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PLL - Highland Dance

Aria Montgomery has been invited to the highland dance at the McLeod castle on Isle of Sky.

The person who invited her is Kendra McLeod, a college-friend of Aria's.

Kendra said that Aria can bring 3 friends and of course Aria decided to bring Hanna, Emily and Spencer.

Right now the 4 girls are on a ship to Scotland.

"I think this is gonna be fun." says Aria.

She wear a traditional Montgomery clan formal outfit, including a ladies' kilt with the classic Montgomery formal tartan.

With a body like Aria's it's not always easy to get clothes that fit properly, but her clan outfit is custom-made so it sit on her body exactly the way it is supposed to.

Of course Aria herself isn't from Scotland, but her family does have its origin there so that's why she is dressed the way she is.

"Do you actually like that outfit?" says Hanna, who wear just a white t-shirt and baggy pink sweatpants and basic white shoes.

"Yup. I actually do." says Aria.

"Alright. Me isn't a kilt-chick." says Hanna.

"Can ya explain why?" says Aria.

"I don't think kilt look cute on me." says Hanna.

"Hanna, kilt isn't awkward. Think of it as a skirt and remember that in Scotland kilt is also worn by men. It is not just for women. Kilts are gender-neutral." says Spencer.

"True. All you said is correct." says Aria.

"Yes." says Spencer.

"Em, are you excited for this?" says Aria.

"Actually yeah. Dancing is fun." says Emily.

"Good." says Aria.

"Dancing is cool, but only if I wear something that is no kilt. If I wore a kilt some perv might try to look under it." says Hanna.

"We all thought you enjoyed male attention." says Spencer.

"From men that are nice to me, not from some Scotland perverts who wanna go all creepy on me and look under my skirt. C'mon, guys." says Hanna.

"Okay then." says Spencer.

"Yeah. Believe it or not, but I'm loyal to Caleb." says Hanna.

"I trust you." says Aria.

"Me too, Hanna." says Emily.

"Awww! Thanks sooo much!" says Hanna.

50 minutes later.

"Yay!" says a happy Hanna when she get a txt-message from Caleb.

"Who's txtn' ya, Han?" says Aria.

"Caleb. He love me." says Hanna.

"Okay." says Aria.

"Yeah. Caleb's awesome." says Hanna.

"Alright. Good for you." says Aria.

"True. His 'tool' is big and me love." says Hanna.

"Uh...like too much information. That was a mental image I sooo did not need." says Emily.

"Relax, gay-girl." says Hanna.

"Don' go stereotypcial on me. I may be a lesbian, but that's totally normal and very okay so, please, don't be so sassy." says Emily.

"Sorry, Em..." says Hanna, sad that she hurt her bestie's feelings a bit.

"Forgiven." says Emily, all cute.

"Amazing!" says Hanna, being overhappy like a little kid.

"Thanks." says Emily.

45 minutes later.

"Opsss..." says Hanna as she fart hard by accident.

"Hanna, please..." says Spencer, who hate when Hanna fart.

"Sorry, it's just butt-gas." says Hanna.

"Perhaps so, but it stinks and is extremely annoying and not mature at all." says Spencer.

"I can't help it, my butt-control still suck." says Hanna.

"You need to see a doctor for that." says Spencer.

"No, thanks. I don't want some creepy fat old doctor to touch my ass." says Hanna.

"Female doctors exist." says Aria.

"Wonderful." says a happy Hanna.

"Yup." says Aria with a friendly nice casual laugh.

Hanna and Aria high five each other in true BFF-style.

4 hours later, the ship reach Isle of Sky.

"Nice." says Aria when she hear bagpipe-music.

"Like not a sexy Britney Spears song." says Hanna, who doesn't like bagpipe-music at all.

"It's much better." says Aria.

"Yes." says Spencer, who like bagpipe-music almost as much as Aria does.

"Thanks." says a happy Aria.

"Anytime, my friend." says Spencer, being happy too.

"Okay." says Aria.

The girls grab their bags and step off the ship.

"Is that your friend...?" says Emily when she sees a girl in formal McLeod clan outfit.

"Yup, that's Kendra, alright." says Aria.

