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Bijū talking/jutsu

* scene changes *

Awakening of the Vixen

In the dark and dank forest that was Training Ground 44 aka The Forest of Death, of The Hidden Leaf Village. The second stage of the Chunin Exams was in full swing. A battle was reaching its climax on the thick branches of the trees, the combatants were Team 7 consisting of Sasuke Uchiha, a male of average height, black hair, black eyes with no visible pupils, fair complexion, dressed usually in dark clothing consisting of t-shirts and pants, and Sakura Haruno, a female of average height, pink hair, and green eyes, and very skinny for her age, with fair skin as well, and always seem to were some sort of combat dress. These two were currently bruised and beaten while their third member was holding off the enemy that had previously beaten the two.

The enemy was a kunoichi from the Hidden Grass Village, who had moments before swallowed the Earth scroll team 7 needed to pass the exam, and who currently had the last member of team 7 tied up and hanging from her extended tongue which was more like rope at this point. Sakura and Sasuke could only watch on in horror as the enemy kunoichi taunted their teammate, before lifting their shirt to reveal a seal of some kind. Before the two could even consider what that seal was, they noticed the kunoichi's fingertips glow purple before proceeding to place the glowing tips to the seal.

A scream ripped through the forest, a pained and stomach wrenching scream, one that signaled horrid pain. Sasuke and Sakura could hardly stand it but something compelled them to endure their teammate's screams, that something was the shocked expression on the enemy's face. They were at first not sure what was causing the shock but they soon learned why.

Their teammate, who was a male that went by the name Naruto Uzumaki, who had blond spikey hair, sky blue eyes, was slightly shorter than most and had on an eyesore of an orange jumpsuit, was now physically changing. His hair grew out, becoming almost knee length, and changed from blond to a scarlet red, his fair skin stayed relatively unchanged, his blue eyes actually changed to a more violet like color, somewhere in between violet and the sky blue it was originally. The screams he was letting out slowly changed in octave from a masculine voice to that of a female. The most shocking change, was while he originally could be considered male, his form twisted and turned into a more feminine form and had, from what everyone could now see, were cup B sized breasts.

As the transformation was finishing, enemy and ally alike had the same thought, that this boy was actually a girl. Interesting, very interesting, it seems Sarutobi has been keeping secrets. The Grass ninja thought as they noticed the Five Elements Seal revealed another seal already surrounding the original seal. I see a seal to keep up a Transformation jutsu…. The presence of this Transformation Seal might affect the stability of the Five Elements Seal… I should conclude my business here as soon as possible. She thought as she moved to throw the now unconscious girl to the side, and potentially to fall to her death. Or so the Grass ninja had planned, but the distinct feeling of hands grasping her tongue at the apex of the throw told her otherwise.

"You know that was very rude." The girl once known as Naruto commented, in a silky voice, as she held onto the tongue for dear life. "Though, I will say thank you for getting rid of that Kami awful seal, damn perverted old man, he could never let me have my fun." She commented as she then swung herself to the branch where her teammates were standing. "Sup." She says to her teammates.

"N-Naruto?" Sasuke and Sakura ask at the same time, still stunned by the recent events.

"Yes and no. I am what Naruto should have been, had a certain old man not thought to confine me in my own mind, however I am nothing like that idiot you have grown accustomed to." She spoke, as she kept an eye on the enemy before her. "For now just call me Natsumi, but that does not matter now, right now we have to deal with what is clearly not a Genin here for the exams." the now identified Natsumi explained.

"Kukukuku, you are truly intriguing, let's see if your bite is worse than your bark." the Grass kunoichi chuckled, before pulling out more kunai and shuriken. "Let's test your reflexes, shall we."

"Bring it." Natsumi smirked as she effortlessly dodged the incoming hail of weapons. For minutes she practically danced around the thrown weapons, moving from branch to branch never staying still too long, and only being grazed by a few and most damage being done to her orange jumpsuit that was now in tatters. The weapons stopped when the attacker started to clap.

