Chapter One

It had been quite the honeymoon period for both the Special Agent ladies, Brenda and Sharon. Not only working together for a little over six months now. But also there was the new aspect there of loving each other like a couple of newly weds. Well, it wasn't always all bed and roses for the duo, as sometimes the two still clashed. and then, the swords, or rather words were really taken out. And when those started slipping out from these two lovely ladies lips. Well let's just say that those words could sometimes even make a hardened sailor blush. But, in the end, the two of them always compromised. Or at least agreed to disagree if the matter could not be solved. And the best part? Well, the make up sex of course! What on this very Earth could be better? Or as Sharon put it, being an off-worlder herself of course, was that having hot naked sex with the most sexiest woman on the planet. The exact words used by Sharon they were. Not that there wasn't other kinds of sex happening there too. Because the answer was: Yes, there totally was. And as their boss and colleagues would comment on the fact. Which was that it happened way too often and in places they really should not have been doing the deed at all. But hey, it sure beat the hell out of being enemies and not working together in the best possible way, right? And besides, this was the time for them to get to know each other too. So like mentioned before, it was the honeymoon period for them even if they had yet to marry each other for real.

And getting to know each other was an important aspect for any kind of partnership as Brenda had defended them both after being caught a few times doing the nasty in the office. All the interaction between them was a really good thing as Brenda indeed did claim to her boss. And not just for the dynamic duo but everyone in the Bureau. As their work efficiency had sky rocketed ever since the two agents had hooked up together on a more permanent basis. So there was that argument and there was nothing the Director could say to counter it either, as it was true too. They were making headlines while solving cases at an extremely fast rate! The increase in UFO sightings was a thing and the Bureau had several cases coming in each week. They were unmanned still. But it seemed that since they managed to solve a lot of the cases whether true ones or hoaxes, the publicity for the current team was bringing in more interest in the branch and therefore more funding as well. And so they were able to hire new people too. Currently they were still looking for those people as there were non too many suited for the job available. But there were a few feelers out there as to finding great officers whom they knew or had heard of. As the Director had put it, 'be on the lookout for good resources because we need them all!' So, now were they not only doing their jobs out there. But also being on the lookout for some great agent material as well!

Calling each other their respective girlfriend was a new thing for both of them as it turned out. It was also a great thing for them both to have found someone to stick with for this long as it had not been the case for either in the past. Commitment, as their boss had told them, commitment was key to anything one did in life. That being the guideline for herself and preaching and teaching the same method to the others as well. Commitment to each other, to their respective job and their life together was the one thing in common for both agents as well. As they could relate to their boss's life guideline. And that was all that mattered in the end and was also the solid basis for their continued relationship outside the job as well. Well, also the fact that Sharon was an alien despite her appearance and could do some funky things too as it turned out. Not just for the work stuff if and where needed. But also as it turned out, in the bedroom as well, or whichever room they ended up having sex in. Something quite unexpected to Brenda. But never unwelcome. And Brenda had not complaints, none what so ever. Even if Sharon took charge once in a while as Brenda usually liked to keep the ropes in her hands, tightly and literally. Despite her reluctance to let any of it show before, Sharon with all her alienness and sense of self had been afraid to admit that she did indeed possess all kinds of cool abilities.

One time during sex, she had then surprised Brenda with that very fact. It had happened without warning while having a totally awesome orgasm as Sharon had been quite out of control while Brenda had shown her a really good time in bed, to say the least. It turned out that she could share a feeling and sensation with her partner at will. But this time, the overwhelming climax had thrown her completely off and then unwittingly, she had shared the total sum of the moment with Brenda, who in turn had climaxed out of the blue. Not that she had not been exited, because she totally had been. But usually when giving pleasure to her partner, Brenda remained in control and did not let herself climax before her partner did. Still, this incident of sorts had brought forth the knowledge that Sharon indeed had her super powers as Brenda put it. And this very nice surprise had lead to several shared similar moments between the two. Also, after this had happened, Brenda had been naturally curious as to what else Sharon could do and there were plenty of things she was able to pull out from her bag of tricks. It wasn't just these abilities that had helped them to solve more of the incoming cases. But also the fact, that Sharon did have the inside information of most of the races visiting Earth. So, all and all, a great choice for an agent to be in the Bureau of UFO investigation. Then again, she was a skilled agent on her own right and having had an extensive career already in the other alphabets before joining the Bureau. Plus Brenda was really happy to have her there as her partner even if it had been annoying the hell out of her in the very beginning. But now, there was no resentment left whatsoever.

Both of their lives so far had pretty much revolved around their work. And then going on dates with each other. As like mentioned, this was all pretty new for them both. The relationship rather as they were both established agents on their own rights. But, it also seemed, the UFO sighting rate was booming for whatever reason. Or rather, Sharon had some ideas as to the why. But she had only shared those with Brenda as she was the only one privy to the alien thing, as she put it sometimes. But yes, they had their job cut out for them and keeping life quite interesting as well. And of course, having the advantage of an alien working for the Bureau. Well, the success rate in solving any of their cases was also up due to the inner circle knowledge Sharon possessed. So, it was all good, on all the levels. And guess it would have been so for a long while too. As the better the two women were getting to know each other, the deeper their connection and love felt. Even thoughts of further steps had crossed Brenda's mind every now and again. But she did not really like the whole U-haul cliche so deciding to wait for a while longer was the best choice for her. Or so she thought. As as nice as it all was, things running smoothly at work and personal life for both. Well, there was a bomb of a thing to be dropped soon enough to mix things. Of course stating the obvious which was that they lived in interesting times would soon to be an understatement. As the duo of agents were soon about to find out.

And as it turned out, there was once again a sighting involved with the strange part. But this time, it was a rather unusual sighting as it was in the middle of the broad daylight. And also, in a rather public place. As it was a mall of all places. Or rather the parking lot of one. Then again, it was close to halloween season and it might have been some kind of marketing stunt someone had pulled. Or then a very clever seasonal hoax. Whichever it could have been, the duo was sent out to investigate the incident once again. The both of them taking any and all sightings quite seriously. Even if the investigation turned out the case to be bogus. Which it did in some cases. They always took the needed steps to either prove or disprove the case which ever way it was. And today was no different as the two agents set off in their trusted vehicle. Heading towards the sighting coordinates in the early working hours of the day. Naturally, Brenda was driving as from the two of them, she enjoyed it more. Plus she really liked to be the one in control, most of the time, which Sharon did not mind. Most of the time anyway. All and all, they were pretty equal in the relationship, both off and on the job as it were. Despite the fights and disagreements, which was simply part of life.

They still lived in their own homes, as the talk of moving in or whatever else there might be related to the that was not discussed. Brenda, who had mostly been the hit and run kind of gal where any kind of relationship matters or rather lack there of were concerned. She did not do relationships per se. So, having her own place and Sharon having hers. Well, it was all fine and dandy in her book. Then again, Brenda had never had a thing, as she called it sometimes, lasting over six months. The longest one she could remember was a two week one. And that had been due to the fact that she had been on a holiday and travelling abroad with the person. And there was really no way out of it until said time was over. It had turned out that after three days she had wanted to flee and leave the woman there. But apparently, changing flights for a packet deal had not been an option. So she had done her time, as she put it, for the whole two weeks. After that she had learnt her lesson and not gotten involved with anyone more than a night, tops two. But then, she had not seen Sharon coming around the corner either. And that feeling of falling for this woman had hit her like a runaway truck. Something she had not been prepared for, but was now over that fact. And being as happy she was, in love, well, that was a surprise to her. Because she really was, in love with this gorgeous alien woman. And despite not making any plans for the future. Not knowingly anyway. She had absolutely no desire to run away. Nor did she feel like this was purgatory either. Or having a ball and a chain on her leg. Or really any of those feelings she associated with being in a relationship.

No, she was totally happy. But just that amount of happy, that spending each working day together. In addition to most nights and weekends spent in either of their homes. Which was as long as there was no talking of moving in together, Brenda was fine with being called a girlfriend. Besides, she suspected Sharon wasn't the type either who wanted to cling tightly to the one they were with. Rather the woman craved her own place and space. And even if they had spent a lot of time together. Quite a lot as it were. They still had their own time too. Still, sometimes, when Sharon left to go to her home early in the morning for a change of clothing. Or excused her for a random night to do whatever by herself. It as during those times when Brenda had felt a pang deep, deep inside of her. What it was about? She had really no idea. But she knew it wasn't that she wanted more for them, right!? They were both adults with their own careers and friends and family and stuff. And they enjoyed each others bodies. And well, there was the love thing there. But still, this was not that kind of a relationship at all. Like happy endings and all that jazz, right?! No, Brenda reminded herself every now and so often. This was a sexy relationship and there was love and caring between them. They were partners at work and all. But they could be together and live apart and not worry about their future. That. Was. It. Brenda once again reminded herself as she glanced over to her partner, whom she could not get enough of looking at. Apparently. But, that did not mean she was out of her mind gaga over the woman and way over her heels in love too, right? Just enough to care kind of love, that was it, Brenda then decided.

Chapter Two

"Who is in charge here?" Special Agent Brenda Johnson shouted out.

Brenda made her way through the throng of people currently occupying the parking lot. All of them watching the scene ahead to possibly catch even a glimpse of the suspected alien they had heard to be there. It had been quite the feat navigating around the crowded mall after the duo had arrived there quickly enough. The whole place was filled with cars and people. All in a neat bunch at that soon after the leaked news of the alleged UFO sighting had been texted, pinged, twatted and chatted over the world wide web in a flash. And soon after everyone and their mother had arrived there to have a look-see. Maybe even get a selfie with a little green or grey dude depending on the perspective of things the person might have had of the aliens.

"I am!" A hand was raised close by but Brenda wasn't able to see whom it was talking there.

Brenda tried to rise onto her tippy toes to reach over the crowds. But still was not able to see at all really. Sharon, being the taller of the two and usually wearing higher heels too, quickly made a scan over the sea of heads. And then quite close by, she spotted the woman who had raised her hand to the question of being in charge. She looked the part. That of a tall warrior type statuesque officer. Being the assigned security officer on duty on this day, she had naturally taken charge of the scene and proudly indicated as much when questioned. Sharon nodded towards the direction of the officer to Brenda. Then voiced the same to her partner who was still bopping about trying to get a fix on the person who had answered her call.

"I can see her. She is roughly twenty metres from your direction to the left." Sharon then waved back at the officer with her Bureau badge in her clasp to clarify their business there.

Brenda started pushing herself through the crowds, but was getting nowhere. Sharon who was right behind her now and realising the dilemma her partner was in, made the quick choice of using her special powers to get through the throng of people there. As they were on urgent business after all and not simply gawking around trying to find an alien there. So deciding to use her "zap power", which was an electrical current she was able to produce within herself. She was creating the mild yet powerful jolt in Humans simply by poking them with a finger. So, in a few seconds she was fully charged as it was for the power to work. And then, excusing Brenda, who knew very well what her partner had planned, let her take the lead with a grin. Soon enough, Sharon was making a narrow path for them to thread through. As the people feeling the jolt in their sides quickly moved away from whatever was causing it. Because they had no idea it was Sharon causing it. Brenda followed her partner and soon enough they reached the security officer. She was busily explaining certain things and protocols to the all too eager beavers there. As soon as she could see the two agents approaching her, she excused the person she had been talking with. She then moved to meet and greet the duo whom were now approaching her with their badges shown clearly in their hands.

"I was informed you were coming." She smiled to the two agents. Then taking a quick scan of the two, from head to toe as it were. Rather discreetly, but it was obvious to Brenda and Sharon she liked what she saw. "I am the Chief Security Officer at this mall. Leila Kay." She introduced herself by extending her hand in greeting.

"Chief Kay." Brenda was taking charge again. As it was from a silent agreement between the two partners, that during the investigation she was the lead. After all, she had seniority in a way. "I am Special Agent Johnson and this is Special Agent Raydor." She nodded towards Sharon, whom in turn shook the Chief's hand.

"What is the status here?" Sharon then asked the Chief.

"Well, we have the situation somewhat under control as you can see. Unfortunately these types of events cannot really be contained these days as this is a public forum after all. And we do not have the resources to even begin to empty the large area." The Chief wasn't making any excuses rather simply stating the facts.

"That is alright Chief Kay." Brenda then told her admiring the professional demeanour of the woman as well, among other things. After all, she was committed, not dead and blind. "We know how difficult these situations are." She nodded towards Sharon. "My partner and I have plenty of experience in these investigations." She then added.

"Yes, I know." The Chief smiled. "I am a bit of a fangirl myself." She then admitted as much.

"Oh." Brenda was not used to this kind of fandom, but she guessed it was alright, after all this was a fellow officer.

"Well, we do investigate all kinds of special incidents and some of them have proven to be non hoaxes." Sharon was on board with the fangirl thing and liked the Chief. As clearly, she was not only a true professional. But well, who could blame anyone of being a fan of the unexplained and unexpected, right!?

"Yes, well, I have read a lot about your, shall we say exploits." Chief Kay laughed and then after a bit of chatter she was back to her professional mode again. "Now about the incident itself." She started and went on reciting the facts, some of which were already known to the two agents. But it was clear the Chief kept detailed records of her incidents. "… and so, we found the markings on the empty parking spot. But whatever caused them was already gone. However, there is eye witness videos and photographs of the incident itself and I have collected some of the information from the witnesses. Their data and links were the intel was posted. As you may have guessed, the images are already circulating the world wide web." She let out a snide laugh then.

"Great work Chief!" Brenda exclaimed. "Well, we need to check the spot and take our own notes of course. But what you have here so far, well it certainly warrants an investigation."

The two agents were led by Chief Kay to the parking space where the supposed UFO landing had occurred. It was one of the handicap reserved spots, which made a tad wider than the regular spots there. And as assuming a UFO would be bigger than the trucks some of the people liked to drive. So it made perfect sense a vessel would have chosen that exact spot for their landing site. The Chief looked on as Sharon and Brenda started digging up their equipment from the large box like carry-on Sharon had been hauling with her from the car. It was on four wheels so it moved easily over all kinds of obstacles and did not weigh too much to drag behind. The cameras were the first to show up. Then a bunch of scanners for all kinds of frequency measurements and lastly the infrared meter. The Chief looked on as the two agents worked in perfect unison. Each taking their respective equipment and running them over the whole area. After all, the Chief only had a mobile phone on her to record whatever evidence there was visible when she had first arrived to the scene as the mall did not usually investigate such incidents at all. But she was interested in seeing whatever it was the other two were doing at a scene. As she was quite the UFO enthusiast herself. And as commented before, she was familiar with the agents work and admired what they did. Sharon and Brenda had quite a well planned method of working a scene. As each of them were doing their thing and in perfect order and harmony. This way, they could save time and have the evidence gathered as quickly as possible before anyone disturbed it. And then get to the sorting and going through the evidence part much quicker. Being good with her promise, Chief Kay had already told her underlings to send all the gathered information to the investigating duo so they could easily include all that into the pile of evidence.

"Over here!" Sharon shouted to her partner.

Sharon had noticed something on the asphalt after taking her scans, photographic evidence and collected whatever there was to be found. After all, it was a parking lot, so not much in that sense. Part from the odd broken taillight or other rogue object there was not much present there. But in general less than usually on any other scene. But even though some of it might not have been visible to the naked Human eye, Sharon possessed a keen eye of the extraterrestrial. Therefore she was able to see beyond the normal Human range. This came in handy when trying to compile the much needed evidence from a scene where hardly anything existed.

"What is it?" Brenda asked relieved, that maybe she had found something after all.

Brenda was now headed her way. Glad to hear that Sharon had something as she had found mostly nothing. As there really was no physical trail left behind of whatever it had been making the supposed landing on this spot. After all, not all sightings were legit anyway. Otherwise there would be extraterrestrial alien beings landing on planet Earth every other day. At least if the received sighting reports were any kind of indication of that. Only a few percent of what they investigated could be proven to be the real thing while others were either hoaxes or encounters of the imaginary kind.

"Well, I did not find anything with the usual methods." Sharon meant the various instruments the two of them were using. "But, as I got the feeling," the tingling sensation she usually got before her ancestral abilities kicked on, "I took a closer look at this ring or formation here." She bent down and pointed the hardly even visible spot in the ground. Easily missed by first or even a second glance.

Brenda following her lead, glared at the spot Sharon was pointing at. It took some doing and hard focusing on her part before she finally thought she could see what Sharon was talking about. Or then it was just wishful thinking on her part.

"Um, sure." Brenda finally yielded as she could not really be sure of what she was seeing if anything at all.

Sharon looked up and knowing her partner was not as well equipped as she was in that area. She let out a small snort. As even if Brenda trusted her and was sure she was seeing something there. Well there still was the matter of needing to prove it. Because unlike her, Brenda was not able to see it even now and visible proof was all this gig was about.

"You can't see it?" Sharon asked, knowing already the answer to her question but simply validating her suspicions.

Brenda glanced apologetically at Sharon and shrugged her shoulders in the process. "Sorry." She simply said in response.

Sharon did not take it too personally as she could not very well expect her Human partner to have the same abilities as she did due to her alien heritage.

"It's fine, hon. Don't worry, I will make this work for us." Sharon was already thinking of the best method for her to bring forth the hidden evidence.

Brenda who was still caught on the endearment 'hon' Sharon had used of her which warmed her heart to no end. But it had also not gone unheard by Chief Kay who was still with them. Standing a tad farther away. She gave Brenda a knowing nod of approval when Brenda glanced her way. It was pretty obvious to the agent that the Chief played in the same sports team the two of them did. And that was kind of comforting to know too. As she had grown tired of explaining herself to some people who kept on assuming things of another person, just because. This time that would not be the case. Turning back to her partner who was already on the ground doing her thing, Brenda simply said.

"So you're doing your magic to conjure up the evidence then."

"Working on it." Which was Sharon for 'in the zone, don't disturb me, please'.

"Good, good. I'll wait over here then."

Brenda then moved towards the Chief after picking up the equipment into their respective containers on the trolley on wheels. After all, she wanted to have a word with the good Chief regarding the method Sharon was using. A cover they had come up with to explain this, somewhat odd method. After all, only she knew that Sharon was an alien being herself. So, letting others, especially some outside know this fact even if the Chief here, seemed to have the potential they were looking for. A thought which had entered Brenda's mind as soon as she had arrived at the scene. And Chief Kay had proven herself to be all that. Maybe, she should have a little chat with the good officer and try to probe if she was interested in the job. After all, she had indicated to know their work and being a fan too. So there was that to consider. Taking that thought to action, Brenda decided to have a wee chat with the Chief. To find out what she was really feeling about what she and Sharon were doing there right now, job wise of course.

Chapter Three

"Chief Kay, may I have a word with you?" Brenda asked the officer as she approached the Chief after leaving Sharon in peace to do her thing on the parking spot.

"Of course Agent Johnson. What did you have in mind?" The Chief sounded both surprised and hopeful at the same time as she was only too happy to help out these fantastically great agents she so admired.

"Well, I was wondering. That is if it's not too forward of me to ask you. But well, you told us you loved our work and had also been following the cases we are tackling." Brenda started probingly.

"Yes on both accounts." Chief Kay smiled at Brenda now.

"Well, I was wondering if you are happy with your current work? I mean you handled this incident very well and it seems to me…" She paused then for a moment. "If I am brutally honest here. It seems to me that you are capable of so much more than being a security cop at the mall." Brenda hoped she had not crossed the line there with her rather honest comment. After all, the security officers in a mall type situation were never considered to be, well, real cops by the establishments of law unfortunately. No matter how good they were and how hard they worked.

"Well, since you put it that way." The Chief paused now, her smile fading a bit. "I guess even if I have risen to the rank of Chief of all the others here in only a short time. Well, I would still not be considered all that." She was after all well aware of how her kind of work was ranked in the bigger scheme of things.

"I see." Brenda nodded. "Well, trust me when I tell you this. That is that both myself and Agent Raydor there." She nodded towards the direction Sharon was at. "Both of us were very impressed how very well you handled things here before we arrived. I cannot honestly say that happening as the norm during these kinds of scenes."

Chief Kay blushed a little and then said simply. "Thanks."

"No, seriously. And that is something I wanted to ask of you about too." Brenda recounted seeing the younger woman clearly either uncomfortable or unused to getting praise of her work. "I wanted to know if you were happy in doing this gig. Or if there was something holding you back from not pursuing another career path in law enforcement elsewhere?"

"Well," Chief Kay wasn't sure how to explain herself so she tried to put it as bluntly as Brenda had too. "Here is the thing. I come from a low income family and well, I was never able to attend college so this is what I can do now without a degree." She revealed, sounding a tad sad about tit. But soon enough raising her head rather proudly. "But I have done a helluva job here, so there is that." She gained some of the bravado back she had had before.

Brenda nodded as it could be an issue for trying to recruit Chief Kay to the position of agent. Then again, the rules where there for making the exception as she often put it herself. Not being a big fan of all them rules herself either.

"I could see that being an issue. Certainly in most cases." Brenda then said and continued. "But, if you were really interested, then maybe, that could be overlooked. Especially with the abilities you clearly possess." Brenda looked at the woman now whose eyes were wide in surprise as she stared back at the agent. Clearly only now getting what the point of the discussion had been about.

"I um, I." Chief Kay stuttered for a moment. "Are you offering me a job?" She then managed with a kind of a high pitch at the end of the question.

Brenda laughed out loud. "I guess I am." She said with a wide smile on her face even if the Director had not approved this, at all. Not yet anyway. But Brenda knew talent when she saw it and this young woman certainly had it. And she was clearly keen to learn and do whatever was needed to get the job done.

Brenda and Chief Kay had continued chatting over the job offer the agent had kind of thrown at her like the proverbial curve ball. It had not been quite unexpected either, as the Chief was quite well versed with the two agents reputation of not only solving the oddest of cases. But as they were dealing with extraterrestrials basically. Or at least the sightings of the phenomena. But also, the Chief had heard from several colleagues she knew in other law enforcement agencies, the local police and so on. Which was that the two agents were fair to all those other officers outside their own agency and always treated those they worked with equally. The Chief had gotten one offer from some other agency prior to this one. Nut it wasn't at all what Brenda had been describing to her. Rather it would have been a significant downgrade to her current title to an apprentice basically. But what this new job would be, was an actual goodness to honest agent gig. Well, apprentice agent at first of course. But still, she would be doing the same stuff as the so called real agents did, but supervised at first. And maybe, if she was lucky, she could get to tail this fantastic duo and see them in action too. More so than she got to see them now as this was just a glimpse to what they were really doing.

But whatever the case was, the Chief was close to ready to say, nay, shout out a yes, I am in! She would take the job. Admitting to herself that this was all really great. But she did not want to jump the gun and agree to it right away. She had listened carefully when the agent she so admired had listed the things excepted to be done for this job and then placed her own questions accordingly. Even if she was screaming inside for joy, she tried to play it cool on the outside. And had asked all kinds of questions regarding the offer because she was very, very interested. The two of them had talked for quite the while as it turned out. Or mostly it had been Brenda telling about the Bureau and the work. But still, the interaction between the two of them had been like that of two old friends, as there was no awkwardness only the sense of camaraderie which would be expected on some level if they were to be working together. The Chief was pretty sure she would want the job, but needed to recap it all internally before agreeing to anything. Even if it was a dream come true for her. She was the more cautious person when it came to the big decisions after all. Just as they were about to wrap the recruiting as it were, Sharon popped up.

With a big smile on her face. She looked at the two of them and then with a hint of satisfaction said. "I think we have a genuine case on our hands here."

"Wow!" The Chief managed as she was in awe how fast the investigation had started first of all and now they already had some ideas as to which way this case was going!

"Yes, well, this is just the preliminary investigation done here at the scene. As we still need to assess all the information and the data we have available and then we can conclude whether the evidence is pro or against my assessment today." Sharon added quickly. "But there is some pretty conclusive evidence I found on the site to support this being a genuine sighting."

"Again, wow! That was so fast and impressive." The Chief repeated her initial thought.

"Well, Sharon here has some pretty impressive skills. So yes, it has it advantages." Brenda smirked and winked at her partner.

"Well, I have asked my colleagues who collected when arriving here first to the scene to send you all they have. And as soon as I am back in my office I will send the rest from the witnesses as well." The Chief then said. "I must warn you though. There is a lot of footage taken by the onlookers and half of it must be still unaccounted for out there, somewhere running amok on the world wide web."

"Whatever you have is good for starters, so thanks in advance." Sharon told the Chief.

"So, I guess our part is done here, at least for today?" Brenda asked politely, even if she knew it would be the case.

"Yes, we are done. For today." Sharon replied clarifying her statement too.

"Good, then we'll head for the office and start sifting through the evidence then." Brenda said and was about to take off, with Sharon following suit.

"I'll be in touch with you, about the case and well, the offer too." The Chief said to the duo.

"Talk to you soon then." Brenda waved to the Chief, as did Sharon as they walked towards their car.

As soon as they reach the car, had managed to put all their stuff in the trunk and were seated and ready to take off, Sharon turned to Brenda and asked something which she had caught back at the scene. Something the Chief had said too. Not that Sharon was the jealous type and she trusted her partner, both professionally and personally. But, it had somehow gotten into her brain, that one simple comment. And now it was kind of bugging and nagging her there for reasons unknown to the alien woman.

"What offer?" Sharon asked her voice a tad edgy.

Brenda was just about to push the power on button of the car when she stopped her finger mid air and turned to her partner. What she saw flashing in those gorgeous eyes of hers for a millisecond was not what she had expected, at all. But somehow, it warmed her in so many ways and places too. And it also made her feel precious, wanted, and well, a tad cocky too. She stared at Sharon for a moment and then, a coy smirk appeared on her lips before she replied. Knowing she might have been playing with fire now. Yet she could not help herself for making a play of this situation. As clearly, Sharon was jealous on some level of the suggestion which the one word entailed.

"What do you think it was?" Brenda asked trying to sound innocent now.

Sharon glared back at her partner. Equally upset and wondering what the hell was wrong with herself today. But she wanted to nip this bud before it grew to something bigger and for whatever reason. Brenda was making some coy remarks, so she was a tad worried if she was honest with herself.

"An offer." Sharon stated flatly, not raising her voice. But she was kind of fuming inside. "What does the word offer mean to you?" She wasn't backing down either. If Brenda wanted a fight, because she was flirting with someone else, then she could as well have it.

"Well, it could mean many things." Brenda started. But then, she saw the expression change on Sharon's face and it wasn't anymore the kind of cool and calm banter kind of one. Rather it looked more like a major storm was brewing there somewhere deep inside of her and she was ready to blow up at any moment to a full hurricane.

"So, you are saying you asked her out then?" Sharon asked flat out knowing well the reputation Brenda had had before the two of them had hooked up.

Brenda's eyes grew wide in surprise as she had not expected that kind of an honest question at all. Not that Sharon ever was dishonest. No she usually told how she felt and asked what she thought right away. There was no cloying about at all with her. It was the part of her alien DNA making her behave that way. Which was sometimes frustrating but there was no hiding for her in that sense.