"Hello, Aria. As a member of my clan it is an honor to welcome you as well as your lady-friends to the Isle of Sky. My name's Kendra Jane McLeod." says Kendra in a thick Scottish accent.

"Hi, girl. These are my best friends Emily Fields, Spencer Hastings and Hanna Marin. Nice bein' here. I've not seen ya in a couple years." says Aria.

"Thanks. It's wonderful to see you as well. You look good in your formal clan outfit, girl." says Kendra.

"I guess I do." says Aria.

55 minutes later.

Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna get to visit the McLeod castle.

"Ladies, this is the castle that belongs to my clan." says Kendra as they enter the castle through the main gate.

"Do you live here?" says Hanna.

"I do not. My home is with my mother back on mainland Scotland, but my cousin John and his girlfriend live here during the summer." says Kendra.

"Wow, that looks like you!" says Emily when she sees a huge portrait on the wall that looks sort of like Kendra.

"That's my great grandmother's mother Amanda Estelle McLeod, a famous person in the clan's history." says Kendra.

"Famous for what exactly?" says Spencer.

"She was a great politician and also the wife of the Clan Chief at the time. Also known for a very sweet song she wrote." says Kendra.

"Could you sing it?" says Emily.

"Unortunately not." says Kendra.

"Kendra's not that good of a singer." says Aria.

"True. I cannot harmonize notes properly and sing in a solid key." says Kendra.

"Neither can Hanna over here so nothing to feel sad over." says Emily.

"Em's right. Me suck as a damn singer." says Hanna, who wish she could sing like her idol Britney Spears.

"Hanna, you could take lessons." says Aria.

"I honestly think that'd be a waste of time as well money. Hanna's skills when it comes to sining is so low that I don't think lessons would be much help for her." says Spencer.

"Kind of rude to say about a girl you claim to be best friends with." says Emily.

"Perhaps I'm a bit raw here, but I also speak the truth. You've heard Hanna's attempts at singing. It sounded very bad." says Spencer.

"Mom's told me that anyone can learn to sing correctly." says Emily.

"That might be true. Hanna's most likely an exception to this though." says Spencer.

"Guys, c'mon. Me isn't all worthless." says Hanna.

"Well, I never claimed that you are." says Spencer.

"No, but almost..." says Hanna.

"Clearly not true. I so wasn't even close." says Spencer.

"Kendra, these are your friends, am I correct?" says a man in formal clan outift.

"Yes, they're the women I told you about. Ladies, meet Sir George McLeod III. He's my uncle and also the deputy chief of the McLeods." says Kendra.

"Girls, welcome to Isle of Sky, the traditional home of the clan McLeod." says Sir George.

"Thanks, sir." says Aria.

"You are welcome. And here we have a Montgomery, if my eyes do not fool me." says Sir George when he notice the tartan on Aria's kilt.

"I'm a Montgomery, but I wasn't raised on Scottish ground. I was born in the USA as my accent kind of shows." says Aria.

"I did notice that your voice had no Gaelic flare to it, but that makes ye no less of a Montgomery than others. You're still a Montgomery by blood, aren't ye?" says Sir George.

"Yup. My dad's a Montgomery, so I get my Montgomery-blood from him. He's a descendant of Sir Dougal Montgomery II who left for America aboard the Mayflower in 1620." says Aria.

"Oh, nice. It please me that there are still people related to Sir Dougal alive. His line went extinct in Scotland after the Frazers killed the few Montgomeries left." says Sir George.

"There are quite a few Montgomeries around, sir. Most of the descendants of Sir Dougal can now be found in the US states of Pennsylvania, Texas and Tennessee." says Aria.

"Wonderful, Miss Montgomery. On behalf of my clan I ask you hereby to send a formal message to your kinsmen and kinswomen over in America that the clan McLeod forgive the Montgomeries for any hard feelings between our noble lines in the past." says Sir George.

"Alright, sir. I'll make sure my extended family back home get the message." says Aria.

"Good. The clan-wars are history now. We can only look ahead and pray for brightness in the days that are ahead." says Sir George.

"Yeah." says Aria.

