Rush Hour 3

Authors:                     *fighting off lawyers* NO WE DON'T OWN RUSH HOUR, NOR DO WE OWN MICHAEL JACKSON, JACKIE CHAN OR CHRIS TUCKER SO DON'T SUE US!!! *SJE hits lawyers with a stick*

Footychic:              Well...anywaaay...We DO own us, and Claire, so you can't steal them!

SJE:                       *laughs demonically*

Footychic:              Yeah, SJE, I think we need to get on with the first chapter... -.-'

SJE:                       Okies! ^_^

Footychic:              Then go!


Saturday 25th August 2003

Royal Albert Hall

Carter:                   Ok, Lee, we need to get these guys, they're trying to kill my hero!

Lee:                       Don't worry Carter, I know who they are!

Carter:                   Ok, Ok, well sho-mon!

*they enter the R.A.H*

Carter:                   *to the Bodyguard* I'm L.A.P.D; now let me in front row!

Bodyguard:             *reading Carter's ID* Right away Miss Canler.

Carter:                   Canler? Miss? Boy I'm gonna whoop your ass!

Lee:                       *To bodyguard* Please ignore my partner, she had a lot to drink.

*They are seated in the front row beside two teenage girls and two women*

Carter:                   Heeey girl! I'm L.A.P.D, you wanna hook up? Coz you are fine!

Woman 1:              We're with the dancers.

Carter:                   Really? *nervous laugh* You hear that Lee? They with the dancers!

Lee:                       *laughs*

*Michael Jackson comes on stage*

Carter:                   Lee, are you seeing this? Boy it's Michael Jackson!

Lee:                       Yes, but we have a job to do.

*Fireworks start and Michael Jackson is raised onto a high platform and the Smooth Criminal intro starts*

MJ:                        *on stage platform* As he came in through the window, there was the sound of, a                                  crescendo...

Carter:                   *starts dancing and singing*

*all of a sudden a gun shot is heard*

???:                       Prepare to die Mike... *Tries to shoot MJ*

Teenage girl 1:       *Grabs the attacker's arm and points the gun towards the roof*

Carter:                   C'mon Lee we need to stop those guys! *Gets out his gun and points it towards the                                attacker*

Teenage girl 2:       *Grabs her mobile and calls the cops*


Random Cop:          Well thank you, we'll take it from here. *drags off attacker*

MJ:                        *To Carter and Lee* Thank you, you saved me.

Lee:                       No, these girls *points to Teenage girls 1 and 2* are the reason you are alive Mr Jackson.

Carter:                   Lee I'm standing next to Michael Jackson! *faints*

MJ:                        *To Teenage girls 1 and 2* Excuse me, what are your names?

Teenage girl 1:       Nicole, *grabs Teenage girl 2's arm* Michael Jackson's talking to us! *starts crying*

Nicole:                   Lynsey, we saved Michael Jackson's ass back there, course he's ganna wanna talk tee us                              man! *walks over and steps on Carter* Damn, I'm standing on a crazy pervert black man!

Lee:                       You girls were very brave.

Lynsey:                 *still crying* thanks.

Nicole:                   Yeah, yeah, now who the hell was that!?

Lee:                       Why do you want to know?

Nicole:                        Listen, those *^@"£!($ just destroyed the concert of a lifetime and if I find out that  are more of these gay *^@"£!($"^%$ trying to do this I will personally take their guns and blow whatever the *:&( is left of the balls they apparently DON'T have off their   %$"!&*( bodies!!!

Lee:                            *to Lynsey* is she passionate about Michael Jackson or just very angry and demented?

Lynsey:                      *stopped crying* it's a bit of both...

MJ:                        Well anyway, I've been having kidnap and death threats, and I've been advised heavier security so I'll be OK.

Lynsey:                 Cool.

Nicole:                   I need to kill something...*goes demented*

Carter:                   *In a dream, acting it out* Cause this is thriller, Yeah girls, you know I'm the king!

MJ:                        He's strange...

Everyone Else:       *Moving slowly away from Carter* yeeeah... o.O;


Footychic:              Did ya like it so far? Nicole and her demented mind thought basically this ENTIRE chapter, so if it doesn't make much sense, that's why.

SJE:                       Yo, I ain't demented! COcoNutS! @_@ Footychic:                 Yeah...ok... -.-'

SJE:                              If you do not give us reviews I will kidnap Carter and Lee! Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *deep breath* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Footychic:                    Jesus Nic!

Blessed Be!

~x~SJE~x~ and ~*~{Footychic}~*~