"Look, Sharon, I was only kidding." Brenda was starting to apologise. "I mean, the Chief is nice and all, but well, she is not really my type..," Brenda was inserting her foot in her mouth now as clearly this was not the way to go, at all.

"Not your type?" Sharon asked with sarcasm dripping from her words at this point. "I thought anyone with a pair of boobs and a pussy was your type." Clearly, this was going to be a fight, the fist one caused by jealousy no less.

Brenda knew she was in trouble now. Deep, deep trouble after digging herself in this hole for trying to joke about something so serious as her flirting with someone which wasn't Sharon. Well, she knew there was a lesson to be learnt there somewhere for her of course. But first things first and that was to beg for forgiveness. Right now!

"Sharon, honey." Brenda started. "Look, I was only joking." She was glaring into Sharon's eyes and reading all the signs she found there. After all, she had gotten somewhat good in reading her partner over the past six months. "You know I only have eyes for you." She tried and there was no change there, at least to the better. "Fine." She said softly then. "I am sorry if I upset you. And it was for nothing too. As I was kind of feeling you being jealous of me. So, I am very very sorry for doing that." She then paused and waited for Sharon to comment and after a moment, she could see the expression on Sharon's face getting more softer now.

"So, if it wasn't that, then what was the offer for?" Sharon asked seemingly more calm now.

"I was offering her the job. You know, us hiring new people. She is pretty apt and all." Brenda then revealed and on that note, she could see Sharon's face make a complete one-eighty as she was clearly surprised of what the true meaning behind Brenda's offer had been about.

"The job!" Sharon exclaimed then wondering to herself how the hell she had forgotten all about that and had gone straight to the dark place there for a while.

"Yes, the job." Brenda smirked a little. "So no other offers at all."

"Well, I am glad." Sharon finally admitted feeling much better. "And she seemed quite organised and good at her job too from what I could see." Sharon had noted that too after getting so much good info at get go. Which rarely happened during these investigations at the scene or at all really.

"Yes, and just for the record." Brenda added as she took Sharon's hand in her own. "I am committed to you and you only, and will only make any and all personal offers to you." She said earnestly. "We are partners after all and I don't fool around." She added wanting Sharon to know she was serious now. "And I kind of liked it when you were, you know jealous of little old me." Brenda added coyly.

Sharon looked at the hands intertwined and then into Brenda's eyes, before leaning in for a kiss. A small probing one at first before devouring them fully with her own.

"I know and I am sorry I doubted you." She said softly after breaking for air, getting a nod in response and a pair of hot lips against hers again kissing her back lovingly and passionately.

This had truly been an odd moment, filled with sensations she had never experienced for another person today for Sharon. And she needed to think about this some more. Analyse the cause even. But for now, she was simply content in having her lips against Brenda's in a passionate kiss. Even if they were in a very public place in the the car in a parking lot in the middle of a very busy mall. And investigation a case. But honestly, she nor Brenda did care of where they were as the affection they were showing for each other was the honest truth. And nobody could tell them where to express such things for each other. Ever. They were partners through and through. At work and at home and even this kind of slight misunderstanding would not shake what they had.

Chapter Four

"Chief Leila Kay just called me." The Director was standing by the desk of Brenda's where the two agents had both been occupying while going through at the evidence together and currently staring intently at something on the screen.

The two agents looked up at their boss with expectant looks on their faces. After all, if it had been for the case she would have called the two of them rather than walking over which she usually did. But it was obvious, that Brenda's recruiting talks had made an effect on the younger officer as she had called their boss immediately after.

"And?" Brenda being the more impatient one of the two asked waiting for the Director to spill it all.

"Well, she wanted to talk more about coming to work for us." The Director replied. "I did not even know you had talked with her about a possible working situation for her here." She glared at Brenda then not angrily rather with a surprised look on her face.

Brenda who in turn glared back at her. "You told us to try to recruit anyone who seemed to have any kind of talent for our line of work." She defended her actions. "Remember?"

The Director sighed. "Indeed I did."

"So? What is wrong?" Sharon piled on, as she had no idea what their boss was on about as the Chief was more than a good candidate for the position.

"Oh, nothing per se." She replied her answer rather evasive at that. "It's just… Well, she is pretty young and…" Before the Director could continue Brenda cut her off.

"And she had not had the chance to go to college I know. She told me as much right from the bat. But she has already proven to be a valuable asset to Sharon and myself during this investigation of the case. Nobody has ever been more helpful for us than she has. And she is proactive and hard working and…" Before Brenda managed to continue the Director cut her off.

"I hear ya!" The Director stated then. "And the college thing. Well I would not put too much emphasis on that as she has already accumulated her fair amount of experience while working quite the while and having risen in the ranks as well thanks to her many merits."

"So, what is it then?" Sharon asked voicing the concerns of her partner as well.

"I don't know. I mean she is awfully young and well. Can she really handle this kind of a job?" The Director seemed somewhat off with her assessment and she could not make heads nor tails of why she was so reluctant in hiring the Chief. As so far they had not managed to hire one single more agent into their team. Which at this point in time with their current work load was greatly lacking in resources.

"I mean, she is well aware of what we do here. And she really likes Brenda too." Sharon flashed a coy smirk at her partner then, who was glaring right back at her, with a mock menacing face to the comment.

Sharon continued with her assessment of the young woman without batting an eye on Brenda's expression. "And she is interested in the field. And is willing to learn most likely whatever more she can too. She also seems to be quite efficient at whatever she does. And all that on top of what she is doing now." Sharon had listed the needed positives to her boss regarding the new recruit earlier when talking about the hiring new people. But for all of them to hear spoken out loud too especially when attached to an applicant. Well, the Chief was beginning to sound more and more like a good choice for them after all.

"Well, that is the problem in a way. I mean, she is already Chief of her officers where she works. Here she would be demoted to an assisting agent and she would have to start from the bottom." The Director defended her hesitation.

"I know and she knows that too. But I would imagine she being the way she is, that she would rise to become the head of this Bureau in no time at all." Brenda just had to say it, out loud as she was getting totally annoyed of her boss's' attitude.

"Hm." Was all the Director commented to what she had just heard. "So you see me in for retirement then?" She had to too, the banter sometimes she and Brenda shared with each other as they had really known each other for far too long.

"Well, no. I was just making a point. Chief Kay truly has great potential in working with us here." Brenda then explained even if she knew the Director was trying to make a really bad joke at this point. And a small one at that.

"Why don't you just ask her to tentatively come to shadow us for a day or two. Then we will let her handle things here and there and assess if she has the potential to work here or not?" Sharon suggested then, as she was as per her usual, the voice of reason. Besides, it was a great idea to figure out if someone fitted in their tight knit team.

"Sounds good to me." Brenda quickly added, even if she was sure already that Leila Kay would fit in just fine.

The Director glared at her two underlings, whom clearly had their minds already set on having the Chief as one of their colleagues. So who was she to argue, right? Only their boss and the leader of this fine team! That's who!

"Fine, I will suggest this proposal to her." The Director finally yielded. "But it's on you if she does not want to stay here." She pointed her finger at the duo and left them to their own devices.

"Well, me thinks we got her." Brenda then said to Sharon feeling quite at ease of what she had done.

"We'll see. She might not even want to come in for a trial period." Sharon did not want to raise Brenda's hopes up too much knowing the other woman was keen on bringing on board a mentee. After all as they had already discussed the situation last night after the tiny spat of jealousy earlier during the day. Or rather Sharon's tantrum as it turned out to be. All water under the bridge at this point in time though.

"I say she will and then, we can mould her into the agent we want her to be." Brenda made her worst villain impression just then, as she was rubbing her hands together and having an evil grin on her face. Lacking was the "muahaha" laughter track only.

"Indeed!" Sharon laughed out loud at the really, really bad joke her partner had just made. But she did agree that there was some merit in having a younger person coming in and having to be able to train them to suite their team. Something Sharon too was looking forward to despite her earlier worries and jealousy tantrum.

"Alright, so as you can clearly see here and here."

Sharon pointed at the large size screen they had installed onto their shared office space wall for better analysing the visual material for the cases. As staring at a small monitor could only do so much until one got their eyes all crossed. But an enlarged image was much better. Usually as even the smaller cropped details could be enlarged on the view screen to a size which could be seen more clearly and better resolution at that. Sharon had frozen the two frames of an eyewitness video and placed them side by side on the large viewer for comparison. This video was one of many the two of them had been sifting through during their investigation. But this specific one, was one of a good quality. A high resolution capture and it was clear compared to the mostly blurry ones taken by those having been on site when the alleged landing had taken place. Usually, most people were not able to operate their mobile phones in manner that the captured result would turn out perfect or even good. It was rare and that was why it was so difficult to build any cases based on these types of evidences. But luckily for the team, with Sharon's special powers or rather out of this world kind of skills, even the blurriest of evidence could often times be salvaged and enhanced.

And also as luck would have it. This time around they had great data to begin the investigation with. Even if this type of video could easily be falsified these days, the video seemed to be the genuine stuff. Or at least, that was what the two of them were trying to prove. Hence the two frames Sharon had selected from the total of a minute and a half long video snap. It was that of a flash of light appearing from the sky and a rather cliche saucer shaped object appearing onto the empty parking slot in the middle of midday rush in the mall parking area. Which in itself was an odd thing happening, as usually but not always as a rule of thumb, the UFOs liked to keep themselves in a more stealthy mode. meaning they preferred the night time, remote areas and also, having cloaking devices activated. But not this one, for whatever reason. That was why the duos first reaction had been that of a hoax. Only, upon their preliminary investigation, Sharon had already found something which would indicate a real sighting. The marking left by the landing gear, which had left certain stains visible only in the infrared spectrum. And as Sharon, being of alien origin, was able to see the infrared scale with her bare eyes. She had easily spotted the faint rings of the landing gear. This was usually something a Human being would not have being able to replicate if it had been joke or a hoax. And now, Sharon had also found two frames in the quick paced and short video, which could be the proof of a real deal.

"This is the one I was talking about." Sharon was still pointing at the two frames, enlarged to the max. And also she had managed to clear them up during the enhancement process so there were some details there to be seen when knowing what to look for.

"What am I looking at, exactly?" Brenda asked as she kept on glaring at the two odd looking images on the screen, not sure why these were so important. But still trusting Sharon that they were.

"Well, these are enhanced crops of the side of what appeared to be the craft." Sharon who was standing beside the screen and direction the red dot of her pointer light to the very spot running circles around the area in the frames she wanted Brenda to pay attention to. "Here and here. If you look closely enough, you can see that there are markings there." Sharon explained drawing her partners attention to the exact spot she was pointing at.

Brenda squinted her eyes. Despite the large screen she wasn't really sure still as to what she was seeing there. But decided to step closer anyway to have a better look-see just in case.

"Um, yeah, like a letter?" Brenda said then after a more close inspection of it.

"Exactly!" Sharon exclaimed enthusiastically, as this was great find. Even for her. Especially since it was practically a very minuscule needle in an infinite size haystack to be looking for evidence in. Like this one and especially since there had been so many witnesses and material to sort through.

Brenda was almost glued to the screen now as she was trying to figure out what the letters really were. But she could not as they weren't exactly Earth alphabets she was reading there. "So you know how to read this?" Brenda wasn't sure even if she knew Sharon was plenty fluent in several alien languages as she had learnt over the past few months of her partner's many qualities and talents.

"Well, yes and no." Sharon told her. "I mean they aren't that clear yet and there are plenty of similarities in various systems letterings. So I need some time to figure this out." She said sounding a tad apologetic she had not managed to solve them quickly. "This is not as straight forward as it seems but it is definitely of alien origin." Sharon told Brenda what she knew for sure.

"Hey, it's fine!" Brenda knowing how Sharon felt as she was almost as impatient as Brenda herself was. And also taking great pride in being able to put her her alien skills to use when all else failed. "I mean this is great too. And if it takes longer to figure out the letters, then well, nobody else can do what you do hon!" Brenda tried to assure Sharon there was absolutely no shame in taking a while longer to figure out something she did not know right away. "And I am sure you will figure it out!" She added.

"OK." Sharon replied somewhat uncertain still.

Brenda put her arm around Sharon and drew her in closer to comfort her even if Sharon was basically trying too hard too fast sometimes. Which was her work ethic and Brenda adored her for that. But she was also sometimes too hard on herself. A familiar feeling for Brenda too.

"Honey, this is great! I mean you managed to get us to this point in such a short time and if this is legit?! Well, then hey, it's half a win already!" Brenda tried to cheer her partner up.

"It is legit, that I know for sure." Sharon told Brenda in a hushed tone. It was almost if saying it out loud would make it not true. And then glancing coyly at her partner she added even in a lower register. "And there is more I figured out too."

Brenda leaned in and asked in a hushed tone too. "What it is?"

"Well, I think the ship is not the shape it was seen as." Sharon sounded cryptic.

"What?" Brenda wasn't totally following her now.

"I may have evidence that a holographic shell was projected as the regular saucer shape and the actual craft is something else completely." Sharon revealed as much.

Brenda had a light bulb lighting up on top of her head just then as she realised what Sharon meant with her comment. "It means it must be someone already familiar with Earth and the UFO hype down here." She got and approving nod from Sharon of her deduction then.

"Good, well, then we go on from there. At least now we know whom we might be looking for, right?" She asked from Sharon.

"Maybe, but we need to investigate further and I need to make some queries too." Sharon commented but Brenda knew what that meant quite well.

Brenda smiled at the notion and said. "Good. You'll do that and I will go through the rest of the stuff while you try to figure out the lettering, OK?"

"Sounds like a good plan." Sharon smiled just a little feeling great now after all giving herself some slack after this great find. "There is so much evidence still to walk through and it would be great to have an extra pair of hands to do it. Are you sure you can manage?" Sharon asked.

"Well, maybe." Brenda smirked.

"Do you think we could? As if the Director already asked the Chief?" Sharon had a thought of the eager young officer and maybe getting her to assist them on the case she had become part of already. "I mean Chief Kay is already familiar with the particulars of this case so?"

"That is an excellent idea!" Brenda was thinking. "Let's check with the Director and see if she made the call already!"

The duo smiled for a long moment at each other. Or rather beamed feeling lucky to have each other as partners at the job and otherwise too. Then they quickly kissed before heading to their boss's office to find out if the could maybe get an extra pair of helping hands for their current case after all.

Chapter Five

"Yes, I made the call and yes, indeed the Chief agreed to come in for a trial period." The Director told the two agents standing in front of her. "But, you want her to come in already?Now? And work on the current case? Didn't you have it all, I mean, in a working order already?" She seemed a tad confused.

"Well, yes and no." Sharon replied with her always leaving for more questions kind of an answer.

Brenda glanced at her partner side ways and then added. "We have lots of data to sift through and Chief Kay could be really helpful for us now. Especially as she already knows about the case more than anyone else except for us of course."

"I see." The Chief then said. "Well, guess that would be ideal, huh?" She shook her head and then before picking up her phone she asked curiously. "What is it exactly that you have so much of that you cannot do it by yourselves?"

"There is some evidence which needs further and more in-depth study and I need to concentrate on that. While there are still other things which need to be sorted through." Sharon replied not wanting to tell more than she had to. Even if she trusted their boss but she wasn't as yet privy to what or whom Sharon really was nor what she was capable of.

"I see." Seemed to be the go to answer for the Director today as well.

"Yes, and this case in particular is a time consuming one as there were so many witnesses involved." Brenda defended their case and her partner. Not that they really had to as their boss trusted they would do their jobs no matter what.

"But it is a legit case, right?" The Director asked just in case.

"For sure it is." Brenda replied with a huge grin on her face.

"Well, good enough for me then." The Director said and the without further words, picked her phone up and thus the two agents were dismissed.

After they had left the Director's office, the two agents glanced back and then at each other before whispering to each other. Or rather Brenda started the conversation. "We should tell her."

"Tell her what exactly?" Sharon whispered back. But was already aware of what Brenda meant with the comment.

"That you are, you know, an alien. We can trust her to keep the secret." Brenda then added.

"I don't know." It wasn't the trust that Sharon was concerned about really.

"Well, think about it. She is a good people. I have known her for a long, long time and I know she could handle the truth." Brenda tried to assure her partner.

"Well, I will." Sharon paused. "Think about it. But first things first."

"Right!" Brenda then exclaimed as there was a case to be solved for now and hopefully they would get help from the Chief to do just that.

"I will start on the letters while you continue with the rest of the stuff." Sharon recapped their current work marching orders.

"Yes ma'am!" Brenda mock saluted Sharon earning a light smack on her arm in the process. And in exchange giving Sharon the mock evil eye for that smack.

"Alright then, back to work partner." Sharon joked and got another snort from Brenda. But it was nice that they had this partnership and camaraderie not to mention all the other stuff between them to be able to enjoy working together this way.

"I just hope the Director gets the Chief to come and help us. And maybe if we are lucky enough, to come here permanently too." Brenda sighed as she was looking at the long list in front of her she still had to work through.

"I agree. But for now, let's try to put this case forward with what we got. Perhaps I am able to solve this mystery at hand quickly and then I can assist you with the rest of the stuff." Sharon sounded hopeful enough.

"Deal! Then as soon as we are done for today we'll get dinner at my place and relax a bit before a bright and early start tomorrow, as we have the witness round to do still." Brenda then said.

"Sounds like a great plan!" Sharon beamed and soon enough, there was only silence and the typing of the keyboard heard in the room as the duo went back to their respective tasks before the day was done and they could enjoy some leisure time together.

After all, they needed to catch up with this case witnesses and the evidence at hand while the trail was still hot, so to speak. Now that the case was redeemed as a legitimate sighting, there was always the slight possibility of catching the actual alien. Which had yet to happen for Brenda. But then again, Sharon was one and she truly had the inside knowledge of the races visiting planet Earth. And she had uncovered the specific evidence of the margins on one of the videos. So maybe, they would be on the trail of an other alien after all soon enough. At least, Brenda was exited they would even if she had already caught her personal alien in a manner of speaking. Even if Sharon had practically fallen onto her lap rather than getting caught on a case.

The day before had ended without the two agents managing to move forward with the evidence after all. Sure there was a lot of it and Brenda had had to give up as the clock had struck eight in the evening, the list only half done. Sharon had spent the rest of the day investigating the letters. Using all their previous real sighting cases to compare the letters to and also her own genetic memory. Which had all of her races memory stored there. The problem was, that the few letters visible were partials only as the angle of the images were not great. But also, despite the high quality of the original video and the enhancements made to them, there still was some blurriness present. So all and all, not a straight forward task at all. Besides, staring at the same thing for several hours on end was never a good thing. So after the ding of the bell, the duo had called it quits for the day unanimously and hit the road to get some food and loving before the next day's rounds of interviews they needed to make.

The next morning as the two of them stepped into the office bright and early as per promised, there was a surprise waiting for them there. A really nice surprise at that.

"Chief Kay!" Sharon was the first to react to the new arrival in the room.

"Agents Johnson and Raydor." Chief Kay rose from her seat as she had arrived earlier there to make a good impression of course. "It is good to see you both again. And please, call me Leyla, as I am not a Chief here." She smirked, knowing this would be a big change for her career wise but most likely on other levels as well. She was totally looking forward to meeting some real aliens herself. Always having the dream of doing so ever since she was a kid watching and reading all the science fiction tales she could get her hands on.

Dressed in her regular clothing rather than the mall cop uniform they had seen her in before. It made her seem much more, well, herself than she had in the uniform. Less tough and more sophisticated in a way. as Sharon gave her the once over to assess their hopefully new colleague.

"Likewise!" Sharon took the offered hand and shook it. "I must say, we did not except for you to get here this soon. But I at least am happy you did and so is Brenda here." She knew of course that the Chief would be and it could not have happened at a better time.

"Indeed!" Brenda piled on and shook Leyla's hand in turn. "We are totally happy that you were able to make it here already, Leyla! This case is so much heavier than anticipated and having an extra pair of hands to tackle it is the best!" Brenda could see the smile and the eagerness in the younger woman's face and eyes as she looked truly ready to start her work there.

"Well, I actually took some vacation days from my current job as this case is something I am already familiar with. The whole situation over all and well, seeing how eager the two of you were on site and having this sighting confirmed as legit. How could I have passed this opportunity? So hell yeah! I wanted to be a part of it." Leyla sounded like an eager youngling, even more younger than she had seemed when they first met her as the Chief in uniform.

"Then you have definitely come here at the right time!" Sharon told Leyla offering a smile to the eager beaver she saw in front of her.

"Yeah, there is a lot of work still to do. So definitely the right time! And yes, you are indeed the perfect one to come and help us out here!" Brenda was adding to the compliments and welcomes as well.

"Good, then just show me where to start so we can get this show on the road." Leyla was all business again and clearly the right kind of element they needed for their team. Someone who was eager to do their all to get the job done. But also, it did help Leyla was kind of a fangirl too. As not all agents out there were so keen on tackling with the alien kind of cases.

"Great!" Brenda said. "There is a list on my desk. We can divvy that up between us while Sharon is doing her investigation for some details we found." Brenda then said. "And then come afternoon, after lunch, we'll hit the witness round together. Sound OK to you?" Brenda wasn't really asking, but still, she was being polite and all.

"Sounds great!" Leyla was still having the passion and eagerness in her eyes when she said it.

"Good, then we are all set then!" Brenda glanced at Sharon whom in turn nodded in agreement to their plan for the half day.

"Alright then, let's hit the papers!" Brenda then added and then thought of something she knew she had forgotten. "Oh, you know what, I can't believe I forgot the most important thing!" She exclaimed exaggeratedly getting a bewildered look from Leyla in response. "Coffee! We need coffee first before anything else! You do drink coffee right?"

"Of course!" Leyla smirked. "Lead the way!"

She then followed Brenda and Sharon out to the coffee room to get acquainted with the most important area in the whole office building. As the duo were showing the new comer where everything was. The coffee maker, the coffee itself, the milk and sugar if needed and then, the doughnuts too! Yes they had those sugary buns as perks in the office too!

"Heureka!" Sharon shouted a few hours later after the three of them had settled for their comfortable work routine.

"What what what?" Brenda half shouted from her corner in the room.

Brenda was roused from her thoughts and from glaring at the screen intently. The list of to dos nearing the end thanks to the efficiency of Leyla. They had managed to sort through almost all the evidence they had on file so far. As it was mostly in digital format the computer programs did most of the comparison work and the physical agents then needed to check these results. It was something which had been implemented right after Sharon had started in the Bureau. She had designed and coded the thing herself and the Bureau was now the guinea pig for said program. After proven to work quite well, some of the other agencies had shown their interest in getting the application working for them as well. Luckily, for Sharon as the designer, she and the Director had struck a deal with those agencies and gotten some good funds from them in the process. So all and all a win win situation.

"I may have just figured out what the letters are." Sharon replied, looking over her computer monitor with a hint of victory in her glare.

"You did?!" Brenda exclaimed surprised.

"Yeah, well, most likely. But if I am right, then I know what this says." She said in a tad lower and more cautious voice.

"How can you know what it says?" Leyla asked after realising what Sharon had just said.

Brenda realising the small boo-boo which had just happened as none of the others including their boss knew whom Sharon really was and what she knew.

"Um, yes well," Brenda tried hard to think of an explanation for it but could not seem to find one at the moment. "Sharon is a linguist and well, she can pretty much derive from any alien language using her knowledge." Brenda wasn't sure if this could be true on any level but at least she was trying.

"Oh. OK." Was all Leyla replied. Clearly thoughtful of the suggested process, but then she added. "Well, that is way cool!" Apparently it had been okay for at least now.

"Yes, I was able to use that knowledge and I have an idea what the lettering is." Sharon then added picking up on the suggestion of how she had arrived to the suggestion of what the letters stood for.

"So, when will you know for sure?" Brenda asked hopefully.

"Well, I need to make a few calls." She explained. "I have a couple of resources I need to utilise for this." Sharon told the other two, not a complete lie but not the whole truth either.

"Sure sure." Brenda knew what she meant of course but they had to be careful not to reveal too much. As Leyla was still new and on a trial day so, there was that. "You go do your thing and me and Leyla will hit the rounds soon, well, after lunch." She added. "Join us?" She asked Sharon then.

"Sounds good. Leyla, do you feel up to doing the rounds with Brenda?" Sharon asked the newbie politely.

"I most definitely am!" Leyla replied seemingly still eager and willing despite the fast track start already with the tedious task they had done so far.

"Excellent!" Brenda commented. "Then let's get lunch and see where we are now and then see what we can manage in the afternoon."

"Sounds good to me." Leyla replied happily.

"I agree." Sharon said. "Let me get my purse and then we can go." She told the other two.

Chapter Six

Sharon was on a call, in a manner of speaking. She was now sitting in a secure meeting room by herself with the doors locked just to be sure nobody would interrupt or overhear her. Brenda and Leyla had left to interview some of the eye witnesses on the top of their list after their lunch together. These witnesses had been selected as they had provided the best intel so far off of the alleged UFO sighting at the mall. Sharon had now time for herself to do what needed to be done. After she had realised the familiarity of the letters on the pictures and having done some investigating and thinking on the matter as well. Or rather having been digging into her genetic database. The inherited collective memory bank of her people so to speak. This feature of hers had become quite useful for her on this current job. After all her people had travelled a lot and far and accumulated a waste knowledge base of information in the process. It contained all kinds of galaxies and alien races as they had been at it for several thousand years. They had started visiting Earth way back when and had become quite fond of it too. And thus the program of sending their own people to live and to become "Human" as it were, had started. They wanted to know so much more of this primitive race of beings and what it meant to be Human which was the best way after all. To become one.

Sharon was now about to contact her home world through the intergalactic link. Which was a device imbedded in the brains of all the inhabitants of her planet currently residing on Earth. Herself being one of them of course. It was a great advantage being able to connect with home when ever needed without too much of a hassle. The only problem was, that they never knew who could be listening in as there were governments on Earth, who by accident had tapped into the frequencies every now and again. Even if they had started rotating the frequencies and put in additional safety protocols in place there was the odd hacker on the line every now and again. So, today, Sharon was being extra cautious while connecting with her home world. She needed to ask a few questions from a friend living there and who was also working in the inter planetary security department. And whom she knew would be aware if anyone was scheduled for a visit to Earth. And also she was a linguist, having knowledge in almost all of their systems languages. She and Sharon had known each other for a long time. Even before Sharon had been sent to Earth to be "born a new as a Human" as it were. Despite this process, all that the person was before and would be after were stored in their memory. And then all of that was also combined into her DNA. Which then followed through the Human form and beyond as Sharon's race lived much longer life spans than the Humans did.

The planet Sharon was from belonged to a cluster of several inhabited planets in the system of Egera where various species lived in a so called Federation Alliance. They shared their defences, their education, their knowledge and even a stellar fleet together. They were all on the same level in technology and were also conducting interspecies relationships. Despite having various languages for the various races, they were all able to communicate with one and other through the universal translators. Devices which were also imbedded in their brains since birth. As it had been done ever since the dawn of the so called new era of the so called golden age they lived now. This was the time for knowledge, science and technology. As several millennia ago the species had come together in perfect harmony and hunger and war had been obliterated in the process. There was no want for anything. Nor poverty in their system. Of course there were some issues, but mostly they managed to solve them all quickly and efficiently. During the new age, the stellar travelling had also started. During that time, Earth had become one among many planets of interest to their people. Now they still travelled far and even further than before having faster ships and better technology. The Federation Alliance races were well known among the many stars and systems out there they had visited. And even become allies to several advanced races as well.

