Chapter Seven

"My Lord," Harry nodded to the Death Eater, not that they were officially called that anymore, who bowed to him before walking off with his instructions leaving Harry in his office. Settling back into his seat he absently stroked his hand over his now significantly swollen stomach, their baby growing strong and healthy inside of him.

He was a little shocked by the sense of accomplishment he had with benign pregnant. He had had thoughts of how possessive Voldemort was, and the idea of Harry carrying his baby had appealed to that possessive side, he had not considered the fact that his own possessiveness would flare up, and the knowledge that he was carrying Voldemort's baby, that he was carrying his heir, and it was visible that he was fulfilling the unspoken part of his role as his partner.

He was enjoying being pregnant more than he thought he would be as well, a number of Voldemort's...staff had mentioned how he was glowing, that he was floating around, and it did indeed feel as though he was in a dream. It helped of course that he had the best health care, best healers, best potions that money could buy and Voldemort could track down.

Humming contentedly Harry stood and made his way to his rooms to change for his next appointment, pulling on the simply stunning robes that he had tailored for himself, the drape of the robes falling off his stomach perfectly. He drifted around what had been his bedroom when he had first been brought here putting the finishing touches to his outfit, ensuring that the necklace he never took off was sitting perfectly over his robes, making sure that the stunning diamond bracelet that Voldemort's had bought him for Christmas was on. The sleeves of his robes were three-quarter length and flowing, the silver fabric of the robes contrasting starkly with the tattoo on his arm that Voldemort had gifted him with all those months ago.

His life had changed so much since he had been brought here, there was nothing in his life that would have been recognisable to that person that had been kneeling on the floor of Private Drive bleeding out, and partially not really bothered that he was dying.

Voldemort had offered to have the scar on his shoulder healed but Harry had refused, he wanted to keep it as a reminder for the moment in his life that everything had changed, as a reminder for when he got that slight flash of guilt for the choices he had made at why he had 100% made the right choice. As a reminder when he felt a little bad at the thought of the Order members that Voldemort was holding in a cell somewhere, which they both pretended Harry did not know about.

He also kept it as a reminder of the start of everything wonderful in his life, the start of the dream he was living in. It was a visible sign of the life that he was living, a visible moment in time where everything had changed and he was rewarded for everything that he had gone through with a life that he would not change for anything in the world.

Pulling on his shoes he left his room and made his way down to the ballroom, smoothing his hand over his stomach with a smile as the baby moved around as though sensing his excitement. He and Voldemort had decided not to find out the sex of the baby, they wanted it to be a surprise, both of them agreeing that they didn't care whether it was a boy or a girl, as long as the baby was strong and healthy, that was all that mattered, the baby would be loved by them. One month longer was all that they had to wait until they were able to hold their baby in their arms, and neither of them could wait.

Voldemort turned and his bright red eyes locked on Harry as his young lover walked into the ballroom. He looked perfect, something out of his dreams as he walked towards him, the proof of the love that they held for each other in his swollen stomach, protecting and growing their baby. His green eyes were nearly glowing as he walked towards him, his hand reaching out for Voldemort's outstretched one, eyes that Voldemort could almost fall into as he gazed into them.

His pale skin was nearly glowing, and the smile on his face spoke of how content and happy he was, he looked as though he would not want to be anywhere else, and it was a look that Voldemort had never thought would be directed at him by anyone, never mind by this amazing man who he thanked mother magic every day for being gifted into his life. His full red lips which had swollen just a little with his pregnancy were smiling brightly at him and his small hand slipped into his, holding onto it tightly as a look of what could only be pure love spread over his face as Voldemort kissed his hand, and then pressed a gentle kiss to the tattoo that he had purposefully displayed with his outfit.

Those around them kept their eyes lowered respectfully as the two of them greeted each other with a gentle kiss before they stepped on either side of them as Harry and Voldemort stood in front of the Druid waiting for them with a warm smile.

"Given the nature of this wedding, and the reason that we are here, I will skip the normal speech. Love is the reason that we are here today, and love is the reason that the two of you are bound together. The two of you have made a choice to say your vows to each other here, and these vows are for the two of you only. You have chosen to bind your lives together and to bind your souls together. Please face each other and hold hands, Lord Voldemort, if you will say your vows," The druid smiled.

Facing each other there was not a hint of nerves in their faces as they joined hands with their free hands as well. Voldemort looked down at Harry for a beat before saying his vows.

