A/N: This is when Hawks is the number three hero (so before we even meet him in canon). Enjoy!

Chapter One: Deager

"Hawks! Hawks!" The excited voice of one of her students brought Fuyumi Todoroki's attention to the other side of the playground. The little boy stood near the fence, waving his Hawks toy in the air as the hero himself soared high above, a look of intense concentration on his face. A red streak shot from Hawks' wings and pinned down a running burly man wearing a ski mask on the other side of the street. Fuyumi blinked as several feathers followed and one of them lifted up a purple purse that the man had stolen.

"Now, now. We need to set a good example to the younger generation and stealing from people is the opposite of that." Hawks landed next to the man and grabbed the purse, "I want you to stay there until one of my sidekicks comes to pick you up."

Their eyes were drawn to a woman running towards Hawks, gasping for breath, "Oh, thank you so much! I'm a huge fan!"

"Not a problem! I was in the area and thought I'd help out." He grinned, handing her the purse.

"Hawks! You shouldn't fly off like that!" His sidekick yelled, appearing from the crowd. Hawks waved him off.

"If I hadn't, then this criminal would have gotten away. I was lucky there weren't as many people around today."

"Hawks! Hawks!" Fuyumi smiled at the seven-year old trying to get Hawks' attention as she walked over to the boy.

"Asada, Hawks is very busy. But doesn't he look so cool with his red wings and how he took that villain down?" She asked, crouching down to his level. Asada nodded eagerly.

"He's the best hero out there! He gets the villains before they know he's there and he can fly!" Asada gestured as his grin grew, "He's the coolest!"

"He is one of the coolest heroes. What do you say when we go inside, you can draw him a picture and I'll help you mail it to his office? You can show him how much you appreciate him."

"But Ms. Fuyumi, I wanna meet him." Asada pouted with wide doleful eyes, clutching his toy to his chest. She could hear her resolve crumbling and sighed as she ruffled his head.

"We'll see if I can get his attention." She stood up and they looked towards where the criminal was being led away by one of Hawks' sidekicks, the hero himself nowhere to be found.

"Where is he?" Asada looked up at her.

"He must have moved on already. He is said to be too fast for his own good."

"I wanted to meet him." Asada grumbled as he frowned.

"I know, but he's probably off helping someone in need." Fuyumi said as she once again ruffled the top of his head. Asada sighed, but allowed her to lead him away from the fence.

"I am helping someone in need. I'm here to visit some of my fans." Asada gasped as he whipped around and gazed at the grinning face of the number three hero. Fuyumi stared at the red-winged hero in surprise. When had he gotten there?

"Hawks!" Asada breathed out in disbelief.

"The one and only. Was I correct in hearing that you think I'm the best hero? That's high praise, young man."

"You-you are! You're the best hero ever! You helped my mom when she was pushed in the street and almost got run over! All Might used to be my favorite, but now you are!" Asada's honesty pulled a laugh from the man.

"I rank higher than All Might? Such a bold statement from someone so young. Thanks, little guy!"

"You're the best!" Hawks' arrival hasn't gone unnoticed as more of the kids rushed over to see him. Fuyumi watched as he talked to each child with a quick smile and an easy answer. She glanced back at the school as the bell rang and frowned, wondering how she was going to get her students back to class. A loud clap brought her attention back to Hawks.

"Okay, youngins. That bell sounded like it was important and that you should be returning to your classroom." Groans filled the playground as Hawks golden eyes landed on her for a second, "You're lovely teacher is waiting for you. If you want to be successful heroes one day, you need to learn to obey the rules first. I believe in you all and I hope you are able to do what you want to do when you grow up. See ya!" In a flurry of red wings, Hawks vanished from sight. Fuyumi repressed a faint blush that had stolen across her cheeks at his statement.

"You heard the hero. Let's get inside, recess is over." With less reluctance than she expected, the kids filed in their line and trailed into the school as they chattered excitedly with one another. She smiled as she scanned the sky, following the kids inside. She would have never guessed it, but now she'd bet Hawks would make a good elementary school teacher.