Despite understanding each other they did not all know the others language perfectly as the computers did most of the translating any way. So there was no need to learn any lingo specifically unless the individual wanted to. Sharon was knowledgable of several languages even on Earth and also in her own system. And now, after seeing the alien letters on the side of the craft as shown in the pictures, she had managed to recognise them. But she had to make sure as to which planet's species the letters belonged. As of now, it was already pretty clear to her, that someone from her home galaxy had come to Earth for a visit. But she needed to be sure of which and that was why she was contacting her friend back home to validate her findings. And to start looking for the right alien back on Earth. After all, this visitors had already caused too much of a media circus by landing in broad daylight to a fully packed mall parking lot. And thereby having had way too many witnesses seeing them. Which was not good at all. Especially as the Humans had started to have a great interest in anything extraterrestrial. And they were even looking for any and all signs of life out there. The regular folks as it was. The governments were a whole other ball game and level of knowledge of course. But as it were, unfortunately the Humans were still too primitive and too young to handle these kinds of things. As they had their own house to clean up first before they would be ready to face the aliens as it were.

No, Sharon definitely needed to have a long chat with this, person. And then to make sure they would not make the same mistake again if there was a need to come back to Earth. Also, she needed to know the reason why this visitor or visitors had arrived to Earth in the fist place and her friend would know of any legitimately scheduled visits. But Sharon also had a feeling in the back of her mind, that this flamboyant showing up in the middle of the day into a very public scene was far from any officially planned mission. As that much was for sure. No. Sharon's gut was telling her that this was something else completely and for whatever reason which she could not explain yet. Usually she trusted those gut sensations as Brenda had taught her to do. And this was definitely one of those times. She concentrated for a moment, running the case one more time inside her head. The evidence flooding through her mind and then finally, the letters she had found. As clear as day in front of her, but inside her brain. Sharon then placed the call and waited for her friend to pick up on the other end of the frequency Sharon had just now opened. She glanced around to make sure she was still alone, feeling a tad paranoid. But then again, she needed to be extra careful while making these calls as she did not want her cover blown after all.

"Lyra! Great to hear your voice!" Sharon exclaimed as her friend came on the line after waiting for a moment for the connection to complete.

"Shari! It's great to hear your voice too. It's been a while though." Lyra mock accused her friend for not calling back home so often as she had promised to do. But no one ever did anyway. Besides Lyra could have called Sharon too as the obligation alongside the connection really worked both ways.

"Sorry about that. I have been quite busy with my new job as you may remember which I started a while back. Not to mention the activity here has totally boomed in the last year or so." Sharon wasn't making too many excuses as they were still in constant contact even if it wasn't all that frequent.

"Yeah, I remember. And I also recall a certain Human Blonde you started hanging with around the same time." Lyra snorted, knowing it wasn't simply hanging out that the two women did.

"Well, yes, I have a life here. So not sorry about that." Sharon wasn't saying it angrily but neither was she making excuses of having a life as a Human either. "That is why I am here right, to study what it means to be Human."

"You are absolutely right my friend." Lyra kind of apologised and then said simply. "And you are doing a heck of a job of it as well!" It was really a compliment even if it sounded kind of snide, but it was the usual banter between the two friends so it was nothing unusual there at all about it.

"Well, it's about my job why I am calling you anyway." Sharon then revealed.

"Oh? How can I help you then?" Lyra was interested in all the aspects of the visitations happening on Earth as Sharon had kept her up to date on the goings on after joining the Bureau. It was the other aliens mainly whom peeked her curiosity as she was quite aware of their own peoples missions to blue planet.

"Well, we recently had a sighting, which was to say the least, out of the ordinary." Sharon started.

"Really! Do tell!" Lyra was clearly exited to hear about the case.

"Well, first off, they landed in broad daylight and in the middle of a crowded shopping mall so there is plenty of visual evidence now all over the place." Sharon said. "And it wasn't a hoax as we already confirmed." Sharon continued. "I managed to enhance some of the video footage and came across the letters on the side of the craft. And I did recognise them as one from our system."

"Alright, well, let me check my records real quick here." Lyra then said and started checking thought the resent mission files. It did not take too long for her to check them as there were nothing scheduled in the past week to or from the Milky Way Galaxy "Well, nothing was planned for at least the past week or so, so not one of ours then?" Lyra was asking the last part as she was surprised if Sharon had really made a mistake because she usually did not.

"That is odd. I double and triple checked the markings and they match those of the language in my opinion to those of Liga." Sharon argued then.

Liga was one of the planets in the large system which was part of the alliance and close to Sharon's home world Rigelia. They shared quite many things as the origin of their two species was one and the same even if they had evolved to look a tad different from each other. Sharon knew the planet well as she had visited it on many an occasion. Not that she had not been all around their own system, but Liga was the one she had seen the most.

"I see." Lyra was quiet for a moment, knowing Sharon's history well as the two of them had been close friends since they had both been young hatchlings. "Well, I know you must be right on this, but it seems odd that anyone from Liga would make the trip to Earth. Without a plan and filing it to the Alliance at least." Lyre commented.

"I agree." Sharon told her friend. "But if you check the images stored in my database, you can check them out yourself." Sharon said to Lyra. "They should make a perfect match."

"Hold on a sec and let me check." Lyra then said. As they usually did not probe the others minds without permission. Lyra started to download the information from Sharon's mind only now. As soon as she got it to her own database she started checking out the letters and indeed recognised them. "I see what you mean. They are indeed Ligan, and they are the registry of a craft. Loosely translated as DX-8472." Lyra then said.

"Yeah, that is what I thought." Sharon said in a low tone. As after she had figured out the letters and how they translated, a familiar chill had gone right through her.

"You recognise the registry of the vessel then?" Lyra asked meanwhile having pulled the information already from their records and seeing the same name which Sharon was most likely thinking it was.

"Yes. I did." Sharon said her voice almost a whisper.

"Well, then, guess we have a slight problem on our hands." Lyra sighed heavily. "I mean, I wasn't aware she was even out there, cruising the space and all."

"Neither did I, my friend." Sharon sighed heavily too. "Neither did I."

"Well, guess you have your work cut out for you in tracking her down then, haven't you." Lyra commented.

"I do indeed. And I have to tell Brenda about this too." Sharon wasn't liking this turn of events at all.

"Doesn't sound too pleasant of a conversation." Lyra felt for Sharon.

"No, it does not." Sharon wasn't sure how to break the news to Brenda as it was something from her past coming back to haunt her after all.

"Well, if you need any help at all, call me, OK." Lyra assured her.

"I will. And thanks! Talk to you soon then dear." Sharon said.

"Later Shari!" Lyra told her friend.

Lyra ended the connection, leaving Sharon deep in thought about the whole situation and what to do about it. As this was certainly turning out to be more that the usual sighting to investigate. No, this was something quite personal and that was a fact Sharon did not care for. Not one bit. And the sooner she got this case solved the better.

Chapter Seven

It was already late in the evening and the two agents were finally home after a long day of working. Staying in Sharon's flat this time around, the two of them were munching on some take out food as preparing a meal was not on the agenda after a hard day at work. Brenda had sent Leyla home after the two of them had returned to the office later than she had wanted to after their long interview rounds. Then finishing up with some paperwork she had caught up with Sharon for the status of the days tasks. Or at least do a quick check up on the very long list which had been the case. Sharon had also managed earlier in the day to unload some of the evidence pile from the other two's todo list after finishing her call with Lyra. As the news had not been good. Not in the way Sharon wanted them to be at least. She had then decided to concentrate on doing some investigation and trying not to think about the person they were actually pursuing as the culprit of this particular case. It wasn't that the news had not been good. It was just way too personal for Sharon at this point in time. and she had yet to break the news to Brenda as she had only mentioned she had called her home world without further details of it to share.

The two of them had polished off their containers of food and feeling too tired to do anything else tonight. Brenda yawned and stretched herself out on the comfortable sofa in the living area. She then thought of the day and was reminded that she had not actually gotten much in detail from Sharon regarding the call she had made to her home world. After all, Sharon had remained behind in the office to talk to her people as she had clearly had a hunch she was onto the possible UFO craft pilot. Or at least one of the crew if there were more than one to consider for their case. Not that they had run into any aliens, yet. Well, there was Sharon of course, but she did not count. But the Bureau, at least officially, had not seen or captured any living alien entities until this day. Not in the recent years anyway. Now in the nineteen-forties and fifties, well, there were rumours and real evidence of the same. That of there having been real live aliens captured while making a crash landing. Then there were those aliens working in secret on the planet. Like Sharon and her race of people. The observers of sorts. But Brenda knew for sure there were plenty more aliens unaccounted for running about on the blue globe. So far though, they never let on they were not from this Earth. Sharon had told her as much and knew a few herself in addition to her own people of course. Which were only a handful at the moment all over the world.

"Um, Sharon." Brenda started lazily as she felt like she was about to doze off at any moment. Even if she wanted to cuddle with Sharon and maybe do more. But she was too exhausted to even think about anything else at the moment.

"Yes hon?" Sharon asked staring into the final pieces of her food, clearly thinking of something, which Brenda also caught up on.

"Well, you made the call as you said." Brenda started. "Did you manage to verify your findings? I mean you seemed so eager and certain earlier that you had a solid lead. But now, you seem almost disappointed. Did your friend Lyra prove you wrong?" She asked sounding a tad worried.

Sharon looked up from the container in her hand. She then put it down on the table and looked straight into Brenda's eyes, clearly trying to convey something in that gaze. She knew of course she could trust Brenda. After all, they were, well partners all the way. But, this was something from her past and she was still not quite over the thing even if it had been quite the long while. And now? Well, now she needed to tell Brenda somehow that not only had she been able to verify that the landing was not sanctioned by her people. But also, that the pilot indeed was from their Alliance. And not only that, but that Sharon knew the pilot, personally. Quite well if she was honest with herself. So, breaking this news to Brenda, her partner, her girlfriend, her… Well, she knew this was not going to sink in well at all. But, she needed to tell Brenda the truth and not to prolong the nitty gritty of this investigation any further. Because she now knew the alien who had made the splash landing onto Earth in a very flamboyant manner. And without any kind of warning or authorisation either. She knew whom they were looking for and now, she only needed to say it. Out loud. To Brenda.

"Hon?" Brenda asked, seeing the off kind of look in Sharon's eyes. "What's wrong hon?" She asked and the rose up from her seat and went to sit on the arm of the chair were Sharon was sitting on. Placing her arms around the woman she loved she asked more softly. "Sharon? Is everything alright?"

Sharon did not look up at Brenda who was half hovering over her. Rather she shook her head and felt the tears stinging in her eyes. Why she felt this emotional? Well, there was the personal reason of course. But she was a hard-boiled agent and she was working on a case and this was nothing she could not handle, right? She had done her very best to investigate the evidence and used all her traits and resources to find out as the whom as well. The 'why' was still a question, but that was nether here nor there. But she knew the person who had come to Earth. And the question of why here and why now still hung in the air for her. She had no explanation for it. Also, this was none of her fault or doing either. So, why was she feeling like it was somehow caused by her and why did she feel so guilty? And why was it so difficult for her to tell Brenda about all of this? All the why's in her mind were starting to cause a major headache to make its way in there and that was the last thing she needed now.

"Sharon?" Brenda knew there was something more on Sharon's mind than a simple case investigation and she was worried as she could see the glistening in her lovers eyes now.

Sharon sniffed and wiped the beginning of the tears away. And then, she composed herself as best she could and looked up and into the awaiting eyes of Brenda staring right back at her.

"I'm sorry. But there is something I need to tell you about this, sighting." She then said.

Brenda's eyes darted back and forth, but she was waiting patiently for Sharon to speak. So she did, tell her about whom the person of interest for them really was.

"Today, when I talked with Lyra, I got the confirmation of the origin of the ship. Which is from the Alliance. Well, one of the worlds there. Liga to be exact. Which is out neighbouring planet and well." Sharon paused before she managed to continue. "The letters seemed familiar to me and Lyra checked it out and they belong to a ship form the planet Liga for sure. A small cruising vessel for no more than four crew members fitting in." Sharon the revealed, seeing Brenda's eyes widen in surprise, but she did not comment. "The pilot made no flight plan or request to come here. And as you know now, we have all the activity to Earth and other places on record. And nobody flies to space without a permit and an approved plan. Nobody." Sharon then continued. "But, for this specific flight, there was no request, no plan, no permit. No nothing. So, the why is still out there."

Sharon glanced at Brenda who nodded in understanding to what she had heard so far. "But, the whom is someone I knew way back when. And quite well at that." Sharon's voice was a tad shaky at this point as the memory of the past was there. Still a bit raw but not something she could pass by. "We were involved for a while." She then added in an almost whisper.

Brenda did not say anything for a moment as the implications of the words. Or rather the way they had been said, resonated deep within her. She knew what Sharon had meant and she felt a pang of jealousy right at the very moment, even if she should not have. After all, she was with Sharon now, not someone else and it was all in the past anyway, right?

"Sharon, I." Brenda started but was cut off immediately.

"Brenda, what happened between me and the pilot was a long time ago. Another life time to be exact. And well, even if it wasn't a good break up, I got over it. And I am with you now." Sharon knowing what Brenda was feeling as there was a much deeper connection between them than either cared to admit in addition to the alien thing. Which Sharon shared now with Brenda at the moment. The sensations and emotions of the other which was part of her being.

"I know and well, I know I shouldn't be jealous." Brenda admitted as much.

"It's fine. You know I was jealous too." Sharon reminded her partner of the minor incident hissy fit Sharon had had over Leyla.

"Still, we are both grown ups and all that jazz. So this should not be an issue right?" Brenda wasn't really sure as these types of intimate and long lasting relationships were not really her forte.

"In a way yes. But, where feelings are liable to get hurt. Other emotions and thoughts usually follow." Sharon tried to reason with Brenda. Then again, it was alright to feel whatever they were feeling and if felt good that Brenda felt the same way she had as long as it was just a passing doubt there.

"So, this person, this pilot?" Brenda wanted to know more. "They are here on Earth still?" She wasn't sure of course.

"To my knowledge yes. As there is no registry of them getting back either." Sharon said, but she could not be sure.

"So, we go after the pilot then? Assuming they are alone." Brenda asked.

"We really should. I mean, at least to find out why she is here." Sharon said thinking now of the ways to track her former lover down.

"She?" Brenda seemed somehow then again, she had not really asked what Sharon's preferences were, even if she knew Sharon had dated a few women while on Earth.

"Yes. She. What else did you expect?" Sharon smiled a little then glad this conversation was easier than she had thought. After all, Brenda was a level headed and reasonable person.

"Well, guess I had not." Brenda smiled too.

"Just for your information. I love only women. But mostly you." She smirked a little.

"Mostly me huh?" Brenda put her arms tighter around Sharon.

"Yes, only you. Sound better?" Sharon was snuggling into Brenda too.

"Absolutely!" Brenda replied and then kissed her lover deeply on her lips.

It seemed that snuggling among other things wasn't out of the question after all despite the earlier tiredness. Even if it had been a long day. It was most likely going to be an even longer night for the two hard working agents. But it was all fine for the dynamic duo, on the job and in the bedroom as well.

Chapter Eight

Leyla had reserved the full week in her calendar for the trial period at the Bureau and assisting the two agents on the case. She was officially on vacation from her current job as the Chief security officer at the Mall. A job she would gladly leave if she was to be given even a trainee job at the Bureau. Leyla had already put a long day's worth of work prior to assisting Brenda with the investigation and the interviews the day before. And well, a little bit after that too. And today she was once again up and at the office bright and early. Catching up with the interesting details of the case. It wasn't that she was too eager though, because she totally was. It was just that this case and the rest of the tasks the team at the Bureau were working on were all very interesting to her. The current opportunity she had gotten by chance. As it were, after taking such good care of the two agents arriving to the scene, with her pre-investigative tasks before the two had arrived, had turned out quite the good choice for her. And like always, she had made sure the scene was kept clean. The witnesses names and contacts were on record and also the fact, that she and her underlings kept order before the big guns arrived to the scene. So, what she had managed to do, was basically to hand over quite a package of info at get go the two Bureau agents. Whom much to her luck were the dynamic duo themselves she loved and whom liked her and wanted her working with them as well.

Luckily for Leyla too, she had taken the extra shift on that day as she was supposed to have a day off and her deputy chief was supposed to handle the situation. But, they had reported in sick, so Leyla had gone to work as she usually was the on call person for such situations. And well, the rest had become, as they say, history. So now, here she was, starting a day for something which was as close to being her dream job as anything could be. And if she did well during these few days then she had the possibility in joining the team as a fledgling agent. This was what the Director had at least promised her while they had been talking about the job as well as Leyla's experience and education. And there was also the fact that both agents she was now working with, Brenda and Sharon, really liked her. Brenda had been the one to recruit her in the first place so she would indeed have to impress at least one of them. Besides, Leyla knew she could do the job and be great at that even if she lacked the college degree. She knew she wanted this job, and badly. And she was going to prove the others she was the best choice for it. Therefore, with her big mug of coffee, she was settled at her desk with all the information related to the case at six in the morning. Yes, it was early, but she usually rose with the sun and this morning was no different.

She wanted to be well prepared before Brenda and Sharon would arrive a couple hours later as they had told her they would. Even if she knew a good chunk of all the evidence already having the advantage of being on site when it had happened. And also after having used a few extra hours from the day before to study them, knowing it all by heart now. But, she was still going through it all to be thorough and not to miss one single detail. Call it anal, that was just fine. But she was a well organised person and a fast learner. And besides, recapping never hurt anyone. After all, there was an alien on the loose and Leyla wanted to be among those who were going to find said alien. And getting on this team of course. So, taking a comfortable seat, she started reading again. Making notes while doing so and sipping through her coffee. Coffee, the finest suspension ever devised after all. It had gotten her through the worst of several situations before and it would most likely get her through this one as well. And land a position at the Bureau. Indeed, this was a great time to be alive, Leyla thought as she was settling into her what seemingly was becoming a routine. Hopefully, to last too as she really, really wanted this job. And so on that note, she dug in deep into the data for the case. Devouring each and every word with gusto and checking each and every picture she could find.

"Morning Leyla! You are up bright and early." Sharon greeted the rookie with a smile as she and her partner Brenda arrived to the office just after eight, rousing the newbie from deep inside of the wondrous world of case files.

"Good morning to you too!" Leyla peeked over her monitor to look at the arrivals.

She was making a mental note that the duo indeed arrived together and looked fresh and well, positively beaming. Which could mean one or few things. But she was ready to bet real money on the one thing she was pretty sure of. Sex. Indeed, there was that certain after glow she could recognise having had that herself once in a blue moon too donning her own face after a nice romp in the old sack. There had been no official notification to Leyla as to the relationship between the dynamic duo. But she had understood from the few comments and hints that the two agents were indeed a couple. Something Leyla admired too as she was glad to see the ladies not only working well together but having been able to pull a personal relations in the process was a big kudos to them in her book. One day Leyla too hoped to find her other half, as she called it, someone she could maybe work with and spend time with personally as well. Because for Leyla, she was the job. So whatever else there was always came after that. So naturally the person she was looking for would have to be okay with that fact. Or even better, have a similar mindset. Therefore, having a first row observation seat to the clearly blooming relationship between Brenda and Sharon was something of a bonus for Leyla in addition to getting the job. And today, she was already there and sworn in to do her best to aid the two lovelies with the case.

"And yes, I usually get up early and as I am all yours for the week, well, I was thinking I would make a good head start and come over and check all the files again. You know, just to get familiarised with the case." Leyla told the two agents.

"That is great! It's good that you have prepared yourself already as there is some relevant information we need to share with you today." Brenda started.

"Oh, well that is great news!" Leyla exlaimed. "What happened? I mean how did you get new information over the night?" She asked curiously.

As far as Leyla knew, the status was that they all had left the office around the same time. Well, she had been ordered home a tad earlier after such a long day. But still, did any of the witnesses call Sharon and Brenda after that?

"Well, it wasn't exactly over night." Sharon said coyly.

The two had discussed the situation of Sharon somewhat and how much to tell Leyla. At this point they had decided to not to reveal the fact that Sharon was an alien. That would follow soon as they would tell the Director first and if Leyla indeed joined them, then her too. But for now, they had agreed on a story which would fit the findings.

"Oh?" Leyla rose and walked closer to the two who were standing by Brenda's desk now. "Do tell." She urged them in a hushed tone as if it was some major secret, which she was not far off from.

"Well, Sharon has an," Brenda paused and glanced at Sharon and she nodded back to Brenda in agreement. "An informant, whom shall remain nameless for the sake of their security for now." Brenda went on.

"And they called me." Sharon said then. "Early this morning." She clarified. "As you already know, this case is a legit sighting and we are treating this as such." Sharon went on. "And my informant has, connections." Sharon paused for the effect. "And those connection has revealed a possible source not of this Earth." Sharon had kept her eye on Leyla watching for her reaction as she revealed more.

"You mean the alien." Leyla stated matter of factly.

"Yes, the alien." Brenda verified. "The extraterrestrial being who landed at the Mall." She added.

"Wow!" Leyla was exited and exhilarated as this was the real thing and on her first case no less. Well, the other two's case which she was assisting on.

"Yes. Wow. We do have an actual alien being, whom we are now investigating." Sharon piled on.

"So we are chasing them?" Leyla asked not sure if this was the case.

"Well, this alien of ours, has done an illegal landing on our soil, so technically, they are a suspect of that and a person of interest." Brenda clarified.

Leyla nodded, trying hard to digest the data she was receiving from the two agents.

"And yes, we are going after them." Sharon added after a brief exchange in glances with Brenda. "But, it's not as clear cut as going after a Human of interest as some of these beings have stealth capability so tracking them down won't be as easy as that. Also, we need to be more careful too as according to my sources, they have much more effective weapons than we do." Sharon knew what type of weapons and capabilities their target had of course, but she needed to tell something to the seemingly eager rookie so not to get herself in trouble, as there was real danger present.

"Ray guns?" Leyla asked, thinking back to all those science fiction movies she had watched.

"Something like that." Brenda snorted, not that it was a laughing matter, and she felt horrible to have to tell half truths to Leyla. But she was so eager and well, she needed to know something like they had agreed with Sharon.

"Okay. Well, I am good to go!" Leyla informed the duo.

Sharon smiled at the younger woman and then said. "Not so fast. We need to track down our suspect first with some tech." She then revealed.

After all, it was Sharon and her resources back home who had helped in building the tracking program as it was not something you could simply buy off the shelf on Earth. But this was also something not yet to be shared with Leyla.

The rookie followed Brenda and Sharon to the large screen in the monitoring area of the office space while Sharon pulled up her tablet and punched up the program. It did not take long before a map appeared and then several dots started blinking.

"This is great! I have never seen anything like this. Are those all aliens?" Leyla was full of questions.

"Well, they are persons of interest. But the one we want is not yet showing up there." Sharon revealed.

"OK?" Leyla was learning all the things quite quickly but she wasn't sure how this was actually going to work, with the tracking program and all.

"We have a few parameters which need to be input which Sharon got from her source, then we can start tracking." Brenda educated Leyla and got a wide eyed look back. "Don't worry, we will teach you later on how this all works." She added getting a nod in response.

As soon as the program was re-calibrated with the correct parameters of their alien of interest, it only took a few moments when a new blinking dot appeared on the screen as they all watched at it intently.

"There you go!" Sharon exclaimed. "I think we have a match on the radar!" She glanced at the other two and had a hint of a smile on her face.

"Indeed!" Brenda and Leyla exclaimed in unison.

Chapter Nine

"Wow!" Leyla let out loud once again. "Just, wow!" She simply had to repeat it.

It was the go to phrase for Leyla apparently on this day, as she kept on exclaiming that one word. But she was in her right to do so as she was truly in awe of all the cool things she was seeing. Such as tracking programs for specific suspects, secret unnamed and high powered contacts and even cool and gadgety surveillance vehicles. Not to mention the aliens they were now chasing. So there was that wow effect written all over the job description as far as Leyla Kay was concerned. The three of them had taken their special van out and had now arrived to their destination, parked by the curve of their targets current supposed residence.

"You like what you see?" Brenda smirked at the younger woman who was completely overwhelmed apparently of all the great things the Bureau seemed to have in their possession.

"I do!" Leyla responded and made her rounds in the van checking all of it out once or more.

"Well, this is mostly basic stuff we have here with a few upgrades and modifications done to our special van." Sharon replied and took her position as did Brenda and started punching some buttons and bringing up the feed on the screens.

"Please, pick a station and let's get cracking." Brenda told Leyla who was glaring all around in total awe still. She then quickly picked her spot and sat down and mimicked the actions of the older agents.

Leyla was totally glad she had taken the risk and joined forces with the Bureau's two best agents as far as she was concerned. And indeed, Brenda and Sharon were those as the rest while good, did not even come close to resolving the amount of cases this duo did. Then again, they did have an inside advantage in the form of Sharon Raydor. So there was that. But it wasn't a competition, even if it sometimes seemed like that at least in Brenda's mind. They were all pulling in for the greater good and well, Humanity. Or at least, trying to make sure the unwanted elements did not sneak in on the planet, rather only the wanted ones. Who then again decided which was which, well, it was a kind of double edged sword really. As again, Sharon was an alien and she knew plenty of other aliens currently either residing on Earth or having done so in the past. But, this was not public knowledge and in the eyes of the agents, or at least Sharon and Brenda. It was about keeping the public safe from the wrong doers of the intergalactic kind and of course, their own panic-y side. As most likely the knowledge of aliens existing among them would have been too much for some to handle.

But for now, they concentrated on the case at hand and not the larger picture as it was still, kind of hazy. So, going after the one specific alien whom had caused quite the hassle while landing on a mall parking lot in the middle of daylight in front of hundreds of witnesses. Not a desirable thing at all for either the Bureau or their government. As even if the existence of aliens out there and on Earth even was a well known fact by some internal fractions, the public knowledge of their existence was denied as hoaxes. It was mostly due to politics and religious issues, but it was the official guideline of their current government too. Neither Sharon nor Brenda understood fully the reasoning behind this rule if you will, but as they were working for the government, their stance officially, was the same. But hunting down aliens as a job, well, that was in itself a contradiction. Still, today was not about that, not about the rules or politics or even personal beliefs. No, today, the three of them were on a case and they were chasing down the culprit whose location they had found thanks to the intel and the well working program of Sharon's.