"Impressive, most impressive. I dare say, as you are now, you are more interesting than the Uchiha." the Grass ninja complemented.

"Ah, after the Sharingan then. I will be honest, it's a nice trick to have but really seems more like a crutch to me. But whatever floats your boat." Natsumi shrugged. "Since you showed me your skills with weapons, perhaps I should show you my skill in ninjutsu now." Natsumi said as she took her place back where she began. "Sasuke! Sakura! Fall back, this is about to get ugly."

Sasuke and Sakura, who had been watching this stunned, were shaken out of their thoughts and were about to protest, but the look on Natsumi's face told them not to argue. Nodding, the two jumped over to the nearest branch away and behind Natsumi.

"Kukukuku, what do you have planned?" the kunoichi asked in a mocking tone.

"You'll see." Natsumi responded before racing through hand signs, before stopping on hand sign no one had ever seen before, her palms were facing down, her middle and ring fingers were laced together, her pinkie and index fingers were up and their tips touching and her thumbs were below her palms and facing down with the tips touching, before breathing in and thinking. Demon Fox Style: Fox Hellfire Jutsu. All before blowing out a vast torrent of turquoise flames, in front of her it looked like from the forest floor to the tops of the trees were engulfed in the flames. For ten seconds it lasted, and when it was done, four miles in front of her were devoid of anything, a clean and clearly defined section of the forest was gone, all that remained was ash, on some of the trees that bordered this had flickers of the hellfire on it still burning.

"Holy fuck." Sakura swore, while Sasuke was for the third time in his life terrified beyond all reason. "You think they are dead?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah." Sasuke answered while thinking. No one could have survived that, too bad they had an earth scroll, but still better we survived than them.

"You can come out, I know you dodged that." Natsumi panted out, the jutsu having taken its toll on her.

"Kukukuku, that was a particularly nasty jutsu you just used." The voice of the kunoichi echoed out, but seemed distorted and more masculine. Slowly from one of the trees not caught in the jutsu, she emerged but team 7 could see she took some damage and worse they could see that the kunoichi was missing some skin but had what appeared to be another different colored layer underneath.

"From the looks of things, you have been wearing someone else's skin." Natsumi panted out after taking a look at her opponent.

"Indeed, perhaps it is time for a proper introduction." The voice was now more masculine, as the person removed the remainder of the damaged skin, revealing their true face, which was pale with serpentine eyes and had eyeliner in purple shade run for the tops of the eyes to the side of the nose, in an almost blade-like shape. "You may call me Orochimaru. A pleasure to meet you."

"Well, I am now regretting many choices I have made today." Natsumi sighed.

"From that comment, it is clear you have heard of me, and it seems my reputation has preceded me." Orochimaru commented. "Normally, such impudence you have shown, would have led to your demise. However you have intrigued me, and as such I will give you something you desire." He said before, regurgitating the Earth scroll he had originally swallowed.

"What's the catch?" Natsumi questioned, still on guard.

"Kukukuku, still on guard I see, that will indeed serve you well." He said before flickering over to her and punching her in the gut, causing her to double over, before he placed the scroll next to her prone form. "But you still have much to learn my dear." That was the last thing Natsumi heard before blacking out from the abuse her body went through that day.

* Natsumi's mindscape *

With a groan, Natsumi awoke in a familiar sewer-like location. "Damn, sucker punched." she said as she stood up in the water. "And I see this place is still the same as ever. Maybe I should see a shrink about this. Eh, what would be the point." She said as she started to walk a path she had walked many times before. After a few minutes of walking, or what seemed like minutes in her mind, she reached her destination, a red cage gate, so large that from where she stood she could hardly see the ends of it.

"You finally have woken up, haven't you, you old fuzzball!" Natsumi called out.

From the darkness behind the gate a single eye opened, it was vulpine in nature, and the iris was red and it was as large as a fully grown human. A deep rumbling growl was heard before an equally deep voice spoke. I thought I raised you better than that, disrespectful brat.

