I watched True Colours Today, and it. Was. INCREDIBLE! So, I'm writing this.

The road and the thoughts

"Can we PLEASE just go get some snacks already?"

"Okay, Anne." Smiled Marcy, rolling her eyes, as they began making their way towards one of Newtopia's many Snack bars.

Anne ordered a beetle pie, while Marcy got a Centipede Ice cream.

"You know, I've actually gotten used to bugs." Said Anne, cheerfully.

"I know, right? I used to think they were disgusting. Bleh!" She made a face, making Anne laugh.

Anne began reading her books, getting distracted and going on ahead. She didn't even notice as she stepped onto the road.

"Marcy! Wait! You'll-" Cried Anne, as she heard the horn of a fast-moving snail, heading straight for Marcy!


She wasn't going to lose her.

Not again.

Marcy felt Anne push her from behind, and sending her flying.

She crashed onto the pavement, and looked to see a superfast snail rocket past.

"Woo! That was close! Thank frog for Adrenaline, am I right?" Marcy remarked, high-fiving Anne.

Anne just smiled "Just... be more careful, alright?"

"Right, right. Let's get home." Smiled Marcy, getting on her feet.

As they headed home, Anne began wondering about something. When she had pushed Marcy, she had felt a similar feeling to when she fought that Vegetable monster back at the farm. She had moved as quick as she had then, too.

She shrugged. Probably Adrenelen, or whatever it's called.

What she didn't know was that for a breif moment, while she was running...

Her eyes glowed blue.


Months later, after the events of True Colours...

She couldn't save her.

Marcy had tricked them. Betrayed them. Taken them from their homes, and lied to them.

And yet Anne and Sasha forgave her.

As Anne ran from Andrias, and Anne trudged to her house, they had one thought on their mind.

I couldn't save her.


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