So now, they were seated in the small surveillance van just outside the suspects dwelling. They needed further intel before they would be able to burst inside the motel room, which their tracker had led them to. After all, even the Bureau agents could not simply apprehend someone without much of evidence. Even if they were actually the target they were looking for. As the Bureau's motto was, if an alien landed on the planet without prior engagement and approval to do so, they were free to be chased down and captured. Still, none of them had yet managed to capture any of the supposed aliens. Usually, they aliens had either left Earth after the agents had found about the sighting. Or then, they simply vanished into thin air. Sharon was well versed how easily such a thing could be pulled as she had knowledge of several aliens doing so. Then again, she could not blame them. Guess this wasn't about catching the aliens rather upholding the status quo and making sure that there was at least some record of these incidents and that also they were proven legit. After all, the aliens had so many skills and much more advanced technology. That in all honesty, the only aliens the agents or any other bureau would be able to catch during their investigations, would most likely be those whom had crash-landed and unfortunately, died. So corpses.

But today, wasn't that day, as Sharon had clearly gotten the life form specs. Not that she really needed them. But as per gotten from Lyra and then fed them into the program she herself had compiled, they were now on the chase. And it seemed that this alien being, her former friend and lover, had no intention on either leaving Earth or even putting much effort in hiding either. Sharon knew she must have known they were tracking her as well. As she too had technology to be able to detect such things. Whatever the reason was the alien was still on the planet was beyond Sharon and she had told Brenda as much. There was something totally off about this whole situation and Sharon did not like this one bit. After all, why come to her town of all the places on Earth she could have easily landed? And why make the splash landing in the first place?

Too many whys and no answers bugged the hell out of Sharon as the three of them were glued to the surveillance monitors of the van. Watching for any and all signs of the alien culprit there. But so far, it was only silence and a few passersby catching their attention. The suspicion was that the alien was laying low for now as they knew them to be inside of the structure. At least if the readings were correct and they were tracking the right culprit. Then again, Sharon would not put beyond the fact that her former lover had pulled some trick up her sleeve and messed up with the tracker. Knowing first hand how easy it was to hack into any and all systems, Sharon was beginning to doubt whether this was the case now as they had already been there for the better part of the afternoon without any kind of sings of the alien. Sharon was also kind of afraid of a confrontation with her former friend as they had not parted in the best of terms. Still a lot of time had passed between their last encounter and now. So maybe, things had changed for her as well as they had for Sharon.

"Anything on your end?" Brenda asked Sharon, knowing the answer already as most likely Sharon would have notified the other two if there was something, but she was making conversation as the van had grown silent after they had settled in it.

"Nothing, not even a peep." Sharon responded never taking her eyes off the monitors.

"Nothing here either." Leyla piped in, only she was finding this all fascinating even if the other two felt it was becoming numbing and tiresome.

"Anyone up for some snacks?" Brenda then asked, getting up from her seat and stretching a little before heading to the small galley corner at the other end of the van.

"Coffee, please." Sharon replied.

"Um, a sandwich if you have one?" Leyla replied hopefully.

"Sure do!" Brenda said and took a few steps before she was there.

Brenda rummaged through the small fridge and picked up a couple of sandwiches for her and Leyla and then filled three large mugs with coffee from the large size thermos. And then returned with her gifts to the other two. This van was especially customised by the duo and they always made sure the coffee pot was filled and that the refrigerator held a few needed items.

"Thanks!" Leyla dug into her food immediately, while Sharon simply grabbed the large size mug and started sipping the dark liquid from it.

"You sure you don't want something to eat?" Brenda then asked her partner, but knowing well how Sharon was during a situation where she was in her, well, mind space as she called it, she rarely ate, only drank coffee.

"No, I am good for now." Sharon then responded and turned back to the screens.

"Ok, but eat something later." She reminded Sharon and got an agreeing nod out of her in response.

They had anticipated a lengthy surveillance night of it and they seemed to have been right, as it was only beginning of the eve and there was still no sings of the culprit doing anything except staying put inside the motel room. So, they would wait as long as it took, at least for a while longer.

It had been a total bust for the day, as the subject the trio had been monitoring never moved from the room they were supposed to be in. After a several hours of standing by, Brenda made the call to actually go to the site and knock on the door. There was of course no answer. They got into the room with the aid of the maid who was cleaning the rooms and it turned out, that their target was long gone and the room was empty. There was however a device on the counter, which after checking out by Sharon, as she recognised it, turned out to be the source of the life sign. It was clearly a decoy as the alien knew they were monitored and had used a set up and thus wasting the agents time in the process. Clearly this was a worthy advisory and someone who had a lot of tricks to pull. Then again, Sharon after telling Brenda whom they were dealing with, had warned her that her former girlfriend was quite cunning and also skilled with technology. So after a total failure to apprehend the culprit, even with the tech Sharon had devised, they decided to call it a day and the reconvene in the morning. It was already quite late, so Sharon and Brenda decided to go to their respective homes for a few hours of sleep and change of clothing. After all, the last several times they were supposed to be doing that, sleeping, they ended up making love and hardly slept if they ended up in the same house. So this time, as per mutual agreement, they had taken a different approach and each of them going to their own homes. It was unusual as they rarely were apart even if they did not live together.

But, this was no ordinary case as they totally had a live one out there and they needed to really focus on the case. Not that they had not done so before. But, this was different, on so many levels. The smallest part not being that Sharon actually knew the alien they were chasing. They had gotten to the office, left the van there and picked up their own cars. Brenda had already taken hers and gone as had Leyla. Sharon was just about to leave, seated in her car, when she remembered that she had nothing left in fridge to eat and she was hungry as she had only had the coffee and not much else during the stakeout. Deciding to take a quick stop by the fast food place close to her place as she started the engine. Arriving there in no time as it was late and hardly any traffic. After having already placed the order en route, she only needed to pick up the stuff and then continue a few minutes until she was home. As she left the restaurant and was on her way to the practically empty parking lot, she could clearly see someone leaning against her car. She immediately picked up her gun from the holster she was sill carrying on her person. And then with the weapon drawn in one hand and the food bag in her other, she carefully and stealthily approached the car. As she did she could see the shadowy outline of the person against her car come in to vision under the now dimly lit streetlights. As soon as she was close enough to see, she was able to recognise the one she had not seen in a while. But still, always and forever etched to her memory.

"Hello Shari." The familiar voice then said when Sharon was close enough. "I hear you have been looking for me." The voice commented and Sharon knew well as to whom it was talking to her.

Chapter Ten

"Riel!" Sharon's voice was almost a whisper.

As she spoke out loud the name she knew very well, a not so gentle reminder of her past. And even if she had anticipated the moment she would be face to face with her former lover, she had not however expected the impact seeing Riel would still have on her very being.

Riel had been leaning against the car while Sharon had remained a few steps away. With her weapon still aiming at the woman she once loved and cared for. Riel then corrected her stance, standing up straight and moving a step closer to Sharon. Gazing at her and the weapon on each step. Her face turning to a smirk as she clearly was not afraid of the gun aimed right at her. Sharon on the other hand, was not budging. Latching on to the weapon in her hand even tighter if possible, ready to pull the trigger at any given moment. Sharon knew of course that the bullet would do little if no harm to Riel as her exoskeletal thin layer of armour would protect her. But still, she could not let go of her gun. Most likely the Human part of her who felt protected by this crude weapon ejecting out projectiles in the idea of either stopping or killing the target.

"Shari. You really need to put that thing away, you know. You might poke any eye out with it or something." Riel had always had a sense of humour, that was for sure and that was one of the things Sharon had loved about her.

Riel then took one more step closer to Sharon, who remained unmoving. Looking totally serious about shooting the woman daring to use their familiarity and acting like nothing was wrong. But she was the one who had made the unauthorised landing onto Earth. The current home planet of Sharon. And knowing Riel, Sharon suspected there was an underlying motivation for her being there too, other than just dropping by to say hello. After all, if she really wanted to visit Earth she could have easily filed a flight plan and a request to do so. But no, not Riel. Usually, as Sharon knew very well from their past together, when Riel pulled something like this off, she was up to no good. And Sharon suspected this time was no different. After all, in a few hundred years, Riel had not even tried to change so why now. No, she was still her usual carefree and careless self apparently.

"What are you doing here?" Sharon asked in a more calm and collected tone. As no matter what, well, despite a few lapses with Brenda, she usually remained on the level never losing her temper. A trait which suited best of all her working persona. It might have seen rather cold and callus but Sharon did care. She just wasn't showing it on her face.

"What? No hellos? No how are yous?" Riel acted shocked and placed her hands on her heart in a mock shock state of Sharon's cold welcome. "Is that any way to say hello to an old friend?" Riel asked then still with a hint of humour in her voice.

"Old friend?" Sharon asked with a hint of mock in her voice. After all, the two had been so much more than fiends and for a long while at that. "Is that what you think we are? Old friends?" Sharon asked, her weapon still aimed at Riel.

"Shari!" Riel exclaimed and inched once again closer. "Of course we are more than that!" She was close enough to almost touch now.

Sharon having realised naturally what Riel was doing and knowing there was nothing to stop her for doing so as Riel possessed a greater strength than she did. Deciding to put a way the gun as it would be a wasted bullet after all. Besides, violence would never be the thing solving this situation anyway. She had their culprit right there, just at the grasp of her hands. But Sharon did not want to apprehend her for whatever reason. After all, they had a past, a long history together. And the Human authorities would not be able to handle Riel. No, the best bet for Sharon was trying to reason with her former lover and then to try to get her to turn herself in. Not to the Humans but her own people. As clearly, she was doing something illegal on Earth and Sharon wanted to know what it was she was here for. After all, there was always some agenda for Riel to do anything.

"We were, but that is in the past." Sharon finally said and then put her gun back in its holster. "You and I were through a long time ago." She stated much calmly now as if this was something she had wanted to say for the longest time and finally after saying it out loud, she could put the relationship behind her.

"Oh Shari, that really pains me hearing you say that." Riel sounded almost earnest, but Sharon knew better.

All the lies, the secrecy and even the betrayal Sharon had endured while being with this woman so many years ago. Well, she had never understood how Riel thought that she had been getting away with it all and that Sharon did not care. No, that was the arrogance and the self-absorbed nature of Riel of thinking she could do anything she wanted and get away with it too. But, Sharon had let her go and that was it. Or at least, she had not expected Riel to pop up on Earth. But, here she was and here they were and Sharon was supposed to apprehend her. So, there was that. Sharon knew she needed to be cautious and not to trip into any more traps of lies of this woman's. And then, she needed to make sure Riel would do the honourable thing. Which she rarely did as she was always looking for the short cuts to muddle through life.

"I bet it does." Sharon then stated sarcastically and then, decided that it was enough small talk for one night with her former lover. "Now, tell me the truth. Why you are here and why you made such a flashy entrance to this planet?" Sharon was adamant in her demand and kept her glare on Riel, hoping it still had the same effect on the other woman as it once had had.

Riel glared back at Sharon for a moment before commenting anything further. Or rather making any more attempts of poor humour. She was clearly not getting anywhere with Sharon, not having the desired affect on the woman she once had had. And the stare of Sharon's wasn't helping either as there was just something she did with her eyes, which made Rigel want to either yield to her demands or then go and hide. Whichever option suited the situation best. Today, it seemed to be the latter. Then again, she was a powerful warrior type of her own right and could easily snap Sharon into two. Not that she wanted to. But then again, why not tell her former lover why she was here, right? After all, there was nothing Sharon could do about it. Or if she could, it would be too late anyway to stop it.

"Look Shari." Riel sounded hesitant now. "Things are not how they seem to be." Riel stated then after the two of them were face to face, close enough to catch others breaths, still standing at the empty parking lot beside the car.

Riel sounded almost apologetic. Which in itself was fairly odd for her as far as Sharon remembered. After all, Riel had never ever apologised for anything she had done wrong in her life at least not to Sharon.

"What do you think it looks like to me then?" Sharon wasn't buying whatever Riel was selling as she knew all the tricks in her quiver. At least she had known them all way back when.

"Well," Riel was looking right back into Sharon's eyes as if trying to read her. Alas she could not, just like before. "It looks like I am a bad alien who has landed on this planet with the intent of taking it over it and make slaves out of the people, sex slaves at least of the female folk." She just had to, put that joke in there.

"Are you?" Sharon asked, not laughing and knowing full well what capabilities Riel had.

Again, it was Riel's turn to be surprised. "You really think I would do that?" She asked sounding almost, well hurt, honestly so. "I mean, raise havoc and take over this, well, small rock in the middle of nowhere much? Because this totally is, in the far corner of the known universe." She either did or did not like Earth as she was yet undecided, but clearly Sharon did. "You knew that didn't you?"

Sharon did not respond rather sighed out loud. If she was totally honest, she did not peg Riel the type to be power hungry. Sure she raised havoc where ever she went and killed people and made a lot of mistakes. But world domination, conquering a world. Not really. It wasn't her MO. Too much work as she had said in the past.

"Look, not that I trust you right now or anything. But we better get to some more comfortable place to discuss this before the security of this place comes and arrests us for loitering."

"But you are a cop aren't you?" Riel asked sounding cocky again. "I mean you have the authority and all that jazz right?" Sounding like she admired that fact for some reason, even if she did not respect any authorities at all. She never had. But Sharon in a uniform, well that was a vision in her mind right at the very moment she said it out loud.

"Yes, but it would not bode well having to explain you to anyone else at the moment." Sharon nodded towards Riel, who was looking like she usually did. All purple skinned, tall and looking like a page from a fairy tale book. Besides, the tail did not help either.

"Oh." She then realised she had yet to put her Human appearance on as she had the device on her person to do it too. They all did, even Sharon before she had come here to be reborn as a Human. "There, done. Happy?" She asked as Sharon glanced at the dark haired Human form beauty in front of her. Not that Riel was bad looking in her natural form either.

"Dammit." Sharon cursed internally, but it could not be helped now, as the two of them needed to talk."Get inside the car." Sharon ordered as she opened the locked doors, seeing the wide grin on Riel's face as she went around to the passenger side. "And for your information, we are going to talk, that is all." Sharon clarified as she got on the drivers seat and started her car.

"So, where are we going?" Riel asked with a slightly victorious smirk on her face.

"My place. It is safe enough." She then added and drove off, as she had nothing more to explain to Riel, only questions to be answered by the woman.

Sharon and Riel had arrived at Sharon's home which was only a few minutes drive from the restaurant she had picked the food up from. Having a healthy looking serving now spread across the isle of the living area of her open downstairs, she and Riel were both sampling from the several containers. Luckily, Riel was not a picky eater so having the so called Human food was not an issue for her. Even if it felt odd to share a meal with someone from her past, Sharon had felt pretty comfortable after only a few moments. Despite them not being together for a long long while. Of course there was still the matter of the discussion to be had. Or rather Sharon asking the questions excepting answers to be given. Which had been the whole reason for her inviting Riel over.

"This stuff is great!" Riel exclaimed after nearly exampling each container on the table. "What is it?" She asked not sure as to what she was eating.

"It's called Thai food." Sharon who also enjoyed the various tastes of foreign cuisine, having been globetrotting quite the bit after reaching her adulthood as a Human. She had acquired the tastes of the world so to speak.

"Well, it's really great. No wonder you enjoy Earth so much. The food here sure tastes. I mean it actually tastes of something compared to the replicated stuff back home." Riel was in food heaven now.

Sharon was reminded of course of the differences between her original home and this place, now also home for her. And even if she loved Earth with all its quirks and whatnots, she loved her home world too and would someday move back there of course. Some day, she thought while munching on her dinner. After completing the final bits, having eaten maybe a third of it while Riel had put away the rest, clearly enjoying it immensely, it was time, as Sharon decided. Leaning back in her chair she asked the question, her voice soft spoken as she really did not want an argument brewing out of the whole situation.

"Why are you here? Really and honestly?"

Riel looked up, chewing on her last bites and then after downing said last bites with the beverage she had had with the food. She then thought for a moment before stating out the facts as she knew them to be, her eyes never leaving Sharon's.

"There is going to be an invasion on Earth." She said in a most serious tone. And the expression, which Sharon could still tell, something rarely seen but it was there, that of earnest.

Sharon blinked, once, twice, but her facial expression remained calm and collected despite the news. She should have been shocked and even blaming Riel of lying, of making up stupid things like that. But, she was neither. And if she was surprised at any of it, she was only about the fact that she did not think Riel had made the news up. Not at all. She contemplated for a moment and then, as coolly as before, she asked very simply the question from Riel.


"Soon, but I have yet to find the exact date. My contact is working on it." Riel said.

"Why?" Sharon asked then, her questions reduced to one word sentences apparently.

"Why what?" Riel asked confused.

"Why did you come here and make such a flamboyant entry in the process?" Sharon asked again.

"Well, I had to get your attention as I knew I could not simply turn at your doorstep and tell you this. You would have most likely shot me on sight." She smirked.

"Maybe." Sharon was thoughtful.

"Sharon, I know we aren't, well on the best of terms." Riel started sounding almost earnest. As she then took Sharon's hand in hers and locked her eyes with Sharon. "But I don't want you to die and I know this planet is important to you." She then revealed.

"You do?" Sharon did not sound surprised as she already knew from Lyra that Riel kept tabs on Sharon. Always asking where she was and what she was doing every now and then, clearly still caring of her on some level.

"I do. And I promise I will do all I can to help you." Riel then added, surely a first in a long, long while.

Sharon glared at her, not saying anything at first, but she could tell Riel was honest. And truthfully there was still something there between them. Even if it had been a long time since their relationship. Something which would most likely never die either. But that was not something she wanted to dwell on, as it was all over between them. She was with Brenda now whom she loved and they were more compatible with each other than she and Riel could ever be. And the was still the sting of her betrayal deep in her mind. Serving as a reminder of what had happened between the two of them in the past.

"I may hold you up to that." Sharon then commented. Sending silent prayers to the universe they could actually do something to prevent what she had just heard from happening.

Chapter Eleven

"So, you believe her? About her intentions I mean and that there is someone about to…" Brenda paused. As the very thought of an invasion to Earth was still so unbelievable and well… She wasn't really able to grasp the situation as it was so, science fiction-y to stay the least. Even if that thought was a contradiction in itself as she herself was working for a Bureau which was investigating aliens and extraterrestrial life. "Come here and take over our planet?" Brenda managed to complete her sentence finally.

"I do." Sharon said without hesitation. After talking with Riel earlier, she was now completely convinced, that the woman was telling the truth. "She has no reason to lie." Sharon added. "I mean, there is no motivation for her to do so." Sharon had known the woman well and still did and she knew that Lyra would have mentioned if Riel had changed her ways from what they both knew her to be and do.

Brenda nodded and was deep in thought. After all, this revelation was huge. After Sharon had called her to come over sounding adamant and slightly off over the phone. Which was not usual for the stoic hybrid woman. She had then rushed over immediately. And then Sharon revealing everything she had found out from Riel after their discussion. Well, it was a lot to take in. Riel had revealed herself to Sharon at the parking lot after the two agents had said their goodnights and gone their separate ways. And then Sharon asking Riel to come back home with her as she wanted to know all the reasons why Riel had come to Earth. Of course Brenda had not been fond of the idea of Riel and Sharon alone together. But that was simply her jealousy acting up. After all, Sharon was quite the capable agent and woman not in a need of any protection. Still, Brenda had been slightly distraught by the fact that the alien they had been chasing had shown up just like that. And after most likely stalking Sharon. As the alien woman clearly had known Sharon's whereabouts. But that was neither here nor there now.

Riel had come to Sharon, willingly. and if the reasons were as she had told Sharon. Well, then this was far more serious than a simple UFO sighting they were investigating. And if Sharon said Riel was in earnest, then Brenda would take her word for it. Even if she did not care for the former lover one bit. Still, there was so much at stake here. The fate of the Earth of course. And most likely Brenda and Sharon would need to work with Riel to figure out how to stop the invasion from happening. If it was even possible. But that had so many implications as nobody knew of Sharon except herself. And introducing another alien "friend" to the mix? Well, she wasn't sure if they could cover this up any longer. Not from Leyla and certainly not from their boss either or the other team members of their unit for that matter. This whole invasion thing was starting to cause Brenda a headache. After all, too much information. And too many things changing and being revealed all at once. She imagined how she thought about this now compared to how the Average Jane out there living their regular life would feel about it? This would not bode well for the regular folks at all. And if possible, they needed to keep this invasion thing a secret as long as possible.

"So, what do we do with her then?" Brenda glanced and nodded towards Riel, who was seated in the living room sofa watching something on the television while Brenda and Sharon were talking about the issue at hand in the kitchen area.

"Well, we cannot turn her in. Then again, if we need to work with her? How the hell can we explain her and her knowledge to the team?" Brenda asked.

"I know. But, she came here to warn us. And in a way, she is no longer an unidentified alien of interest to us, so in a way the case is closed for us." Sharon wasn't sure if they really could explain Riel to any of the others at all except maybe telling the truth, never a great option in her mind at the moment.

"Unofficially yes. But we need to figure out a good solution for this case. And I know that you aren't too fond of the idea. But this may be the perfect time to explain you to the Director." Brenda then said, but seeing the panicked look on Sharon's face she quickly added. "We can trust her and you can feel it too, can't you?" Brenda knew of the special power Sharon had about herself, being able to sense the good from the bad and lies from truth in others, even their alien friend.

Finally after a moment of thought, she nodded and said. "I do."

Brenda was glad they were on the same page. However, the revelation for not only Sharon but also the existence of Riel now. well, it was going to be a doozy. But Brenda also knew that both the Director and their new addition, Leyla were level headed people. And working in the area they were, well? This was just another day in the office, right? Brenda had all kinds of things running through her mind and then she remembered their guest, who was laughing at something on the TV now. Quite a Human thing to do, Brenda thought and glanced over to the direction the noise was coming from.

"So, I guess we better go and tell her then?" Brenda asked from Sharon, as she assumed their decision was made. "I mean about what we decided to do, right?"

"Yes, we should." Sharon rose from the chair and before moving to the living room and to where Riel was. She stepped close to Brenda still seated and gave her a long hug and a peck on the lips before taking her hand and leading her to the living room.

Riel looked up as Sharon and Brenda joined her in the seating area. She quickly muted the television and waited for the duo to settle down, after having been talking a long while in the kitchen. Of course she had eavesdropped on them, how could she not. After all, she and Sharon had a thing once and now? Well, Sharon was with this new woman. A Human and an agent no less. So there was that. Also, she was interested to know what they were going to do about her and the situation at hand. But, she did not comment one word on it as the duo arrived rather waited patiently for them to do the talking this time around. After Brenda had arrived and after she and Sharon had spoken or rather she had revealed it all to Sharon. Well, all which she knew now, almost all of it anyway. The important parts as she liked to think, as there were some things she rather kept to herself for now. For the sake of security and well, honestly, to have an ace in her sleeve in case she found herself in trouble. But it was quite clear from the first moment the two had met, that Agent Johnson, Brenda, did not like her one bit. Albeit hearing the stories of this fierce woman from their mutual friend, it was obvious Brenda was jealous of Riel and Sharon's relationship. Even if it was all in the distant past as Sharon had told her flat on the same.

Still, she kind of liked the situation. And maybe she was also up for a little tease of this hardcore Human government agent. As she was up for the challenge if Brenda chose to do anything about it. For now though, and well, as per usual, the decision of which woman she wanted to be with was Sharon's. Not that Riel had suspected she could simply swoop in and seduce her old flame all over again. Not that the thought had not crossed her mind. Because it totally had and that had been a slight incentive in her coming here in the first place. But mostly, she wanted Sharon to be safe. Even if it meant saving this odd and off planet in the process. But Riel was game and she was going to help the duo no matter their reply was. After all, if Sharon was ever going to see her in a different light again, then she needed to do the right thing and inform of the pending doom and prevent it with any and all means. Riel of course, had a few ideas for the means. Otherwise it would have been a moot point to even come here. Well, other than maybe persuading Sharon to leave before it was too late. But Riel hardly ever did anything without a purpose or a plan as it was also the case for her being here now. As she was thinking about the situation the other two took their respective seats. And then they both glared at Riel, which was slightly unnerving to the tall alien woman. But she could put on a brave face, always, as she did right now never budging from it, not even once.

"So, Sharon tells me you can help us with our, um, issue." Brenda wasn't ready to call it an invasion, not just yet as they needed more information about it. And she and Sharon had already discussed it and Sharon was going to contact Lyra as soon as possible also to get the more intel.

"I can." Riel stated cockily. "That is why I have come here."

Brenda nodded and as Sharon had already warned her in advance, to not to bait Riel with anything personal, at all. As she would surely coax Brenda to a state of frenzy, simply to piss her off if nothing else. It was the way she was as Sharon had also explained to her girlfriend about her ex. Brenda might not have liked the situation and the fact that an ex was going to help them. But after what she had learnt from Sharon about Riel, she was pretty much all they had to go with at the moment.

"Good." Brenda nodded in agreement finally. "We need for you to come with us to the Bureau…" Brenda then started but was rudely cut off by Riel.

"Wait a minute! I will not let you haul me in like some price you captured!" She protested immediately.

But Sharon seeing the potential of fight and even flight, quickly diffused the situation before it got started. "Riel, we only want you to be there as backup, as an informant of sorts, not our captive." Sharon then said. "I am going to tell my boss who I really am and well, the whole explanation of the invasion and all will be much easier after that."

"Oh." Was all Riel managed. "Do you think that is wise. I mean revealing your true self and all."

"Well, it has been coming, and this," Sharon motioned between the three of them now as it was the situation, sort of, "well this certainly warrants the need to do that because we need all hands on deck."

"Yes, well, I guess you are right." Riel was thinking now, weighing the options in her head. "But if you assure me that is all you need me there for, then I will accompany you of course."

"Thank you." Sharon said to her. "Now, as for your resources." She asked and once again, started her scanning thing she did when suspecting someone was lying. "How well do you trust them? For all of this?"

"Well, I have worked with them on occasion and while I would not leave my first born in their care. I do trust them with this intel." She sounded honest to Brenda at least, but ultimately Sharon would know if she truly was.

Sharon nodded and then said. "And any chance of getting some help from any of them?" She then boldly asked.

Not that it was unexpected, but Riel let out a nervous laugh. "Right to the point huh?" She shook her head and then added. "I could try yes, but it won't come for free." She had already made the necessary arrangements of course, as she was after all, always prepared. But she had needed the request to come from the Humans or in this case Sharon.

"It always does." Sharon agreed as much as she had seen how some of these mercenaries worked in her past and Riel working with them, well, certainly, her job description had not changed since they last had seen each other.

"Well, we better get some sleep before going to the office early in the morning then." Brenda broke the sudden silence in the room.

"Agreed." Sharon looked at Riel and said. "You can take the guest room." And with that comment received surprised looks from both Riel and Brenda.

But Sharon had nothing to explain at this point. She offered her hand to Brenda and led her to her own bedroom while Riel followed the two lovers. Keeping an eye on them as they walked upstairs each to their respective sleeping quarters for the rest of the night. As it was just a few hours left of it anyway before the morning. Saying good nights and closing the doors to their rooms it was all silence after that. Except when Brenda and Sharon were lying on the bed, cuddled and ready to sleep. Brenda needed to get something off of her chest. But before she could say anything, once again as if reading her mind, Sharon told her what she really needed to hear at this point in time.