"You did, but also I have been trapped in my own mind, thanks to those two, so I apologize for any disrespect, remembering their betrayal has made me agitated." Natsumi claimed.

Yes, I know, I had to hear you bitch and complain about being chained in here. I did warn you that there would be consequences to your actions, but did you listen? No, no you did not, and you paid the price. The voice reprimanded.

"It's not like I killed anyone that night, sure that apartment building got burned down and that bitch of a landlady got second degree burns, but the other tenants got out fine. Was locking me in my mind was their solution to the problem, did they really think that was the best move?" Natsumi rebutted.

You did access my chakra to do that remember. If I had to guess they feared you were losing yourself to me, thus they panicked. Humans are quick to fear. A single twinge of fear and your whole species gets into a fevered frenzy. The voice said as it rolled its visible eye.

"I concede that you have a point there." Natsumi sighed. "So, anyway other than that stuff, how have you been, Kurama?" she asked.

I am doing good, now that I don't have to constantly hear you complain about being trapped here. I was finally taking a nap before I felt you use that technique, considering your opponent was that bastard snake, I am not too upset for being woken up. That said, you clearly forgot the first lesson I ever taught you. The now identified Kurama lectured.

"Restraint is not just for your safety, but will also keep your enemy from knowing your true strength." Natsumi recited with an admonished look on her face.

And because you did not restrain yourself, you have now shown some of you skills to an enemy that escaped, and they will be ready for it next time. Kurama explained. Of course, we could not have known it was actually Orochimaru you were facing and that is an opponent no one is truly ready for.

"I guess we are just lucky we didn't give him anything to kill us over, but we did apparently garner his attention." Natsumi commented.

Yes, and there is no telling what that will entail. But for now it is time for you to wake up. I sense your female teammate is in trouble. Kurama stated.

"Out of the pan and into the fire then. Talk to you later, you old fuzzball." Natsumi grumbled with a head shake as she faded out of her mindscape.

Natsumi started to stir, as she opened her eyes, she noticed she was laying on her back, as she started to sit up, she took notice of her surroundings and her physical condition. Looks like we are in a cave or something similar, Sasuke is apparently knocked out, and my clothes are torn to shreds. Indeed her clothes were in shreds, the jumpsuit was missing the left arm up to the shoulder, the right arm had cut marks and no longer passed the elbow, her stomach was exposed as somehow the jacket and mesh shirt had apparently been cut in that particular area. Her pants were missing the right leg up to the hip, and her sandals were nowhere to be found. "How the hell did I not notice this before?" Natsumi asked herself.

Before she could answer her own question, she heard the sound of battle coming from the entrance of the cave she was in. Time to chew bubblegum and kick ass, too bad I am all out of bubble gum, sucks to be them. Natsumi thought as she stood up and walked out towards what she felt would be someone's demise.

As she reached the entrance, she took notice of the battlefield before commenting out loud for everyone to hear. "Well, well, well, I woke up from a nap and I found this. The green spandex bowl cut lunatic is face down on the ground, Pinky is beat to all hell, Blondie and her boy toys are on their last legs, and jack ass and a girl with a weapons fetish are just standing around, all the while a group consisting of a mummy, a dumb ass and an admittedly physically attractive bitch are beating everyone's shit in. Did I miss anything?" At her statement, everyone there turned their head towards her.

"Who the hell are you?" Ino, clad in her usual purple clothes and bandages and white arm warmers, screamed in indignation.

"N-Naruto?! You're awake!" Sakura exclaimed.

"Naruto!?" Everyone, except Sakura and the enemy ninja, exclaimed.

"It's Natsumi, get it right Sakura. Now if I remember correctly, these jack asses are from the Sound village correct? I am guessing they are either here for the scrolls or something else." Natsumi said while glaring at the enemy before her.

"You are right, we are here for the Uchiha, now hand him over and you won't be harmed." The mummy wrapped Genin said.

"I am going to have to say no to that request." Natsumi said in a bored tone.

"Zaku, convince her if you please." The mummy Genin ordered his companion.