"Harry, I promise to love you for the rest of my life, I never thought that it was an emotion that I would ever be able to feel, and I do not think that I would be able to love anyone but you, a thousand lifetimes you would be the only person for me. You are the brightness in my life, my joy and my heart, and I know how lucky I am that you gave me the chance to love you. I will never let you down, and I will always protect you. I also want to live a life with you. Just one life. I am going to give up the last of the extended life that I made for myself, and I want to grow old with you,"

Harry's eyes widened at the declaration, and his hands tightened around his. It wasn't something that they had discussed, and it wasn't something that Harry had been particularly concerned about except to hope that their children would be enough to support Voldemort for one Harry was no longer with him, but he had not expected Voldemort to make this choice, to stay with him and choose to live one lifetime with him. But looking into those warm red eyes that smiled only for him, the lips that had kissed him probably a million times now and he hoped would kiss him a million more, he didn't doubt his lover's surety about this choice.

"I know that I was meant for you, and you were meant for me, however long that we have together I will be happy. I know that we are going to be blessed with a happy life, a large family and a long future because I know that you won't allow anything else. I love you more than anything else Voldemort, and you will always have my heart, my body and my soul. Binding myself to you utterly and completely is what I want more than anything else, and I want to spend the rest of my life making sure that you are happy. Getting to live a lifetime with you, that is all I want. Thank you for rescuing me, thank you for loving me, and I am ready for the rest of our lives together," Harry beamed at him as he said his vows, changing them up just slightly in reaction to Voldemort's own.

"Do you both come here willingly?" The Druid asked.

"We do,"

"Do you promise to bind your lives, souls and bodies together for the rest of your lives?"

"We do,"

"Do you promise to love, honour and be faithful to each other?"

"We do,"

"Place your rings on each other's hands," The two of them exchanged rings before they stood as the Druid bound their hands together tightly in the white material that Harry had sewn, embroidered and prepared for today. "As this fabric binds you together, your lives are bound together. From this day forward you will be as one,"

Voldemort leant down and kissed Harry before the druid could even say the words, his new husband laughing merrily into his mouth as he squeezed their joined hands and kissed back happily.

"Congratulations my Lords," Abraxus bowed to them.

"Congratulations my Lords," Fred and George grinned at them.

"Thank you," Harry beamed brightly at them, no one could doubt how happy he was in this moment.

"May I present to you Lords Slytherin-Potter," The Druid announced.


The Dark Lord of Britain hovered around them, his red eyes burning as he dared them to make a wrong move. To give them their due the Healers completely ignored him, focusing on their patient instead as he laboured away to give birth to their child.

"You are nearly there my Lord," The lead healer encouraged and Harry nodded before bearing down and with one great push delivered their first child. Almost immediately the room filled with the cries of the baby, their lungs clearly powerful as they cried.

The Healers whisked the baby away to run checks and do everything that they needed for them, while the other healers concentrated on Harry, healing him and making sure that there were no complications as he sank exhausted back into his pillows.

The room that they had set up for the baby's birth was the best of the best, of course, the bed luxuriously comfortable with all the best charms on the bed to make everything as easy as possible on Harry during the process.

Voldemort swept over and took Harry's hand, squeezing it tightly as the cries of their baby filled the room. The healers finished up with what they needed to do and brought the tiny bundle over to the two waiting parents.

"Congratulations my Lords, you have a beautiful baby girl," The healer beamed passing her to Harry who quickly ran a check over the baby, making sure that she had all her fingers and toes, making sure that she was alright. Seeing that she was Harry settled her gently against his bare chest as her crying stopped and she settled against him, rubbing her delicate little cheek into the skin of his chest.

"Thank you," Harry smiled tiredly at the Healers who all bowed to them.

"It was our pleasure to be involved in the birth. We are right next door if you need anything, we have charms up to monitor the both of you for the next few hours, but we will leave you alone," the lead healer said before they turned to leave the new parents alone with their little girl.

"She is perfect!" Voldemort breathed out with awe as he settled onto the bed next to Harry on the bed, looking down at the little girl with what Harry could only say was love in his eyes.

"So perfect," Harry sighed happily as he rubbed her little back, cuddling her, unable to believe that he finally had her in his arms, unable to believe that she was here.

"Our Elizabeth," Voldemort smiled contently taking her hand and rubbing his thumb over it.

"Do you want to hold her?" Harry asked, smiling at his lover.

"What if...what if I hurt her, I have...I am not very good at being gentle," Voldemort grimaced.

"You have been gentle with me, and I happen to think that you're very good at it," Harry smiled and held out their daughter to him, watching his husband take her in his arm with the utmost care, holding her as though she were made of glass as he looked down into her beautiful eyes.

"Did you see that Harry?" Voldemort gasped looking up with wide, happy red eyes.

"I saw, our little witch," Harry smiled tiredly but proudly. Elizabeth's magic had flared out for a second, clearly recognising her father's magic and presence.

"She is so perfect Harry," Voldemort breathed out, looking back down at her, unable to take his eyes away from her.

"Thank you," Harry yawned.

"Thank me? You did all the hard work, for the last nine months, never mind the last five hours," Voldemort huffed.

