"Have you seen Phoebe?" Prue asked Piper a little after lunch
"No, why should she show her face, you humiliated her Prue." Piper said icily
"But she did the same thing to me!" Prue protested
"Yes she did, but she did it in the backyard, not in front of the entire school." Piper said
"But.but.it's payback." Prue said weakly
"No Prue, you crossed that line, that was just cruel." Piper said. She took a deep breath, "And if I were you; which I'm not 'cause I'd never do that, but if I were you I'd go to the nurses office where Phoebe is and apologize."
"You said you didn't know where she was."
"You may have no compassion Prue Halliwell, but I do. I followed her and explained that you did not hate her and were just being a selfish wench."
"You explained it like that?" Prue asked
"No, but I could have and it would be true."
"I get it Piper, I'm on my way."

"Is my sister Phoebe here?" Prue asked the nurse
"TELL PRUE I HATE HER!" Phoebe yelled from one of the rooms
"She hates you, and yes she's in the that room, but as you can probably tell she's mad at you right now." The nurse said
Prue nodded and walked into the room.
Phoebe was curled on the bed, she was breathing in heaving sobs. The front of her shirt was covered in food and there were pieces of food in her hair.
"Phoebe I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."
"I don't care! I hate you!" Phoebe yelled
"Phoebe, breath, you're going to make yourself sick."
As if on cue Phoebe suddenly spit up whatever she'd eaten before the mishap into a trash can near the bed.
"Phoebe! Stop! Breath! Calm down!" Prue ordered
Prue reached out to pull Phoebe into her arms, and to her surprise Phoebe fell into them willingly.
"I hate you Prue." Phoebe said softly as she clung to the safety of her big sister
"I know Phoebe, calm down okay, I'm sorry."
Phoebe hiccoughed, "I want to go home."
"Would you like that? We'll get you cleaned up and then we'll do something just you and me.how does that sound?" Prue asked gently
Phoebe just nodded her head and gripped Prue tighter.
Prue smiled a little, Phoebe had been so angry, now it looked like she just wanted to sleep.
"Phoebe I can't carry you this way, you have to get up a little."
Phoebe nodded again and moved so Prue could carry her. The crying had exhausted her.
"I'm taking her home, she threw up in there." Prue said to the nurse
The nurse noted Phoebe clinging to Prue, "I thought she hated you."
"Do you have a baby sister?" Prue asked
"Can't say I do."
"It's a sister thing, kind of hard to understand if you're not in the loop I guess." Prue explained
The nurse smiled, "I'll sign her out for you."
"Thanks.oh, and can you tell Piper that we went home?" Prue asked
"Is that another sister?"
"The middle one, yeah. Thanks again."

When Phoebe woke up the first thing she felt was a warm blanket over her and someone gently stroking her hair. Phoebe snuggled in deeper and wrapped her arms around Prue's waist.
"Hey sleepy head." Prue said gently
Phoebe looked up at her big sister, "Do we hate each other now?" Phoebe asked timidly