was wonderful! You are wonderful!" She replied, smiling up at him brightly. She felt so much at this moment and was so very, utterly happy.

He breathed easier, hearing her reply and kissed her tenderly, rubbing his nose against her. "I love you, my Little Wolf."

She looked up into his grey sea-green eyes and her smile bloomed brighter then even the sun. He had said it first, and meant it. "I love you, William. Always."

His smile was soft, as he pulled her closer still and leaned up to grab the covers and covered them both. Tucking her under his chin, he kissed the top of her head. "Rest Love. Tomorrow is a new day. One we will face together."

Giving a soft sigh, she laid against him, hearing his heart under her ear and slipped into sleep, safe in his arms. No nightmares dared plague her as long as William was with her and now, he was hers as she was his, in every single way.


Sleep was pulled from them both at the insistent knocking on her bedroom door. Becca started at the sound, and her eyes fluttered open, looking about in grogginess as she groaned softly upon hearing another banging at the door. William, too, had awoken and had taken on a protective posture around her, which he relaxed as a servant called out from behind closed doors.

"Lady Rebecca, your father requests your presence in the gardens. Bring your human."

She tilted her head back to smirk up at William and saw he had a playful smile upon his face as he stared down at her.

"Your human, huh?" He teased and kissed her, pulling her closer. Fully intending to make their morning a very good one, but almost burst out into laughter at the knock once more at the door.

"NOW, My Lady. Your Lord Father awaits!"

"Fine! Tell him we are on our way!" Becca called back as she nuzzled into Williams embrace and kissed him back. Giggling as she tenderly caressed his cheek. "Guess that means we have to get up. We can continue this line of thought later." She kissed him again before slipping slowly out of his arms. Heading towards the bathroom for a quick shower, she paused and blew a kiss behind her as she shut the doors.

William watched her as she walked and felt his heart jump and stutter as she disappeared behind closed doors. He laid back upon the bed with a loud sigh, his mind tumbling over everything that had transpired between them and the culmination of all things with the act of love they had shared together in the night. Hands raised to rub sleep from his face, he grinned and sat up, sliding out of bed, pulling on his pants as he went.

Taking several steps towards the door to leave to return to his room, he paused when he heard Rebecca begin to hum softly to herself. He realized also, that he was only half dressed. Not that he cared what people here thought, but it would be unseemly if he was to leave her room this early and in such a fashion. Besides, Rebecca's voice called to him and he found himself heading instead towards the doors to the showers instead of leaving.

Slipping inside the bathing rooms, he shut the door silently behind him and shed his clothes once more as he walked towards the shower, where his Angel waited. He joined her, her song ending in a soft yelp as she felt his arms wrap around her and his tender kiss to the back of her neck.

"Miss me?" He teased, smiling down at her as the water dripped over his face and hair.

"William! Wha...we can't!" She giggled and he claimed her lips in a heated kiss that nearly had her moaning. "My father..."

"Can wait." His words lust filled as he turned her back to him and gently took her hands into his, bracing them upon the wall of the shower. "Do you want me to stop?" He asked as his lips brushed the outer shell of her ear, his hands still atop hers. He could feel her trembling against him and knew that she wanted him as badly as he wanted her.

"Gods, No." She tilted her head back to glance at him and steal a kiss. "But...my father..."

"We will be quick, my Angel." He nipped at her right shoulder, his hands trailing down her arms, over her sides where he lightly made contact with her breasts and came to rest at her hips. "Spread your legs for me Darling." He whispered. When she complied, he arched his hips and rubbed himself against her ass, which pulled a soft moan from her throat. Angling himself just right, he pressed his body against hers and thrust up into her, kissing her where her shoulder met her neck as he moved deep within her. "Gods! So wet already for me. You are mine, Little Wolf! Mine!"

