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Ps: Bella is nineteen in this story.

Summary: Rosalie isn't Bella's first girlfriend she's had. When the vampire family notices Bella acting unlike herself and not answering their questions, they follow her and discover a heartbreaking story.

Rosalie POV

Bella hasn't been acting like herself for a few days now and it's concerning for all of us. Her eyes aren't the chocolate brown we're used to seeing, they've turned into something much more dull, the light has evaporated. And I don't know how to go get the light back.

I'm holding my Bella in my arms in our bed, watching her face slip into a mask of pain, it's not long before the scent of saltwater fills the house. "Come back to me, I need you, you can't leave me, I need you." She sobs. I wince, I want to help her but Carlisle told me that I need to wait for her to wake her up on her own accord. I slip my arms from her body and sit in the chair I've planted next to my bed for nights like these. "No, no, Tess." Who's Tess? And why is Bella saying her name? "TESSA!" Bella screams before shooting upright. Bella gets out of bed and walks into the bathroom. I hear the shower turning on. "Bells, I'm downstairs when you're finished." I say gently, zooming to the closed bathroom door. I don't get a reply, which isn't really surprising now.

Sighing, I trudge downstairs and join Esme in the kitchen. "Hey, Esme." I say, grabbing a spatula for her. Esme looks up from her baking and she smiles warmly at me. "Hi, Rose." I've always loved Esme. She was the first person out of the Cullen family, I wasn't cold and hostile towards when I was Turned into what I am. She understood what I went through to some degree and she was always patient with, allowing me to open up at my own pace, she didn't make me feel like I was a victim like Carlisle did, or feel like an intruder like Edward did, she treated me like a girl who was scared but angry at the same time, she didn't get angry when I lashed out at her, she didn't leave me to bottle my feelings up, she helped me get the out.

She's my mother for eternity and I couldn't be more grateful to have her in my life.

"Esme?" I say softly. Esme looks at me. "Yes, Rosalie?" She asks, still smiling her warm, motherly smile at me. I take a deep breath and look at her. Here goes, Rose.

"I don't think I've ever thanked you for being here for me since the beginning of my new life even though I didn't make it easy, you never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself. You wouldn't let me give up. Do you remember what you said to me when I said I wanted to kill myself by setting myself on fire? You said 'if you die, a part of me dies right along with you because you're my daughter. I promise you that if you ever feel falling back slipping off the ledge, I will be right here to pull you back, I'll always be here for you, Rose, always and forever, for all of eternity.' Do you remember that?" I look at Esme who has venom tears in her gold eyes. "I thought you'd forgotten about that?" She whispers. I shake my head. "I'd have to be dead to forget that, not even then would I forget that. I love you, Es..Mom." She immediately wraps me in the biggest hug she's ever given me. "I love you too, my daughter." She whispers.

I hear cheering coming from behind us and we pull away and see Alice in Jasper's arms along with Edward and Emmett. Carlisle is smiling at us, leaning against the doorframe of the kitchen. "I hate to break up this touching moment but what are we going to do about our favourite little human?" Edward inquires from the comfort of Emmetts bulky arms. I sigh and put my head on Esme's shoulder. "I don't know, she had another nightmare but she was calling out for this Tessa girl." I say with a hint of jealousy in my words. Who is this Tessa girl and how does Bella know her?

"Easy, Rose, jealousy does not suit you." Edward comments. I roll my eyes at him. "Okay, okay, seriously, what are we going to do?" Emmett questions concerned for his littlest sister. "Ask the magic eight ball in the room." I tease, looking at the pixie. Alice pokes her tongue out before checking the future.

"I only see two possibilities for this and they aren't pretty for Bella."

Bella POV

Her anniversary is coming up soon and I'm a wreck, try as I might, this is the hardest one so far because I've got Rose, who doesn't even know yet. I want to tell her and her family but I don't want them to treat me any differently.

I step out of the shower, wrapping a towel around my body and blow drying my hair before getting dressed in my Kate Spade outfit:

Pale pink jeans.

White top.

Pink heels.



I sigh before walking out of the bathroom to my room which I share with Rosalie who is nowhere in sight. I slowly walk downstairs and see the vampires watching me. Rosalie and Alice's jaws are on the floor. "What the hell?" Alice screeches in shock. I shake my head at my best friend. "I'm going out, I'm not sure when I'll be back." I cross the room to hug my siblings, my parents and kiss my girl. "I love you, Rose, remember that." I say, hugging her quickly. I've learned that always tell your loved ones that you love them because you never know if that's the last time you'll see them again.

The cemetery is a quiet place to think for a bit. I make my way through the cemetery, passing thousands of headstones until I reach a certain one.

Tessa Rivera- Campbell

I smile softly as I sit down on the soft grass. "Hi, Tess, boy I have so much to tell you but first thing is first, I miss you and I wish you were here to see me."

I spend an hour telling her about Rose and the Cullens, when I sense several people behind me. Of course they'd follow here.

I start telling them the story.

"I was fourteen when I discovered that I liked girls, and I don't regret it. I told Renèe and she was happy for me, for the most part. Charlie took much better than her. He said 'any girl you love, is already a daughter to me.'

I was fifteen when I met Tessa. We met at an all ages, gay bar in Phoenix that just friends dragged me too she Renèe was at a conference in New York, I was staying with my friend Stacy, and we were instantly smitten with each other. We dated for almost three year until I was seventeen. It had been snowing really bad and we'd gotten into a fight about another girl that was flirting with her and I let her walk out of the house without saying anything. I tried calling her several time during the night to apologise but it always went to voicemail so I assumed she was still pissed with me and that we'd sort the next day but my gut feeling kicked in when I didn't receive my 'goodnight, I love you' text, even we were fighting, she's send me one. Four hours later, Tessa's twin brother, Sky, called me because I was her girlfriend. I was with Mom when I got the call about how her body had been found in her bathroom, a bottle of pills next to her. She O'd. I went into a deep depression after that. I almost overdosed on sleeping pills so I could be with her but Renèe stopped me and sent me to live with Charlie.

Her family asked me if I wanted her to be near me seeing as I was the closest to her and said that I shouldn't blame myself for her death because it wasn't my fault."

I'm sobbing openly but I don't care. "If it weren't for my jealousy, she wouldn't have overdosed and she'd still be here." I sob, looking at her grave. "Tessie, I'm so so sorry for your death! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry!" I'm hysterical. Suddenly I'm lifted onto someone's lap. "You need to grieve properly, Bella, you need to let it out because it'll keep building up before you explode. Let it out." It's Rose. I bury my head in between her breasts and sob as loud as I dare. Rose is right: I do need to grieve properly.

I don't know how long it's been since I've cried but right now I'm sitting on Roses lap and looking at Tessa's grave. "Bella, as much as we want to be here, the sun is coming out." Alice says softly. I sigh. "Can I have another minute?" Rosalie nods. I get off her lap and kiss Tessa's name. "Until later, Baby, I love you and I always will but I have Rose now but you'll always be my first love." I say, straightening up and grabbing Roses hand and walking to the rest of the family who have stayed at a safe distance away from me. I nod at each of them. "Thank you for being here." I say softly, quickly looking over my shoulder and smiling at my first love. "I love you, Tess." I say before smiling at my Rose. "I love you, Rose." Rose kisses my lips sweetly.

"Will you stay with me?" She asks.

"Until the end of time." I reply.

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