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They were best friends

Cat and Jade.

Jade and Cat.

Doing everything together, because they were never not together.

Laughing, crying, altough they were the complete opposite of each other.

But every sun needs a moon.

And every moon needs a sun.

When they were only five years old, they didn´t thought much about their future.

They just knew that there couldn´t come anything that made them drifting apart.

But then something came.

A boy, beautiful and really nice.


Both girls liked him.

And when the boy, only seven years old, fell for one, the other wasn´t jealous.

But suddenly things changed and the girl lost her best friend for a boy that she liked.


But they were best friends.


Just evreything changed.

But it was still the best friendship ever.

That´s why it was beyond all question that they told each other everything.

That´s why Jade told her at twelve that she was afraid of kissing the boy for the first time.

She cried, doubtfully, what to do.

And because it was still the best friendship ever, Cat helped her best friend.

They kissed.

Of course just for practicing.

Of course.

She liked it anyways.

And the days flew by until the day came when Jade had her first kiss.

She was so happy for her, of course.

But it meant too, that Jade didn´t need anymore practicing.

And that was the day, Cat realized, how much the kisses ment.

For her.

She had loved it.

But never told anyone.

But she was thinking much about.

Until she understood, that she was in love with her best friend.

And it wasn´t a passing fancy.


It was true love.

One-sided love, unreturned.

She wasn´t mad at the boy, she just hoped that he they would break up.

At fourteen her best friend told her about her love to Beck and she realized Jade meant everything to her.

And Beck meant everything to Jade.

It was a real smile on her face, because Jade was so happy.

But it was also real sadness that overcame her inside and hidden.

And then, at fiveteen she was thinking about the fact that Jade liked red.

So she dyed her hair red.

Jade loved it.


Not her.

At least not in that way, she liked the boy.

So she tried to push her love aside.

She began dating a guy.

But it didn´t last for long.

A week, until she caught him and one of her friends kissing.

It hurt.

And when her heart bursted in thousand pieces…

She never found them all again.

Altough her world was dark, her best friend didn´t know.

A sleepover at Jades.

Fun. (Extrinsic)

Stories. (Transgressing)

Intimitate. (Not enough)

When Jade slept she stept quietly in the bathroom.

A scissor.

She cut herself.

In pain, all bad memorys and emotions seemed to fly away for a moment.

But a few seconds later, they were back.

Stronger than ever.

The scissor, again, because it helped.

A party at school, with sixteen years.

She was kissed, from a good friend of her.

Irritated and fearful, she ran away.

Jade helped her to collect her feelings.

But she wasn´t jealous, not a little bit.

This hope died hurtful, like all the others.

Because of the boy they spend less time together.

She could have been with her other friends.

She wasn´t.

She passed this time lonely and full of fear what´ll pass.

She started cutting regulry.

She began wearing just long-sleeved shirts.

She didn´t want anybody to see the bruises and wounds, that covered her arms.

She didn´t want to listen to anybody who told her that she should stop it, because she was loved.

She new, she was loved.

Just not in the way she wanted it.

And she didn´t want the people who loved her, see her like this; this mental wreck she was, when she didn´t pretend anything.

She didn´t want them to worry about her.

She was glad, that eveyrbody saw just the girl with the red dyed hair and that nobody ever considerd, that she could possibly be like this, when she was alone.

At seventeen her family left her at her grandma, because they move in another town.

Her brother got critically ill, so they had to move out.

When this happend, her best friend was there for her.

As a best friend should always be there.

She felt the tears, overcoming her.

She felt the wish to kiss her best friend just once more time.

But she didn´t do it because she new Jade loved the boy, Beck.

But she has never felt so empty before.


They were best friends.

Best friends don´t do this.

Anyways, she stands here, with an uplifted knife, hunkered over him.

Over the person, Jade´s in love with.

Over the reason, that Jade can´t love Cat, her.

There is a lot of blood, altough it just takes a few seconds.

The blood mixes with her tears.

Jade burys her face in Cats lap.

Cat didn´t new a human could be so sad.

That wasn´t what she wanted.

To see her love in pain like this.

To take everything from her best friend.

Four years later and both lost everything.

They never grewn up to that what they expectet at five.

They meet in a skyscraper.

Jade looks so empty and old, no smile for years.

Why Jade should have smiled?

Everything good was gone.

It´s Cats fault.

She would change it, if she could time travel.

She can´t.

Seeing her friend like this is torture.

More than alle the years since she saw her for the last time.

She gives Jade the knife.

The knife she takes everywhere.

The knife from the night, she destroyed everything.

„I´m so sorry", she wispers.

She climbs out of the window on the twentieth floor.

She let herself pay for the things she did.

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