Fuyumi's eyes watered as her father glared at her. He thought she bore Hawk's kid and the hero left her? Did he think she'd be able to keep such a heavy secret for so long?

A flash of red obscured her father's face as the winged hero himself hovered in between them.

"You know, there's not many things I can think of that're more insulting than what you just uttered. Would you really abandon a child simply because your daughter didn't tell you of his existence?" Fuyumi couldn't see Hawk's facial expressions, but she did see her father blink in surprise. For him to make that kind of expression was akin to someone else taking a step backwards in surprise.

"I was not talking to you, kid." Endeavor growled.

"Too bad because I'm talking to you. Contrary to what you may think, I am not your daughter's kid. I am the number three hero, Hawks himself. I ran into Deager a little while ago and managed to get him to jail before transforming," Hawks folded his arms, "Now I know I'm absolutely adorable as a kid so couldn't you fawn over me like a regular person?" Fuyumi's eyes widened in shock at his flippant tone. How could he be making jokes in this kind of situation? Endeavor's eyes narrowed as his eyes flickered from the flying hero in front of him to his daughter who was unconsciously cowering behind Hawks.

"Why are you in my house? What's the full story?" He demanded, crossing his own arms. Fuyumi's eyebrows shot up, surprised that he seemed to believe them.

"There's not much to tell. I apprehended Deager and Rocky and the police drove them to jail. Deager touched one of my feathers before that, but nothing happened until I reattached it. I fell from the sky and landed in your backyard. Fuyumi saw me and invited me to stay until the quirk wore off. As soon as I revert back, I'll be out of here and no longer bothering the tranquility of your house." Hawks waved a hand back and forth.

"It's true. I saw him land and offered to let him stay here." Fuyumi peeked over Hawks' shoulder as she said this. As Endeavor opened his mouth, a ringtone filled the air, interrupting him. He frowned as he pulled out his cellphone and answered in a clipped tone, "What?"

Fuyumi observed as his frown deepened and he glared at Hawks. Hawks stayed in the air between him and his daughter, the wind from his wings gently blowing her hair back.

"He's fine. Hawks is in front of me right now. I'll explain when I get there," Endeavor paused, "Yes I got the files, I'll be there soon." He hung up.

Hawks spoke, "Don't tell them what happened to me until about four hours have passed. I don't need any villains getting a hold of my situation and taking advantage of it. Especially if your contact was correct and Deaged escaped."

"Stop listening to my phone conversations." Endeavor snapped, "Since Deaged has escaped, I'll allow you to hide here. Since you couldn't make sure the villains were properly put away, I'll do it for you." He snarled as he turned away and slammed the front door closed, causing Fuyumi to flinch.

"What a charming fellow." Hawks commented as he lowered himself so he was standing on the floor and turned to face Fuyumi.

"He-he's very busy being the number two hero." Fuyumi averted her eyes, unable to stand Hawks' gaze, "Shall we finish dinner?"

"We finished our meal just before Endeavor made his grand appearance." He gestured towards the two empty plates on the table.

"Oh, right. How-how about some ice cream? I could use some ice cream right now." She muttered as she collected the plates and placed them in the sink. Hawks followed her as she went to the freezer and pulled out vanilla and chocolate sugary treats. She pulled out two bowls, not noticing as Hawks washed the two plates and placed them in the dishwasher.

"Do you want chocolate, vanilla, or both?" She asked as she dug in a drawer for the ice cream scooper.

"Vanilla. Do you have any chocolate chips?" Hawks asked.

"It's on the door in the freezer." She said, scooping out the vanilla for him and taking both for herself. Hawks grabbed the chocolate chips and poured a generous amount in his bowl. When he looked at her and shook the bag, she nodded, prompting him to pour the chocolate in her bowl. Fuyumi put the ice cream and chocolate chips back and led the way to the couch.

"I hope you don't mind watching soap operas. We don't have many movies or channels." Fuyumi said, tucking her legs underneath her as she sat on the sofa.

"I think they're hilariously unrealistic." Hawks said, prompting a smile from Fuyumi.

"That's why I love them. They blow things out of proportion and it makes you realize your life isn't so bad or as dramatic. It's calming." Fuyumi shifted as she turned on the television, clearly uncomfortable with how vulnerable that made her sound.

