A/N Hey readers! Write Your Wrongs here with a new story! This is an AU fanfic with an Uchiha Naruto MC! Just a heads up, I got the idea for Naruto's Eternal Mangekyo from reading Legacy by cr4zypt. There's a lot of changes to this Naruto Universe. A LOT. If any readers are not a fan of extreme changes to Naruto, I don't advise reading. A lot of characters are either good or survived. I took out a lot of tragic character deaths and a lot of people might hate that. I hope everyone enjoys the story though!

Chapter 1: Prodigy

"Amaterasu!" The last of the training dummies becomes engulfed in a shroud of black flames. The caster exhales, his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan reverting to his normal black eye color.

"Well done, Naruto. You would make your great grandfather proud." The 10 year old Uchiha Naruto nods in response to his father, Fugaku.

"Thank you father." He says. "When is Onii-sama coming home?"

Fugaku responds. "Itachi is still handling his ANBU duties. He is out on a mission and won't be back for the week."

Naruto is saddened by this. "He didn't say anything to me again. Does Onii-sama hate me, Otou-sama?"

Fugaku frowns at Naruto's question. While he isn't the kindest or most sheltering of parents, he still cares for his sons. "No, Naruto. I don't think your brother would ever hate you. Right now, he's just... conflicted."

Naruto is confused at the last part of his father's answer. "Conflicted? About what, Otou-sama?"

Fugaku sighs. "There are... things happening within our family right now, Naruto. Things your brother does not agree with. While I can't tell you what is happening, I want you to make a promise to me, Naruto."

Naruto is even more confused about his father's words. But regardless, he agrees. "Hai, Otou-sama."

Fugaku smiles. "Naruto... more than anything, I love you, your brother, and your mother. Promise me, Naruto. Promise me that no matter what happens to me, you protect them. No matter what they do, protect them. Promise me."

Naruto doesn't know what his father could possibly mean. He wonders why his father would make such a strange request. But again, he accepts his father's wishes. "Hai, Otou-sama. I swear I'll protect Onii-sama and Okaa-sama. I always will, with everything in my body."

Fugaku smiles and nods. He stands up from his seiza position. "Wait here, Naruto." Naruto nods as his father disappears back into the main house. A moment later, he returns carrying a scroll. Walking over to Naruto, he hands it to him.

"This scroll contains our most powerful and treasured jutsu, Naruto. It also contains the secret behind the Sharingan as well as the kata for our most elite taijutsu, the Raven stance. I never gave this scroll to your brother because I felt he wasn't right to lead the clan. However, Naruto, I know that I can trust you with this. My son, you are only 10 years old yet you have shown that you will carry our clan into a new era, one where the Uchiha name is respected and honored once more. I entrust this scroll to you. Master it's contents and protect our family. Do not give in to hatred and always remain kind. I love you, son." Fugaku ruffles Naruto's hair and smiles. He then turns and goes back into the house, leaving Naruto to read and learn from the scroll.

Opening the scroll, Naruto sits and reads the history behind the Sharingan, specifically his. The article describes the history of the Uchiha clan dating back to Indra Otsutsuki, eldest son of Hagoromo Otsutsuki. Indra was the progenitor of the Uchiha clan and only his direct descendants can inherit the truest power of the Sharingan. He learns the reason why he gained the power of the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan is because he is a direct descendant of Indra through his mother. For Indra's descendants, the Eternal Mangekyo can be awakened through training. The only other way to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan is by extreme emotional trauma, and using the lesser version of the Mangekyo will lead to blindness. By taking the eyes of another Uchiha who has awakened the Mangekyo, however, you can gain the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. This practice, though, is extremely taboo to the clan.

Naruto accepts the revelations rather easily and creates a group of Shadow Clones. He begins practicing the Raven kata along with the powerful fire and lightning jutsus on the scroll.


Later that day, Naruto goes to check on his mother and spend time with her. He finds his mother, Mikoto, in one of the sitting rooms, drinking tea. She speaks to him.

"Ah, Naruto-kun. I see your father has given you the Inheritance Scroll." Naruto takes a seat across from his mother.

"He has, mother. And... I honestly wasn't too surprised." He chuckles while scratching the back of his head sheepishly. Naruto is very close to his mother and is much more comfortable and less reserved around her. Obviously, he's close to his father too, but he knows to be much more formal around him. "I was honestly more intrigued to learn the techniques within the scroll. The history was surprising but it's not like a bad thing or something I can change."

Mikoto chuckles. Unlike most Uchiha, Naruto is very kind and warm. He and Shisui are the more outgoing and relatable Uchiha family members. Naruto's mother prefers his attitude over his brother's cold and distant demeanor.