"Gum beannaicheadh an Dia thu, Miss Montgomery." says Sir George.

Aria look confused.

"Sir, excuse my friend Aria, she doesn't speak Gaelic." says Spencer.

"Oh...I'm sorry. I assumed she did, being a Montgomery." says Sir George.

"Unfortunately most of the Scottish traditions are forgotten by the Montgomery family these days." says Aria.

"I guess my expectations were rather high upon learning that Sir Dougal's line survived after he departed for far away realms." says Sir George.

"Upon reachin' America, the Mongomeries mostly started fresh, rebuildin' their lives from scratch. Almost all of the old ways were lost. My younger brother and I were never raised according to the clan traditions." says Aria.

"That makes me a little sad, though it also please me that your line is still active. It was never clear until today if Sir Dougal ever made the trip across the sea in one piece. Some believed he died." says Sir George.

"He did indeed surive and he and those who went with him settled down in a calm part of Texas. Our family isn't pure anymore though. The Montgomeries have married people without Scottish origin." says Aria.

"Nearly every member of the classic clans are half-blood or less in these modern times. No need to feel less than noble." ays Sir George.

"Thank ya, sir." says Aria.

"You are most welcome...uh...your name was?" says Sir George.

"Aria, sir. Aria Marie Montgomery, daughter of Byron." says Aria, being formal.

"Aria. That's a beautiful name." says Sir George.

"Thanks." says Aria.

"Being a Montgomery I think you should have something that truly belongs to your family. Mr Watson, go get you know what." says Sir George.

"As ye wish, sir." says a butler as he leave and return 10 minutes later.

He hands an old fancy claymore sword to Sir George.

"Miss Aria Montgomery, on behalf of the clan McLeod I return this to the hands of a member of the Montgomery line. It is the sword that belonged to Sir Benjamin John Montgomery. My clan took it from him during war and now it shall go back to the family who owned it." says Sir George as he gently hands the sword to Aria.

"I will take it to the Montgomery Hall in Tennessee." says Aria.

"Thank ye." says Sir George.

"Uncle G, can me, Aria and the others go look at the ball room?" says kendra.

"Yes, girl. Of course." says Sir George.

Aria, Spencer,, Hanna and Emily follow Kendra to the huge ball room in the castle.

"Wow! This room's damn huge." says Hanna.

"It is, but most clan castles have a room like this." says Kendra.

On the other side of the room a traditional Scottish highland band practice a bit.

Kendra and Aria dance in highland-style to the music.

"Dance with us, Han." says Aria.

"Sorry, no. Not the dancing for Hanna-Boo..." says Hanna, who don't know how to dance that way.

"Em?" says Aria.

"I can try." says Emily.

Emily tries to dance like Kendra and Aria.

She does pretty good for a beginner at this particular form of dancing.

"Kendra, are these your sweet friends?" says a lady as she enter the room.

"Yes." says Kendra.

The lady is Laura Anne McLeod, Kendra's mom.

"Mom, these are Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer." says Kendra.

"Hi, Mrs McLeod." says Aria, who has met Kendra's mom briefly once before.

"Hello, Aria." says Laura.

"It's nice to see someone in Montgomery kilt. We don't see that tartan much. Your line's been long gone in Scotland." says Laura.

"Yes, that I'm well aware of. The Montgomeries left Scotland in the 1600s. Most of 'em, at least." says Aria.

"Are there others, aside from you, in America?" says Laura.

"Not too many, but there are a few of us. We don't follow many of the old traditions though. We've sadly lost most of our Scottish sides. The Montgomery family has pretty much become a country family now, since most of the members live in Texas and Tennessee." says Aria.

"Okay." says Laura.

The next day.

"Hanna, this is for you." says Aria as she hands a formal Scottish women's outfit to Hanna.

"I'm so not wearing that thing." says Hanna.

"Ya sort of have to if you're goin' to the big dance with the rest of us. kendra told me that everyone must wear traditional clothing." says Aria.

"Go and force and Emily and Spencer to dress up." says Hanna.

"Both of 'em are already in full formal clothes. And obviously so am I, so you're the last one who's not." says Aria.