"True. I tend to work more than I should to distract myself. It helps when I'm out there helping those who can't necessarily protect themselves." Hawks nodded as he dug into his ice cream, waiting for Fuyumi to choose a channel. Fuyumi slowly nodded back as she clicked the channel that showed one of her favorite soap operas. She knew she shouldn't be happy that Hawks was forced to stay here because he was more vulnerable in his child-like state, but she couldn't help herself. It was wonderful to have the company of someone who was as engaging as Hawks. Fuyumi tried not to think that as soon as Deaged's quirk ran out, he'd be gone and out of her life, just like the rest of her family members.

Hawks started dozing midway through the second episode. He blamed the good food and his child-like body for being unable to stay awake in such an odd situation. He also blamed the calming sound of raindrops hitting the roof and sides of the house.

Hawks jerked awake a couple hours later as thunder clashed overhead. He flung the pillow to the floor, startling a small scream from Fuyumi as he rapidly stood up. A sharp ache reverberated through his body, causing him to fall on his hands and knees as everything around him shrunk. He blinked the black spots from his vision, realizing he'd returned to his normal height. Hawks grabbed the blanket on the back of the couch to cover himself, looking with wide eyes at Fuyumi's shocked expression. It wasn't the most pleasant way to wake up, but he's experienced worse before.

"You-you're back! Let me go get your clothes." Fuyumi hastened up and rushed out of the room. Hawks fiddled idly at a thread in the blanket as the growing pain faded, waiting for her to come back. Glancing at the clock revealed that it was after midnight. Fuyumi ran into the room with his clothes and set them on the couch next to him.

"I'll be in the other room, please excuse me." With a red-tinted face, she bowed to him and left the room. Hawks changed as quickly as he could, taking a small moment to fold her gown before he put his jacket over his shoulder. Another fierce rumbling shook the house as he walked into the other room where Fuyumi sat in the kitchen, her shoulders slumped and eyes downcast.

"Thank you for helping me. I appreciate it." Hawks said as he placed the gown on the counter next to her. She startled at his voice and looked up with a sad smile.

"Of course. Even heroes need assistance from time to time. I'm glad I was able to help you." Her smile became more genuine as she spoke. His eyes roved her face, noticing her wide eyes the small, lonely twitch of her lips.

"If you don't mind, could I-" Hawks cut off as he swiftly turned and placed himself between the door and Fuyumi, sword feathers already in his hand. The front door slammed open and a soaking Endeavor stomped inside, stopping short when he registered a dozen feathers floating in front of him, aimed at his vitals.

"Put these flimsy feathers away, number three hero." He sneered, eyes burning a hole in Hawks. The bird-man straightened and called the feathers back, keeping his two sword feathers in his hands.

"You didn't catch Deager, did you?" Hawks blinked, causing Endeavor to snarl at him.

"He'll be behind bars by the time the sun rises if I have anything to say about it. If his quirk has finished affecting you, get out of my house!" He stomped upstairs, followed by a trail of steam as his angry fire dried the rain water from his clothes.

"Will it be safe for you to fly during a thunderstorm?" Fuyumi questioned, a loud crack of thunder augmenting her words.

"I'll be fine. Plus I need to catch Deager and I think my quirk would be perfect for finding a hiding villain. I've found him once before, I can find him again. But before that, here." Hawks pulled out one of his smallest feathers and placed it in her hand.

"What's this for?" She asked.

"Just a small thank you for taking care of me when I needed it. If you ever need help, hold onto it and I'll come help you. Now let me get out of here before Endeavor physically tosses me in the rain." He gave her a playful wink before he disappeared out the door, shutting it with his feathers.

A torrent of rain welcomed him as lightning flashed in the sky. He flew away from the Todoroki residence and within minutes, landed on one of the tallest buildings in the city. Crouching down, ever thankful that he had natural oil to protect his feathers from the rain, he used his quirk and distributed most of his feathers all over the city, searching for Deagers voice. The rain made it difficult to pick up sounds and vibrations in the air, but he wasn't the number three hero for nothing. With the rain soaking in his clothes, he stayed motionless on top of the building for several minutes before flying to another section of town and trying again. An hour passed in this manor as his feathers traveled around the city and even into buildings, searching for Deager. The lightning crashed around him and the thunder rolled, but as he worked, the storm passed, leaving light rainfall. His eyes flickered westward as one of his feathers deciphered a familiar voice. Calling most of his feathers back, he took off, shivering slightly from the cold as he sped through the rain to the top of another building, above another alleyway. What was it with villains and alleyways?