Mikoto smiles warmly at Naruto. "Naruto-kun, I have something else to give you too." Naruto is surprised at his mother. She gets to her feet and walks over to the closet behind her, pulling out a long case. Opening it, she reveals a large Kama, a scythe. "This Kama belonged to my grandfather." She looks at Naruto. "Madara." Naruto's eyes widen. "He was... a complicated man. Despite that, he was one of the most powerful shinobi in history. This Kama was one of his weapons. I want you to have it. Master it, wield it, protect your loved ones with it, Naruto-kun. I believe that you will surpass my grandfather one day, Naruto-kun. I believe in you." She pulls him into a warm hug which he reciprocates.

"Hai. I will, Okaa-sama." Naruto says, a tear rolling down his cheek.

"I love you, sochi."

"I love you too, Okaa-sama."


(4 years later; Naruto, age 14)

The years roll by and Naruto has entered into the academy. Opting to go the full term and attend normally instead of graduating early or gaining rank quickly like his brother, Naruto is still easily the top rank in the class. According to most shinobi, Naruto is easily on par with his older brother, some say stronger. Naruto has mastered the jutsu from the Inheritance Scroll, mastered the Raven kata, and mastered the use of his Kama, which is currently strapped to his back.

His appearance has changed as well. Naruto now stands at 5'8", his spiky black hair now reaches down almost to his mid-back. He wears a form-fitting long sleeve black shirt, black ANBU-style pants with tactical boots, and a charcoal grey jacket unzipped with black fingerless gloves. Currently, Naruto is walking home from having dinner with some of his classmates.

Upon reaching the Uchiha district, Naruto is mortified at what he finds. Bodies of his clan members litter the streets of his family's district. The stench of blood is heavy in the air. He panics, turning to try to find help. Suddenly, he hears an explosion. Rushing to the source, Naruto finds his mother in a defensive stance, Eternal Mangekyo ablaze. Facing her is his brother, Itachi. His Eternal Mangekyo is activated as well.

"Okaa-sama! Onii-sama! What are you doing?!" Naruto shouts, rushing to the fight. The two engage again, both attacking with ninjato, sparks flying with the echo of the blades ringing in the air. Mikoto lands a strike that knocks Itachi off balance and she takes the opportunity to launch a one seal fireball. Itachi evades but the blast still damages him.

"You're still unable to beat me, Itachi-kun. Don't forget that I'm the only kunoichi in the world that could match Kushina-chan." Mikoto says, glaring at Itachi who is obviously winded. Just then, Naruto appears in between them, kama in hand.

"Okaa-sama, what happened?! Why are you and Onii-sama fighting?!" he demands. Itachi uses the distraction to shunshin away, to Mikoto's ire.

"Shit!" she curses. Naruto is tearing up, wondering what happened and why his mother is so distressed.

"Okaa-sama... please tell me what happened." he pleads with her.

Turning, Mikoto looks at Naruto before pulling him into a hug. "Sochi...," she begins. "I need you to keep calm. Your brother... I caught him doing something terrible." Naruto begins crying, praying that what he fears isn't true. "Sochi... your... your brother betrayed us..."

"No, no, no, no, no..." Naruto repeats over and over again.

"I'm sorry, sochi... I couldn't stop him before he killed Fugaku-kun... I'm so sorry, Naruto-kun." Mikoto, coming down from her adrenaline high, begins crying as well. While she was able to stop Itachi from killing all the clan members, he managed to kill the Elders and Fugaku along with many other clan members. There are now only between 20 to 30 members left.

"Why, kaa-san... Why?! Why would Onii-sama do this?!" Naruto shouts.

"I don't know, sochi. I don't know but we will find out. I need you to stay strong though. Ok? Don't do anything stupid. I need you to be strong, you're all I have left, Naruto-kun." Naruto nods. As he calms down, the Hokage and his ANBU arrived to find out what happened. After taking both Mikoto's and Naruto's statements, the Hokage takes them to a hotel for the night while they investigate the scene. To their surprise, they were informed that Naruto's cousin, Satsuki, actually survived. Satsuki is the daughter of a distant relative of Naruto's and one of his closest childhood friends and one of his classmates at the academy.

In their room, Naruto decides to try to find out what Mikoto knows. "Okaa-sama... does this have anything to do with why... Itachi started acting strange and distancing himself from us in the past few years?"

Mikoto is surprised by Naruto's question. Sighing, she decides to tell Naruto the truth. She begins by explaining his father's predicament with the Uchiha Elders, how they wanted to overthrow the Hokage and take control of Konoha. She stated that by doing so would no doubt throw Konoha into a civil war, thereby weakening the village which other villages would take advantage of and likely invade.