Hawks landed silently on the roof of the building above an alleyway. Thick, heavy clouds covered the moon, allowing the night to cloak his red wings and his tan hero's outfit. One of his feathers detached from his back and skirted down the wall to the floor, swallowed up by the darkness as Hawks caught a faint whiff of rain hanging in the air. As sound vibrations touched his feather, allowing him to hear the conversation below, he closed his eyes to focus better.

"I'm telling you. This new drug will erase the quirk of a hero. We could use it against them and kill them before the quirk returns." A gruff voice growled.

"So the drug isn't permanent? That's almost pointless because heroes are never alone and they tend to travel in packs. Besides, would it even work on someone who's quirk is natural strength like All Might?" A steely voice refuted.

"It's condensed into a bullet so even if the quirk does come back, the shot will injure them. Why do you have to look into the nitty-gritty of things? Who cares if it doesn't work on All Might. It'll work on most of the other heroes who are fakers anyways." Gruff-voice huffed.

"I see you've adapted the ideology of Stain the Hero-killer" Steely-voice sneered, "Not that I care, but it would be nice to have a drug that worked on every hero out there. Let's get this over with." Hawks opened his eyes and shot eight feathers down in the darkness, four for each criminal. Muffled cursing accompanied two bodies hitting the floor. Hawks stepped off the roof and landed in the alleyway, knowing that he appeared to be an avenging angel to the two would-be criminals.

"You really shouldn't have secret conversations in an alleyway. It usually means you're up to no good and will make a hero question if he needs to arrest you or not."

"We haven't done anything! Why have you pinned us?" Gruff-voice snarled as he attempted to free himself from the feathers.

"Haven't done anything wrong? How curious. My information must have been wrong when I received word that two criminals, villain names Deager and Rocky, broke out of jail two weeks ago. And that they were last seen in contact with the Yakuza who were said to have found a way to temporarily erase quirks. Your earlier conversation didn't have anything to do with that. Or did it?" Hawks smiled brilliantly at them as he saw the blood drain from their faces.

"We-we don't know nothing about that." Rocky, formally dubbed Gruff, stuttered.

"Ah, a double negative. So you must mean that you know everything."

"I am not going back to jail!" Deager growled as he twisted his hand and touched Hawks' feather, a triumphant look on his face. Hawks tensed as he shot more feathers out, pinning the man's arms to the ground. He cursed himself for being careless, but blinked when nothing happened. Confusion covered Deager's face as Hawks remained the same.

"Why isn't it working?" He growled. The police siren blared as multiple cars turned the corner. Several police officers exited the cars and flanked Hawks.

"I have it under control, officers. If you'd cuff them and send them to jail, that'd be most appreciative. Preferably before it starts raining." The policemen saluted Hawks and within five minutes, both villains were in the back seats of the car and being driven to jail. Hawks gave his testimony and watched until the police cars drove away before shooting into the sky, reattaching his feathers. He jerked to a stop as a tingling feeling spread throughout his body and made him twitch. Coughing as his blood heated up, he wavered in the air as his wings spasmed and he jerkily fell into a backyard. He barely managed to avoid colliding with a small pond, but fell to his hands and knees in the grass as a raging inferno flowed through his veins, causing sweat to drip off of his skin like water.

"What's happening?" He muffled a scream as his body shook violently and he began to shrink. As quickly as the burning sensation had appeared, it disappeared, leaving him unsteady. He blinked and wiped the sweat from his forehead, shaking from the leftover phantom pains. He attempted to rise, but tripped on his pants. Hawks's knees collided once more with the ground and he stared at the too-big material. He'd been transformed into the body of a child. He struggled to kick his feet out of the pants and stood up. He blinked down as his shirt and coat fell to the middle of his thigh. Hawks tested his wings and found he could fly, but his strength had greatly diminished.

"H-Hawks?" A timid voice had him whipping around and grabbing two of his longest sword feathers to point at the threat. Hawks' narrowed eyes met Fuyumi Todoroki's wide ones.