"You gave me her, you gave me this life, you made me happy," Harry settled back onto the bed.

"Here," Voldemort carefully pressed their daughter back into Harry's arms and he settled back against the pillows holding her closely, Voldemort settling beside them, resting his hand on Elizabeth's tiny back after covering the two of them with a blanket, and settled down to watch over his family as they both fell asleep after the exhaustion of the birth.

Voldemort smiled as he flooed into the manor and was greeted by the sight of Harry waiting for him with Elizabeth perched on his hip, a welcoming smile on his lips. "Welcome home," Harry said reaching out for him as soon as he was close enough and pulled him down into a sweet kiss, one that lasted until Elizabeth squealed in excitement, and obviously decided that she had been ignored for long enough, the one-year-old bouncing on Harry's hip excitedly.

"Yes, hello to you too my little princess!" Voldemort laughed, taking his daughter and scattering kisses over her face, getting more happy squeals from her. Her dark hair was put up in little pigtails by Harry and she was wearing a beautiful green dress that was covered in paint which made Voldemort laugh. "Have you been doing crafts?"

"We have, we have some new artwork for the kitchen," Harry grinned. "Go and get settled, supper is just about ready,"

"Yes sir," Voldemort grinned.

"Cheeky!" Harry scolded but kissed him again before turning to finish their supper while Voldemort took their daughter to the dining room, settling her down onto the floor and settled into his seat at the table, starting to play with her with the toys she had clearly been playing with before he had sent word ahead he was on his way home as Harry requested he did.

He nodded and spoke back to her as she babbled away to him, words starting to make more and more sense the older she got. She presented him with a couple of her toys and he dutifully looked them over and played with them with her, content as her giggles and babbling filled the room.

"Here we go," Harry levitated their supper onto the table, Voldemort lifting Elizabeth and settling her into her high seat between him and Harry, her excited bouncing making them both chuckle at the sight of the food. They quickly plated up their meals and between the two of them fed Elizabeth, and stopped her from trying to decorate herself with her food, which talking about their day.

It was evenings like this that made the long, hard days more than worth it, and it gave him something to look forward to when he had to go through meetings with idiots that he was now no longer allow to just torture or kill off. Spending their evenings together was soothing to him, and he loved these moments together.

He took Elizabeth to bathe her while Harry relaxed in the living room, he enjoyed playing with her in the bath with the toys that they had bought for her, watching her enjoy herself, though he didn't fully enjoy having to try and wrestle her into her pyjamas while she looked at him mutinously with an expression that Harry loved to point out came 100% from him while she seemed to develop 4 arms and legs and made it difficult to get the nightwear onto her. Finally, though he succeeded and carried her, still glaring at him, down to the living room for her nighttime cuddles and read before bed.

They settled down next to Harry on the sofa, Elizabeth crawling into the space between them clutching her blanket and cuddling into Voldemort's side as he summoned the book that they were reading together and started reading out loud to her. As Elizabeth started snoozing off Harry carefully picked her up and settled her into his lap, wrapping her in her blanket and cuddling her closely as Voldemort carried on reading, Harry settled against Voldemort's shoulder, resting his head there with a small content smile that brought a smile to Voldemort's face as he carried on reading.

Once she was fast asleep Voldemort moved to pick her up to take her to bed, carrying her down the hallway to her bedroom where he and Harry settled her down for the night, both leaning down to press a kiss to her forehead before they tucked her in and moved from the room to the hallway.

The older man looked at his young husband confused when his hand was taken to stop him from going back to the living room as they normally did after putting Elizabeth to bed. His attention was definitely caught at the mischievous look on his face, and the sparkle in his eyes.

Eagerly he followed his husband down to their bedroom, following closely as Harry turned and walked backwards towards their bed, stalking after him, already feeling his body stirring and responding to Harry as it always seemed to do, and he was sure it always would.

His red eyes were locked on Harry as he drew his robes off of himself, dropping the material down to the floor before pressing his husband onto the bed, Voldemort sucking in a breath when his own clothing vanished as his back hit the bed, Harry's hand touching his bare chest while his younger husband's bare skin brushed against his own letting him know that Harry had also vanished his own clothing.

He reached up and brushed his hands over the stretch marks on Harry's stomach from where he had carried their perfect daughter, his body even more beautiful to Voldemort now than when they had first slept together, and he couldn't keep his hands off of Harry. He eagerly accepted the kiss that Harry gave him, pressing their bodies together and rolling their hips together sensually as the larger hands of his husband stroked over his sides and back, his touch as hungry as his kiss was.

Voldemort groaned and arched up as Harry's hand when it wrapped around his hand around his erection, lube slicking him up already, and he groaned again at how eager his husband was for him. Reaching down he found Harry was already stretched and slicked for him, and thrusting his fingers inside of Harry just to hear his mewls and moans, trying to give him as much pleasure as he was already giving him as his hand moved up and down on his erection.

