Authors Note: I hope you enjoy this story :)

Chapter 1: A Boring New Town

¨You think that's the last one?¨ Charlie asked as he looked at the pile of moving boxes that stood in this boring new room that was soon to be mine.

¨I sure hope so, Dad.¨

I sighed and looked at the boring white walls of my new place. At least, the room was rather large, which was a plus. We had lived in much smaller houses and this seemed like a nice house to live in. It had enough space for me to hide away and read novels about different worlds, and imagine I was part of an unnatural, alternative universe. Preferably one where I was a princess or the main character for once in my life.

I didn't have a lot of friends, as you could imagine.

Now, I had to unpack and decorate this place. That was the part about moving around a lot that I dreaded the most. Decorating took a lot of time and it felt like time wasted, as I knew we would move again in just a few months.

Why my family moved around that much, I didn't know. Renee and Charlie always said they needed fresh air, but I never understood why a new town offered that to them.

My mother Renee was a writer, so she could work everywhere at any time. I guess my wild imagination came from her. And my father Charlie was a boring cop. And every town needed a cop, so we never had any problems with moving around.

No, the only problems came from me. As a child, this life was normal for me but as I grew older, it became harder to make new friends and leave them behind. I felt as if I could make friends very easily so leaving them behind each time was a bummer.

So, on my birthday -I couldn´t remember which one- I made a vow to myself that I wouldn't try making new friends anymore. Some people function better on their own, I guess. And I was one of them.

On that birthday I also promised myself that when I was old enough, I would move to one place and stay there forever. And I would certainly choose a warm climate to live in, and not this rainy shithole Forks.

I swear, we weren't even settled in yet, and the constant drizzle already made me mad. You would think that my parents would choose a nice, sunny place to live in, but no, they chose the rainiest place in the United States.

Just my luck.

I heard my mother come upstairs. Charlie and I gave each other a knowing look. My father and I always had to settle in, while my mother never had to. She instantly loved every new place we moved to.

¨Isn't this such a beautiful house, Bella? You´ll love it here.¨ She sang to me, and her flowery perfume was almost hilariously out of place to the weather outside.

¨I guess so.¨

Renee wrapped me in her arms and kissed my forehead.

¨Which colour will your room be this time? Maybe a nice violet? Or green, that matches the forest behind our house! What do you think, Charlie?¨

My father looked from his wife, to me, to see which side he had to pick. I angrily frowned at him. He couldn't just leave me hanging, we had a moment just a second ago!

¨Let her adjust to this place first. I doubt colour picking is on her mind right now, given she starts at a new school tomorrow.¨ Charlie said and I instantly groaned.

Great, a new school. Again. What could possibly go wrong? Luckily, I had a lot of experiences being the new kid. Unfortunately, none of those experiences prepared me for being the new kid at Forks High School.

The next day, I prepared my usual ´new kid´ routine to not stand out and blend in with the other students as much as possible. I tried to make myself as invisible as possible to not attract anyone.

Black hoodie, jeans, a constant stare to the ground and ignoring every glare and stare I received. The other students would think it was weird, but when I left after a semester, they wouldn't remember anything from me, and that was my ultimate end goal.

I entered the main building without any interference from anyone.

So far so good.

But before I had time to go over my schedule and my ´first-day´ papers, a tall, blond guy approached me and introduced himself as Mike Newton.

I immediately recognised him, since each town had one of those. A handsome know-it-all who tried to make the new kid feel at ease. I knew what he was doing. He tried to make himself a bigger person to show me around. It had nothing to do with me, but with his own popularity.

I hated those kinds of people, but I also relied on them. They would never want to be my friend and I never saw them again after the forced introduction, so it was good to follow him around.

¨Yes, my name is Bella. I'm headed to English, do you know where that is?¨ I asked him.

¨Gladly, follow me.¨ Mike smiled at me and we walked to our classroom.

During the short walk, I made sure to ignore each question Mike had for me. I know, it wasn't a nice thing to do, but I knew I would probably never see him again after this, so keeping everyone in the dark was a necessary precaution.

We entered the classroom, I nodded to Mike to let him know his volunteering services were no longer needed, and I gave my first-day pass to my teacher to sign. She signed and I was good to go.

She also didn't let me introduce myself in front of the whole classroom to embarrass myself any further, so I figured this would be my new favourite subject.

But, she did give me a designated seat with someone next to me, which was a disappointment. I made my way to the seat I was supposed to sit in, stared down at the ground and sat down.

I felt the person who sat next to me, stares at me. I ignored it. Ignoring peers became easier with each passing school, so I didn't feel bad that I ignored this particular person. He or she could get over it.

And I mean, if someone ignoring you in class was the worst thing that happened to you, your day would have been great.

The lesson started and I focussed all my attention on our teacher. I made notes on everything she said and happily noted I was on top of my reading for this semester. English in Forks would be a piece of cake.

Perks of moving around a lot.

I hoped my other classes were also this easy. The corner of my mouth lifted up as I thought about my hatred for this rainy place to begin with, and how happy I would be if I didn't have to do any homework for as long as I was here.

Damn, that would be heaven. Maybe Forks didn't have to be so bad after all.

¨Penny for your thoughts?¨ I heard a male voice whisper right next to me.

Holy shit, that scared me. I looked up and stared into the most mesmerizing amber coloured eyes I had ever seen.

But not only his eyes were heavenly, his whole face looked as if it were personally handcrafted by the Gods. Or handcrafted by my own imagination as he embodied everything I thought fairytale princes would look like.

Alright, I needed to tone down the freakiness.

He kept looking at me, as if he really wanted to know the answer to his previous question. Well, that´s too bad for him. My thoughts were for me only. And even if I wanted to answer him -which I didn´t!- I would never tell him about my slacking school performances. Not that I cared about what he thought, of course. I couldn't care less.

I immediately became annoyed. At myself. Why did I look up? I knew it would be way harder to ignore him from now on. Not only did I now recognise a face among other students, but I also knew how dashingly handsome that face was.

I couldn't possibly ignore him from now on. But I had to. I needed to.

So, instead of answering him, I turned away.