"She is only here for the duration. I have absolutely no interest in her what so ever." Sharon said in a soft and assuring voice. "I love you and only you and whatever we have ahead of us, we will face it together and win." Sharon sounded so totally assuring that Brenda even if her mind was filled with all kinds of doubt and questions, did not say anything. Only tightening her grip around Sharon as the two of them fell into a light sleep. Together.

Chapter Twelve

The Director was silent, unusually so. As she rarely was the one without words. She simply glared in front, to the empty space there. Between her two agents, who had been telling her the most unusual tale of all time. No matter her being the head of this unit for a long while ever since its creation as it was now. No matter the stories, the cases, even the two occasions she herself had been witness to the strange and unusual phenomena they had been investigating. No matter the facts she had seen over and over again. She was. In shock. She had thought herself of being the cool one, the calm one, the open to any kind of thing one. However, as the news had been brought forth to her and laid bare in front of her very eyes. Well, guess it was Human nature after all. That of being curious until that time when one actually got proof of the supernatural.

The Director was half shocked and half angry at herself for having this kind of an affect on her own mind. After all, she was the scientist, the open minded kind at that. Albeit working as the Director now for this Bureau. Still, this was totally something unexpected. And well, there was the fact that Sharon had lied to her in a manner of speaking. And also the simple fact that Brenda who had known from almost the very beginning what or rather whom Sharon really was. But she had been keeping it from their boss! And then there were all the connections to her original home world and the aliens living there. Well it was all… pretty much, too much. Plus the fact that the case they were investigating now had a known alien running amok around her city. And in a mall no less! Basically though, it was solving the current case as the two had put it. But then again, opening a much grander one in the process. As this kind of investigation was right up their alley after all. So, there was that to consider too. Still, it was a bit too much, she kept thinking.

The Director remained silent for a long while. Almost to the point where both Brenda and Sharon were starting to worry about their boss. And to what was going on with her and if she was alright. After all, Sharon had warned Brenda about such revelations. That some people simply did not take them well. But Brenda was certain of her boss. The one whom she had known for years. That she was a pro and could handle the information the duo were about to share with her. Finally, after a long and thorough inventory on the inside, the Director decided to yield to the absurdity of the situation. And to all the information she had just received. After all, this was about so much more than her underling being something completely different. Being the very life form they were searching for nonetheless. A unique one at that, if she really thought about it.

Still, while being big news as it really was. It was nothing compared to the other more alerting intel the duo had uncovered while investigating the current case. The possible pending invasion on Earth. Well, that was something completely different and something none of them had been prepared for. And at this point, the Director had no idea as to how to handle it. She only hoped that they would be able to convince the other government fractions of it being valid intel and them taking it seriously. As not all of them were convinced that the Bureau was a legit organisation at all. Something she had struggled with from the beginning, but had never really cared about. Still, now she needed their help.

Deciding then after some deliberation, to berate her two best agents later of them keeping secrets from her. After being satisfied that she was on the level with what she now knew and then putting on her brave and totally professional face on. She then addressed the two agents. Both of them still seated in silence in front of her waiting for the other shoe to make some noise when it finally dropped. She was back to business as usual again. And without any fuss or anger in her voice, she simply asked.

"How sure can we be this intel really is solid?"

"The source is reliable." Sharon started, a tad surprised of the Director's mood change. "But I am about to contact my home world as soon as we are out of this meeting and validate it really is." Sharon said it out loud in front of her boss then. Something she had not thought of doing. "They will know." She assured her boss again.

"Home world huh?" The Director half smirked as this was so, so out there still to her.

"Yes, I am in regular contact with them." Sharon stated honestly, even if she was still quite cautious of not revealing too much to the woman she did trust after all.

"Well, you do that. Meanwhile, Brenda and Leyla can find out what our options are considering the other agencies and government run ops. As we need to involve them as well." She continued with her orders. "If nothing else then at least give them a warning of the possibility of an invasion."

She wasn't really sure what anyone could do about a full scale incursion onto Earth. But then again, she also knew there was a sort of a military defence plan put in place years ago for this type of event. If it would work was another matter all together. After all, it was planned in the nineteen forties and most likely would have no effect against some totally high tech spaceships whit advance technology invading their space. But, they had to try something.

"And by the by," She then added. "we need to swear Leyla in as soon as possible and let her in on the secret."

Getting that look from Sharon, Brenda still nodded in agreement to her boss. After all, Brenda had already told Sharon they should. And the Director sure as hell wasn't taking any further chances of letting information pass by anyone. And the younger woman had already proven herself pretty much to be worthy. If the invasion really was happening then they needed all hands on deck anyway. Even if it might have seem that there really was nothing for them to do to prevent this, invasion, she knew those involved would do their damndest in trying to save the planet they lived on. And maybe, having an alien working for her wasn't all bad.

As it looked to the Director that Sharon seemed to have all the good and right connections. Maybe if they were lucky enough, also high tech would come out of those connections. Some weapons of great calibre sure sounded nice right about now. She only hoped there was enough time to get all the needed players they wanted on their side in position. As of yet, they had no idea when this was all planned to happen except, soon. Which did not really help at all. But maybe, Sharon could get some more information from her friends back home.

"Understood!" The two agents then responded almost in unison after the order was given.

The duo then left the still bewildered Director to digest all that she had learnt in the past hour or so. Despite her facade, she was still totally confused about the overall situation. It was all something she had not excepted to be learning on this fine day when she had woken up early in the morning to the pleasant and caressing sunlight and the birds chirping outside her window. As she had then arrived to a seemingly regular day at work. But she was immediately been hauled to her office soon after having been revealed by this well, situation.

No, not at all, she kept thinking as she reeled the news all over in her mind, trying to make some sense of it all. She knew she would at some point become at ease with it all, she always did. But it would take her some time and that was most likely something they did not have. Much anyway. So, deciding to take the quick route to get her grip on it all. She dialled the very familiar number, the one person she always knew would and could calm her down and let her do her job most efficiently and professionally.

"Hey, it's me. Do you have a minute?" She asked after the call was connected, trying to sound not too distraught even if she knew her friend could always tell. After all, she was not from this Earth either. Being the only alien the Director had ever known, until today that was.

"For you my dear. Always. Several if you need them." The soothing voice on the other end responded.

"Wow. Just wow!" Leyla exclaimed enthusiastically. "I mean, that makes a lot more sense now, all those things you have pulled out from thin air. Like those advanced programs and all. And well, to be honest, you had knowledge which kinda came out of nowhere. So it makes total sense to me that you are a super intelligent alien!" Leyla was in awe and positively beamed now.

"Well, super intelligent I am not. Simply advanced." Although Sharon felt a certain good chill run across her being after having been referred to as such.

"Oh she is pretty smart!" Brenda piled on and put her arm around her resident alien girlfriend and squeezed her a little. "But she is Human too, so that is all good."

After having been sworn into the agency, rather quickly at that, right after the revelation for their boss. Leyla had been summoned to the Director's office and she had been granted full field agent credentials. As a trainee but still the title of Agent was there. Leyla had said yes even before her new boss had been able to finish her sentence. So there was little if no doubt that neither Leyla nor the Director were having any doubts as to what Leyla wanted. And it was the job and getting into it fully, she was all there. After that, she had given notice to her former job. And that was basically it. A couple of hours later, Sharon and Brenda had sat her down and told her the cliff notes of Sharon and what was now going on. Leyla, unlike their boss though, had taken things with a stride. And seemingly having already suspected that something of this nature might have been going on there. Mainly about Sharon though. Then there was the whole Riel situation and the invasion part which she took in rather well too. And she was ready and willing to take part in anything else they might have thrown her way. All and all, a good choice of recruiting her it had been.

"So, this Riel, when can I meet her?" She then asked eagerly.

"Well." Sharon and Brenda exchanged glances. "We had not really thought about that, but I guess the Director wants to meet her too so, then?" Sharon again looked at Brenda but neither she was certain of this.

"Okay, well, sounds cool though." Leyla was onboard whatever the two agents decided to do.

"I've managed to contact Lyra, my friend on my other home planet." As Sharon referred to her original home as. "They area currently looking into this invasion threat and also, they will be sending a fleet to Earth to protect us." Sharon then said, not sounding too happy about it though.

As if sensing the dilemma there, Leyla asked. "What's the catch?"

"Well, they won't be able to get here until a week, so there is that." Brenda told her as she was privy to the whole situation as she had been sitting in while Sharon was calling her friend.

"Oh, and we have no idea when the others might attack." Leyla summarised their problem.

"Exactly. And Earth does not have much in defence vice currently." Sharon revealed.

"But they are knowledgable about this all, I mean the aliens and all that?" She asked, not surprised at all to hear there wasn't much planned in the current scenario for defence of Earth.

"Yes, ever since way back when. But the real preparations started after the Roswell crash in nineteen forty-seven." Brenda told Leyla.

"Wow!" Leyla commented. "Just wow!" She smirked a tad even if this was a grave situation all and all. "I mean this is just, well great! Not the invasion, but the rest of it. Aliens, working with Humans. It's all so, so…" She was at loss of words suddenly.

"Science fiction-y?" Brenda offered.

"Exactly!" Leyla replied.

"Well, I assure you this is all real and we are all involved." Sharon said calmly.

"So, Riel, what is she like then?" Leyla sounded a tad more interested than she should have.

"You'll see for yourself soon enough." Brenda did not sound too impressed of Riel but she knew also that she would be a great asset to them.

"Cool, cool." Leyla repeated and nodded.

She was also imagining in her mind a tall purple warrior type as Sharon had described her earlier. She still could not believe her luck, landing in the middle of alien conspires and working with live ones. Indeed she was grateful for the opportunity, but maybe she would also take part in saving the world as they knew it. Becoming the unsung hero and that was all great in her book. Now, she was anticipating the meeting of the other alien she was about to get acquainted with. And then, they were all going to plan how to use their combined resources in defending the blue globe from any evil beings out there daring to attack their pretty world. And Leyla was sure they would kick some major ass soon enough. She was that confident in not only her own team, but the other aliens arriving to their aid as well.

Chapter Thirteen

"You are, Riel?" Leyla gawked at the tall woman in front of her still in her Human form.

"I am indeed." Riel offered her hand in greeting as per the custom on this planet seemed to be. Having a quirky smile on her face as the younger woman, whom Riel had learned from Sharon was their apprentice of sorts and thus all the things were still rather new to her. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." She beamed at the young agent.

Leyla took the offered hand and shook it. It was indeed strong as the tall and well formed androgynous warrior type she was, just as Leyla depicted in her mind at least was expected to have. Leyla seemed totally captivated by this alien being she was finally meeting. Not that she did not find Sharon interesting, but Riel was in a league of her own, totally!

"So, you look like us?" Leyla was not filtering herself either. That being a trait of hers but also due to her younger age and not having been bulldozed over by the worlds opinion of things, yet. She was asking questions the others maybe would not have put out there. At least not in those exact words anyway. "Like Sharon does too."

"Well, this is not exactly my true appearance." Riel then revealed. "I am wearing a device on me, which is creating this holographic image of how I would appear as a Human." She then explained.

Leyla, who wasn't yet privy to everything. Like how Sharon had come to Earth. She turned and glanced at Sharon and then asked. Naturally. "You have one those devices too?"

"I don't as I don't need it now." Sharon wasn't ready to explain it all to her right away. But she also knew that Leyla would keep on asking if she did not tell her something. "I was born as a Human, or rather a clone. As my full essence and DNA were incorporated into Human DNA. So into this form as you see it now." She made a motion around her body to make a point. "It is real in a way and also the fact that I am a hybrid for the time being." She wasn't going to explain the full science and how their people's minds and essences could be transferred rather easily from one corporal body to another, even a robot body. Later, she thought, but not today.

"Oh, wow!" Leyla exclaimed in total fascination once again.

"But you are an honest to goodness alien being, right?" Leyla asked Riel to clarify her position. As she really was so totally curious and unfiltered for any Human being for that matter, that it made Riel laugh out loud and this young agent was totally growing on the tall alien too.

"I am." Riel pushed a button under her shirt then. And poof, she was turned back into the purple coloured dark eyed being which was her true form. "And not only that. I can change my sex at will too." She threw that in as a shock factor. But the only one shocked in the room was Brenda who looked totally surprised at this revelation and then glanced at Sharon her face a total question mark at this point.

Sharon feeling the need to explain as to what it really meant. As Riel did not seem to have the characteristics of neither male nor female being either in Human form or in her true alien form.

"She is hermaphrodite. Some of her species are like that from birth." Sharon told the other two, who were still glaring at the purple coloured alien as it was some getting used to seeing Riel in her true form, even if she was in a word, gorgeous and awesome and well, more words to describe her as both Leyla and Brenda kept on staring at her in her true form.

"Again, wow!" Leyla seemingly open minded for anything and everything simply stated.

"Wow indeed!" Brenda piled on as it seemed to have its advantages of having all the needed equipment at ones disposal.

"So, Sharon, are you like her then? I mean when you are not a Human, under your, um, skin?" Leyla was clearly out today with her questions wanting to know it all at once.

"No, I look a little different." Sharon then said. "Despite us having the same ancestry, our two planets I mean, we evolved to different directions. In my true form, my skin is more of the bluish hue and am the same hight as I am now." Sharon said as much hoping this was enough for inquisitive younger woman.

"Do you have any pictures?" Clearly it was not as Leyla just had to have one more question in there.

"I can get them." Sharon said then. "But that will have to be some other day as now, we have more pressing matters to deal with than either mine or Riel's origins." She sternly then said as she wanted this conversation to end. Now.

"Oh sure." Leyla knew her question hour was up. "Sorry, l tend to be too eager sometimes." She apologised her curiosity with a nervous giggle then.

"It's fine and it's good that you ask questions. Just, we need to move on with our plan of how we can figure out when the invasion will happen and whether we have enough time before my people and the resources Riel has promised arrive here." Brenda then said.

Before their discussion going on at the moment, Sharon had already managed to contact Lyra and her people. Who had then validated their findings of a rogue element planning to come to Earth. It was only a handful of space ships, but nothing currently on Earth would be able to defend the planet against them. These were well known pirates of the galaxy where both Riel's and Sharon's home world resided. And actually these few ships had been a scourge of several galaxies for a while now. But as they were all highly advanced by now having good defence tech to defend themselves, these so called pirates had started looking for other worlds to plunger.

After getting data of the existence of Earth, they had decided to make their way over there. After all, there was gold and other minerals of value to steal. And well, as the dwellers were pretty primitive from their point of view. And maybe even get a few slaves in the process was on the agenda as well. So, maybe not a full scale invasion as Riel had first alerted the team of. But still, quite the hostile force to deal with after all. Riel had a few ships at her disposal as a former associate of hers owed her a debt and she had called in the marker. So, now, there were several ships on their way to Earth. Large battle ships from Sharon's home world and several smaller vessels with enough fighting power to defeat these pirates. But, there was the time factor as the pirates used cloaking technology to hide themselves and tracking them was tricky at best. The only time the cloak was not able to protect the ships was when they entered and travelled in hyper space. A wormhole type corridor to take shortcuts between the galaxies. So now, they needed a way to monitor these glitches of sorts in space and then they would be at least able to track the pirates in real time.

"So, there really is nothing you people have to defend this planet of yours?" Riel still could not fathom the fact of how backwards the Humans seemed to be. Even if there were so many different alien species living among the. "No space travel capable vessels at all?" She had to double check.

"We have rockets and shuttles." Brenda sounded almost proud as she mentioned them. Only, she really was not. But she tried to be at least. But she did agree with Riel, that they were totally backwards still as a species even if they were sending probes to Mars and the outer space too.

"So these shuttles, they are formidable craft?" Riel had heard of them but could not be totally sure as to being up to par of what these Humans of Earth really had now in their arsenal. She really had not been that interested in this backwater skug hole. Not too much.

"Well." Sharon started and glanced at Brenda. "They are really not that advanced." Sharon glanced at the other two. "They are not equipped with weapons and such and aren't as manoeuvrable as our ships are."

"I see." Riel nodded in understanding. "Then we have to make sure either of our helpers will get here in time. Or then, we need to bluff our way out of this situation at least until the fleet arrives." She said.

"Bluff?" Brenda asked curiously.

"Yes. We did it in the Igera galaxy." Riel said and looked at Sharon. "Remember?"

"I do. And if you are suggesting building a holographic grid, even a small one to give an illusion of an armada around the planet, well, that might be difficult." Sharon knew the plan was good, but they might not have the right ingredients to build the device.

"Well, maybe we can wing it?" Riel, always full of possibilities asked, not sure as what Earth really had to offer tech wise. As she really had not been that interested in it in the first place. Only coming here because Sharon was there and well, she needed a change of scenery anyway.

"Maybe, but I doubt it would work." Sharon feeling like a Negative Nellie now.

"What do you need?" Brenda and Layla almost in unison asked the other two, clearly eager to at least try.

"Well, there are several things actually." Riel started.

"Fine, we can try." Sharon then yielded to the half cocked plan as they needed to stall some time at least if nothing else. "But there are two things we need to do and splitting to teams of two might be the best effort. We need to build the tracker program for the cloaked ships and then the holographic device to hopefully fool the pirates at least until the others arrive." Sharon stated taking the lead.

"We can ask for the Director to help and maybe a few of the other agents too." Leyla commented.

"Good plan. We don't really need to reveal either of your origins to them, but we could use some aid in building the device at least and the coding parts too." Brenda said.

"Agreed." Sharon said. "Now, let's see. Leyla, Riel, you start with the hologram and Brenda and myself will start on the program. Let's check with the others and see who would be most fit to aid in which task." She pulled up the list of their small size but effective team on the tablet and then started assigning the jobs as per aided by Brenda. She knew the others quite well and what they were capable of doing in addition of being the good agents they were.

"The Director can assist Riel and Leyla as she was a scientist before joining the Bureau." Brenda then said and the moved her name to the group.

"Oh and these two, Le Carre and McCoy, they can go to Riel's and Leyla's group too." Sharon stated.

"And we'll take Svensson and Schwartz to ours. They know coding quite well." Brenda added.

The two of them quickly made their selections for the other agents and thus the two teams were formed.

"Ok, so looks like we have all assigned to the two groups." Sharon nodded. "We need to send a quick memo to them all and have a briefing too for this whole plan." Sharon said then.

"Agreed, let's see now. Let's put this in the invite…" Brenda was dictating to Sharon who was typing away and adding her own two cents here and there too.

After the selection had been done, the two agents had quickly devised a short brief for all of them. And urging them to join in the conference room for briefing on what was going on and what was planned for now. As they all arrived there, even their boss, Sharon and Brenda took the lead and made sure they were all briefed and up to par as what was going on. And what they would be doing from now on. Trying to figure out where the pirates were at and then move along with the ploy they had in mind for said pirates. Two good things all the others agreed on and were eager to start helping out where they could.

It did not take long before the two working teams were formed either. Each agent acting with their best knowledge and skills to assist the leads in moving forward with these unusual and quite unique plans the two agents had devised. Nobody was complaining rather all of them took the efforts well and were doing their very best to make sure they would be successful in keeping Earth safe at least before help would arrive. Nobody was even questioning the fact that they would get extraterrestrial aid. Rather it seemed to be the consensus of everyone present, that the Bureau and the Earth governments indeed had connections to other worlds. And today, was that kind of a day, where all their effort and work would prove this to be true. Alien life truly and so totally did exist out there and on Earth too. Indeed, it was a great day for the Bureau even if it was all due to a pending doom.

Chapter Fourteen

There was a loud buzz in the meeting room over all at the moment. As it was, all the other agents of the small size Bureau of UFO Investigations had been called into action. And to also assist with the two recently formed projects which were a priority. As they needed to be completed as quickly as possible. After all, they needed to track the pirate ships headed for Earth. And for that a program needed to be devised as quickly as possible. Then there was the idea of building a sort of a holographic device to trick the invading pirates. As the assumption was that they would arrive sooner than the fleet sent by Sharon's people would. Their purpose of course to aid the Earthlings against said pirates. So now, a lot of questions were thrown up in the air and some of them were answered too. While others were not as it was quite the overlapping shouting match going on in the room currently.

The agents had been already divided into the two groups by the supposed talents of theirs. And thus the ability to assist on each project as well. However there was a lot of chatter whether all the choices were good or not. And there were a few of them who wanted to work on both projects as they felt they were suited for both as well. But due to time restrictions, they needed all of the assignees to be dedicated to the given tasks rather than to wander off between the two. Clearly, a group exercise of this scale was not one of the more better traits of these agents who usually worked either solo or in pairs. Something which was fine for the regular working day and the ongoing investigations. But today was not a regular day by any means or measure. And they all needed to understand this simple fact and quiet down. ASAP!

"People, people, please! Quiet down! Right now!" The Director ordered them all with a stern voice.

The Director had finally had enough of some of the more louder agents not falling into their respective ranks. She raised her voice over the noise and wanted some order in the room as clearly nothing was working at the moment. As the room settled as soon as their boss had raised the red flag, so to speak. And then, the Director took her stance by the end of the long table to make sure they would all be on the same page. After all, these were difficult tasks to complete and they all needed to concentrate to the fullest.

"We need to understand one thing and one thing only here. And that is to put aside all our egos and individual preferences for the duration. We, are working against the clock since we still have no idea where the invaders are at this point in time." Shen then stated simply and clearly.

The Director gave a stern look around the table as all the parties, agents and aliens alike were now looking directly at her.

"Therefore we all need to work with each other inside the already allotted two teams for the two projects. Something which I do not need to remind you of, as they are highly important to our success in defending this planet until help arrives."

The Director paused again for the effect, letting the words sink in before continuing.

"Now, I know you are all fine agents on your own right. But you were selected to either project by your other talents. Meaning there is no jumping around or choosing the other over the one assigned to you. We need all capable hands on deck now. And the choice of selection to which ever group you are now assigned to were based on those talents."

The Director gave an other stern and rather menacing glance to the two most loudest agents who had been complaining before and got them to feel a tad shame in the process. Which was the point as her glare usually did just that.

"Now, I trust you will all follow the lead of those respective persons in charge of the teams. Sharon and Riel here." She then motioned towards the two seated close by her. "As they have the best idea of how to proceed to get the jobs done and fast."

The Director then paused once again letting her eyes graze around the table one final time. "Is this all clear and understood now?"

There were a lot of 'yes ma'am's' around the room and then. There was nothing but silence after that. All of them finally standing up without daring to move out, only waiting for their boss to give her last orders to them before they could start on the task at hand.

"Alright people. Let's get this show on the road then!" The Director gave the word then.

And the agents immediately disbursed into the two assigned teams they were supposed to be in the first place without any kind of further complaints or objections. Following either Sharon to the smaller conference room to start with the program for the tracker, while the rest of them remained with Riel and Leyla in the large room to start their work on the holographic device. Finally peace and quiet had settled in the small office as they all went to work. Listening in carefully to the plans on how to best construct the devises and to compile the programs. After the over all plans for the two projects had been explained, each and every member was then assigned to an individual task they would be doing until completion. And then, when that part had been completed, they were assigned new tasks and so, the work went on well into the day. Hardly anyone having any breaks at all. Food and drinks were ordered in as the teams continued their work all day long. It was like a well oiled machine where each part was pushing their efforts to make the vessel go, so to speak. As in move forward, even if it was a device or the program they were moving along rather than an actual ship. The Director who was part of the project too, looked up every once in a while from her work station. Happy and satisfied how everyone was doing so well in their assigned posts. Maybe they would succeed with this after all, she then thought. As the other option was far too grim to even fathom.

It was close to late evening. The nightly darkness already fallen upon the land, when the two teams finally got together again in the large conference room after working non stop practically the whole day and then some. Part from taking bathroom breaks and sipping lots of coffee and having some snacks on the side of course, none of them had left their spots. Only working and making things happen. And as it had been several hours worth of really hard work so now they had something to show for their efforts. The program which was allowing them to track the pirates in real time through any kind of space, hyper or otherwise had been coded and compiled and tested by running several simulations to be sure the program was fully functioning. Now they only needed to take it online and start the progress of tracking down the pirates. Something they would do as soon as they had managed to update their teams status for the other team. After all, simulations could only do so much in validating the actual tracker program. The real test would be when it was live and scanning the vastness of the universe trying to find that one specific needle in the infinite size haystack. But according to Sharon, the model worked fine in tests and there was no reason preventing it or them from being successful and tracking down the pirates with this program. Hopefully, they would find them sooner than later as they wanted to be prepared after all. Rather than surprised by the culprits showing up at Earth's doorstep before their projects were ready uploaded and online doing their thing.

The other team, having a bigger project on their hands as they actually had to build a device. Rather than simply, well not simply, but only write the code, had succeeded as well. Riel having brought several parts from her own ship which she had cannibalised in the process. Something none except the inner circle was aware of course as her true identity had not been revealed to the others. Being the tall Human type now, she had been introduced as a government assigned consultant to the other agents and that was the end of any questions concerning her validity there. Or as a team leader, as she clearly had impressed the others with her special skills albeit being out of this world as it were. But, as the basis for the device already existed in one of the parts Riel had brought with her, they only needed to work around that and enhance the overall baseline. So, they had and now, they also had managed to bring the device on line. There was some calibrating to be done and then connecting it to the Bureau's network and sending out the signal into space. So basically, as Riel had put it, easy as pie. After all, these types of setups were something both she and Sharon had done as preschool projects back in their youth way back when. It was technology the same as the rest to them. And they were both very efficient in working with any kind of tech as per proven by Sharon already earlier. She had already built several smaller devices and compiled programs to better and benefit the Bureau's daily work during her short time in working there.

"Alright, everyone, good job all around!" The Director then told them all after the two team leads with comments here and there from their respective members had made their presentations and status updates for everyone present.

"Now, we need to make sure these devices and programs are then pushed on line as soon as possible and monitor their progress as well." The Director was of course well aware it was late in the evening and they had basically all pulled a double shift already. But this was a matter of life and death practically so going on for a little while longer and then they could all take their rest.

"I know it is quite late, but I need volunteers for the monitoring task as soon as we are hooked up with the galaxy." And she wasn't exaggerating either as they truly would be, even farther as Sharon had told them.

There were quite a few hands raised as all most all of them were volunteering for the job ahead. Knowing this was the time to keep working until they dropped after all the faith of the Earth was at stake. So sleep time could easily wait.

"Alright, I see we have enough resources to handle the monitoring." The Director was quite pleased with her underlings. "We can arrange shifts to do this so that we can take naps while others are monitoring. Agreed?" She then asked and got several murmuring responses in agreement.

"Good, then let's put some more coffee to brew and I'll make another order for takeout while the rest of you can setup the devices and programs on line." She then took out her tablet and let it circulate around the room where the agents could choose which food they wanted from the menu.

After the meeting was over, the two teams broke again into their respective areas. And started doing their final preparations before taking the tracking program and the holographic device on line and then activating them both to do their thing. Which was scanning for the pirates and then preparing a decoy armada around the planet. A holographic one which hopefully would fool the attackers at least for a while until the actual fleet of ships would arrive. They had gotten an update from both Sharon's home world and Riel's associates. As the two separate fleets of vessels were pushing as fast as they could to get to Earth as soon as possible.