Braced against the wall, the feeling of the water raining down upon them both, Becca tossed her head back and muttered Williams name as they joined as one again. This time exceedingly better then the first time since there was no pain. There was only William! Only the pleasure he made her feel. His breath came in gasps as he moved within her, her body responding as she burned and milked him as she matched his pace and thrusts. Crying out his name softly, feeling her release come faster then before as she nearly ended on her tiptoes at how hard she came as he hit just the right spot within her. Moaning as she rode out the pleasure and then nearly came again when she felt William stiffen behind her, heard his groan of release as he too, went stiff as he chased his release with hers. Only to slowly relax against each other as the emotions faded slowly. Each struggling to catch their breath.

William withdrew and stood back, making sure Rebecca had her footing before he turned her back to face him and pulling her into his embrace, kissed her lovingly. "Now, that, is a way to wake up, is it not?" He chuckled softly, smiling down at her.

"Aye, We should do this more often." Her smile playful as she ran the fingers of one hand lightly through his wet hair, pushing it out of his face and delighting in his groan.

"That, can be arranged, Darling." His eyes smoldered as he stared down at her. "But first, we have to meet your father." He kissed her and helped her wash off and then washed off himself. Exiting the shower when they were both clean, he wrapped her up in a fluffy, warm towel and carried her back to her room. He wished he could lay her in the bed and take her again. Slowly, tenderly, but they had things to attend to first. Maybe later.

Gently setting her down, he was surprised to find a pair of clean clothes waiting for him upon her bed and he met Rebecca's smirk with a smile of surprise.

"Thought you might like to dress here, instead of walking about the castle half naked." She teased as she dropped the towel and began to dress.

William had to breathe to settle himself as she dropped the towel and nodded. "Thank you, Rebecca. I do, indeed, prefer this way. I belong to you and you alone." He winked as he began to dress as well. Finding that the green tunic fit him well if not a little snugly and the dark breeches were comfortable and fit him perfectly. Taking a brush in hand, he passed it through his hair a few times before tying it up in its usual black ribbon before turning to wait for her to be ready.

Dressed in flowing purple and white tunic, with matching dark pants, Becca had already fixed her hair and was ready when William was. "Shall we?"

At his nod, she headed for the door and stepped out into the brisk, bright sunlight and headed towards the gardens. They walked together in silence and William slipped his hand into hers, giving her hand a light squeeze and causing Becca to smile up at him. Though she was incredibly happy, Becca wondered what her Father could want? It made her anxiety kick in just a little and William seemed to sense it as he pulled her closer to his side.

"All will be well, Darling." He tried to reassure her, but he too, wondered what was wanted with them both.

Becca spotted her father before William did and seeing his posture and the way he waited, she stiffened slightly. He didn't seem exactly happy, but neither was he upset. She greeted him properly as they drew closer. Nodding in deference to him and nudging William to do the same.


The Lords eyes turned to see them both approach and noted that the human held hands with his child. His only child. His eyes narrowed slightly but he returned both their greetings before sighing.

"So, it is true then?" He asked, which made Becca pull a curious expression. "You and the Human." His eyes cut to William and locked for a moment. Almost like a battle of wills between the two men, before he narrowed them again and looked back to Becca. "You know I did not approve of what you did. Rescuing him. Healing him. But, you took your punishment for breaking our laws well and I can see that there is something between you both. You know the law though. No human may mate with a Valkira."

Becca went stiff as anger flooded her. "I know of no such law. You, yourself did so many years ago, father."

"Yes, but your mother was a Goddess forced to live as a human. Not an actual human so that isn't the same thing."

"I see no difference! Who says this is law?"

"The Lord High Priest, and the other counselors." Her father sighed softly. "I come as a warning to you, Daughter. Do not follow this path you walk. It will end only in folly." He paused. "To spare you from heartache and scandal, I have found a way to make this better."

Becca wasn't going to like this. She could tell instantly in the way her father said such things and the way he stood and looked between both she and William. Who had gone so still beside her.

"I have spoken with Time and he says that there is a way to reset the humans life force back in his time. To give him back his life, but in another place as if he had not died at all. I suggest you take this course, Daughter. It is best, for you and your human."