"Fine. I so don't wanna sit around here for hours like a damn shit-girl while you guys go to the dance at the castle." says Hanna as she takes off her black t-shirt and pink sweatpants and put on the clothes Aria gave her.

Hanna feel extremely uncomfortable in the formal Scottish outfit, but she tries to relax.

"Alright, you're ready. Let's go. Kendra's waitin' and I don't wanna be late." says Aria.

24 minutes later, Aria, Kendra, Emily, Spencer and Hanna enter the ball room at the castle.

There are a lot of people there, all of them in formal Scottish outfits.

Aria can see several different tartans, worn by these people.

Such a number of different traditional tartans means people from different clans and families.

It is good that so many of the clans and families can now get along as friends, despite having once been enemies during the clan-wars of the 1500s and 1600s.

"Hello, Kendra." says a guy.

The guy is John Aaron McLeod, Kendra's cousin.

John is 5 years older than Kendra.

"Hello, John." says Kendra.

"Where is Amy?" says Kendra.

"Unfortunately she got sick and couldn't go with me." says John.

"Awww, that's sad. I can dance one dance with you, if you like." says Kendra.

"Thanks. Good idea." says John.

When the music starts, John and Kendra dance.

"Hello, Miss Montgomery. May I have this dance?" says a guy who wear a formal outfit with the Lamont tartan.

"Sure, sir. Uh...how do you know my last name?" says Aria.

"Your outfit. I noticed that you wear the Montgomery tartan. My name's Thomas Edgar Lamont II." says the guy.

"I'm Aria...Aria Montgomery." says Aria.

"Okay. Nice name." says Thomas.

"Just to be clear, I can dance with you, Mr Lamont, but I will not date ya. I already have a guy back home in the US." says Aria.

"I understand. You're not from Scotland...?" says Thomas.

"No. I'm a Montgomery, but my home's never been on Scottish ground. I was born in North America as the eldest daughter and first child of Byron Montgomery." says Aria.

"Okay." says Thomas.

Aria and Thomas dance.

"I'm gonna sit here with mthis." says Hanna as she take a seat on a bench and slowly sip her neon-green drink.

Emily take a seat next to Hanna.

"Hello, may ia have this dance?" says a guy as he walk up to Spencer.

"Yes, sir. I am Spencer Jill Hastings." says Spencer.

"Nice name. My name is Michael McLeod.." says the guy.

Spencer and Michael dance.

Hanna and Emily simply watch, at least for now.

"I'm surprised you don't wanna dance." says Emily.

"Well, in this outfit I am so uncomfortable. And I am so not into Scottish guys at all. Oh...and I love Caleb." says Hanna.

"Dancing with someone does not equal cheating."s ays Emily.

"True, but I'll only dance if a guy ask me to and he's not a creepy person." says Hanna.

"Scottish guys are known to be gentlemen, Hanna." says Emily.

"Really? I thought highlanders were pervs who wanna look under our kilts." says Hanna.

"Yes, it's true. Scottish people are known for their class and elegans." says Emily.

"Not according to Cosmopolitan's summer issue..." says Hanna.

"You shouldn't believe everything in Cosmo, my friend." says Emily.

"Okay, Em." says Hanna.

"Very unlike you to not dance with someone. The Hanna Marin I know usually charm a guy up in a coin-flip, despite being Caleb's girlfriend." says Emily.

"That Hanna-Boo died as soon as this kilt was put on." says Hanna.

"C'mon, you look good in it." says Emily.

"No, not at all." says Hanna.

"Yes, you do, Han." says Emily.

"I don't think so, Em." says Hanna.

Suddenly Hanna's joy and confidence returns when she look up and sees a guy in front of her.

The guy happens to look very similar to Caleb as if he was the Scottish version of Caleb.

"Hello, young lady. My name is Andrew Calder. Could I have a dance?" says the guy in a thick Scottish accent.

"Yeah, sure. I'm Hanna Marin." says Hanna.

"Oh, clearly not Scottish. There's no Clan Marin and your voice give away that you're American." says Andrew.

Hanna dance with Andrew.

"And now it's just me." says Emily.

"Would you like to dance?" says a voice that sounds male.