All the related government agencies had also been alerted of the situation and they were launching the few shuttles they had. But it was slow going and the general consensus was that they would be little if no match to any war type ships bound Earth's way. But, they were all hopeful, that the effort of the Bureau and their associates would be the best bet and successful. Funnily, none of the other agents even questioned as to how they had managed to get help from aliens. But the Director was pretty sure of that particular footwear being dropping at some point soon. And then they needed to explain the how. Something at least to the other fractions. But today was not that day as they all rooted for their own win rather than the bad guys naturally.

Chapter Fifteen

"We are tracking!" Sharon exclaimed but in a hushed tone as if she was afraid that either someone was listening in that should not have been doing so, or then that she would jinx it by stating it out aloud.

"That, that is great news!" Brenda responded equally as hushed while the rest of the team taking part in the program coding were simply staring and holding their collective breaths. They were all eyes on the really large screen where the program was showing the status of the tracker now on line in the look out for the pirate ships in space.

"We should be able to get the data with the location soon enough." Sharon then added. Her voice still exited but rather low in tone. But it did not matter as there was a complete silence in the smaller conference room as they all were waiting for the program to do its thing with subdued anticipation.

The silence ensued for a moment longer while the tracker program was drawing a red line across the window where the status was shown. It took a few moments and several stilled heartbeats for those inside the room. And then, it appeared. Clear as day, the small green dot started blinking on the screen.

"Wait, is that it?" Brenda was the first to react.

Sharon was doing some double checking, pushing the keys on the keyboard and then she pulled up a close up on top of the original window of the green dot. And soon enough, numbers appeared beside the blinking spot.

"Yes, we have a location!" Sharon's voice was a tad louder now.

"Can you compare that to our current location?" It was the voice of their boss who had just entered the room to join in the low level cheerfulness of the rest of the team.

"I can." Sharon again punched the keys and soon enough, a third window emerged on the screen.

They could all now see the three windows clear as day. In the first one was the larger view of the tracker. Then in the second the enhanced close-up. And in the third, a star map where they could see the Milky Way galaxy in the other end of it while the pirates space ships location was displayed on the opposite one.

"They don't seem to be too close." One of the agents commented.

"Well, yes and no." Sharon simply stated while she made a quick calculation on her pad. "I would say a good two and a half days away." She then revealed.

"Phew!" Brenda started. "Then we were not too late after all!" She was only too happy they did not do all the work only to find out the pirates were already at their door step with their phasers aimed.

"No, we are quite ready now and prepared too." Sharon said. "Now let's just hope the other team will manages to get the ploy on line before our help arrives." She then quickly added.

"How soon?" The Director then asked.

Sharon who was now also able to track not only the pirates but the others as well. As she then pulled up another window where a large armada of ships could be seen as a group of dots coming in from two directions.

"These are two fleets headed our way." Sharon then pointed at the screen. "I would say they will get here in no more than three days. Tops." This was the estimate of course for all of them.

"Well, then we have to hold the pirates off for a half a day or so." Brenda added.

"It sure looks like we are going to have a close call. But maybe we can pull this off after all." The Director was smiling a tad just then.

"We might get lucky after all." One of the team members said.

"Well, lucky and skilful too." Brenda retorted, as they had surely pulled a rather large size rabbit out of their hats for this one.

"Indeed we are!" One of the agents said and soon enough got several cheers in response.

"So, now we need to check with the other team and see how they are progressing." Sharon stated as they had all been quite deep in their own work for the duration to get things up and running so they had no idea if Riel and her team had gotten the holographic device working on line or not.

"We better go and find out." Brenda was already half way going.

"We need to leave someone to monitor this at all times." Sharon warned her then.

"Alright, volunteers?" Brenda asked around and got to hands up.

"James and Solvang, you are in charge until our return." The Director then appointed the duo who had raised their hands for the first shift. "We'll arrange shifts for the rest then." She added as they then moved towards the large meeting room to see what the other team had managed to do.

"Aye!" The two female agents responded in unison. "Don't you worry about a thing, we'll monitor this baby like it was one of our own." Solvang the always jokester added and smirked at the look on Sharon's face after hearing the comment as despite her rather Human appearance, humour wasn't one of her better features after all.

"Alright team, then let's go and find out if the other team needs our help or if they are as up to par as we are here." Brenda said to them all leading the team outside the small meeting space and into the larger one where they could already see a half circle formed around the two large screens on the other end of the room. "Looks like something interesting is going on in there after all." She added and stepped inside the area where the other team held house.

"Hey, you are just in time!" Leyla waved at them as they entered. "We were about to push the go button." She beamed at the arrivals with much pride.

"By all means, don't mind us!" The Director then told Riel who was holding the keyboard.

"Alright, here goes, in three, two, one!" And then the monitor was suddenly filled with an image from what looked like outer space. Just above Earth, showing all kinds of vessels popping up here and there.

"We tapped into the ISS and the surrounding satellites' cameras and are using those as part of the holo grid." Leyla then explained what they were doing.

"Looks good!" Sharon was happy to say as she watched the holographic images appearing one after another on the screen. "You did a good job here, you and your team, Riel." Sharon praised her old friend.

"Thanks! It really does." Riel's beamed as well as it felt awesome to get such high praise coming from Sharon. "Despite being pieced together with left over parts, rigging with tech that was not quite up to par. Well it's the best we could do in the allotted time. But still, as you can see, it's all working just great!"

"Well, it looks like we bought us some time before the help gets here after all!" It was Brenda's way of telling Riel she had done great. After all, too much praise was not her thing at all.

Riel was completely and utterly proud of the outcome of the project. After all, even if she was helping the Humans no less. She had liked to do so, very much so. And not just because of Sharon as she had found out for herself. But she was quickly becoming fond of these backward people and especially the on feisty young apprentice called Leyla. Things were not quite how she had expected them to be when she had first set course to Earth. Her only goal had been to warn Sharon and maybe persuade her to leave the planet. But now, she was happy she had lent them a helping hand. And she was also making friends surprisingly enough among them too. Quite the turn of events in Riel's book over all. As they all watched the holographic grid fill the space around Earth completely. It looked like this was enough to convince those hostile forces approaching the planet to at least take a step or two back. After all, the vessels were quite the convincing menace. At least on the screens. Of course, when the pirates arrived, then only would they know for sure if this was enough to fool them.

The two teams celebrated their small victory for a moment longer with good food and drinks. After that splitting the monitoring duties among the whole team for the tracker and the holo device was done. All of them taking their turn in resting a while as they had all worked almost two solid days. But still ready for the big event which was on the horizon. Or rather, the pending invasion. There were frail nerves, everyone on the edge despite the current work around for their defences of course. While waiting for the cavalry was hard, naturally. But they were all confident this could and would all work. Still, none of them managed to get much rest in while having a few hours off in between the allotted shifts. Most of them had turned back to the office before it was their turn even and a few of them never left. But no matter their confidence in the recently devised counter measures agains the invaders, there was still the slight sense of underlying fear present. After all, this was the first of such an incident in most of the Earthlings lives. Even if they were all well aware of the existence of life beyond their home world. Still, with their fighting spirits quite high and the knowledge of aid on the way, it was what kept them going.

Somewhere in the universe, on a spaceship on its way towards the yet unknown galaxy. Towards a blue planet which was supposed to have great riches for the taking and slaves for the picking. The greyish-green faced and four armed aliens from a species from a far, far away galaxy were travelling inside the hyper space corridor. Hoping to reach the rich supply grounds sooner than later. They were a few ships, not that big either. But they were armed to the teeth with powerful armament adorning the craft inside out. What they had on them, they had all stolen from lesser races. Being nomadic and only living on their ships, these self anointed pirates loved to pillage. And those who could not defend themselves against high technology and superior weapons, well, it was really their problem not the pirates. They had no qualms with killing if needed to get what they wanted nor using other species as slaves either. And it was by pure luck the pirates had even heard of this blue globe in the far corner of the somewhat known universe. And also what treasures they, at least according to hearsay, possessed. So, naturally, they had set sail there as soon as they had heard the stories of mountains glimmering with gold and other precious metals just for the taking.

And the fact that these so called Hoomans were quite backward and fearing of anything outer worldly. Let alone having no space capabilities or defence systems either, well easy as pie for these aliens. As they all anticipated easy pickings for their trip there, all of them would become rich beyond average. Maybe, they could even stay there for a while and enslave a bunch of them in the process. Have some fun and rest and then fill the ships to the hilt and leave the place after all was taken. After all, they had no better places to go after this job was done. So why not enjoy some leisure time as pirating was hard work at least according to those doing it. Making their way with fastest speed possible, the pirates were half celebrating this lucky find and knowing they would soon arrive there. And then they would get their pay. Pushing through the hyper space corridor, they soon needed to drop out of it again. As their ships could not handle long times in such speeds. But it would not be long now before they would reach the small planet for those inhabiting it, called Earth.

Chapter Sixteen

"Everyone, if I can have your attention, please." Sharon called for order in the room.

As the whole team of agents and Riel had been called back to the large conference room, there was a lot of chatting and talking in the overall area. As each of them was catching up with the other. They were now running shifts in monitoring the setup to protect Earth while all other cases were put on hold. It had been almost two days since they had started the overall tracking process of the invading ships en route to Earth. Also having deployed their ploy in the form of the holographic armada of various size ships supposedly protecting the planet from the orbit. While in reality they had four to five shuttles from NASA and three other vessels as launched by some of the private companies involved in space exploration. But they had hardly any armaments as they were designed mainly for transport purposes and exploration. And retrofitting them, well, there simply wasn't enough time for such manoeuvres at this point. So, they relied totally on deception at least until the point when Sharon's people and the associates of Riel would arrive in their heavier size real space ships. As according to intelligence received of these so called pirates, they might have been few in ships and as a people. But they did pack a mean set of weapons on their craft. Something both Sharon's resources and Riel's informant had validated.

All and all, they were all expecting quite the battle above the skies of Earth. Provided that the pirates would arrive almost at the same time as the defences did. Otherwise it would be a short moment of nothing if the pirates got a head start and realised after first glance that the actual defence grid of the planet was holographic in nature. Therefore they kept a keen eye on the trackers and making sure that their defence team was aware of the progress of the pirates at all times. Even if they had their own powerful surveillance methods as well. As the room finally quieted down, Sharon was updating everyone there of their current status. Going through the data as to where their nemesis was and how long they had until their arrival. She also recapped the location of the other two armadas. And also of the status of the shuttles and other craft were as they had also an open line to those fractions who had launched them in the first place. Naturally the Director had a direct line to their president and in turn they were also talking with the leaders of the other countries in the world. But like it had been the case all along, they had all little if no means to fend off any alien attacks from outer space. So now, all eyes were on the Bureau and the few operatives doing their very best there.

"And one final note. Myself, Agent Johnson, Agent Kay and our resident consultant Riel are going to join the forces already in place." Sharon then revealed to them all getting a surpassed collective gasp in response.

There was also slight chatter in the audience just then as it was a rather unexpected decision to have been made. Then again, the four of them had already discussed the situation with the Director as it had been Riel's suggestion to take her small but armed vessel to do whatever they could if their plan to hold up the illusion before the others arrived would not work. After all, it was only a matter of hours now as the larger fleet launched from Sharon's home world had caught up with the pirates quite nicely so far at least.

"Are you going to join in one of the shuttles?" One of the agents then asked curiously then not sure of the means to get up there really were.

"No. No we are not." Sharon stated knowing that she needed to give the other team members an explanation sooner than later and today was that date. But still it wasn't time for the whole truth. "We are taking a salvaged alien vessel which has capable weaponry." She then revealed. After all, technically they had captured Riel, even if she had surrendered in a manner of speaking. And her ship was available so, technically, she wasn't lying as it was all part of their prior case after all.

"I knew it!" One of the newer agents exclaimed. "I knew we had captured one of those crafts." She was clearly exited for this prospect of having an outer worldly ship at their disposal. "It's the one from Roswell, right, nineteen forty-seven?" She was positively beaming now as she had made her life's work to investigate the UFO phenomena and finally gotten actual tangible proof of her work.

"Well, it's a tad of a newer model than that." Sharon smiled a little and glanced at Riel who looked positively offended.

"Oh. Well. Anyway I was right in some fashion at least." She then commented and was getting several agreeing murmurs.

Despite the Bureau agents working on the alien sighting cases, it wasn't like the more secretive part of the government and military in conjunction really shared everything with them as they were big on covering all things up. While the Bureau had a more open policy and actually investigated the real cases and took the matter seriously. Also sharing information with other agencies while doing so. In a way, it was completely separate to the other extraterrestrial work done by their government and the Bureau even had dealings with similar agencies in other countries as well.

"Any questions?" Sharon then asked wanting to conclude the session as they were preparing to take off in Riel's ship in a two hours time.

There were none and Sharon concluded the meeting with the parting words.

"You all know what is at stake here so keep your eyes open and fingers crossed." She urged the rest of the team.

As the others left the conference room area, the five of them remained chatting about the upon coming mission.

"So, are you looking forward in getting back to space?" Riel asked from Sharon, knowing it had been a while since she had been up there.

"I am, actually." Sharon said with a hint of a smile on her face. It had been after all several years since she had last been up there, as Riel had put it and certainly not in this, Human form of hers.

"Well, I am certainly going to enjoy going out there." Leyla then commented sounding totally eager as per her usual self. But when it came to Brenda, she looked almost pale like she wasn't feeling well at all.

"I guess you are none too fond of going up there then?" Riel asked her rather coyly, but still feeling for the Human woman, the queasiness of it all of a first time around in space. Maybe, well, a little. She wasn't a monster after all, and Brenda was growing on her, somewhat.

"I um, well." Brenda wasn't really sure of what to think about this whole idea as she really had not seen this coming at all. But the rest of them had been so keen and eager so she had not dared to say no. Besides, she wasn't going to let Sharon go up there with Riel. Not alone. Even if Leyla was with them. So there was that. "I guess I am not as eager as the rest of you." She finally managed to utter out as she was feeling the motion sickness coming on already and they were still earthbound as it were.

"Hey, you'll be fine. It's a cake walk!" Riel slapped her on her back as a sort of assurance. But she was also glad to see the all high and mighty agent, her former lovers new girlfriend being scared in going to space. "You'll do fine up there!" Riel added with a grin.

"Yeah, guess I will." Brenda told her in a low voice, not sure of the pep talk at all.

Sharon leaned in closer to her and half whispered to Brenda. "You'll be fine, I promise. I will look after you." She said added as assurance.

Brenda wasn't sure if this was a good thing or not, hearing those words. As she hardly needed looking after being a full ass grown woman and all. But then again, it was space she was going to after all. So there was that too to consider. Brenda then only nodded in response to Sharon and tried not to think about the whole thing too much before actually going up there and sitting inside of the actual spaceship. Yes, she decided not to worry before hand. Only when the task was at hand. And that kind of made her settle a bit and regaining the lost colour to her face again too.

"Alright, everyone ready for lift off?" Riel wasn't really asking as rather telling the other three they were going up and into space. Right now.

They were all buckled up in the small but surprisingly spacious craft. With Riel in the pilots seat and Sharon as the copilot as she was familiar with the vessel having flown a similar model herself. Brenda and Leyla were strapped to the backseats in the small size cockpit. It did not look much of a ship from the outside. But once inside, the other two newbies could see why Riel and Sharon had wanted to take it up. There were two canons on either side of the vessel on the upper level of it and Riel had already recruited Leyla to man one of the guns. While Brenda had declined telling she wasn't a good shot. Which was a lie as Sharon knew it to be. But as they were entering the ship she had seen the fear in her partner's eyes. Brenda being clearly upset from this whole event.

But, she wasn't backing up either so Sharon gave her credit for that. And she did not comment on the being a bad shot part either. She was simply happy Brenda had joined them. Between Riel and Leyla manning the big guns, she herself was able to fly the ship while Brenda could simply enjoy the ride and see how being in space really was fantastic after all. Sharon had also noticed the growing affection between their latest recruit and the alien woman. And she was kind of happy about it too. But she was making a mental note to have a chat with Leyla about the strong willed wayward warrior of an alien at a later point. Still, it also seemed that Riel wasn't the same person she used to be. So maybe there was a chance after all. And the fact that Riel might not cause a major headache to their newbie.

"We are!" Leyla voiced her enthusiasm. As the vessel then quickly took off. And even before they could make a proper count down of it, they were in outer space. Hovering above Earth.

"Wow! That was, well, fast!" Brenda managed borrowing the word from Leyla's vocabulary for once.

"Yes, well, these smaller craft don't take too long to exhilarate and reach their max trust." Riel was proud of her small size vessel which had taken her to plenty of adventures along the years she had owned it.

The two new to space agents looked out the windows and were impressed by the sight of planet Earth. After all, neither of them had been to space before. And well, the blue globe was truly and utterly gorgeous when seeing it in its totality from space. So, glued to the windows after unstrapping themselves from their seats, they could only sit in silence and glare outside a the wonder they called home. This of course amused both Sharon and Riel as they had seen both this planet and other ones like it. And while none not really quite like it, still plenty of those during their many years of wondering amongst the stars. So, they simply remained in their seats, watching the other two do their thing. While each of them admiring the one they liked the best. It was a touching moment for all of them. Soon to be over though, as they were here on a mission to assist the shuttles and other vessels before the fleet arrived. And soon enough, the special moment for the four was over as the radio crackled to life. The shuttle commanders voice coming over the comms to welcome them to orbit.

"This is shuttle Enterprise, thanks for joining us!" Commander Evans voice stated with a hint of a smile in it. "We heard you annexed a salvaged ship!" She then commented on their transport.

"Yes, well, we kind of borrowed this one." Sharon replied rather coyly, as Riel's status was still unknown to the others. And as she had already talked with the Commander while on Earth letting them in on their plan, so it really was just a joke between them.

"Well, whatever you did to get it, we are surely glad to see you up here with us!" Evans stated as they then exchanged the latest statuses as it was custom to be on the same page.

Chapter Seventeen

"Alright so what now?" Brenda asked after Riel had taken the vessel into position in the darkness of space above the planet they were about to save from evil invading pirates or at least that was the plan.

Riel had taken the ship into position front and centre of the few shuttles and other craft surrounding the blue planet ready to defend it at all costs. It wasn't much but at least Riel's ship had the two heavy cannons with which they could at least cause some damage with. She was going to give Leyla a quick training lesson of the usage of them as it really was as simple as to point and shoot. Even if Brenda had told her point blank she could not aim, she was still interested in learning how to do it too. Just in case, as she had put it to Riel in response. They had also a more sophisticated tracking program on board the alien vessel which had more accurate data of the positions of the other fleets arriving. And also estimated time of arrival and were thus able to follow the progress of all three fleets while in orbit. Riel had rigged the feed from their holographic device to show its status on one of her gadgets on the computer board as well. Making sure it did not go off line or goodness forbid, break before the pirates reached the system. She was able then to make repairs, hopefully, if there was an issue. Naturally the agents remaining on the planet were doing the bulk of the monitoring and they had an open comms channel to the Bureau at all times.

"Well, I was thinking this is the best time for you to meet Helia and Hesta." Riel smiled widely.

Riel had said it with a hint of pride in her voice as she had basically revamped the mighty space weapons from what they had been and what they were now. The two most powerful ray guns ever seen this side of the galaxy! She was only too glad to have come here as clearly, these poor folks would have had to face their demise with little if no resistance at all. Feeling like a hero she then did and being proud of that too. And clearly, this young filly was happy that she was there too. She had after all, felt the lingering stares from Leyla several times now and she seemed to be at Riel's side all the time too. Which Riel really liked. So maybe there was something totally brewing there for the two of them after all. Her with a Human? Well, stranger things had so totally happened to her in the long life span of hers. So why the hell not!

"Helia and Hesta?" Leyla asked. "Who are they?"

Leyla sounded curious but maybe a tad on the jealous side too as she had gotten somewhat smitten on the tall purple androgynous alien warrior type woman she was now working with. If she had to compete with someone over the alien warriors affections, then so be it. Only she hoped she did not have to, as she really wasn't that powerful compared to all the aliens whom seemed to have such mighty powers. But then again, Leyla had been known to attract all kinds of women so why not this gorgeous alien? So, all jealousy aside, she was about to find out what Riel was talking about. And then, well, later maybe, win her over or something. Besides, she had seen Riel so totally checking her out as well, so there was that to consider. But for now, she and the others too, needed to concentrate on the task at hand. And that of course was saving planet Earth first. Love and other things that nature would have to wait for a later point.

Sharon snorted at the looks on the faces of Leyla and Brenda. As knowing her former partner well, and the affinity for her to name inanimate objects with designations of women. Most likely with those she had had relations with, so maybe there as a small reason to be jealous after all. As she had kind of seen that specific emotion flash on the younger agents face just then. Even if there was so much sour and vile between her and Riel, it did not mean that Leyla would fare worse. After all, she was young and outgoing and all that. And well, it had been a youngling whom had eventually come between Sharon and Riel in the distant past too. Besides, Sharon owed Riel big time. As she really had come true for them all. Something which would outweigh whatever shit there was in the past. And if they now managed to pull out of this situation with all their lives in tact, then she would definitely thank her, in person.

"Oh, the ladies?" Riel was playing coy now, seeing the younger woman's emotions surfacing too. "Well, come on up with me here and I will introduce you to them."

She was making her way the few flights of stair with Leyla and Brenda in tow, who only shook her head as she had quickly realised what Riel was on about. As the three of them reached the upper level dome of the vessel, there were two seats there in front of consoles. And outside, the view of two gloriously big, no, huge size weapons. Now aimed straight up to the heavens, eager and waiting to spew out the rays of fire to anyone daring to challenge them.

"Meet Helia and Hesta! These two who are my pride and joy!" Riel patted at the top of the console with a huge grin on her face.

"Wow, those are massive." Brenda let out and looked at Leyla who simply stared at the guns realising what she had actually been jealous of.

"They are indeed!" Riel stated again with much pride in her voice. "I have reconfigured them both from mere babies to these fully grown pieces of art." She looked at them, two weapons of destruction hooked to the outside of the ship. It was much like a parent would a child who had outgrown their expectations. "These can rip apart any smaller target completely and disable even bigger ones." She then stated.

"And you want us to well shoot with these?" Leyla asked still unbelieving at what she was seeing as the two cannons, for the lack of a better word, were enormous and she doubted herself whether she could really handle such power.

"Yes, like I said, it's real easy." Riel then sat down and demonstrated on the console. "See here, this knob. Adjusts the target. And this one, fires one shot. And this one, fires multiple shots." She showed the duo and looked up at them. "Easy as pie! You simply aim towards the target as you can see here on this screen and then, simply push either button here." She instructed the duo.

"Looks easy enough." Brenda stated then but Leyla seemed a tad scared to be wielding such power.

"I don't know." Leyla said then. "What if I shoot at our own ships?" She looked totally worried.

"Look, why don't you give it a try. There is a simulation mode here." Riel pushed one of the other buttons and the screen changed and the grid was pulled up immediately. "Why don't you try?" She coaxed Riel who still looked rather worried. "Trust me, you can do this!" Riel urged Leyla again.

Brenda seeing the slight fear in the younger agents eyes, decided to lead by example. "What if I try first, huh?" Brenda then said and got a slight nod from Leyla.

Brenda took her seat and checked the buttons available to her and then, she adjusted the aim and fired. The simulation reacted accordingly and almost with her first shot, Brenda managed to take down a few simulated vessels. After all, she was a great shot, always had been. But she had not been too keen on working alongside Riel. But, whatever the reason was now, most likely the saving Earth and all that. The alien woman was growing on her and she even dared to say inside her mind that she was starting to like her girlfriends former lover. Which was saying quite a lot for her character.

"Bad shoot eh?" Riel snorted looking at Brenda, knowing now she had not been totally honest before.

"Well, I get lucky sometimes." Brenda looked a tad guilty then for lying in the first place as she liked shooting at things, especially enemies and she was feeling fine despite the original angst she had had for coming to space.

Leyla had watched at Brenda doing her thing carefully and then decided it was time for her to show some courage as well. As she looked at the other two she said. "Okay, maybe I can try that too." She then switched places with Brenda and started her own simulation, scoring quite well in the process too.

"See, I told you you would do great!" Riel exclaimed and patted Leyla on her back. "Now, let's run a few more simulations and then, the both of you will be quite ready to man the weapons stations." Riel smiled at her newest gunner recruits.

As the three were getting familiarised with the cannons, Helia and Hesta, Sharon was busily monitoring the progress of the pirates and the helping fleets. It seemed to have become a tight race for the vessels and Sharon's people were indeed making up with the time in getting to Earth before the pirates. But it was a tight race all and all. She was also talking with the other vessels in the orbit. Making final suggestions of strategy even if there was little they could do once the pirates opened fire. There was the small prayer sent to the universe and whomever was watching over them to keep the holographic projections of a vast armada around the blue globe up and running until such time help would arrive. Sharon knew they could easily cripple some of the pirate ships with this vessels weapons. But once they would realise there was only one ship capable of doing any actual harm to them, or even make a small dent to their vessels in trying to protect Earth from them in the first place.

Well, they would most likely come with full force against Riel's ship and then there was really nothing for them to do at that point as they would most likely get destroyed in the process. So now, they relied pretty much on the hollow empty and a few well placed shots at best from Hesta and Helia if and when push came to shove. Sharon was chatting up the Commander. After having talked shop for a while, they exchanged some personal happenings too as they knew each other well. Bot that Sharon was an alien, but from her former job. As Sharon had worked with NASA and the Commander during said position. After all, they both shared much of the personal things in life as they were dedicated career women among other things. Just then, Brenda popped her head back to the cockpit, after having left Riel and Leyla to chat about the guns and other topics up in the bubble. It was what Riel called the firing area of the ship as she totally liked to name things and objects.

"Hey! Miss me?" Brenda asked coyly from Sharon.

"I did." Sharon looked up from the panel as she had just finished her call with the Commander.

Brenda slid in the seat next to Sharon and looked at the outside space, which she was still getting some difficulties in getting used to. Even if she loved the view and all.

"So, this is nice." She really did not have much to say, as this was such a relevant moment. The do or die kind of situation. And well, talking wasn't doing much to it to improve the moment. And besides, what could she say after all.

"It is." Sharon leaned back and took a good look at the gorgeous area in front of her, the moon clearly visible in their view. "I have missed being up here." She then admitted.

"Oh yeah?" Brenda asked, knowing that Sharon must have done so much before becoming a Human after all.

"Yes, but I do love Earth of course. But it would be nice to come out here once in a while." She then stated. "Now even, despite the situation of it all." She added.

"Having regrets?" Brenda asked then, sounding a tad small as she could not be sure how Sharon was feeling now that she had gotten some of the old stuff back. Things she wasn't able to do as a Human in a way, like going to space.

"No, not one. Just feeling, I guess, a little nostalgic." She turned to Brenda and could see the love in the other woman's eyes knowing exactly which question Brenda had really asked. "And no, I don't have any regrets in staying on Earth especially now that I found you."

