Part 1 - Bonfire Surprises

A/N: This is my Bella/Seth story, hope you will love it like my other ones too. Rated M as usual, trying to keep it low and below what most will write in the Mature content, but some swearing and sexual stuff will have to be in the story. Seth is also 18 not 15, and Leah is 22 like Sam is, although Sam is still imprinted on their cousin, Emily. Bella is 18 too. Charlie!Jacob!Billy!TheCullens!Bashings as usual in my story. Anyways onto the story. It is set in Eclipse, although the Cullens are not back just yet, but will be after bonfire has happened and what else that happens on that night.

Bella came down to the La Push bon-fire after Jacob more or less demanding her to do so for him, and she agreed after some arguing but she felt why not, and got herself dressed appropriately for it would be cold tonight too, and her father was also going to be there. She knew her dad wanted her with Jacob, like himself also wanted to happen, but neither seems to listen to that she is in love with Jacob and don't feel like that about him either. She may have her heart finally healed from Edward's leaving did to her, but she was defintally not in love with Jacob, as she felt nothing of sorts towards him, never will either.

So after she drove them back down to La Push and the area of the bon-fire was going to take place at, she pulled over and turned off the engine, and then she went out of the truck, leaving Jacob in somewhat confusion of how fast she went out of her car, and didnt even talk a word to him either. He felt something was different, but not what it was. Either way, he came after her, and Seth came over to say

"Hey Jake, Hey Bella, well I save you some hamburgers, but Paul had to take all the sausages." Bella just giggled, as she knew that was so true about Paul, while Jake rolled his eyes but shocked to hear her giggling, as she said

"It is good to see you too, Seth. How has things been for you?" At that their eyes met, and everything stilled around the two, while Jacob growled angrily, and walked off somewhere, while Sam came over, as he had seen what had happened, said

"Everything ok here, Bells, Seth?" Bella nodded, while Seth said

"Did I j-just imprint on Bella?" At that Sam sighed, but nodded, as Bella said

"Imprint, what is that?" At that Sam frowned, as he said

"I thought Jacob had told you about how Emily and I came to be a couple."

"He did but not what caused you to leave Leah or anything else, so what is Imprinting?" At that he sighed, then he proceeded to tell her everything, and Seth stood on his ground, waiting on what she would say or do next, as she said

"Well I am just stupid not to accept it, afterall I am not bound to anyone else really, Sam. Besides Seth and I both need to get to know each other, for frankly, we don't know each other that well yet, Seth."

At that they both nodded relieved, as Bella said again

"Will you tell Jacob off for not telling me about this, as I feel it is very important to know about even if Jake feels something for me that I never will either back to him."

At that Sam nodded, then he asked

"Is he in love with you or think he is?" Bella sighed, and told Sam and Seth who stood next to her for now, and both were bit worried about not only Jacob, but also if Edward and his family comes back, then there could be issues, but Bella told them that she is now a wolf-girl as she rather would have Seth in her life, then nothing, which caused Seth light up abit more, and Sam just smiled at this, then he left the two alone for now, and Seth led her a seat next to himself, which caused Charlie, Billy and Jacob to frown and wonder what was going on. Bella snuggled up into Seth's opened arms for now.

Then Old Quil who sat next to his grandson and daugther-in-law, Quil Jr and Joy, began the tale of the wolves, the third wife and more, Charlie sat rolling his eyes, as he still to this day did not believe in any of this shit as he called the stories by. As soon he was done, Billy was forced to take over his part of story-telling, and Bella sat in Seth's arms, cuddling into his warm body, and he did not mind at all this happened either. Jacob stared with hatred, wonder and anger in his eyes, while Charlie looked confused and so did Billy.

Others who knew by their looks what had happened, just smiled, so did his mother, as his father died on the same day that he and Leah shockingly became a wolf too. His mother had to learn about it all beforehand of this bonfire and still was trying melt it all, but she was happy to see one of their legends had happened to his son and Bella she felt was a perfect mate for her shy, softspoken son, Seth. Leah too was happy for the two, but she hated it was that took Sam away from herself.

After the stories had been told, Bella went with the pack to Sam and Emily's house for a meeting, while her father had to go home alone without her, as she told him that she was 18 now and could come and go whenever she wanted to without his permission anylonger, and he was shocked of her words at him, but he left without saying another word to her, and Jacob went after her and Seth, while the two uncouniessly held hands while walking to Sam and Emily's house. Jacob glared at their joint hands, as they neared the house and all walked in and sat down, Bella on Seth's lap for now.