Emily is about to respond that she is gay, but when she look up she sees a girl.

The girl is a lesbian with a deep voice for a female.

"Hello. I am Laura Drummond of the Clan Drummond. Daughter of Duncan and Gina. Would ye dance with me?" says the girl.

"Sure...I mean, how do you know that I'm a lesbian?" says Emily.

"It's quite obvious for a trained eye. Do not worry. I am sweet." says Laura.

"Okay. I'll dance with you, but I am not single." says Emily.

"Neither am I, girl. My babe got sick and couldn't go with me to this." says Laura.

Emily and Laura dance.

"This is kinda fun." says Hanna, almost forgetting what she's wearing and where she is.

The fact that Andrew look so much like Caleb seem to help her to relax and have a good time.

She of course cannot dance in proper highland-style, but she does her best, since she love daning and a lot, also having some solid dance experience.

"You're beautiful." says Andrew.

"Sweet, but I am not single." says Hanna.

"That is okay. I understand." says Andrew.

"Awww! Thanks." says Hanna, getting happy.

"Indeed. You are most welcome, Miss Marin." says Andrew.

"Nice." says Hanna.

Hanna is glad that Andrew is a true genteman and has not attempted to be creepy by looking under her kilt and such.

She now know that Emily is correct.

Scottish people are actually very nice.

Usually Hanna believe in everything written in Cosmo, but she can tell for herself that Cosmo can be wrong sometimes, seeing how nice Andrew is.

"Thank ye for dancing with me...uh...your name was?" says Laura as the music ends.

"It was fun and my name's Emily Fields." says Emily.

"Sweet name and kilt truly suit ye well, girl." says Laura, sounding a bit more feminine now.

"Okay." says Emily.

"Kilts are very cozy. I wear one nearly every single day." says Laura, who is a true Scottisg girl, having grown up in a very traditional Scottish home so she has worn kilt on a very regular basis all the way since she was a kid.

"Alright. I do not, since as you can guess I am obviously not from Scotland. This is my first time here." says Emily.

"I could indeed tell. Ye are clearly not a native of this grand land." says Laura.

"Ever been to North America?" says Emily.

"No. The farthest away from Scotland me has been was France a couple years ago when we went there for my cousin Joslyn's birthday." says Laura.

"I understand. I know someone who love French things very much. Her name's Alison and she and I are in an on and off kind of relationship." says Emily.

"Sounds as if ye love her." says Laura.

"Guess I do. She's awesome." says Emily.

"Nice, so is Joslyn." says Laura.

"Joslyn? Not a very Scottish name." says Emily.

"True, but Joslyn is only half Scottish. Her father is from Canada." says Laura.

"Wonderful. I have family in Canada." says Emily.

"I've never been to canada, but I'd love to go there and see the place where Joslyn was born." says Laura.

"Cute. Where in Canada does she come from?" says Emily.

"Uh...I don't remember." says Laura.

"Okay. I have family in like the Vancouver area. And I think of Mississauga as my second home, for certain reasons." says Emily.

"You may not be born on Scottish gound, but you are indeed a Montgomery. Your dancing is on equal level with girls who's lived their entire life in Soctland." says Thomas.

"Thanks." says Aria.

"You're welcome." says Thomas.

"I'm glad ya like my dancing. I tried my best." says Aria.

"And you did more than good. It looked as if though you've danced Scottish dancing for years." says Thomas.

"Okay." says Aria.

"Had it not been for your accent no one could tell you weren't from Scotland. You danced really well and look beautiful in kilt. There is no doubt that you have true Montgomery blood in your body." says Thomas.

"Aww. Thank ya." says Aria.

"Sure, Miss Montgomery." says Thomas.

"Nice." says Aria.

"I'm glad you danced with me." says Andrew.

"Okay." says Hanna, who now doesn't care that she's wearing kilt.

To dance with Andrew has sort of changed her opinion on Scottish things.

"You could be a Scottish lady. There's something about your smile." says Andrew.

"Awww! Thanks, but me is not Scottish at all. It's my first time ever in a kilt tonight." says Hanna.

"I understand." says Andrew.