She then took Brenda's hand in hers and kissed the knuckles before holding on to it as the two of them sat in comfortable silence watching the stars in the calm before the storm. Brenda was happy to hear that answer from Sharon. She had had her doubts after Riel had shown up that maybe Sharon was getting tired in her role as a Human and wanted to leave. But now, she knew better. Besides, Riel already had apparently other thoughts. So that was all good at least for the moment. After all, they could be dead soon enough if all things went to hell and the cavalry would not arrive at the final moment. Indeed, it was a very odd day in the life of Special Agent Brenda Johnson's existence. And it would be most likely becoming even stranger, as the day was not ever yet, far from it!

Chapter Eighteen

"We've got incoming!" Sharon shouted out to her shipmates.

Sharon had been alerted by the red dots starting to blink rapidly on the monitoring screen and making a slight noise in the process. It was the indication of the tracker program that they had incoming ships to the system, as she had recalibrated the software with specific parameters being cautious and all that. She had been naturally kept a keen eye on all the devices, trackers and monitors alike on the console on the ship as the estimated time of arrival for the pirates had been closing in. Sharon ever the girl scout was always on top of things no matter what. It was simply the way she was built and that made her efforts mostly successful after being well prepared. This was the reason she had a success rate in her positions on Earth as well as back home before coming there. It was well written in her DNA as she sometimes reminded Brenda. Who had on a few occasions commented on the overzealous steps Sharon was taking before doing any task or job. Not that Brenda complained about it as the results were totally great, always in whatever the two of them did, even in bed.

"How many of them?" Riel immediately asked over the comms.

Riel and Leyla had been manning the cannon station or the Bubble as it was named, for the past half hour after having been notified that the enemy armada was honing in on their position slowly but surely. It was clear that they had been slowing down while nearing the solar system of Earth. Despite having been able to track all the invading pirate ships, they were not expecting all of them to be arriving at once. Not if they followed good tactics anyway. And they had to assume these notorious pirate invaders were well versed with attack patterns and tactics as they had quite the success rate and reputation to match. It was no wonder that most civilised alien races wanted to take down this so called scourge of the well known universe. And that was why both Sharon's kin and the associate of Riel were now arriving to the Milky Way galaxy. Not simply to aid the Humans but to also get rid of an age old enemy of them all. Luckily for the Humans of Earth, it would be a win win situation for all the parties involved in this incident.

"I can see three large size vessels heading our way." Sharon then noted as she saw on her screens the craft entering the system one by one.

"Alright, we are preparing the cannons, now." Riel stated.

She then nodded to Leyla who was manning the other station as they both then started the warm up sequence. Pushing a few buttons to heat the system up, so to speak. It did not take too long for the quite large space guns to come online and be ready to fire at a push of the button. And, as Riel was quite apt in all kinds of weaponry and literally took part the ones she got her hands on then reassembled them back to a better and more improved versions of the original ones. If Sharon was a girl scout always prepped and ready, then Riel certainly had the fondness and knack for the gun type things which she liked to use and revise. Being more of the cowgirl/warrior type herself. Now, they were ready and waiting for the enemy to step into their territory, with their fingers on the triggers as it were. Both Leyla and Riel prepared to take down the pirates. They had agreed not to fire until the pirates got too close. Or either started shooting if they were not impressed or fooled by the holo-ships currently creating the illusion of the armada protecting the planet around the close space of it.

Of course they could all see them out there as the emitters had been activated also in space some time ago. After having run the preliminary test on Earth as Riel had been careful not to overload the emitters before the enemy would arrive. Running the holograms non-stop had not been a good option for that at all. But now it was all on line and so far, working as the illusion looked real from their point of view. Even creating false sings of life and technology as well if and when they would be scanned. It was all picture perfect until someone started shooting as Riel had warned them all up there in space and back on Earth. After all, she had combined both Human and alien technology to get the device in a working order. So there had always been the doubt of having some issues with it. But luckily and thanks to Riel's ingenuity, the holo device did work and now they had a kind of a buffer in place before the friendlies fleet would arrive. Which should not have been too far behind the pirates. As their ships were more powerful and had managed to catch up the distance and speed quite nicely.

"We have about ten to fifteen minutes to defend Earth if the pirates won't go with the ploy." Sharon commented as she was keeping an eye the progress of her people as well.

"Roger that!" Riel's voice came over the comms.

Brenda and Sharon were both in the cockpit, Sharon seated in the pilots seat ready to manoeuvre the ship were needed while Brenda was right beside her in the co-pilots chair.

"Alright, here we go!" Sharon exclaimed as the first pirate ship came to view, hovering over the moon all menacing and big compared to the Earth ships and their own vessel. "First bogie detected in close proximity, two following close by." She added not only to the information for her shipmates but also those other vessels currently orbiting Earth. Using the terms they were all familiar with.

"We are so ready!" Riel's eager voice then came over the comms as she totally had all the needed spite to take on the enemy invading her homies space as she had learnt the Earth lingo during her stay. And as she quickly glanced over to Leyla, she could see the same eagerness and urge of fight flaring in the younger woman's essence as well. "Totally ready!" Riel added for the simple affect and was watching the slow process of the three vessels honing into Earth through the Bubble's windows.

"Roger that too!" Commander Evan's voice also came through as did the other pilots of the small size fleet as well. They all sounded as ready and pumped up as they could ever be defending Earth.

"Alright everyone, keep your stations and an eye on those ships as it won't be long before their weapons come to bear. And when that happens, they may or may not start shooting at the nearest ships, which are the holographic ones. But as we are their next best target after that, we will try to draw their attentions and fire while the other ships maintain their positions. Is that understood?" Sharon conveyed their plan over the comms once again as there was no room for errors or every single one of the Earth ships could be easily blasted out of the skies.

"Understood!" Came then several times almost in unison over the communications system.

"Alright then, look alive people! We are about to go into battle." Sharon was all in a mode of a leader not to mention her soldier face painted on as well. As this wasn't her first battle nor would it be her last one if she could help it.

There was no room for anticipating whether the invading enemy would attack right away or not. No room to question when to start shooting back. As as soon as the pirates reached their weapons range just outside the moon, they opened fire. Blasting with full force. The holographic fleet had held on mere moments as the pirate ships had started blasting them away one by one with their mighty weapons. Despite their relatively small size, they still packed quite the heat. And as soon as the grid of holographic vessels surrounding Earth was down, the other ships were exposed to their enemy as well. And what remained was certainly a minimal resistance and sore sight to say the least. Sharon manoeuvred their vessel right in front of the firing path of the now three visible enemy ships as they kept on firing at their targets with full force. Riel and Leyla were doing their best to keep returning fire, making dents here and there. Luckily for the small size ship, it was manoeuvrable enough and also having good shields to protect it for a while. But the shuttles and three other vessels weren't as lucky. So they were taking hits on their hulls, which started to buckle and badly.

The pirate ships were coming in with full force now. Especially after realising that the bulk of the ships had vanished quite easily. Meaning they knew it was a trick after all. Coming towards the small vessel in front. The perfect target to take out before they had access to the rest of them. The enemy ships pushed forward with continued fire shooting out from their many weapons. Riel and Leyla had their hands full as they kept on firing at the enemy. Causing havoc, but still not enough to cause the ships to seize firing. Sharon was trying to move around as much as possible, piloting the ship through the gun fire. But their shields were down to bare minimum for getting blasted continuously by the pirates. And there was simply not enough room for them to manoeuvre anymore between their own ships, the planet and their enemy as they were backing up towards the Earth as the enemy pushed forward. It was becoming clear that soon enough, they would loose their defensive shielding. And then, the pirates would blow their ship and then the shuttles and other vessels out of existence. And then, their next target, which was Earth.

Sharon had been too busy trying to fly the ship letting Brenda be the one monitoring all the trackers. Seeing there were several more enemy ships in bound and the armada of the friendlies was no where in sight. They were all starting to feel they were fighting a loosing battle. And there were not enough positive thoughts among them to think otherwise at the moment. Finally, the shields were down to almost nothing. And the smoke from the hits on the inside of the ship was beginning to make the air unbreathable. Leyla and Riel kept on firing as fast as they could. Hitting their targets but it wasn't enough by far. Sharon was doing her best to keep the small vessel flying as alarms were going off one by one on the consoles. It was becoming quite clear, that this was the final battle for them all after all. There was really nothing more any of them could have done as the enemy was way too powerful for the small ships to take down with minimum armaments.

And then their shield was lost completely as the screens on the consoles indicated as much. Sharon and Brenda exchanged glances in the moment. Conveying their mutual love for each other before turning their eyes back to the battle scene. The incoming flare of the ray guns were closing in on the cockpit window. It would not take long now, before the laser fire would penetrate the thin layer between them and the space around them. They could both hear the weapons fire from both sides. Clearly too, as Riel had decided to go down guns a blazing. But no matter what they tried to do, they were out of options. And so, they were all waiting for the inevitable to happen. Dying together had not been fresh on any of their minds this morning. But hey, they had all done a great job despite it all. And bought some time for the planet below before the fleet would arrive to save Earth. At least, there was that and it was a good day to die after all.

Chapter Nineteen

"We are all outta ammo!" Riel shouted over the comms as the noises of their ship breaking apart literally and figuratively were becoming too loud for anything else but shouting. Just hoping they would be able to hear her in the cockpit.

It wasn't technically true of course as they did not fire projectiles per se as the fire from the cannons was more laser like than anything else. Burst of continuous energy to be more exact. But the power needed to run the two cannons continuously had run down due to the amount that they had been draining during the fire fight with the pirates. As it had taken them far too much longer than anticipated.

"I did not think we were actually going to get into a fire fight while preparing her." Riel then stated to no one in particular as this small ship of hers wasn't a battle ship after all rather a long distance traveller. Getting an understanding look from Leyla who had heard her utter the words.

"The shield is almost gone." Sharon responded in kind shouting over the comms herself. "We are sitting ducks here!" Sharon added and glanced once again at the indicators on the console as did Brenda. It wasn't looking good at all for them at this point in time. After all, they had been fighting far longer than anticipated by any of them

"I can't get any readings from the tracker anymore." Brenda told Sharon. "I think the last hit knocked down the systems." Naturally she could not be totally sure but the lights had gone out right after the rather shaking hit. Which was now causing all kinds of havoc on their tiny vessel and draining the shields almost to zero.

"They should have been here by now." Sharon stated flatly and somewhat angry too as the last readings on the tracker program had clearly indicated her people were close by and should have already been visible through the cockpit front view window. "So where the hell are they?" There was much frustration in Sharon's voice too at this point. Fighting a losing battle was never easy, to anyone after all.

Brenda glanced at her partner. But she had no answers to give either and she felt the same way Sharon did. Only worse as this was her planet they were trying to save and if they were going to fail? Well, then it would all be over and that was unacceptable as hell to her. She tried to push the unresponsive buttons on the console. Trying to somehow bring the system on line magically with the touch of her hands. But she could not and then in frustration, she slammed her fist to the console really hard.

"Damn!" She cursed. But feeling the soothing hand of Sharon on top of hers and as she looked up into the eyes of her lover. She could see the empathy there as clear as day.

"So, this is it then?" The two of them heard Leyla's voice from behind them as both her and Riel had joined the other two in the cockpit as there was nothing left for them to do up in the Bubble anyway.

Riel walked passed her and moved to the consoles and gave a glance at them before saying anything. She looked ahead and saw the ships firing another volley just then. "Brace!" She managed to shout to the others before the blast hit the small ship shaking it to the very core.

The heavy blast hit them and their shields were gone totally in the very instant. The alarms were going off even worse now as was the console with blinking lights indicating the same. The noise lever rising into intolerable levels. Their life support and maybe the whole ship around them was failing.

"We can try to ram into them." Riel then said and glanced around the others to see how they reacted to her somewhat ludicrous suggestion.

Brenda was the first to react, as she and Leyla glared back at the alien woman wide eyed. "You can't be serious." She said to her then. "We would die!"

"Well, we barely have power to our engines, our shields, our weapons all gone. We cannot run or hide anywhere. The next shot most likely will blast us out of space…" She counted all the reasons why they should do it, not giving any positives in the process either.

"Surely there is something we can do?" Leyla looked at Riel clearly not believing what she was hearing, but getting only a shake of the alien woman's head in response.

"Sharon?" Brenda asked in a low voice, not sure what to make of their situation and the suggestion of Riel's.

Sharon looked around the consoles, pushing a few buttons without any good results. She then turned back to Brenda and then, in her best soothing voice said. "If we can take out at least one of their ships, then that would give the others some time at least."

Both the Humans looked at the other two willing to sacrifice their lives just like that even for someone else's sake. But then again, the other option was to die without doing nothing and that was no good either. So, going with the best possible option of two worse ones was the one they needed to do. If not for themselves then at least for those down on the planet.

"Alright, we'll do that." Brenda finally stated and glanced at Leyla, who also had come to the same conclusion.

Sharon nodded and Riel excused Brenda from her seat. As both aliens then made the course adjustments to the vessel. And then, the small craft lurched forward and started moving toward the lead pirate ship with the last power it still had in its stores. There was nothing said between the four, as they only exchanged knowing glances with each other. Sharon and Brenda mouthed their "I love yous" to the other while Riel and Leyla only glared a moment longer into each others eyes. The love, the friendship, all of it, even past discretions forgotten and now they shared their one common goal. Which was to go down in a blaze of glory and maybe buy some time for Earth. And possibly for the fleet on its way to rescue the planet and its people the four of them had kind of failed to do.

As the small craft moved towards the large ship, they could see it coming in closer and closer. As they all looked up ahead, gripping onto their seats and saying their last prayers to the deities out there watching over them, hopefully. Sending out one last wish for them to hear before…

"Sharon! Sharon!" Riel's voice aroused Sharon from her last thoughts. "On the starboard side! It's them! It's our ships! They are finally here!" She sounded so cheerful and hopeful too as she pointed at the window and the several large size ships coming to full view now.

Riel, despite the other three, had been glaring death right in the eyes as she always did. It was her warrior nature she had getting her going like it always had. And now, she had not broken the pattern. While the others had their eyes closed in the final moments, she had remained the ever vigilant one. And that is why she had noticed the other ships arriving to the system. The more familiar looking ones that was. And she knew immediately whom they were and her face turned into a huge wide grin as not all hope had been lost after all.

Sharon was quick on her feet as she managed to steer with the aid of Riel their small vessel just in the nick of time out of harms way. Swerving enough to almost knock out Brenda and Leyla off their seats. The two pilots then manoeuvred their ship out of the way as the large armada of ships came to view and opened fire against the pirates. There were six large size battle ships from Sharon's home world and then in the distance they could see the other fleet popping in one by one also firing against the pirate ships, which were now several more there too in full view.

"We need to inform the others." Brenda shouted over the ruckus.

"I think they already know." Riel then pointed at the screen, seeing the Earth ships retreating to a safe distance.

"We better follow their lead and let the others finish their job!" Sharon stated and started moving them following the shuttles in their path.

Just then the comms channel crackled to life and an alien sounding voice speaking their own language could be heard. Sharon replied in kind and exhilarated their vessel in the process.

"Just fyi, they wanted us to move out of the way." Sharon snorted as she translated the message to the other two glaring back at her.

"Sure." Was all Brenda managed, as despite all that which had happened today, she was still sort of out of this whole ordeal. It was simply, well, surreal for her. "We can do that, right?" She wasn't sure if there was enough power to do that.

"Guess you two do this kind of thing all the time then?" Leyla just had to ask then as she was still in awe of the two alien women's overall handle on this crazy situation.

"Well, sometimes." Riel laughed. "I can tell you all about it later on." She was already planning on asking the younger agent out on date. After all, today had not been the day to die for them and that was all good in her book too.

"Oh yeah? I would love to hear about it too." Brenda stated clearly coaxing Sharon and Riel now and getting a glare in turn from her partner as this was no longer the time to act jealous or anything like that.

"I can tell you everything you need to know." Sharon then stated to Brenda, getting a soft smile in turn.

"Sounds like a plan then." Brenda simply stated and was glad she had gotten a new chance of life and continued one with Sharon at that.

The small ship soon got out of harms way and joined the other small size vessels. Standing by in the shadows, while the big ships were fighting the pirates off. Apparently Sharon's people were skilled war farers too and it did not take too long time for either rescue fleet to take down the invading armada. Soon enough, the enemy vessels were rendered dead and helpless while they intended to rescue the survivors and make them accountable for several acts of criminal behaviour in their own courts. But for now, Earth was safe at least and our heroes would live to tell about it too. Now, they only needed to get back to Earth and then make sure what to tell to the regular folks down there what had happened, if anything at all. After all, the governments were still none too keen on telling their people there were aliens about and currently even inside of Earth's space. But this was not the task for today. No today they would celebrate being alive and then take a nice long rest. Or then snuggle at least that was the plan for Sharon and Brenda who had immediately embraced and kissed each other while the shuttle was far enough not to get hit by a stray laser beam.

Leyla and Riel had exchanged glances with each other upon seeing this and they both felt the crackles in the air between them as well. But for now, nothing was said or done by the duo. No, it was all still so new for both of them to say anything. But Riel had already several ideas in her mind as she gave sideway glances at the woman beside her. Rather unexpected she thought, having those kind of feelings for a Human no less. But she was willing and that alone gave her tingles all over. Leyla having similar thoughts of her own, made a decision to ask Riel out as soon as they were back on Earth. She was only hoping the tall alien would not take off as soon as the mission was over. But there were no worries about that now as Riel had already decided to stay on Earth. For a while longer at least, as the prospects were so totally inviting to her after all. And indeed, she had plans for both herself and the agent she had grown quite fond of in such s short amount of time. What an unexpected turn of events this was after all for the tall alien.

Chapter Twenty

The battle of Earth, as it was now nicknamed as, but never a joke, just an apt name for it, was over. The Earth ships had landed as had Riel's ship. Even in bad shape, she had assured them all she could fix it, easy piece-y. The aliens had taken shuttles from their large vessels to join them on their way back Earth. Surprisingly for all, it had taken less time than it had felt. Especially for the small vessel the four heroes of the Bureau had occupied during the battle. As the three agents with their alien help had practically held the invading pirate ships at bay before the rescue armada had entered the solar system and also protected the Earth ships. All the pirates ships lay in waste now thanks to the two fleets coming to rescue. And the those surviving crew members for their whole invading armada had been taken to captivity and would be hauled back when the joint fleets would finally leave. For now, they leaders of said fleets, both Sharon's people and Riel's associates were discussing with the world leaders of Earth of a collaboration type situation. After all, Earth had simply never been a small spec in the corner of the universe. Rather it had been a known place to many races who had actual visited the planet. And they had had an effect in the progress of the development for the planet as well.

So now, incidents such as the invasion attempt were bound to happen in the future as well. As it seemed that there were quite a few fractions whom did not believe in the sovereignty of planets out there alone and unprotected. The idea was now, with the proof of the very real incident, to get all the world leaders around the table and start talking united Earth defences. Of course those on board the rescue armada ships were not politicians. But they were able to start the talks while more apt negotiators would then arrive at a later point in time to start the actual negotiation progress. After all, what this incident had taught them all was, that Earth was pretty much defenceless against any sort of attack. And that the Earthlings needed badly to upgrade their spaceships and the armaments of those ships. In addition to the overall defence grid of the planet which was lacking, majorly so. The shuttles and other independent space vehicles were simple and slow craft. And the technology inside of them was already archaic, despite the reverse engineered stuff they had hidden inside of them. After all, those alien crashing their crafts on Earth had old tech in them anyway. And the races those ships had belonged to had already advanced considerably during the years Earth had tinkled with the old tech of theirs.

So now, with the promise of aid in the form of space battle tactics and technology, the negotiating aliens wanted only one thing from the people of Earth. To unite and end all wars in addition to a stop of wasting the natural resources of the planet. So, not small feat for the waring and mostly bias people at all! But all and all, it was no big price pay, as it was becoming clear that this aid also came with a warning. The or else, which was stated from the get go was, and also a sort of a revelation in a away, that the people were all implants on this world. And if they did not fall in line, then the aliens would make sure that Earth, the planet was saved and the people? Well, there were several choices for them, one which was to leave. But without means, it seemed quite impossible. And where would they even go? The Moon? Or Mars maybe? Hardly good choices at all at this point in time.

So, collaboration and cooperation it was to be. Not just over night as the negotiators around the table well knew. But it was a start and they would move forward with the process issue by issue. And knowing the Humans, there would be plenty of issues to settle for sure. Still, at least the willingness to do the right thing was there. Especially now, as they had all seen first hand, what could happen to them. An invading armada here or there. A natural disaster from outer space among so many other things which could disturb the already fragile balance of the place the Humans called home. It was still a big jump in such a short amount of time for them all to yield to the situation. And without a doubt, to take part in what turned out to be the most important conference ever taken place in the known history of the planet. And those world leaders? Well, they were totally listening in what the aliens were telling them and taking notes in the process with high hopes of getting the balls rolling all over Earth as soon as possible.

The Director of the Bureau had also been appointed, as per a request by the alien leads, to take part in the talks. And she was eager to do so. Sharon and Riel had gladly stayed in the sidelines despite their status of being the two aliens involved in the incident. Of course their status was still only known to the selected ones inside the Bureau. As it was, the news of them two was now apparent to all the other agents too. And even a few in the government knew of their origins by now. Besides, there were more important things for the two resident aliens to do. As Riel had told the Director after her asking, if the tall warrior and a genuine hero now to the people of Earth, would consider staying on the planet? And maybe even working for the Bureau as a consultant? Riel was only too happy of this offer. And after hearing what their boss had had in mind, Sharon and Brenda had both agreed it was a good move for Riel. Despite whatever the past was, as it was all, in the past, as Sharon had put it.

Leyla was ecstatic of this news of course as she had had some doubt whether the multitalented alien woman would even want to stay on this backward planet. But as she was soon about to find out, there was a big reason which had made Riel's decision far easier than anyone would have thought. Even if Sharon and Riel had not talked about it, not with words anyway, they had shared a short moment with each other upon their return. Sharing their thoughts with one and other as it were. Both having come to the conclusion that the past was what it was and now it was time to move on. Riel was glad Sharon had forgiven her past indiscretions and that she had found new love in the form of Brenda. They had agreed also to be friends and working together now that they had a common goal. Sharon was only too happy to see that Riel had indeed changed for the better and she gave her the blessings for Riel's desire to be with Leyla. Only with a slight and most likely half jested warning. To treat the Earth woman well or else.

So, now, all was well and Riel was about to join the team of agents in a capacity of a consultant. Of course the bulk of the residents of the planet were still blissfully unaware of what had happened out there. But it was also part of the charter. That of slowly and gently to reveal the truth to all of them. But for now, they would maintain the cover. Naturally, after this all, the nature of the work at the Bureau would change. But that was all in the planning and for now, their main task was to aid the negotiations in whatever capacity they could render their help in. And as per already proven, they were all quite multitalented in all kinds of tasks. All of the agents, in doing whatever was needed as they had proven it well during this incident. And they were all willing to partake in the new regime of the Bureau as well wherever that might lead them in the future.

As it turned out, they were all quite eager and happy to get to know that Sharon was an alien as was Riel. The embraced the difference as it were and moving to a better brighter future after all. Being that of a no brainer at all for the whole team. So now, they were busy working in upgrading their immediate tech with the aid of the several alien engineers who had also come to Earth as part of the package and started with the Bureau systems. Riel was even getting parts for her broken ship as the four of them with several techs were fixing the battle scared small but celebrated ship in the hangar of NASA. It was a pleasant project after having been up there, in a near death situation. Battling for their lives and the whole team of four had decided this ship deserved to be nursed back to its former glory. Or even better if possible. And now, they were all working on it.

"So, this whole hoopla of things," Riel asked the two agents of Earth, which were both Humans and most likely knew best what their own people would or would not do. "Do you think they are all able to take it, at face value I mean? The regular folks out there whom you told me have no idea of aliens like us out here?" Riel was curious naturally, as she had only just decided to stay back on Earth but wanted to know more of the psych of the Humans.

"Well, as far as I can see it, there is really no other choice except to change and accept the proven facts." Brenda stated boldly. "The Human race has run amok for far too long and I truly hope what we just experienced will turn the heads of those in charge of things." Brenda was being polite of course as she had used far harsher words of her fellow Humans in the past. Calling them all idiots and what nots among other non flattering things. The old adage coming to her mind during those times: A person can be smart but put them in a pack, and watch them all turn to a herd of blundering lunatics.

"Well, I for one think that most of the regular people will take news of the aliens existing and helping us quite well. Then there are those religious types of course. But hey, it's all semantics anyway!" Leyla added her two cents on the topic.

All three of them turned then to Sharon, who had been quiet. She wasn't a real Human after all, but she had been on the planet long enough to know a few things about the people of Earth. So, waiting for her to comment on the matter too as they expected her to say something.

"Well, from what I have seen and experienced during my stay here. I can see the potential there for sure." Sharon said and the others waited for the but to drop soon after. "But, there are those self-serving types, which have the most to loose, so there might be some struggle there." Sharon went on with her thought process of the Human nature. "But, mostly I see good people around, who are willing to embrace and improve upon their own and the lives of others. And this planet too. So all and all, I would say it is a definite maybe." Not too conclusive, but there was hope there seemingly after all in her mind.

"Okay then, it's a good thing I remained here, to help with the process that is." Riel stated seriously but was joking of course as it wasn't really her doing which would change the minds of the people of Earth, but she could pitch in of course.

"Oh, I thought you stayed here for more selfish reasons than the betterment of us." Brenda snorted as she was well aware of the best reason why Riel was still with them.

Riel glared at her, but knew Brenda was joking of course and only added. "Well, there can be several reasons for my staying here." She then looked up at Leyla, who looked back at her and they both knew what was going on even if neither had had a chance to ask the other one yet.

"So, when is the big date then?" Sharon asked, jumping the gun so to speak, being the straight talking one she always was and getting three specific sets of eyes glaring at her. "What?" She asked confused as she was under the assumption the two had already made their plans.

"Well, I haven't asked her yet." Riel then blurted out.

Leyla catching up quickly and playing it coy asked the alien woman the million dollar question. "Asked me what?" Playing dumb even if she was well aware what the question was, having exactly the same thought herself.

"Well, I was going to ask you out, you know, the proper way on a proper date as you Humans call it." Riel revealed.

"You've been catching up on Human dating practices then?" Brenda asked her new friend curiously as it sounded too Human coming from an alien after all.

"Well, of course. If I am to date one then that is what you do right?" Riel sounded a tad small, as if been caught doing something stupid.

"Of course. And it sounds totally endearing too, you doing that." Brenda just had to tease the tall alien warrior now cornered as she had been revealed as a romantic softy rather than the cool and uncaring soldier type.

"Well I for one and happy you did your research and I accept." Leyla was positively touched by the efforts of Riel's and deciding the jokes were over and with that, letting Riel off the hook.

"Accept what?" Riel was a tad confused.

"Your question, on going on a date." Leyla clarified.

"But I haven't asked yet." Riel was even more confused.

"So ask then." Leyla baited her.

"Fine, I will ask." Riel added, sounding a tad irritated of having become the centre of topic and for all the wrong reasons.

"So ask." Leyla went on.