"I was finishing up dinner when I saw you fall from the sky. Are you alright? What happened?" Hawks kept his feathers raised as his mind raced.

"I'm currently in a child's body and my limbs won't react properly. I could still fight if I needed to, but it would be risky. I do NOT need any villains to know that I've been de-aged. The reason Steely's quirk didn't work on me was because the feather that he touched wasn't attached to my body at that time. I transformed after the feather reattached. I don't think anyone else besides this woman saw me fall from the sky considering how dark it is." He blinked, refusing to show his panic, "Where can I go?"

Fuyumi watched as the mini-Hawks leveled his feathers at her and his face shut down, not revealing what he was thinking. A small pile of clothes bunched on the ground, but thankfully his shirt was just long enough to cover him. She had not expected to see the number three hero fall from the sky and land in her father's enormous backyard. She'd rushed out of her back door and saw him on the ground, shaking in pain as he stood up. At first, she'd thought he'd been on his knees, but after a couple of seconds, she'd realized he was smaller than normal.

Maybe startling a high-class hero hadn't been her best move, but he looked to be a little younger than the ages of her kids, prompting her to speak. She had no idea if his mental state had de-aged with his body, but the observant way he looked at her and how automatically he defended himself spoke otherwise.

"He must have a place to go, but I know that it can be dangerous for him to get there alone, especially if he's a child now. Should I call someone? Who?"

"Do you have someone I can call who can come get you?" She asked, crouching down to seem less of a threat. Hawks' golden eyes blinked at her as he searched her face. Slowly, he lowered his weapons and allowed them to reattach to his wings, shaking his head.

"Alright, do you have anywhere to go?" Again, Hawks shook his head no.

"Do you know if you're going to stay like this? Do you know if there's someone who can help you?" She waited for him to shake his head, but he pursed his lips and answered.

"I'll stay like this for up to four hours, depending on the time limit the villain set when he touched my feather." Hawks' voice had a softer and higher quality to it now. She expected it, but it still came as a surprise, "It'll wear off on its own, so there's no need to get help."

"I see." She reminded herself that even though Hawks looked like a child, mentally he was her age. Nonetheless, Fuyumi wanted to give him a hug and take him somewhere he'd be safe until he transformed back.

"You said you didn't have anywhere to go, does that mean you're going to stay out here for the night?" Fuyumi questioned, tilting her head. Hawks blinked at her before nodding. Where was his usual snark and sarcasm? Had reverting to a child scared him more than he'd admit?

"But you have an agency. Why don't you go there?"

"There's no need to worry about me. I'll manage fine on my own. The change of my body may take some getting used to, but I am not helpless like this." Hawks informed.

"I never meant to imply that you couldn't take care of yourself." Fuyumi blinked as a realization struck her, "You don't want to go to your agency and you don't want to alert any villains of your temporary condition. I don't think roaming the streets would be the best idea considering how unique your quirk is. If you want, you could stay here until you recover. I made enough dinner for two."

"Thank you, but I wouldn't want to burden you. I don't think Endeavor would appreciate my presence." Hawks shook his head.

"If that's what you're worried about, he's never home. He lives at his agency and rarely shows up here so there won't be anyone to see you like this. But if you don't want to stay here, I understand." She smiled at the miniature hero, "You're welcome to stay if you change your mind."

Hawks stared at her for several seconds before saying, "I'll stay."

Hawks watched, dressed in one of Fuyumi's nightgowns, as the woman bustled around the kitchen, putting food on two different plates and setting them on the table. As she returned to the kitchen to grab forks and two glasses of water, he noted how joyfully she went about her tasks.

"Is she really so lonely that my presence brightens her up this much?" Hawks wasn't stupid and recognized the hidden pleading in her eyes when she asked him to join her for dinner. He never thought he'd share the feeling of loneliness with the daughter of the number two hero. He refocused as she sat down with a small smile.

"Thanks for the food." Hawks clasped his hands together before grabbing his spoon and realizing how different it was to eat with a smaller hand.

"How did you know about the villain's quirk?" She asked.