She told Naruto that Fugaku was against the idea and wanted no part in a coup whereas the Elders were going to go ahead with the plan with or without Fugaku, threatening him if he tried to stop them. The whole ordeal threw the Uchiha clan in turmoil and when Itachi found out about the Elders' plan to take over Konoha, he went to the Hokage with it. That was all Mikoto knew and she figured that he was given the mission to slaughter the family by the Elders. Naruto was furious that the Hokage ordered Itachi to do so.

Naruto, in a fit of rage, threatened to go kill the Hokage himself. "No! Naruto, listen! It's likely that Itachi volunteered to be the one to do it himself! You know Minato-kun would never order Itachi-kun to harm us! I'm willing to suspect that damned Elder council pressured him into it." Naruto stopped in his tracks and turned to look at his mother.

"What... why, kaa-san? Why would Itachi volunteer to kill his whole family?"

Mikoto looks down. "Knowing Itachi... he likely felt some sort of responsibility to do so. Maybe he felt that by doing so he could redeem himself and the Uchihas." Mikoto explains. She knows that deep down, beneath that cold exterior, her son is a good person. He'd never do something like this without a good reason.

Naruto, on the other hand, decides to ponder the situation. He then recalls the words his father said to him. He steels himself and tells his mother, "Okaa-sama. I'm going to save Itachi." Mikoto is confused by Naruto's words.

"What do you mean, sochi?" she asks.

"Itachi-niisan probably blames himself and feels guilty somehow. I know he's a missing nin now but I want to bring him back and save him. It's what father would want me to do." Mikoto bursts into tears and pulls Naruto into a loving hug once more. The two embrace one another to comfort each other. Just then, they hear a knock on the door. Naruto gets up and walks to the door and opens it, revealing Satsuki.

"Satsuki-chan! I'm happy you're ok. What brings you here though?" Naruto asks. Satsuki wears her hair in a short, spiky ponytail with two long bangs framing her face and shorter bangs covering her forehead. She is only about 3 inches shorter than Naruto, who himself admits that she is quite beautiful. She has an athletic frame that sacrifices no femininity. Naruto also notes that she is... developing well.

She fidgets a bit before answering. "Can I... stay with you and Obaa-chan tonight? I don't want to be alone..." Naruto and Mikoto are surprised by the girl's answer.

Mikoto smiles and answers. "Of course, sweetie. Come on in and make yourself comfortable." Satsuki nods and walks in. The three talk well into the night before Satsuki decides to reveal something to Mikoto and Naruto.

"Umm, Obaa-chan, Naruto-kun... something happened to me tonight." Mikoto and Naruto both suspect they know what she means. "I... think I awakened my Mangekyo." Mikoto nods.

"Ok, Satsuki-chan. Try activating it again." Satsuki nods and channels chakra into her eyes, activating her fully matured Sharingan. She channels even more chakra into her eyes and they begin spinning. slowly morphing to reveal her Mangekyo.

Mikoto is happy for Satsuki but understands the price it took to awaken the eyes. "I honestly don't know whether to congratulate you or give you my condolences, Satsuki-chan. I can only imaging what you suffered through to awaken those eyes."

Mikoto notices the tears falling from Satsuki's Mangekyo. She decides to try to help her as much as possible and knows the exact way how.

Deciding to turn in for the night, the three prepare for bed. But Satsuki decides to ask a surprising question. "Can I... sleep with Naruto tonight?" The question catches Naruto and Mikoto off guard. Mikoto giggles and approves, much to Naruto's dismay.

As Naruto and Satsuki climb in to bed and settle in, Naruto fidgets, unable to get comfortable. 'Dammit! I can't go to sleep like this! Satsuki is way too cute to be sleeping with me like this!' Naruto thinks in his head.

"Naruto?" Satsuki says, surprising Naruto.

He turns over before speaking to look at her. "Yeah Satsuki, what's wrong?" Catching him off guard again, Satsuki buries her face into Naruto's chest and cries. Naruto is shocked but understands that she probably kept a lot of sadness held in. She lost both of her parents and her older brother tonight. Naruto wraps his arms around her and rubs her back, comforting her.

"It's ok, Satsuki. Let it out. I'm here for you." Satsuki continues crying until she falls asleep. Naruto holds her the entire time. The two fall asleep in each other's embrace, much to Mikoto's amusement in the morning.