"Fine." Riel told her, still no real question emerging.

"Well?" Leyla had a hard time holding her poker face.

"Oh I am asking you." Riel was in the zone now.

"So? When?" Leyla was on as well.

"Now." Riel replied.

"So, where is the question?" Leyla asked again.

Unnoticed to the debating duo, they had move closer to each other while sparring with words. Almost toe to toe now, glaring at each other. It took a moment as the were so close, for Riel to realise that she had not actually asked the question at all. And then she heard the snicker coming from Sharon and Brenda. As she turned to give the duo a stern glare she commented.

"Oh very funny! Mock the new alien!" But it was funny so she turned back to Leyla and said. "Will you go out with me? Tonight?" She sounded more sure and positive now about the whole thing.

"I will!" Leyla then jumped the taller woman and kissed her right there in front of all the witnesses, mostly alien but a Human as well.

Riel surprised of the actions of the younger woman gladly took what she was getting. Answer, kiss, all of it and embraced Leyla, while kissing the other woman deeply back. The kiss ended to the eruption of wolf whistles and applause from Sharon and Brenda while the other aliens simply looked on and shook their heads not sure what this ritual was about but suspected they would find out soon enough.

"Alright then." Riel stated simply. "It's agreed then."

"Certainly is!" Leyla added and was grinning like the cat who caught the canary.

"Good. Good." Riel seemed a tad overwhelmed even, but then added. "Alright, back to work everyone. Nothing to see here." She joked as they all went back to doing whatever they had been doing before this sudden but pleasant interruption had happened.

Chapter Twenty-one

"I can't believe it has been three months already!" Sharon stated as she stretched languidly on the sun bed with her eyes closed and not wanting to move too much as she was in a comfortable place and state of mind too.

"Time flies doesn't it just honey." Brenda was laying on her own sun bed, soaking in the sun and dozing off once in a while. As she was totally catching up with the lost sleep for, well, years really and now, she was having some time off with Sharon too!

"Indeed it does and I am having the best time of my life. Right here right now." Sharon stated happily, turning to look at Brenda who in turn was now looking at Sharon.

"No regrets?" Brenda still had to ask, even if she knew the answer deep down. But she loved to hear it said out loud nevertheless.

"No regrets. Ever!" Sharon smiled and leaned over to kiss her lover.

After a moment of snuggling and kissing, Brenda then softly whispered to Sharon's ear. "How about we take this inside? It's way cooler there." She kept on nibbling Sharon's skin.

"Sounds like a great plan." Sharon managed, feeling the pressure getting to her. "But then again, you always have the best ideas, don't you." Sharon wasn't really asking as the comment came with a smirk. Then taking Brenda by the hand and guiding her up and towards their bungalow close by was all the response Brenda really needed.

Yes, it had been indeed three months since their small size team had managed to keep the evil invading pirates at bay. Just before the joint rescue armada had arrived at the eleventh hour and saved not only the small ship and its crew but the rest of the Earth vessels. And well, Earth too. Things had moved forward for both the team, which now included Leyla and Riel also, the four of them being in the centre of the Bureau's operations. While the other agents were kind of working around them. Their daily jobs had changed from the more investigative ones of are the alien sightings real or not, to let us prep the world for the truth, kind of a thing. The talks between the newly arrived delegates from the coalition of planets which Sharon's and Riel's home worlds also belonged to had been moving along, albeit with a slow pace. But then again, nobody had waited for things to change overnight really. And there was a lot to do before they could even start building Earth up. As all the leaders and all other parties involved needed to come to a full and total agreement. The rest of the Humans went on with their daily lives as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened up in the skies above them, or rather in space.

But there were those, like the Bureau, prepping them for the news soon to be revealed to all. That of not being alone in the universe and that things would indeed get better for all and the home they lived on, all that jazz. Meanwhile, Riel's and Leyla's relationship had progressed from having their first date ever, to living together. It was pretty fast as Brenda had commented on it. Still, Riel rather than finding a place for her own as she was new to Earth, had then suggested to Leyla why not find something together. It was a surprise to her too. As even if they were both quite smitten with each other. And after all, the first date and then those following ones had gone really well, not to mention working together every day. Well, according to Riel it was only logical. Which had led to a plethora of Earth created lesbian jokes of U-hauls, cats, toaster ovens and other things too. Something which Riel had totally failed to understand. But in the end, they had gotten themselves a rather nice dwelling and living together did not change anything. Rather it had tightened the already fledgling love between the duo. Something not even Sharon could have predicated given the facts before hand. But as long as they were both happy, Sharon and Brenda were fine with the two of them being lovers.

As if inspired by the other ladies actions, Brenda had also made her own decisions regarding her own personal future. After having such a close encounter with death and having also Sharon involved in the incident, Brenda had decided she wasn't going to waste any more time. Despite being the lone wolf and the one who never got involved, not completely at least, having always kept her own affairs separate from anyone she ever dated. Brenda, had made a choice for the change. Even with Sharon they had kept their separate homes and never really discussed any other future than working together and which ones home they were going to spend their nights at. But things were going to change for her and her hopefully future wife as Brenda had decided to move things forward rather majorly. Only hoping Sharon to be on the same level of thought as she herself was at the time. After all, she loved Sharon and knew this to be true visa versa. So, what else was there obstacle wise to consider? Nothing.

So, a few weeks after the incident she and her girlfriend had been spending time together after having a day off finally while almost working around the clock for a long time. They had been having dinner at Brenda's place. She had prepped the food and drinks, even bought flowers and set up the scene before Sharon had arrived. Brenda had already shopped for the perfect jewellery and despite having made the decision without any doubts, she was getting the nervous jitters the moment of truth was coming nearer and nearer. As close as the two women now were, having shared so many things together. Fighting the good fight as it were and sharing all of their secrets too. Well, it was still a big step to take even if Brenda knew she had made the right choice. Still, it was who she was. Commitment was hard for her, at least on this level and being her nature and all.

But, after dinner was served and Sharon had clearly been totally surprised and impressed by this sudden action Brenda had undertaken. As usually it was Sharon cooking and Brenda ordering take out when it was her turn to cook. The kudos Sharon had given her after tasting the food had warmed the Humans heart to no end. So, after the finished meal, it was time to take the action to the living room with some great wine Sharon loved, surely a special order for her girlfriend if anything. Brenda made her choice to not to postpone the question any further rather to let it all out now before she was a nervous wreck. As she followed Sharon to the couch area she did not sit down with Sharon as per her usual. Eliciting a questioning look from her partner who had noticed the nervous look on Brenda's face.

"What's wrong hon?" Sharon asked and looked worried at her girlfriend, not knowing the reason why she seemed upset all of a sudden.

"I…" Brenda started at first, but suddenly her mouth was dry and she could not form any words.

"Hey!" Sharon was now totally worried and offered her hand to Brenda who was still standing or rather hovering over the sofa and Sharon, and looking kind of pale. "Are you feeling alright?" Sharon was thinking that there was something wrong with the food even if it had been quite delicious and all. But then again, Sharon was feeling simply great and the food had been great and the evening had been more than great, so what was going on?

"I um." Brenda tried again.

As she looked into the worried eyes of her lover. And then, as if getting new courage from the gaze of worry and love. Brenda decided to woman up finally. Before Sharon was none the wiser, Brenda, rather than sitting beside her, went down all the way to the floor. And there, on one knee, the traditional position if anything the Humans had devised for such an occasion. Brenda pulled out the small box from her pocket where she had been hiding it ever since Sharon had arrived. She then moved her hand back to Sharon's as they had briefly lost contact while Brenda had taken her new position. Glaring into her lover's eyes, she found all the things there she needed to know at this very moment. As she was still having a hard time not choking up as all of a sudden, she felt quite emotional. Then again, she might have felt that way for a while now and tonight was the combination for all those feelings, emotions and sensations she always felt while being around Sharon. And being with Sharon was what she wanted to do, for the rest of her life. And tonight, was the most important step towards that goal. So, putting any and all lingering doubts aside, Brenda remained in her stance. If anything, she corrected her posture with a new found assurance this was what she wanted to do more than anything else in her life. And now was that time. She had glared into Sharon's eyes long enough to see the worry still there and deciding to let Sharon know there was nothing to worry about. Brenda snapped the box open with her free hand and moved it closer to Sharon if possible.

Sharon could see the emotions painted all over Brenda's face. And then she heard the snap of the box being opened. As she looked down, her mouth dropped open. She knew exactly what it was now that had caused the anxiety and the odd behaviour in her girlfriend. As Brenda was now in the position Sharon had read about in books and seen in movies, she knew what this meant. And due to that simple fact, she was unable to move or talk or do much anything else, except to wait for her partner's next move. After all, as this was now what she thought it was, she was pretty sure both of their lives would change from this moment on. And Sharon wasn't totally sure how she was feeling about this at all. Then again, she had wanted to commit to Brenda since get go and this was just another step in that process, right? So, why was this all so scary and emotional and her feeling all kinds of things. And as a plethora of thoughts started filling her mind she was starting to panic just a little as she kept on glaring into Brenda's eyes. And the box she was holding in her hand too. What the fuck was wrong with her? She was a superior alien being after all and should have been able to handle this sort of thing, quite coolly and calmly, right? Sharon could not speak however and it was up to Brenda to do her thing.

"Sharon, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?" Brenda finally managed, her voice low and hoarse. The words trying to stick into her mouth, but she managed to say it out clearly no matter the sticky situation she felt she was in. Which was odd as this had been her decision after all.

Sharon knew this was it. The moment to reply to her lover who was on her knees, proposing to her. Marriage of all things. The Human form of bonding ones souls together. So, why wasn't she answering to Brenda then? She had thought about it this, after she had met Brenda. About and if there was a future and what that could entail, right? So, answer dummy! Her brain was shouting out to her lips to do the right thing. Sharon felt panicky. But then, from out of nowhere, a sense of calm landed on her person. An epiphany of sorts. The clarification of her mind and then, in that exact moment she knew what her answer was. After all, the two of them had been through life and death together. Well, almost. And this was the one Human. No the one person in the universe Sharon actually loved. So, the choice was pretty obvious and clear to her now.

"Yes, I will marry you Brenda." Sharon finally said and then, as Brenda slipped the ring into her finger with shaky hands. The two of them letting out a collective sigh as the large boulder size stones had finally been lifted from both their shoulders.

Brenda could not speak any further as she felt so emotional while Sharon felt the same way. The happy tears filling both sets of eyes. And the best option was to just let it be, no words needed any more. And then to kiss each other. And they did, for a long long while. Holding on to each other as they did. This felt the right thing to do and the best place to be in for both of them. The love, the emotions, all of it they now shared with each other. And soon enough, the rest of their lives as they knew them to be as well. This was indeed a blissful place for them both alien and Human, no matter the race. It was all the same and all was well in the universe once again. At least for a while on this blue globe of a planet where they lived on for now at least. Maybe the future would bring them other options, even out there in space. But for now, Earth would do for them both.

Chapter Twenty-two

The honeymoon was something totally wonderful and unexpected for both of the Bureau agents now enjoying the mini vacation under the warming sun. After Brenda's somewhat unexpected proposal and Sharon's positive yes-response, the two of them had held a small ceremony at their now common home. After signing the papers in the magistrates office they had invited a family friend who was an ordained minister and their colleagues, family and friends to join in the celebration. Neither of them had wanted to make a big fuss of the event, even if the others had tried to make a big ordeal of the wedding. But it had been a simple one as the couple had held their ground. And it did not matter really to either woman as all they needed was each other and the others were a bonus as Brenda had commented. After the small party at Sharon's house where they both decided to live as it was bigger and in a better locale as well, the Director had ordered them to go on a vacation.

It was a stretch for them both being the kind of workaholics they were. But in the end, the pros of said vacation had outweighed the cons. So now enjoying a most pleasant time on their perfect honeymoon no less the duo were languidly laying about the poolside on a lazy sunny afternoon. The world around them all forgotten, as was any kind of alien threats or talks or anything else for that matter. As it was for now, there was peace on Earth and good will among humans. No, the two of them had simply left it all behind them for a moment at least. And they were enjoying each other without anyone daring to disturb them. It was a strange position to be in, for Sharon and Brenda, for not having to think about work, at all. Still, neither of them was complaining about it as they seemed to only have eyes for each other. After all, it was their honeymoon, the two of them now happily married to each other. So, there was that.

"Sharon?" Brenda asked as she lay lazily on her side of the large sun bed.

"Yes hon?" Sharon asked, her eyes closed behind the sunglasses.

She wasn't too keen on moving any time soon. After all, it had been a long night for them both, as having marital sex seemed quite exhausting! Quite unexpected as it were too (not really, but yeah). And so having to stay up all night doing it too! And then feeling totally tired in the morning! Well, it was more than expected as both woman had been giving their very best to please the other. After all, that was marriage right?! So, having woken up just before afternoon and having brunch around the time too, which was unheard of for the two ladies! But what could be done? It was their holiday after all. So, half a day gone, they had then decided to stay put in their rented cabana and simply enjoy the "doing nothing" state they were currently in. Something apparently people did on their vacation, or so the two had learned.

"Are you hungry by any chance?" Brenda asked as it was already afternoon and they had only had a few bites of food to eat earlier and after having consumed so much energy during their nightly exercises, hunger was making itself known.

"I could eat something." Sharon peeked from behind her shades. And as soon as she saw Brenda's bikini clad body, she just had to add. "Food or other offerings. Which ever comes more easily to either of us." She added rather coyly then and got the exact reaction from her lover she had wanted.

Brenda looked at her wife, her lover and her parter in crime for a mere moment. And then, before Sharon could change her mind, she extended her hand and said. "Food can so totally wait!"

As she hauled Sharon and herself up to their feet and led them both to the inside the holiday house and to their bedroom. After all, it was too hot outside for anything let alone hot naked sex. Besides, they did not want to disturb the neighbours so inside was better. After all, there might be some people none too keen of hearing any kind of loud and noisy love making sounds as some people might have gotten jealous of being left out. So, inside was good at least for this time around, Brenda thought as she half dragged Sharon to their bed. Not that Sharon needed any persuasion for sex. But Brenda had dozed off just before and had had a most wonderful and arousing dream. Which had been starring her new wife. So she needed to do something to scratch the itch as it were. And this was just the perfect time to do it too. No mater what time of the day it was as this was their honeymoon after all!

Sharon was following the other woman with gusto. As having actually felt the dreams of her wife and only waited when she was about to wake up from her nap. As sharing the connection, she had felt all the same things as Brenda had in her erotic dream. Sharon had only worried that Brenda was taking a too long a nap and that when she finally woke up, she would have forgotten all about the dream. But, as luck would have it, Brenda was as eager as Sharon to consummate their marital bliss once again. So now the most perfect opportunity had fallen in their laps and without any kind of excuses either. They were going to make love to each other, in the afternoon under the sun, or inside but still it was light outside, so it did count. After all, it was their honeymoon, so why the hell not! This was the best opportunity they had had in a long while to have anything but hot naked sex with each other and not to think about the consequences.

The swim wear was off as soon as they reached the bedroom. Their mouths latched onto each others as their naked bodies gyrated in unison. While two sets of hands were roaming over the familiar territories. It seemed that neither woman was getting enough of the other and the marriage thing had only put a new more higher gear on their sexual activities. Or at least, so it seemed after a week being legally together and having sex several times a day. Not that it had been random or scarce before, the sex as it were, no far from it. But now that they were wife and wife, it somehow made it even more passionate for the two agents. And having all this time to do nothing but, well, who could resist. They both had agreed to go on this holiday without any kind of plans or agenda or to do lists. It was all about them and only them and if that involved only laying by the pool and having so much sex. Well, so be it! As far as either was concerned there could never be enough sex with the other so, it was all a win win for the both of them any day!

And today, this afternoon, was no different. While remaining standing was a sort of a balancing game all the while trying to get the other one off as quickly as possible. A kind of a game they had started earlier. There was still the competition going on between the two lovers. It seemed that this time Brenda was the more competitive and skilled one too as she was almost down on her knees. Having gotten there while kissing Sharon's body until she had reached navel level and was now dipping her tongue inside of it. Swirling the tip in the small dip she elicited such gorgeous sounds from her lover that she knew she was the winner of this little game at this point in time. And that gave her incentive to travel further down south and towards the liquid fountain by heated passion she knew she would find there. With the intent of devouring all the offerings of her wife, Brenda made her way towards her price and then, with gusto, dug into the very place. Nibbling, tasting, sucking with her mouth and tongue all over the swirling vortex filled with her lovers juices with all she had in her. Indeed she had this part of the game liked, all the puns intended.

"Oh. My. Goodness!" Sharon was panting heavily after her last orgasm had hit her to the core. "Fuck! Brenda! Are you trying to kill me?" She wasn't complaining though as she was at the height of her bliss. "I mean that was, fucking awesome! All of it!" She really needed to say it out loud, repeat even as it had been totally Earth shattering for the alien woman once again with all kinds of puns intended in there too.

"Well, I managed to make you come didn't I!" Brenda smirked with much pride. "And no I am not trying to kill you. Ever. Perish the thought! And you, my dear, are very welcome by the way!" Brenda stated gingerly as she felt totally happy at the very moment.

Brenda still had the smug smirk on her face as she had indeed been quite successful in bringing her wife to the most perfect orgasmic state this side of Earth. And getting herself off in the process as well no less. This mostly happened when Sharon shared her thoughts with Brenda as she sometimes liked to do during their lovemaking thus enhancing the experience for them both. But today, Brenda had been the total aggressor and getting what she wanted being her goal. And now, the two of them lay in bed after the fact. It had been a long afternoon for the two lovers as right after getting inside their bedroom from the pool, they had been engaged in the act of love making.

And now, several hours later, exhaustion and insufficient amounts of refuelling their bodies had left them totally spent. Not that they usually needed that much food to go about whatever business they were doing, including their bouts of sex here and there. But this honeymoon had been filled with even more sexual exercises that usual. So guess that meant they needed to eat more food too. So now, the thought of maybe having something to eat as the mere fluttering butterflies in both lovers bellies was hardly sufficient enough material to satisfy the hungers clearly making themselves known in both Brenda's and Sharon's tummies. If the murmurs were any indication of that. Maybe, it was time for actual food after all, not matter their super women statuses.

"I think my stomach says it's hungry." Brenda added then as she heard the growl of her belly once again.

Sharon turned slightly, still feeling powerless after their last bout. "Yeah, I hear ya. Mine is complaining as well." Sharon heard the loud cries of her own digestive system as well.

"So, do you think we should order something in?" Brenda asked, still not moving from her place.

"Well, unless you want to shower, put your clothes on and walk to the supermarket or a restaurant, then I guess the answer is yes?" Sharon wasn't feeling like getting up either.

"Or," Brenda started thinking but unable to move a muscle.

"Or what?" Sharon asked curiously, but was still not moving. No she was totally spent.

"Or we could take a small nap and then order food." Brenda felt all her powers fading away and she could not even lift a finger if she wanted to.

"Sounds like a plan. I don't think I can move any part of me except maybe my mouth." Sharon added.

"You are moving your mouth at least your lips have been moving while you were talking." Brenda remarked to Sharon.

"Guess I am." Sharon sounded sleepy and wasn't even able to counter her lover, not that she was wrong anyway.

Brenda listened to her lovers voice beside her getting more calmer and even and she knew Sharon was about to fall asleep. She smiled and tried to turn to look at her sleeping beauty, but was too tired herself to do so. So, remaining on her back where she had landed after their last bout of sex.

"I guess we'll be taking that nap after all." Brenda stated softly and closed her eyes feeling the heaviness of her lids in the process.

It did not take a long moment at all as she joined her partner in the dream world too, having sexy dreams of herself and Sharon doing what they had just finished doing, which was even more sex.

There would be time for more sex, as they had two whole weeks to spend on this gorgeous resort. Or at least it had looked so in the pictures but so far they had only managed to see the inside of the hotel, the beach and their pool yard and the inside of their rooms. As they had spent nearly every waking hour of the three days having sex and sleeping and having some snacks in between. It was funny how easily the two of them had managed to fall into this routine of theirs, not even giving work or anything else another thought.

But it was also healthy for them to do so as having worked for so many years without much break taken between the missions and cases they were handling. And finding Sharon now and having her in her life, Brenda was willing to adjust her methods in her life too. Not to mention the other change of things overall, the fledging alliance with aliens and all that. But that was all in the side lines as the two of them only had thoughts, eyes and orgasms for each other. And that was all they needed for now and well, later something more maybe. Like food and drinks. But for now, the duo was lying on the bed having sweet dreams of one and other as the marital bliss was still in early stages and all was new for them both.

Final Chapter

"This place is absolutely gorgeous!" Sharon exclaimed at the view in front of her.

She had not been able to take her eyes off of it when hey had arrived to the very top. After hiking the steep hill to reach it for a longest while. But it was well worth the climb. The blues of the ocean meeting the similar hues of the skies which looked like an endless painted image by Mother Nature. It was where land met the waters. And it was simply gorgeous as she had already stated. The view which was something she could never grow tired of seeing despite having travelled the blue planet called Earth extensively as part of her alien charter as she had explained it to Brenda. Getting to knew the planet well as it were. It was somewhat similar to her home world too. Only the colour scale was a tad different. But there were quite a few similarities with the two planets. That was most likely the reason why Sharon had been immediately taken by this world as well. It was now her second home and it would always be.

As it was the final days of their vacation time and the newly weds had finally gotten to take small trips around the area they were staying in. With loads of sandy white almost untouched beaches, reefs with plenty of wildlife. The overall nature and green lush natural resorts around them, it was indeed one of the most revered places on Earth. And it was also maintained in a way, that it had limited tourists coming in. And also several places were only for the look-see from a far and not to be disturbed by entering at all. With the examples like the lush green forests or the abundant reefs. All and all, it was a well organised place, with the government keeping tabs on things like tourism and nature and making sure there was no conflict there at all. It was a great example that Humans could and would do their very best to preserve the planet when they wanted to. It was also the reason why Sharon and Brenda had chosen this place for their honeymoon.

"I told you!" Brenda stated gingerly standing right next to Sharon as the two of the kept watching towards the blue horizon.

"I know it is a tad corny for me to say this, but these kinds of vistas are the reason I fell in love with this planet." Sharon revealed. Not that it was really news, but she wanted to put it out there.

"Oh." Brenda turned to look at her wife with a coy expression on her face. "And here I was thinking it was all me and my doing, you wanting to stay here and well, fall in love with it." Brenda sounded mock offended.

Sharon turned to look at Brenda and wasn't totally sure if she was joking or not. Mostly she could tell. But there were still times when she was acting too, well with whatever role she had chosen at any given moment. Not wanting to probe into her wife's mind to find out either, she could not tell without asking. So deciding to explain herself instead.

"No, no, that is not what I meant at all." Sharon sounded a tad worried. "Of course I want to stay here and with you." Sharon then looked for any signs of trouble in her lovers eyes. But as she was clearly still upset so Sharon continued. "I mean I came here a long time ago and fell in love with this planet and then with you." She was really trying hard to not to upset Brenda further as she was so fully in love with her and the comment had been a simple remark of how she had felt before. And at this point she could not be sure if she was getting through to Brenda or not as the woman just glared at her. "I love you more than anything or anyone else anywhere." Sharon tried as her eyes darted into Brenda's.

Brenda knew she was stretching this too far so deciding to let Sharon off the hock, she burst into laughter and then said. "Sorry, I knew what you meant from the start." She laughed a little, but then seeing how upset Sharon was now she added quickly. "But I do love to hear how much you love me." She took Sharon's hand in hers and pulled her close enough for a kiss. And then she did kiss Sharon softly. Breaking off the kiss she whispered to Sharon. "Because I love you too, with all my heart."

The feelings of being upset faded soon enough as the two of them remained standing at the top of the mountain. Glaring at the marvellous scene in front of them for a moment longer, holding on to each other and simply existing in the very moment. Something they had not done too much of before. But now, as per mutual agreement, the two of them had decided to spend more time for themselves and less on the working. At least, that was the idea they were going to work on from now on. And today was a good day to test that point.

The honeymoon now over, the newly wed couple had returned to work. It was a more buzzing atmosphere there at the Bureau than it had been before. There was a lot of new technology present as Sharon's people had been gracious enough to provide the agency with all kinds of cool tracking and scanning devices among other things. They had transferred a few of the smaller conference rooms into a larger area now filled with beeping devices and gadgets and large screens on the walls. Nicknamed the Command Centre as this was the heart of their operation now. Monitoring not only various locales of Earth thanks to several new satellites in orbit, they were also keeping a keen eye on their solar system.

As per agreed or rather stated by the Director, the Bureau was now slowly but surely transforming into a hub of all activities related to their relations between Earth and the aliens either visiting the planet or those they would call allies. Like Sharon's people and their confederates and other allies. The Director among the alien diplomats taking part in the talks on Earth presently had fully agreed this to be the condition in the charter as they had two of their own also working inside the Bureau. The agents currently working there were all trained in the secrets of the alien devices of course. With Sharon and Riel were considered to be the mentors and contact points regarding the newly implemented alien tech. Riel's ship was also repaired to its former glory and beyond and they agreed to keep it in the Bureau at their disposal. Just in case they needed to go out there and scout out in space in a hurry.

Naturally, as part of the alliance with the alien coalition, there was a promise to build better ships and even bases on the Moon and Mars too. It was a long term plan, but still, this was all welcomed by the Earth's nations leaders. And it was remarkable how they had all started to come to terms with each other and agreeing better now than ever before. Still, it was far from perfection, but at least they were trying, really hard. The aliens were not letting them slack either so there was that. The aliens were treating these so called world leaders as small kids. With the well established tactics of the galaxies book of child raising: threatening, extortion and bribery. As they with this guideline managed to get things done rather quickly and well too. So, all and all things were looking up for planet Earth and its people. Not a small feat in such a short amount of time at all.

Sharon and Brenda were both in the tech room looking at the monitors when Riel and Leyla entered the room. It was late in the evening already and most of the other agents and alien scientists and tech people working there currently, had taken leave for the day. Times, their respective jobs and even the whole planet were changing. So too were the very lives of these four women, Human and alien alike. But they would now all be part of building a new and better Earth together. And that was the best job any of them could have asked for.

"So, anyone up for some pools and beer?" Riel asked the others as she was in the process of learning some well established Earth traditions herself.

"Beer? You?" Sharon snorted as the tall warrior had always preferred the more stout liquids.

"Yeah, it tastes really good." Riel smirked and looked at the giggling Leyla beside her.

"Well, that sounds like a great plan to me." Brenda stated and stretched herself. "Some good old fashioned R and R after a hard days work." She added and looked at Sharon fro acknowledgement of the same.

Sharon shrugged her shoulders and with a grin then replied. "Who am I to argue agains mob mentality!"

"Good! Then let's go!" Leyla told the others.

They all laughed and then, exited the building and towards their regular haunt to shoot some pool and have a few drinks and even more laughs. After all, they had certainly earned their nights off and leisure time after being part of the team saving Earth from invading pirates. Yep, things were certainly chaining for all of them and in a good way too.

THE END (for now)