This is an idea I have had for a long time. I will finish It Starts with Roses, and if anyone finds this story, go and read that one if you enjoy Twilight fanfics. I really enjoyed writing that story, and it was and is one of my better stories that I have written. I have attempted this story a few times so I hope this will be the last time I attempt it and complete the story.

And yes the main protagonist will be named Saphira, I just happen to like the character as a staple name throughout my fanfictions and keep her as the OC that I will use almost all the time. While the name is the name, she will always be different in each story. Time setting will be from Eclipes.

This story involves male pregnancy, violence, mention of trauma and post-traumatic stress, these are the main reasons for the ratings.

It has been nearly six thousand years to the day that her father left her. Six thousand years since he never returned to face her. And during those years, he never once tried to seek her out even when she attempted to reach out to him in different ways multiple times. Normally one would believe that she is just a mortal human, but in fact she is not. Saphira is a creature of immortality, born into the world through an unusual means and not without difficulties. Faced with many challenges, Saphira stood upon the mountain overlooking the wintery forest that resided around the small town of Forks thinking on all the things she has been through. Enemies she has faced have almost been completely conquered, while the rest have been spared or cursed for each life they live. The challenges she faces now were emotional and mental, Saphira wanted it to all just stop. Freeze like a statue so she could just walk among people, and everything would be okay. And with the power she has, it was something she used to believe she could do. But it was not meant to be as Saphira found out in the early years of her life. She came to the land before Forks was even created, when the Quileute tribe was just in its primitive state and before the Cullens had even met them. She came here to escape from her pain, but civilisation found its way to her and Saphira has had not much choice but to live as humans do. But her wealth has allowed her to not need to work, and she is glad as her anxiety likely would cause more harm than good to the people around her. She had made rules for herself, and one of them was not to bring wilful harm to humans intentionally. And that is exactly what she has been doing. Her original home was a cave at the bottom of the mountainside, and in a sense, it still is with a modern two-story home sitting in front of it and blocking eyes from seeing the cave. It was here inside the cave one can learn about her history and who her father is. She had no mother, it is a hard pill to swallow for someone not used to that fact. But for Saphira, not having a mother did not stop her from having the same love a parent can give. And she missed it, even if she had stopped trying. The last time she tried was five hundred years ago, and her father still did not recognize her even when she was standing right in front of him. She is tired now, and she feels the weight of the years she has lived on her shoulders.

Her small entertainment came from the Cullens, she had been watching them from afar. It seemed they were not like other vampires around the world as they fed upon animals rather than humans. Saphira saw them as noble people for their choice in food, and she knew while they could still lose control, they did not want to harm humans in anyway. Just like her. And the little human that one of the Cullens dates was by far the most interesting thing she has seen. She had watched the whole story unfold from the beginning, and while she did not think it was a chance, she felt perhaps it was a way to get into the life of vampires to reach out to her father. She was sure the Cullens knew him to an extent, especially since she knew they went to Italy at one point and if they had been to the Volturi than it certainly interested her.

A snap of a branch brought Saphira out of her thoughts. She glanced back at the sense, expanding her senses to pick up who was nearby. She heard their footsteps crunching in the wet snow and a surprised gasp from them nearly made her smirk. "Aro? What are you doing here?"

Saphira turned slowly, pulling back the black hood covering her face. The person staring back at her was Carlisle Cullen, who's eyes were wide in shock as he stared at her. "I think you are mistaken."

The vampire was silent as he stared at her. She did not realize this now, but she looked exactly like the head of the Volturi, with a slight difference in shape with her face and eyes, but most of her features were near identical to Aro. Her piercing emerald eyes watched him carefully, this is the first time they meet and Carlisle seems overwhelmed with questions. "You…you look an awful lot like someone I know. I apologize."

"Hmm." Saphira stepped off the large boulder she was on, her posture and stride were of someone from royalty that is rarely seen among humans. "Accepted, I am happy that we could work out the misunderstanding. Now, I must take my leave." She bowed her head and pulled her hood back on to walk through the woods.

She felt Carlisle's gaze follow her as she walked into the woods, he must have realized she had come up her on her own. Not that it mattered, Saphira was more than capable of taking care of herself. Especially since her house was not just out of the way, it was also off grid. Having the ability to breath fire did mean she could keep the house warm during winter all year round. She foraged and hunted her own food as well. She walked towards a stream where she had crab traps set up, despite it being winter, she caught plenty of crab and crayfish to eat on a regular basis. She had no garden growing as it was too cold to grow anything, but there were small things she could harvest. The acorn trees still had acorns on them, and acorn flour was something she often made during winter. She pulled the crab traps out and found nothing this time, she sighed and placed them back into the river after checking them over.

"I am sorry, but you should not wander the woods alone." Carlisle's voice almost startled Saphira, but she was not surprised that he followed her. She sighed and turned slowly to look at him. "I hope you have someone waiting for you back home, I can take you there."

"There is no need," Saphira said with a casual shrug. She turned away to keep walking from him. "If you keep following me, I'll have to let the police know about a trespasser. I know my way around the woods, I have lived here a very long time."

She sensed Carlisle's hesitance, it amused her as she did not think he would be this curious about her. It was an odd meeting sure, but Saphira wanted to keep it this way for the moment. There was no way coming out and asking him directly about Aro, that would be too obvious. He soon walked away, she heard his feet trudging through the snow as he left. She was relieved. While she would want to get to know the Cullens, she did not want to get involved with them too soon. She knew the fact she has been here for a long time and not being noticed would confuse them, Saphira has mastered the art of staying hidden. And the only reason why he has met her, was because she allowed for it to happen.

Upon arriving home, she glanced back to the forest as she thought about the vampires. She did hope they did not see her as a threat, but she did not count that out just yet. Saphira sighed deeply and entered her cosy home. The smell of the fireplace filled her nostrils, and she felt her body relax. Taking off her jacket and placing it on the holder, she walked over to a cabinet made from iron ore she had harvested and crafted herself and opened the door. Inside was a large chest made of mahogany and gemstones. Inside were memories she has cherished and kept close to her heart, many of these still hurt to look upon. She stared at the chest before she felt her chest tighten. She gasped as a panic attack set in, the wind around the house picked up as a snowstorm began to pelt the mountain. Being connected to nature like she was did annoy her at times, but it kept people away from her when a panic attack strikes. She sat on the floor, breathing deeply and concentrating on her breathing, knowing she could get past this while memories of her fights and traumas flash before her eyes. It was hard to not crumble into tears, but she stayed as calm as she could until the attack was over. She breathed deeply and looked up at the cabinet again, staring at the chest as she thought about opening it. She closed the doors after a few minutes of thinking as it was this choice that cause the panic attack in the first place. The snow outside the house had calmed down and was now falling gently as it should be.

Standing up slowly, Saphira felt she should think on how she would deal with the Cullens now they were aware of her presence. She had no doubt that Carlisle had returned to his home and is telling his family about his meeting with her. It would undoubtedly be unbelievable to them that Carlisle had met a doppelganger of Aro who is female, and possesses seemingly the same regal presence Aro had. Although Saphira was aware he was very different to the man she remembers when she was a child. However, she knew that man was still there and likely hidden within Aro. And she hoped that she could draw him out somehow, even if she was not confident that this time it would work.