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Chapter 1: Let's Go To Pallet Town!

"So May will you be coming along with me to Pallet Town?" Ash asked his new traveling female friend. "Of course! I'd love to see what it's like over in the Kanto region and I'd like to meet Prof. Oak and your mom as well!" May answered him.

One year had passed since that night Ash and May conversed under the starry sky and May had planted a kiss on his cheek. May was now 11 who still had that night fresh in her mind. Ash, now 14, still acknowledged that night as well, but being Ash, he had other things on his mind that distracted him from thinking about it much.

Every day May spent with Ash made her infatuation grow as he taught her everything he knew about being a Pokemon trainer. He was everything to her. Her teacher, her friend, her protector, her supporter, her first love. Before she met Ash, May had never considered falling for someone who was into Pokemon since she was never really interested back when she was first starting out as a rookie trainer. Nevertheless there she was, falling in love with a Pokemon Master.

"Alright then let's get going!" Ash, and Pikachu led the way towards the dock where the three of them would catch the ship leading to Kanto. May's little brother had decided to go back to Petalburg City and become their father's apprentice to becoming the new gym leader. Brock had decided to go back to Pewter again having to deal with more family affairs. It was only Ash, Pikachu and May. That was the way May liked it.

As the ship set sail, May went out onto the deck. She placed her hands on the railing and took in the scent of the ocean. "Ahh, smell that salt air!" A nice breeze blew against her and she took off her bandana to allow the wind to comb through her brown hair.

Ash came out along with Pikachu at his side and saw May enjoying the cruise. Her eyes were closed as the wind blew gently against her. A smile graced her face. She looked so serene, a warm smile formed on Ash's face as he watched her. 'She looks so peaceful, I love seeing her when she's like this. It sort of relaxes me too.'

May looked out at the ocean. The water shimmered as the sun's light hit it. "Wow, it's so beautiful!"

"It sure is." May hadn't noticed Ash had walked up behind her and was taken by surprise. She lost her balance and slipped on the deck that was wet from the ocean water splashing onto it.

"Pika!" Pikachu called out. "Wa!" Ash made a quick move to prevent her from falling and grabbed her by her slim waist. May responded by wrapping her arms around his neck, clutching him close. "Chaa." Pikachu sighed in relief.

"Are you okay May?" Ash asked as he brought her back up to her feet, although still had his arms loosely around her waist. May loosened her grip on Ash still not realizing the position the two of them were in. "Yeah, thank you Ash." She said with a blush appearing across her cheeks. They both soon realized where their arms were and quickly pulled away blushing a deep crimson.

"Um, sorry about that." They both said at the same time. They paused for a moment, "Jinx!" the two of them said to each other. She gave a small giggle, he chuckled softly.

The ship had finally arrived to their destination. Ash, Pikachu and May started traveling down the road to Pallet. "Almost home, I can't wait to see my mom again, how about you Pikachu?"

"Pika!" Pikachu said cheerfully. May smiled at the two. "You'll like my mom, May. She's a nice person and easy to get along with, her cooking is great too."

"I like her already!" May piped.

The three had ended up on top of a hill where they were able to see Pallet Town. "Home sweet home!" Ash cried out as he observed his hometown with Pikachu on his shoulder and May at his side. "Come on I'll race you May!"

"You're on!" Ash then took off. As May began running she then paused. "Wait a minute, I don't even know where you live!"

Ash had sprinted off so fast that May had no idea where he had gone off to. 'Great I lost him, now what do I do? I don't know my way around this town. Well, since it's a small town I guess everyone living here would no where he lives.' She started off towards the direction of the small town to find out where Ash's house was.

"Hey Mom I'm home!"


Mrs. Ketchum ran up to her son at the door. She smiled and patted Pikachu on top of his head. "I've missed you Pikachu!"

"Wa!" Ash collapsed to the ground. "Oh, Ash it's good to see you too honey."

Mr. Mime came up behind Mrs. Ketchum and tugged on her sleeve to remind her of somehing. "Mime!"

"Oh I almost forgot, I have a surprise for you Ash!"

"Really? What?" Mrs. Ketchum only wagged her finger at him. "Uh-uh, you'll have to wait and see sweetie! But until you do, could you run an errand for me?"

"Sure Mom, what is it?"

"I just need you to pick up something for me at the market." Mrs. Ketchum said with a sort of mischievous look on her cheerful face.

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