Nothing special happen during the rest of the night.

Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer are able to have a good time.

The next day they hang out with Kendra and her mom.

Kendra's momt akes a seat by an old fancy piano and she starts to play and sing a song.

It turns out to the be the song that was written by Kendra's great grandmother's mother Amanda Estelle McLeod.

Kendra, Kendra's mom and Aria still wear kilt, but Spencer, Emily and Hanna are in regular clothes today.

Hanna is glad to not having to wear kilt anymore.

"Beautiful. That song's very nice." says Emily.

"Thank you." says Kendra's mom.

"Actually this is the song I mentioned yesterday, the one my great grandmother's mother wrote." says Kendra.

"Oh, sweet." says Emily.

"Yes. it's a wonderful song." says Kendra.

"When Kendra was little and couldn't sleep at night I'd sing this one for her." says Kendra's mom.

"Mrs McLeod, could ya please teach me this song?" says Aria.

"Of course, Aria." says Kendra's mom.

Laura ( Kendra's mom ) teach Aria the song.

Aria is happy and so is Kendra.

"Thanks." says Aria, happy that Laura teach her the sweet old song.

"You're welcome, Aria." says Laura.

"Wonderful." says Aria.

"Uh...can I play that a bit?" says Emily when she notice a violin that hang on the wall.

"Yes, but I'm not sure that violin is even functional anymore. It was my brother's. He is dead..." says Laura.

"Uncle Connor was awesome." says Kendra.

Emily grab the violin, tune it up and play a Beyoncé song.

There's nothing wrong witth the violin, it sounds very good.

"Wow! Aria never told me you were such a great violinist." says Kendra.

"I thought I told ya that." says Aria.

"Thanks. I try to play violin. I took some lessons as a kid." says Emily.

"Seriously, you're great." says Kendra.

"Okay." says Emily.

Emily play some classical music.

The next day.

"Aria, how's life for ye?" says Kendra.

"Very nice, mostly. I consider myself lucky to have a great boyfriend and sweet friends." says Aria.

"Wonderful. My life's quite cute too." says Kendra.

"Good. I'm happy for ya, Kendra." says Aria.

"Thanks." says Kendra.

"You're welcome." says Aria.

"Yay." says a happy Kendra.

Aria is happy as well.

Kendra and Aria hug each other.

Both of them wear traditional Scottish clothes still, kilts and all.

Kendra actually does so almost all the time and Aria has decided to do so now, while in Scotland, to show that she's a Montgomery.

"Where are Hanna, Spencer and Emily?" says Kendra.

"They went for a lil' walk." says Aria.

"Okay. Sweet. Your friends are wonderful." says Kendra.

"Yup." says Aria.

"Yeah." says Kendra.

"Are ya still single?" says Aria.

"I am and has been since Martin and me broke up." says Kendra.

"Exactly why did you and him break up to begin with?" says Aria.

"We didn't have much in common." says Kendra.

"I understand." says Aria.

"Thanks." says Kendra.

"You're welcome." says Aria.

"Awesome." says Kendra.

"So true." says Aria.

5 days later it is time for Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer to get on a ship back to the US, but before that they spend some hours with Kendra's family over on mainland Scotland.

Laura play paino and sing.

Kendra, Aria, Emily, Spencer and even Hanna dance.

The song is an old traditional highland song from the 1800s.

After the music and then dancing everyone eat some very nice Scottish food and then Laura drive the girls down to the docks.

"Bye, Aria." says Kendra with a cute smile.

"Bye, Kendra." says Aria with a cute smile of her very own.

Kendra and Aria shake hands and then Emily, Hanna and Aria and Spencer step onboard the ship.

"Awww..." says Kendra, crying a bit, seeing her friend Aria leave again.

"You will see her again at some point." says Laura.

"Yes, but I miss her already. She is the best friend I've ever had." says Kendra.

"I'm sure she's still your friend and that she keeps her promise to stay in contact." says Laura.

"True. Aria is such a good sould and much more wise than a girl our age." says kendra.

"She is indeed a smart and noble lady." says Laura.

"Yeah." says Kendra.

Kendra has friends other than Aria, but she has not as much in common with them as he truly has with Aria.