"WILLIAM, Father! He has a name!" Becca suddenly raged, making both men jump. "And who is this best for? Me? Him? YOU?" She spit venom as she wound up. "You did the exact same thing and had me many years ago. Are you saying now that that was a mistake? That I was a mistake? William isn't just some human I saved on a whim, father. He SAW me as I came to end him. SAW ME! And there was no fear within him. How could I leave him to that fate when he deserved so much more? What would you have done, Father? You tell me you would have done things differently and I will pretend to believe you! You saved mother, so don't you suggest anything for me. I paid for that sin, bled for it and now you ask me and William both to act like that never happened?!"

William had grabbed hold of her arm as if to steady her as Becca took a few steps towards her Father who had gone still in the face of her rage. He pulled her gently back into his embrace and could feel her trembling in anger. He too, was very angry that her own father would suggest such a thing. He loved Rebecca. More then he had ever loved anyone. How could he leave her? But then, how could he stay? Knowing that their love was wrong? He didn't understand that either.

The Lord sighed as Becca calmed within Williams embrace and saw what was plain to see. They loved each other. The damage had already been done. There was no undoing it, not anymore. "I offered you this only as a way to make things right. You are Valkira. He is a human. The only way for you to truly be together, here is for..." He trailed off and sighed, shaking his head.

"What? How?" William asked before Becca could rage at her father once more. His eyes seeming to glow in his rage and in his effort to protect the one he loved from more pain.

"To be together, here, you would have to give up your humanity." The Lord let that sentence settle upon all of them and heard Becca's soft intake of breath. Oh yes, she knew what that meant. "You would in a sense have to become immortal, like us. It is a dangerous, long and painful procedure and not many make it. It is more a test to find if you are worthy of such a thing then anything. If the Light finds you worthy, you return back from the Darkness whole and like us. But, if not, your soul slips away into the darkest of places that even we dare not venture and there pain and agony await you, for the rest of eternity." He sighed again and shook his head. "It is not something I would do lightly." He looked back between his daughter and William before nodding. "I will give you two weeks to discuss it together. Because of the festival that comes up in a week, you should have time to decide if this is what you truly want. You may give me your answer in that time." He reached out and placed his hand on Williams shoulder, his eyes narrowing again. "It is not often a human is offered this chance, but I can see you love my Daughter. If it is true, then you should have a chance to prove it. Prove you are worthy. I hope, for your sake, that you are found such. For both of you." He nodded and turned to leave. Leaving his only child and her human behind.

Becca turned and looked up at William as her father disappeared. This, was a lot to take in.


Hearing her soft words, he tilted his head down and lightly caressed her cheek with his broad hand.

"There is nothing to think about, Love. If I can be with you, I will do it. You bled for me once, now it is my turn. I will not fail. Not in this and not you." He leaned down and claimed her lips in a tender kiss. "I love you, Rebecca. My Angel, My Little Wolf."

"As I love you William. My heart, soul, is yours."

"Come, let us go back to our rooms and talk this over. You can tell me what I might expect." He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulling her close to his side, they headed back inside, and behind closed doors spent the rest of the day within each others arms.


Deep within the darkened caverns within the sacred lands, a supplicant bowed to a hooded figure waiting for them.

"It is as you feared, Sir." The smaller male spoke to the one that had arranged this meeting. "The Lord is considering giving the Human a chance to prove he can be Valkria. He seeks to test him."

The robed male made a sound that sounded like a growl and turned, coming into the light to grab the supplicant by the throat. It was the Lord High Priest!

"The Lord seeks to ruin us, with his weakness! His child is no different! I want that Humans head on a plate!" He hissed in rage as his dark eyes seemed to dance.

"But Sir, it has already been arranged!" The poor man choked as he tried to claw the Lord High Priests hand from his throat. "There is another way..."

Dropping the supplicant, the Lord High Priest narrowed his eyes and nodded, allowing the man to speak.

"The Lord has arranged also for the Human to go back to his own time, as if it never happened." He gasped out and actually shivered as the Lord High Priest chuckled and smiled wickedly.

"You have done well, my servant. Arrange it! If we have to kidnap him right out from under their noses so be it! That HUMAN will NEVER be a Valkria!"

So saying the supplicant bowed and raced away, while the Lord High Priest slithered back into the darkness.