"I was told when he broke out of jail and given his picture." He changed the subject, "I never knew Endeavour's daughter was a school teacher. How are the little kiddo's? I didn't excite them too much, did I?"

"They were more energetic for the rest of the day and when their parents came to get them, it was all they could talk about. I managed to reel them in by reminding them of what you said and had to tie in your hero skills to the lesson I was teaching them. When I did that, it was easy to hold their attention." She grinned at him.

"So I didn't mess up your teacher's plans too much? That's good to hear. Are there any kids that are usually rowdy?" He watched as Fuyumi snorted and wiped her mouth with her napkin.

"There are two trouble makers that managed to drag the other kids into their shenanigans," Fuyumi talked about her problematic children with a fond smile. She rarely got the opportunity to talk about her kids to anyone outside of work, and having someone show genuine interest about them made her smile grow. He asked clarifying questions about all of her kids and by the end of it, was shaking his head in slight bewilderment.

"How do you manage to keep them in line? It sounds like too much work."

"Too much work? Coming from a hero who's said to be too fast for his own good and stops more crimes than any other hero," She teased, taking a bite of food, "It takes patience when dealing with kids, especially with the ones who spend most of their time with their parents. They've had their quirk for around three years at that point, but it's still new and we have to teach them how to use it correctly along with giving them harder addition and subtraction problems to work on."

"Not multiplication and division? I think you should jump straight into algebra. Those little tykes seem intelligent enough to start on the hard equations." He grinned as she choked on her water, staring at him with wide eyes. He tried not to think about the fact that he looked like one of her students now.

"Algebra? Oh no, no, no. We start with addition and subtraction and then we move onto easier problems like Calculus." Hawks barked a laugh, pulling a tentative smile from Fuyumi.

"I've gotta say that I was impressed with how well you dealt with the kids. They fell into line and walked into the school without much prompting from you."

"You saw that?" A faint blush covered her cheeks, contrasting nicely, in Hawks opinion, with her hair. At his nod, she continued, "They've gotten to the point where they know I care for them and am attempting to teach them so it's easy to understand. I-" Fuyumi cut off as the front door slammed open and heavy, booted footsteps sounded in the hallway. They watched Endeavor pass in the hallway muttering to himself as he climbed the stairs to his office. Hawks looked at Fuyumi, wide-eyed.

"I thought you said he wouldn't come home." A hint of panic in his voice betrayed his unease. Fuyumi's face had paled to an unhealthy shade as she stared at the hallway, jaw halfway open.

"He's not supposed to be." She whispered, frozen in her seat. Shaking her head, she met his eyes, her eyes wide and her pupils dilated, "Just-just stay here. He-he won't stay long. He never does."

"FUYUMI! WHERE ARE MY FOLDERS?" Fuyumi scrambled up, almost knocking her chair to the floor in her haste, "I LEFT THEM ON MY DESK! WHERE ARE THEY?"

"D-did you look in your desk drawer? I haven't been in your office." She called up, voice wavering as she half-ran into the hallway. Angry muttering and drawers slamming echoed through the house as Fuyumi exchanged an uneasy glance with Hawks.

"Never mind, I found them." Endeavor growled as he stomped down the stairs, folders in hand.

"I'll save you some dinner-"

"I already ate." He walked past her and glanced briefly in the living room, freezing when he saw Hawks. Nobody said anything for a few heart stopping moments as Endeavor's mind registered what his eyes were telling him. Eerily quiet, he turned to Fuyumi and stared down at her.

"Um, I can-"

"Why," He cut her off, stepping towards her, "is there a child that looks like Hawks sitting at my dining table?" Fuyumi stumbled back as her father advanced, forcing her back into the living room.

"It's a little complicated-"

"I want you to explain to me why the child of the number three hero is SITTING AT MY TABLE!" Endeavor seethed as his flames burned brighter, "Did you mess around with Hawks behind my back? And since he decided not to take care of the kid, he dropped him off here? This is unforgivable! Get that kid out of my SIGHT! You are a disgrace to the Todoroki name!"