I'm running through a field of flowers with my vampire siblings chasing me at human speed, our parents watching us. "Catch me if you can, guys!" I giggle, running faster. "I'm gonna get you, Bella!" Alice cries, on my heels. I stop running, catching my breath. "Izzy!" Someone shouts from the other side of the field. I'd know that voice anywhere! What is he doing here? "Johnathan!" I yell. Jonathan comes closer to me, his brown eyes staring into mine. "Bella!" Edward's voice says from the other side of the field. Fire walls go up around Jonathan and the Cullens.

"Choose, Isabella Swan." A disoriented voice says from nowhere. What?! Choose?! "What?!" I exclaim.

"You must choose one of them: Jonathan or the Cullens." I close my eyes to drown out the shouts of both sides. "SHUT UP!" I beg.

I can't choose one of them. "Five seconds, Isabella Swan." The disorientated voice says again.





"The Cullens!" I scream.


The Cullens fire wall comes down and they all embrace me. "Izzy!" The anguished scream of Jonathan reaches my ears. I watch as the fire eats at his skin, turning it into char. "Jonathan, I'm sorry, I love you!" I scream, falling to my knees as the sound of his screams get louder and louder. "I love you too, baby sister." Then he falls to the ground with a thud as the fire burns him. I scream as loud as I can, my lungs burning.

"JONATHAN!" I scream as I jolt awake, breathing in a familiar scent. I blink as the field falls away, revealing the living room of my vampire family. Arms are around me. "Hey, hey, it's okay, it's okay." Alice soothes. I shake my head. "No, it's not, it's not okay." I protest, standing up from the sofa and pacing.

"I should've chosen all of you, you sevan and Jonathan. Why? So why didn't I?" Hands are on my shoulders, pausing my pacing. I'm staring into the eyes of my Mother. "That voice gave you five seconds to choose, Bella, there was no way that you could've said us and Jonathan in five seconds, it was impossible, you've got to let this blame go. It's not healthy, it's hard enough for us to hear you reliving it, but blaming yourself for it is unbearable, so please, stop?" Mom asks, kissing my forehead. I sigh before nodding. Dad comes up to us and hugs me. "We love you, sweetheart, so much." He whispers. He lets me go and my brothers pull me into their arms. "We love you, baby sister." Emmett says, swinging me around. Alice and Rose both kiss me on the cheek before Edward pulls me onto his back and jumping out of the window. "Hold on tight, Spider Monkey." He says before climbing the trees.

"Your family all love you, Isabella Marie Cullen."

Time jump- 1 year later.

I lie on the bed, my hand encased in Edward's as Dad leans over me, his teeth at my throat, ready to turn me into one of them. "Are you ready for this, Bella?" Mom asks me. "Last chance to say no." I laugh. "Not happening, Mom. Just bite me Dad." I say softly as his venom fills my body, making my back arch and a scream comes from my throat.

Fire fills my body, it's burning everywhere. Is this how Jonathan felt as the fire wall burned him?

Time jump- 3 days later

The fire is finally retreating from my body, making an indestructible vampire. I open my eyes and I can see everything in the room: the dust on the bookshelf, the little particles of the rug, the faces of my family near the door, watching me. I see my husband in front of them, I smile and run over to him, whimpering at the speed. "Don't worry, love, it'll wear off soon." My husband says, cupping my face and kissing me. I break the kiss and smile at my family.

This is my family now.

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