"Sink 'til you float…" Pyke grunted, slightly down-trodden as he waved to the blue-haired doll, watching as an absurdly bright light engulfed the group of soaked sentinels. Finally found a crew worth sticking by, and they were leaving him like yesterday's chum. His face drooped, and the small one, Rookie they had called him, scrutinized Pyke's face one last time before they were shirked off Bilgewater using some sort of magic, leaving Pyke alone on the empty dock.

Or at least, they would've had his leg not been within the boundaries of the Wayfinder's light, meaning he too was caught by the magic of the Wayfinder.

In the blink of an eye, his surroundings changed from the slowly retreating Harrowing of Bilgewater to a large room made of white and black rock. Several lanterns dawned with white flame lighting the atmosphere. And in the center of the cave-like space was a stone map of Runeterra in its entirety. He was used to his maps having fishing spots, warnings, and tides, but it was no doubt a map in of itself.

"So, how'd everyone like ol' Bilgewater. Quite the spot, ain't it?" One of the bearded ones, Graves, said, hefting his shotgun onto his shoulder. "We'll have to do it again sometime. Except, maybe without the ol' Harrowing and whatnot."

"Absolutely not." Diana interjected rather quickly, her face wrinkling in disgust at the mere suggestion. "You would see me scale Targon thousands of times before I ever willingly return there."

The blue-haired girl who seemed awfully lovely to Pyke, Gwen, nodded in agreement. "Me, too. The lady, Miss Fortune, was terribly rude to us all. I wouldn't mind seeing that Pyke fellow again, however. His demeanor was rather charming." So she said, which gave Pyke the feeling they hadn't noticed him yet.

"Charming? How about sketchy? We'd of been in big trouble had he mistaken one of us to be on his 'list,' or whatever." The lady with the crossbow, Vayne muttered. "Pretty sure he didn't have a pulse."

"Well, it's over and dealt with now. Be happy that you never have to see that murderer again." The darker woman who carried a gun as long as she was tall, Senna, spoke as she leaned her rifle against the map.

"Beggin' your pardon, Missus…" He growled, a little hurt by her words. "I happen to be right here."

They all flinched as his sea-floor low voice echoed through the room, several weapons raised as they all faced him. "WHAT THE HELL?!" Vayne yelled, her crossbow pointing right between his eyes.

"Why is that thing here?!" The woman with flying blades and black hair said. Pyke hadn't caught her name quite yet, which some could argue was a good thing.

Pyke frowned, his hand instinctively inching towards his harpoon, which had been sheathed on his side. "Listen, girl. I didn't ask to be brought along with you all." He grunted lowly. "Not that I mind either."

"Does anyone know why this thing was brought with us?" Senna asked openly, though she pointed her gaze at Rookie, who seemingly shrunk under her eyes.

"I'm not a thing, you know. My name's Pyke, alright?" The revenant corrected, spitting his own name rather aggressively.

"He must've been in the Wayfinder's field of magic. At least, that's my best guess." The Rookie said, bringing their hands up defensively.

"Well then, get Pyke here, back to Bilgewater!"

Lucian, one of the few people who hadn't raised his weapon, finally interjected. "And how do we do that?"

"I dunno, just do it!" Senna shouted again, and Pyke's hand inched closer and closer to his harpoon.

Thought they were a trustworthy crew, yet half of 'em are ready to blast my head off.

"Now, Senna, let's think this through, shall we?" Lucian tried to reason, but Senna wasn't having it.

"What, Lucian?! What else are we supposed to do with a homicidal ghoul who can't die!"

Pyke grit his teeth at her words. "I'm right here, god-dammit. Quit talkin' like I can't understand you!"

"Yes, Pyke. I'm sorry about my wife, though I'm sure you can understand why she's not exactly fond of you." Lucian apologized, to which Senna gave him a hurt look.

Pyke only grunted in acknowledgment, dropping his hand from his side and off the handle of his blade. It's not like they could shoot me anyway.

"Now Senna, I know it sounds crazy, but what if we turn Pyke here into a sentinel? We've already seen that he can take one hell of a hit and not go down, right? So, if we come up against a massive horde of ghouls, that just eliminated the odds of any of us getting hurt, right?"

"But Lucian, he's not stable! What if he mistakes one of us for a ghoul? Who's gonna stop him then?" Senna argued, crossing her arms as she stared up at her husband like he was stupid.

Once more, Pyke interjected. "Never killed or hurt someone who wasn't on the list. And I only got one more name on it."

Senna, for the first time since she noticed him, looked him in his ghastly green eyes. "And that's Viego, right?" Pyke nodded, studying her expression as she did the same. Finally, after what felt like an hour, she sighed. "Fine. Gwen, get him suited up to be a Sentinel."

Gwen clapped with glee as Pyke's eyes flicked over to her. "Nice to see you again after so long, girlie." He joked, standing tall for the first time since they had met him, to which everyone realized just how hulking of a man he was. Well over six foot, arms that looked like tree trunks, and a back as wider than an average door-frame, it was almost mind-blowing to think that he was the same man who had been hopping from wraith to wraith with unmatched agility.

"You too, Mister Pyke!" She giggled back, skipping over to him, once more reinstating that he was a behemoth in his own right, dwarfing the doll's frame as she stood next to him. "I'm absolutely certain you will look ravishing in gold!" She cheered as she lead him into the changing room.

"Dunno what you're talkin' about. Ain't nothin' ravishin' 'bout me." He grunted, but he followed her without complaint.

As the excited voice of Gwen died off in the hall, Senna sighed wistfully, already regretting her decision. "Well, at the very least, Gwen seems to be happy about the decision." Lucian joked, wrapping his arm around his wife comfortingly.

"If he kills anyone, I'm blaming you, got that?" She said plainly, though she still leaned into his chest.

"Wouldn't expect anything less, honey."

She sighed again.

Either she was making the biggest mistake or single-handedly winning the war against Viego by letting Pyke join them.

Time would only tell.

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