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Title: Beyond the Glitter

Song: If I Told You by Darius Rucker

Summary: Edward Cullen wants to be seen for the man he is, and poses with a fake persona during a speed date. Struck by Bella's beauty and simple conversation, he knows she is different.

Disclaimer: all characters herein belong to Stephanie Myers.

I wrote this for the song to story contest. I haven't decided if I will expand it or not. I will leave up to all of you whether you want to see more.

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Edward Cullen sat at the table with a short white candle burning in the center. Any minute now, the flame was about to go out, yet he ignored the dissipating wick, too focused on the people around him.

He wasn't sure how the fuck he came to be sitting in the middle of a speed dating trap, fucking Alice, he muttered beneath his breath. His sister was always setting him up in shit like this. Annoyed, he rolled his eyes as he pulled the baseball cap lower on his head to conceal his identity.

His attempts were fruitless. Everyone in the damn room knew exactly who he was, yet if they asked, he would deny it. He mumbled the name he and Alice had settled on, Robert Pattinson. For the next hour and a half, he was fucking Robert Pattinson, just a random Joe.

He was tired of having women melting at his feet just because he was Edward Cullen, a famous actor with tons of damn money.

Did people even like him for himself? Or was it his hordes of cash and houses? While the glitz and glam were exciting at first, it became tiresome to be categorized. He just wanted to be this ordinary guy from fucking nowhere important.

Nibbling his nail, his greenish-blue gaze floated over the occupants of the diner. The place was nothing more than a bar, yet nearly fifty women stood around anticipating their turn at the men waiting nervously in their seats.

Edward dried his damp palms on his jeans. He was about to say fuck it and grab his shit and go. His wayward gaze kept darting to the door. Clearing the lump from his throat, he pulled at the bill again, trying to hide his eyes without looking like a creep. All of his muscles were a ball of nerves, and he was just about to push to his feet when she stepped forward.

The wind was knocked from his chest as she hesitantly smiled. It was kind of lopsided like she was; she looked as out of her element as he was his. Her bright green eyes danced as her friend whispered something to her, and Edward smiled in response. With effort, he pulled his attention away from her stunning eyes to get a glimpse of the rest of her.

She had long mahogany tresses nearly to her waist, and she was slender with long fucking legs. "Damn," he whispered, and it was as if she heard his mumbled statement because her laughing mossy eyes collided with his. Her teeth appeared as her grin grew, and the simple joy seemed to captivate Edward. He simply couldn't look away.

A buzz went off somewhere, and Edward vaguely heard the sound. When the woman stepped forward, his eyes never left hers as she took the seat several tables over. He barely managed to look at the woman that slid into the table across from him. As politely as he could, he made conversation with the woman. All he saw, however, was the woman sitting across the room.

Three more women came to his table, and Edward did his best to focus on each and every one of them. Each one of them pinpointed exactly who he was, and he spent the rest of their fifteen minutes dissuading them of the notion. He could tell they didn't believe him, but he merely shrugged, not really caring if they fell for his ruse or not.

When the bell rang the fourth time, Edward breathed a heavy sigh, and disappointment crushed him as the women swapped tables. This shit was all pointless, Edward thought, taking a sip of his beer. Rolling the brew on his tongue, he swallowed; glancing up, he froze as a shadow fell across his table.

It was her—the woman with the beautiful eyes and amazing smile. Edward wanted to drown in that damn smile. He grinned when she didn't even hesitate as she sat opposite him.

"You just look miserable," she laughed, throwing her hair over a slender shoulder. Leaning forward, she whispered, "I get it. I didn't wanna be here either, but my friend Rose wouldn't take no for an answer. What's your name? I'm Bella."

Even white teeth gleamed back at him as he leaned forward. "I'm Robert Pattinson, and you are right; I didn't want to come. Suddenly, I'm glad I did. Tell Rose I said thanks."

Bella regarded him closely for a long minute as curiosity lifted her perfectly arched brow. "You look so familiar. Did you work at the coffee shop on Fifth?"

Edward squinted back at the spectacular creature, spying the swell of her breasts above the low V of her bodice. A chuckle slipped from Edward's throat as he digested her question. He'd had this elaborate story about working as an insurance salesman, but hell, he would go with a barista.

Edward grinned as his laugh echoed throughout the room, capturing the attention of a few tables surrounding them. "You caught me. I sell coffee for a living at the coffee shop on Fifth."

There was a suspicious sparkle in Edward's gaze that gave Bella pause. Her lashes dropped as she attempted to figure him out. "I have this feeling you are just going with what I said."

"Perhaps," Edward shrugged. "What keeps your days full?"

"I'm a beautician. I cut hair," she laughed. "It's not all that great, but it's good money and fun. I think it's important to have as much fun as possible. What do you like to do for fun?"

Edward considered her question. "I-I … Well, I'm usually pretty busy with work, and I don't get out too much."

"Long hours at the coffee shop?" Bella asked skeptically, chewing on the straw in her soda. "I never knew being a barista could be so demanding."

If he told her the truth, would she want to continue their acquaintance, or would she run? Would she only see the dollar signs his name provided, or would she be willing to get to know the man?

He really wanted to focus on what she said. Really, he did. Yet, a million assumptions and fears deafened him to her response. All he was currently aware of was his own wavering confidence.

Would she see him for him, or would she see his name? He was so much more than his name and his career, as flattering as it all was. He wanted someone to look beyond the silver and gold and realize he was a being deeper than his circumstances.

Her presence was completely magnetic, and Edward found himself leaning over the table toward her. "If I asked you on a proper date, would you go?"

Bella's head tilted as her gaze roamed over his hat and the curling tips of his hair. He had the sexiest smile she'd ever seen, and she, too, leaned closer. "I believe I would."

This woman was different. She didn't seem aware of who he was, and she didn't get all breathless from a mere conversation. The problem was, she didn't really know his true identity. Would it matter to her?

Edward chewed the inside of his cheek as he contemplated that question. He would never know if he didn't take a chance. He was still deep in thought when the bell signaled the end of their speed date. Snapping back to awareness, he hurriedly withdrew his pen and grabbed a napkin from the dispenser.

Jotting down his number, he slid the slip of paper toward her. "I would love to get to know more about you, Bella. Call anytime."

"It was really nice to meet you, Robert."

Edward watched closely as she took his pen and withdrew her own napkin. His fingers tingled as hers brushed his hand as she swiped the pen. He followed her fingers as she hurriedly wrote her name and number.

As she handed it to him, she said, "I'm kind of old-fashioned. If you would like that date, you know how to get a hold of me."

Their eyes locked, and Edward could swear she saw his soul. This woman was different; he could feel it in his bones. "You can bet on it."

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