"On it, ready bitch?!" The jackass of the group, now identified as Zaku, a male wearing black gray snake patterned cameo pants with a beige shirt that had three vertical prints of the kanji for death on it stated as he looked towards Natsumi and readied his arms for his attack.

"Bring it." Natsumi said before moving her hands in an all too familiar hand-sign before shouting out "Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu." a burst of smoke appeared and filled the area, when it cleared a legion of Natsumi clones filled the battle field. "Alright ladies, kick his ass." Natsumi roared which was followed by her clones beginning to charge at Zaku.

Zaku, initially shocked by the amount of clones, quickly recovered before yelling out. "Nice trick but try this." he said as he lifted his arms and aimed his palms, which had holes with metal reinforcements on them, towards the oncoming horde. "Decapitating Airwaves." A burst of air and sound emitted from his palms and impacted a fair portion of the legion, dispelling a whole column of the clones. Of course the legion still advanced on him, despite the losses.

For the next few minutes, Zaku would repeatedly blast out Decapitating Airwaves, dispelling more and more of the clones, the closest a clone got to him was an arm's length away. By the time the last clone was dispelled, Zaku was on one knee panting, he was scanning the area to see if he missed a clone, but realized something. "Where the hell is she?" He panted out.

"Behind you." came Natsumi's response, she was indeed behind the downed shinobi.

"How!?" Zaku asked as he craned his neck to look at Natsumi.

"Easy, while the majority of the clones were playing with you, I slipped past you with a few more clones to capture your teammates." Natsumi pointed behind her, to the remaining Sound genin, who were surrounded by more clones, with kunai to their throats.

"Damn." Zaku stated.

"Indeed. Now what to do with you three?" Natsumi questioned more to herself than to anyone else. "Considering you are after Sasuke, my guess is you're in league with the snake pedo. Which would be a death sentence either way, so maybe I should do the merciful thing and end you three here." She said with a bone chilling tone, before continuing. "But perhaps that is what he wants, which means leaving you alive might actually hinder his plans. Choices, so many choices."

As Natsumi was talking, Zaku and his teammates were seething, they had underestimated their opponent, and were now at her mercy. They were snapped out of their thoughts when Natsumi said. "Congrats, today you get to live. Now get the fuck out of my sight before I decide to change my mind." She walked past Zaku and her clones dispelled.

This...This is unacceptable, This bitch is going to pay. Zaku's mind raged, he was about to attack when his male teammate called out. "Zaku, stand down. We are done here."

"B-But Dosu, we can't just let her get away with this." Zaku retorted.

"It does not matter. She has us out classed. Fall back." The now identified Dosu commanded.

"Fine, but this isn't over you hear." Zaku growled out, before gathering his strength to hobble over to his teammates.

"And next time you will be in the grave." Natsumi threatened, as she reached the group of Leaf ninja.

"Let it go, Zaku." the kunoichi, who wore a green vest over a shirt that could be seen to be in similar color as Zaku's pants, along with a pants skirt combo of the same color and pattern as Zaku's, of the Sound group stated.

"Enough Kin, let's get out of here while we still can." Dosu rebuked his comrade. With that he picked up Zaku who had just got over to them, and he and Kin both Body Flickered out of there.

Natsumi was on guard for the next few seconds, on the off chance they decided to pull something, but when there was no sign that there was any foul play at hand she said. "Well, that was fun."

"You call that fun?" Shikamaru, wearing his usual get up of brown pants, green tinted mesh shirt under a gray short vest with his clan's symbol on the back, finally said something. "Also, since when are you a girl?" Most everyone present had that question.

"In order: yes, and since I was born. But as to why I was a boy for as long as you knew me, well you will have to get the Hokage to answer that. I could tell you my version of events, but I doubt you would believe me." Natsumi explained, ending with an eye roll. Before anyone could question what she meant, the present Genin suddenly felt an oppressive aura surrounding them.

"What happened here?" Sasuke asked in a slightly deranged way, as he made his way from the cave, and the group could tell he was somehow the source of the aura they were sensing.