A few days later, Mikoto was approached by her cousin, Obito and his wife Rin. The two were out on a mission and heard the news when they returned. Obito took the news really hard, especially the news of his little brother Shisui's death. He wished he was there to help stop Itachi, not knowing what could have brought this on. Mikoto comforted him and told him not to blame himself. Obito and Rin let Mikoto know that they'll always help if she ever needs it and Mikoto promised to find the truth of what happened and tell them. After sharing hugs, Mikoto left the couple to make plans for the funeral.

A week after the mass funeral, Naruto decides to go back to the academy. He and Satsuki are walking together. Mikoto decided to take Satsuki in herself, although Satsuki didn't want to because she felt she might be imposing. Naruto and Mikoto managed to convince her. Mikoto became clan head and she informed Satsuki that eventually, Naruto will become clan head and need to restore the family.

Satsuki didn't want to impose on Mikoto and Naruto, one of her arguments being that she was just a branch family member and she would just be a nuisance to her and Naruto. Mikoto decided to tease her a bit. "Well all you need to do is marry Naruto-kun and you'll become an official member of the main family." This caused Satsuki to become beet red and develop a nosebleed before fainting. Mikoto can be very devious at times.

As the two walk to the academy, Naruto and Satsuki notice the villagers staring at them. "Why do they keep staring at us, Naruto-kun?" Satsuki asks.

"I don't know, Satsuki-chan. It's weirding me out though." Naruto answers. Feeling slightly unnerved, Satsuki walks closer to Naruto. Naruto smiles and takes her hand, causing her to blush.

He then focuses chakra into his ears, listening to the murmuring of the villagers. "Naruto-sama! It's Naruto-sama!" "Look, it's Satsuki-sama too!" "Be good to them, they're the hope of Konoha!"

'-sama? Hope of Konoha? What the hell is going on?' Naruto asks himself. Satsuki notices Naruto's expressions and becomes worried. She squeezes his hand. "What's wrong, Naruto-kun?" she asks

Naruto sighs. "The villagers, they... they're acting weird. Calling us '-sama' and 'the Hope of Konoha'. It's really creepy." Satsuki frowns at this too. She knows this isn't how the Uchiha clan is usually treated. This also isn't how she wants to be treated. Suddenly, an ANBU with a bear mask appears in a shunshin.

"Naruto-sama, Satsuki-sama. The council requires your presence." Naruto and Satsuki narrows their eyes at this. They nod.

As they enter into the council room, they notice that the clan heads seem irritated while the civilian council members seem... excited? He also notices the Hokage there, glaring intently at the civilian council.

One of the civilian councilmen stands and greets Naruto and Satsuki. "Naruto-sama. Satsuki-sama. Welcome! Before we begin, we, the Civilian Council, would like to offer our deepest condolences for the tragedies that have befallen you this past week." Naruto notices his mother taking the seat of the Uchiha clan head. He notices she narrows her eyes at these words.

Naruto decides to play nice for now, but notices that Satsuki grips his hand a bit tighter. She's nervous. Naruto gives her hand and gentle squeeze to try to reassure her. Turning to the council he bows before saying "Thank you, councilman. Your words are appreciated." The councilman smiles before sitting down.

The Hokage takes the center now. Clearing his throat he speaks. "This meeting is now in session. Now, what did the civilian council deem so important as to call us here for?" The Hokage is clearly irritated at the civilian council. This time, a fat councilman decides to speak.

"Hokage-sama. We believe that due to the events of the past week, we should help the Uchiha heir as much as possible to restore his clan. Clearly, he must desire vengeance for what the traitor has done to his clan. We would like to offer-" he's cut off by a potent wave of killing intent flooding the room.

Naruto is infuriated at the audacity of the council. Before, his clan was met with distrust. But now they want to kiss up to them? That isn't how Naruto wants to lead his clan. "You people disgust me! For generations, our clan has supported this village even though you people hated us. We were blamed for the actions of my great-grandfather even though we remained loyal to Konoha! And now that this has happened, you people want to kiss our asses and try to make up?!" Naruto's killing intent at this point has caused most civilian council members to pass out. It's also caused most of the shinobi council to freeze up, unable to move.

"Naruto-kun, calm down!" Naruto hears Satsuki shout, hugging him from behind. He reels in his killing intent and sighs. He places a hand on her arms, letting her know everything is ok. He then turns his attention to the council.

"I don't want your help nor do I need it. My clan will carry on as it always has. As for Itachi, that is for me to worry about and me alone. I will be the one to find him and when I do, I will decide his fate. You people will stay out of my way or I promise you... I will kill you." Naruto and Satsuki then leave, letting Naruto's words sink in as the council members begin to stir.

Minato sighs. "I knew it was a bad idea to try to pander to Naruto-kun."