During the 4 semesters of college that Aria and Kendra had together they became very good friends and the 2 girls helped each other when needed and gave each other moral support and such whn the other felt sad.

Both of them has a love for classic books.

They also like similar music.

After college-graduation, Kendra moved back home to Scotland.

Aria and Kendra knew that day would come eventually, but it was still sad for them to part ways.

Even though they promised to not lose contact.

While there was an ocean between them, they kept in touch via phone, txts, e-mail, Skype, Twitter and Facebook on a semi-regular basis, updating each other on life and whatever.

Aria and Kendra where there for each other in college.

For example, when Kendra was almost raped, Aria helped her and Kendra helped Aria when she thought she and Ezra had grown apart.

"Hello, Kendra." says a girl as she walk up to Kendra.

"Oh...hello, Roxy." says Kendra.

Roxy Campbell is Kendra's second best friend after Aria.

Kendra and Roxy has known each other since they were little 8 year old kids.

They also have a third friend in their group who joined a bit later at age 11 named Molly Lamont.

The 3 of them are very good friends and know almost everything about each other, but unlike Kendra who went to college in the US, Molly and Roxy has never been outside of Scotland.

"I wish I'd been able to meet your American friends." says Roxy.

"We'll make sure you get too meet them next time." says Kendra.

"Sweet." says Roxy.

"They are indeed highly sweet and so are you." says Kendra.

"Thank ye, girl." says Roxy.

"No problem, girl." says Kendra.

The next day, Kendra have lunch at a local pub with Roxy and Molly.

Kendra tell Molly and Roxy about Aria.

She want them to get to know as much as possible about what a wonderful person Aria is.

All 3 girls wear t-shirts and kilts.

"...so Aria was the one who helped ye with that perverted fella Victor?" says Roxy.

"Yes. Aria helped me to expose him for the egocentric bloody pervert he was." says Kendra.

"Okay. Nice of her to help." says Roxy.

"Aria always helped me when I needed it and she was able to. She's the kind of person who stay loyal to those she care about." says Kendra.

"You are too. Like when ye helped me when the police believed me ahd stolen all those clothes a couple years ago." says Molly.

"Girl, you're my friend so of course I helped ye." says Kendra.

Kendra use her iPhone to show Molly and Roxy a photo of Aria.

It is a photo from shortly after the dance of Aria in full Scottish outfit.

And yes, Kendra and her 2 friends does have iPhones.

Sure, they live in rather traditional Scottish families on the countryside in the highlands of Scotland, but they do have iPhones and laptops and use things like Twitter and Facebook.

Life for them isn't as olf-fashioned as you might think.

They are sort of modern girls despite having grown up among the old clan traditions.

Of course they follow several of these traditions at same time as they are being modern girls.

For example, they wear kilts almost every single day, instead of skinny jeans or sweatpants.

All 3 of them also have a very obvious Scottish accent and they all love typical Scottish music and food.

Like mentioned before, Kendra is the only one of them to have ever set foot outside Scotland.

Molly and Roxy never have.

Kendra, Roxy and Molly are aware of the rest of the world though, since they follow international news on their laptops and iPhones.

"Both of you will get to meet Aria next time she visit Scotland." says Kendra.

"Wonderful." says Molly.

Roxy's phone beeps.

She get a txt.

"Oh...it's from me boyfriend. I must go, don't wanna make David wait." says Roxy.

David Calder is Roxy's boyfriend and also happens to be the brother of the guy who danced with Hanna at the big dance.

"Have fun. See ye later." says Kendra, who know what Roxy and David will be doing.

"Thanks, K." says Roxy as she grab her purse and leave.

"I wish I had a boyfriend..." says Molly in a sad tone.

Molly is single because guys don't find her attractive.

They think of her as a loser, even though she clearly is not.

"Don't worry, M. You'll find someone soon, I'm sure." says Kendra.

"Okay...I hope so. I wanna be cuddled and more." says Molly.

"I'm single as well. You and me will both find someone." says Kendra.

"Thanks." says Molly, happy to have such a smart cool friend as Kendra.

"Anytime." says Kendra.