"Seems you're up, also are those marks new?" Natsumi asked rhetorically, as she made note of the new black markings seemingly spreading across Sasuke's body.

"Naruto?" Sasuke asked with a growl.

"It's Natsumi, now as to your question, Sakura was attacked by Orochi-pedo's cronies. I took care of them." Natsumi sighed.

"I see." Sasuke said before glaring at his teammate. "Then fight me!"

"I must respectfully decline." Natsumi glared. "Now is not the time to entertain the idea of me kicking your ass." She smirked as her word did the intended thing, which was to enrage Sasuke into wildly attacking her. In his rage, Sasuke failed to notice the Shadow Clone that had snuck up behind him and delivered a chop to his neck, thereby knocking him out.

Calmly walking over to her downed teammate, Natsumi hauled him over her shoulder before addressing the rest of those present. "Well, this has been an interesting day. I suggest we all depart in different directions. We are, after all, still in the exam, and while this truce has been of benefit to us all, I do believe such time has passed."

"What you say is correct, the exam is still on, and while we may all be members of the Leaf. It is still every team for themselves." Neji, the black haired Hyuga who wore dark brown pants, and a beige coat like shirt that may or may not have other shirts underneath it agreed, before turning to his teammate, a female with black hair in two buns, dark green pants and a qipao-style blouse that was pink with yellow buttons and read sleeves. "Tenten, help me with Lee. It is in our benefit to vacate as quickly as possible." The two quickly moved to their downed teammate, and vanished as quickly as they could.

The remaining five conscious Genin looked at each other, all waiting for the others to say something. The tension in the air was finally broken when Ino spoke, "Before you leave, allow me to fix Sakura's hair." While it was true that Sakura cut her hair in order to escape the Sound team and initiate a counter offensive, it never occurred to her that her hair would need to be adjusted afterwards.

"Really Ino, you would do that for me?" Sakura questioned with surprise in her voice.

"Yeah, Forehead. We might have had a falling out, but today made me realize that you are still my friend." Ino admitted. "Now, let's move over a bit and I can at least even it out for you." Ino said as she led Sakura a few feet away from the group but still within eyesight.

"Fine, I guess I will make sure our stuff is ready to go when that is done." Natsumi stated, before making a Shadow Clone, which proceeded to take Sasuke off her shoulders.

"Need help with that, Natsumi?" Choji, the rotund Genin who wore a white scarf, dark green shorts, a white shirt with his clan's symbol on the front and a green opened jacket, with bandages on his arms and legs, had asked.

"While I appreciate the offer Choji, I got this." Natsumi responded just before entering the cave.

The rest of the group fell into silence not sure what else to say, the entire situation was something none of them ever expected. After a few moments, Natsumi and a few more clones came out with all of their supplies.

"I made sure we still had both our scrolls. Glad you thought to grab the Earth Scroll there Sakura, would have sucked if you had forgotten it." Natsumi backhandedly complimented her teammate.

"Thanks." Sakura replied in an unsure manner, not truly knowing if that was a compliment or not.

"Well, I guess we should head to the tower then. Do you guys need to get your own scrolls or have that covered already?" Natsumi questioned the other team of Leaf Genin.

"As troublesome as it is, we do need another scroll. However, I also believe it would be troublesome to either fight for yours or ask for your aid as you seem to have a habit of blowing situations out of proportion. So I think it would be best and less troublesome to split up here." Shikamaru sighed out in a bored fashion as he usually did.

"As much as I hate to admit it, Shikamaru is right." Ino conceded.

Choji merely nodded in agreement.

"Well good luck to you then. Stay safe out here. Come on, Sakura, if we hurry we might make it out of here today." Natsumi stated as she and her clones prepared to leave.

"Okay. Good luck you guys." Sakura said as she followed behind her teammate and the clones.

Things always seem to get so troublesome with you, don't they Natsumi. What a drag. Shikamaru thought as he watched Team 7 leave the area.