He shuddered with desire as Harry moved over him, shifting so that he was hovering over Voldemort's erection for a few teasing seconds before he sank himself down onto it, drawing noises of pleasure from the two of them as they soaked in the feeling of being joined together, both of them thinking that they would never get enough of this as Harry started moving on the erection filling him, drawing himself slowly off it, before dropping back down, filling their bedroom quickly with the sound of their lovemaking.

"I love you," Voldemort panted as they lay twined together on their bed, both of them coming down from their orgasms, their sweat-slick skin was pressed together, Harry laying on his side with his leg thrown over Voldemort's thighs, Voldemort's arms wrapped tightly around him holding him close.

"I love you too," Harry smiled beautifully at him. He picked up his hand and started playing with it gently, linking their fingers together and moving it side to side gently. "I love our life together, I love our evenings together, I love our mornings, and afternoons together, I love our family, all four of us,"

"So do...four?" Voldemort blinked red eyes down at him, only to find his mischievous lover grinning at him, and he realised that Harry had settled his hand over his stomach without him realising it. "You areā€¦"

"Yes, another baby," Harry laughed.

"Another baby!" Voldemort blinked a few times before he laughed happily and threw himself, carefully, on top of Harry, kissing him desperately as the news sank in.

They were adding to their already perfect little family.

Elizabeth was a little bit dubious of the new addition to their family, a little put out by the fact that her little sister did nothing but sleep, eat, cry and make bad smells, and that she wasn't able to play with her yet. However they could already see her protective instincts kicking in, and she kept close to the baby when other people were visiting them.

Allison was feisty and interested in everything when she was awake, and slept so deeply when she was asleep that Voldemort and Harry had repeatedly poked her for the first few weeks to make sure that she was ok. Harry had bemoaned, while laughing, that she already had Voldemort's glare as well, something she displayed when they woke her up with their poking.

The dark side celebrated their second princess, and a month after her birth mother magic blessed them with the natural death of Dumbledore. Well as natural as being kept prisoner could be. Voldemort had his body displayed and an autopsy was performed by 10 separate healers that could not be accused of being paid off, not all of them anyway, and all of them had found him to have been looked after during his imprisonment, and his death natural. The last few lights of rebellion went out with the death of their 'saviour' and they were even more secure in their rule over Britain.

Three months after the death of Dumbledore, Harry gifted his husband with another pregnancy, a baby boy, Thomas, coming along nine months later.

They had their arguments, and they had their times where they were both stubborn, but on a whole, their life was everything that they had wanted it to be together, they had both worked hard to get where they were, and they worked equally hard to maintain it. Harry cared for their children and raised them, he cared for their home, and he was the most perfect consort that Voldemort could have hoped for, able to hold his own politically, not minding having to take a step back to Voldemort when it was needed, feeling proud of his husband. He had flourished from the lonely, hurt young man that Voldemort had rescued, and had really come into his own over their years of being together.

Over the next fifteen years, they were gifted with another five children, bringing their family to eight children, five girls and three boys, their dynasty was well and truly secure with their family, and they were proud of the people that their children were becoming. Their family were happy, well-loved and cared for, and their house was full of laughter and love, with running feet and shouts and bickering, with teasing and with playing.

Harry stood in the doorway watching Voldemort place their youngest down for bed with that warmth in his chest still as bright as it had ever been, his love for his husband never dimming though it changed shape over time as their lives changed shape, but he knew for sure in the same way he had known he was making the right choice in choosing this man, that he would always love him.

He smiled warmly when his husband turned and smiled automatically upon finding him there in the doorway, reaching out he drew him into his arms and kissed him sweetly, pressing the love that he had for him into the kiss.

He knew he was lucky, the man who should never have been able to love, loved him more than anything else, loved him utterly and completely. He had kept his promise to Harry as never making him regret his decision to choose him. And Harry had kept his unspoken promise that his husband would know how loved he was to try and make up for the cold years that he had had to live without knowing, or feeling any love, he had promised that he would not go a day without knowing that Harry loved him, and he had kept that promise so far, and he would until his last breath.

Red eyes gazed down at him lovingly as nimble fingers lifted Harry's arm to press a kiss to the tattoo on his arm without looking away from him, sending a shiver down Harry's back.

"You two are gross!" Elizabeth complained as she walked past them to go to her own room.

"We will pay for your counselling," Harry laughed.

"Come on," Voldemort tugged Harry down the hallway to their bedroom, the two of them feeling like naughty teens as they hurried before any more of their children could come across them, walking past the family tapestry displayed proudly on their wall with their family names on it.

Voldemort Slytherin-Potter + Harry Slytherin-Potter









Their family motto was declared proudly at the top.

Bound Together.