"That cursed hero! Why didn't he transform when I touched one of his feathers? I was lucky he didn't follow the police cars to jail. It's unfortunate that I had to leave Rocky behind, but it's better that one of us is out than both of us in jail," Deager growled as he dug through a trash can, "Where did we put those bullets? I thought for sure it was in one of these trash cans." Hawks waited patiently above, letting Deager do all the work in finding the bullets so he wouldn't have to. The villain moved on to the next trash can, muttering to himself, unaware of the hero above him.

"I didn't know he was the type of man to talk to himself when he was alone. Still, I'm glad he is because it made it much easier to find him." Hawks thought. The villain below him made a triumphant sound.

"Finally, I found them. This stupid rain made it difficult, but it also helped me evade many of the heroes. I cannot believe that Endeavor is searching for me." The villain shuddered as he started walking towards the exit of the alleyway. Hawks leaped off the edge of the building and released several of his feathers as he fell. By the time he landed on the ground, the villain was once more pinned to the ground. Hawks made sure that the villain's hands were away from his feathers before he walked forward, ignoring the curses that exploded from the caught villain's mouth.

"Now, that was kind of you to lead me to where you stashed the bullets. Do you know how inconvenient it was for me to wait in the storm for you to find them? Look at my clothes, they're soaked. I want you to be a good little villain and this time go to jail where you belong. I'll be following you this time to make sure you make it. Or, I'll fly you there myself. How does that sound?" Hawks grinned as he pinned the villain's hands behind his back with his feathers. He took the case with the bullets in them and placed them in his pocket. He rose in the air, thankful the rain had slowed to a drizzle and flew to the nearest police station, the villain flying behind him via one of his feathers. He couldn't stop his grin when he dropped off the villain at the police station and the officers gawked at him.

"I figured since I didn't follow through the first time, I'd make sure Deager was behind bars this time." His comment had the police force spurring into action as they grabbed the villain and placed him in handcuffs.

"Thank you Hawks. We appreciate you apprehending the villain after we failed to do so ourselves." The chief of police, Kenji Tsuragamae, bowed to him.

"Not a problem! It's hard to track anyone in a thunderstorm. I'm just lucky that he likes to talk to himself. Now, if you'll excuse me, I don't want to be here when Endeavor inevitably comes crashing through your doors. Bye~." Hawks waved to them, making a scene to secretly pass the case of bullets to the canine chief. He didn't want to make it public knowledge that the police force had custody of the quirk erasing bullets. The chief nodded his thanks, tucking the case inside his suit discreetly.

Hawks walked outside and launched himself into the air. He could get home in a couple of minutes and sleep the rest of the night. As he landed on his balcony attached to his agency's building, he felt the feather he'd given Fuyumi be touched. He froze, paying attention to his feather and the information the vibrations were sending him. He'd given her one feather, that unless it was directly touched, he couldn't 'hear' what was going on around it. He closed his eyes and tilted his head, wondering why she was touching it only an hour or so since he left. He froze when he realized what she was doing. A small grin crept on his lips as he opened his eyes and set about removing his wet clothes. He couldn't stop humming as he showered to warm himself up before climbing in bed. Tomorrow, he may have to pay a visit to a certain white and red haired school teacher.

The next morning was met with a groggy Fuyumi as she stumbled out of bed to get ready for the school day. She groaned, rubbing her eyes as she trudged down the stairs to make breakfast. She rarely stayed up that late during the school week, but she couldn't bring herself to regret it. It was the first time she hadn't felt completely alone since Natsuo left to live in his college dorms. Too bad she'd never have the chance to properly thank the hero for cheering her up.

Enji stomped down the stairs a few minutes later, carrying his work bag and startling Fuyumi.

"Good morning father." She said, heart jumping to her throat. Why was he still home? She'd thought he'd left a few minutes after Hawks did the night before.

"That stupid, feathered-" Enji muttered as he walked by and ripped the fridge open, "Gets himself caught in another's quirk, stays out of the fighting for a couple hours, then decides to show me up and catch the bad guy by himself. And he didn't even TELL me! I've been searching all night for someone who was already in jail." He pulled out several protein shakes and stuffed them in his bag before turning around.

"H-Have a good day, father." Fuyumi muttered, buttering her toast and not expecting him to respond back. The silence in the wake of her comment had her turning around and finding Enji staring at her from the doorway. She grew nervous when he didn't respond and she couldn't read his facial expression. He glanced to the side, before saying,

"Thank you, Fuyumi. Have a good day at work." He turned around and walked out the door before she could respond. Not that she would have been able to with how shocked she was. Her day considerably brighter, she ate her food, grabbed her purse, and locked the door behind her.

She hummed softly as she walked a couple of blocks to the school and set up her classroom for the day. Fuyumi gently reached up and under her hair, where she'd braided Hawks' feather late last night. She didn't want to risk placing it in her purse and crushing the feather. Her pocket would have resulted in crushing it as well. She'd figured, since her hair had red running through it, even if the feather showed, people would assume it was a red part of her hair. The feather was tucked in her locks, under her mane of hair as much as possible and it was within easy reach. The perfect solution.

And if she was honest with herself, she knew she found Hawks to be attractive and the romantic in her loved the idea of carrying something of his with her wherever she went. Not that she ever wanted Hawks to know that she kept his feather in her hair, but what he didn't know wouldn't kill him, would it? She'd be so embarrassed if he ever found out.

She readied her classroom, preparing it for the kids. A knock from her window had her looking over and she couldn't stop the blush that overcame her face.

Hawks' face was visible from her window, grinning at her as he waved. She hurried over and unlatched the window, thankful that it faced the back of the school so no one would see the winged hero.

"Hawks, hello. What are you doing here?" She asked, flustered.

"Good morning to you as well, Fuyumi. I woke up and decided to fly around for a bit. Imagine my surprise at seeing you from the window. I thought I'd stop by and say hello." He grinned at her, eyes flickering to the side of her head. He stepped forward, glancing around her organized classroom.

"Oh, really? I thought this part of town was one you rarely visited?" She said, her eyebrow raised.

"What's this? Does someone know my routine? Have you been watching me?" He asked, his grin widening. Her own eyes widened at his statement.

"That's- No- Some of my kids think you're the best so they tell me where you patrol. They're the ones obsessed, not me." She waved her hands in front of her.

"And yet, you remember what they say. I'm honored." He dramatically placed one hand on his chest before tilting his head, "Say, do my eyes deceive me or do you have my feather in your hair?"

Her hands flew up to her hair, touching the strands, wondering if the feather was that noticeable, "It-it seemed like the perfect place to put it!" She sputtered.

"The perfect place? In your hair? And why is that?" He moved to lean against the wall, his beautiful golden eyes never leaving hers.

"B-because this way it won't get ruined in my purse or my pocket. It's within easy reach so if I did get in a sticky situation, it's right where I need it." She'd never blushed so hard in her life as in that moment. It didn't help that Hawks' whole face seemed to soften at her admission, his eyes as unguarded as she's ever seen them.

"I see. Well,-" He straightened in an instant, the almost unnoticeable guarded look back, "I'll see you later. Have a blast taking care of your kiddo's." He waved at her, bent his knees and took off, disappearing into the sky. She watched, confused at his sudden departure when a knock sounded at her door.

"Come in!" She called, stepping away from the window and turning to see Tensei Iida wheel his way into the room.

"Sorry to bother you Fuyumi, but the principal thought it would be a good idea for me to help you out today." He said, giving her a small smile. She smiled back, clasping her hands together.

"That's great. I know the kids love hearing your stories. I think it's wonderful whenever you get assigned to my classroom." She grinned.

"Ah, so you only like me here because I entertain your kids. Good to know." He nodded, solemnly.

"Yes, that is clearly the only reason I want you here." She agreed, nodding back. Both broke out in laughter as she walked towards him, flicking him on the forehead. "You know I value your friendship. You've helped me through so much since you started working here a couple of months ago."

"And you've helped me accept my fate," He glanced down at his paralyzed legs as he said this, "Honestly, I would have likely given into despair if you hadn't been there. I'm glad I was in the right place at the right time."

"I'm glad I was sleep-deprived so I said what I said." Fuyumi smiled gently down at him. Even if she'd acted out of character that day, she couldn't regret it. Tensei has been a light to her that helped her forget, if only for a little while, that her life wasn't as perfect as she'd like to believe.

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