One of the councilman spoke up. "We had no ill intentions though, Hokage-sama. We simply figured we could try to mend the rift between the civilians and the Uchiha clan. I guess we went about it the wrong way."

Minato nods. "Since that... matter is out of the way, is there anything else we need to cover?"

Tsume, head of the Inuzuka clan, speaks up. "How is your daughter's training progressing, Minato? I haven't had the chance to speak to Kushina since we've both been busy."

Minato chuckles. "She's every bit the hothead Kushina-chan is, Tsume. She's so brash and blunt, she even tells me off at times. Ugh, she's just as scary as her mother." The council laughs. Both the shinobi council and civilian council love and respect Kushina but are well aware of her temper. They also know not to get on her daughter's bad side since she's every bit as short tempered as Kushina. "Regardless, she's doing very well. While not at the level Naruto-kun is, she's likely mid to high chunin."

Tsume chuckles. She and Kushina, the wife of Minato, are very close friends. She, Kushina, and Mikoto were teammates at one point and the three share a lifelong friendship.

"That's good, Minato-kun. I hope your daughter and Naruto remain close friends." Mikoto adds.

Minato laughs. "I'm not sure I want that Mikoto. Your son seems like quite the heartache."

"Excuse me for interrupting the friendly banter, Hokage-sama." A man with a bandaged eye holding a cane adds.

Minato narrows his eyes at the man. "What do you want, Danzo." Minato doesn't like Danzo and would likely have the man executed for his crimes against humanity if he could find the evidence. But Danzo is a very careful and calculating man. He makes sure that no treacheries he commits could ever be traced back to himself. And his operatives, the Ne, are known to ignite upon death, making sure their bodies could never be examined and minds never be explored.

"I'd like to know what level you estimate Uchiha Naruto to be at. From what we've witnessed, he can't possibly be a normal academy level student." The council begin murmuring amongst themselves, all talking about how strong they believe Naruto to be.

Suddenly, a man with spiky silver hair and sharp eyes speaks up. "I also would like to know, Minato. The boy is obviously at least worthy of jounin rank. It's a wonder why he's still in the academy."

Minato sighs. "I do agree, Sakumo-san. He definitely has both the power and knowledge worthy of jounin rank." The man, Hatake Sakumo, head of the Hatake clan, nods.

Minato continues. "In all honesty, I've known Naruto-kun all his life. Obviously, that is due to Mikoto and Kushina's friendship and the fact that he and my daughter are the same age. He's always been a prodigy and he awakened his Sharingan at 5 years old. According to Mikoto and Fugaku, his Sharingan fully developed at age 6 and he awakened his Mangekyo at age 8." The council begins to murmur amongst themselves about Naruto's accomplishments.

Danzo asks, "So what level do you estimate his abilities at, Hokage-sama?"

Minato looks at Mikoto and she nods. He clears his throat before answering. "I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he could fight me evenly. Honestly, I would expect it." The council gasps in shock before talking amongst themselves once more.

This time, Inoichi, head of the Yamanaka clan, speaks up. "If that's the case, Hokage-sama, why isn't he a jounin? Why is he still in the academy if his abilities are as you say they are?" The shinobi council all nod in agreement.

Minato answers, "Because he didn't want to gain rank the same way his brother did. I honestly can't speak for Naruto as to why he isn't jounin rank now since he's clearly one of the strongest shinobi in the village. He's extremely intelligent and aware. He even has learned fuinjutsu from myself and Kushina."

This also came as a shock to the council. "And what level is he in fuinjutsu, Hokage-sama?" Shikaku, head of the Nara clan, asks.

Minato shrugs. "I don't know. We taught him up to level 3 and he stopped coming over for lessons. Whenever we saw him afterwards and asked him if he wanted to take any more lessons he would always say 'I'm figuring it out on my own, Minato-oji. Thanks though.' I simply laughed and shrugged it off and figured he lost interest." Shikaku nods.

Mikoto speaks up this time. "He still practices regularly, Minato-kun. I've seen him studying and practicing his sealing but he's never told me or Fugaku what level he's at."

Minato nods. "Well if he's still practicing, I think it's safe to say we can only estimate him to be at Kushina's level and my own. Sheesh, he's such a scary kid. I'm just happy he's on our side." The council nod in agreement.


As Naruto and Satsuki make there way to the academy from the council room, Satsuki wants to make sure Naruto is ok. She pulls him by the hand to make him face her and cups his cheeks between both her hands. "Naruto-kun. Are you sure you're ok?" she asks, the concern evident in her voice and her eyes.

Naruto looks at her in worry but he smiles before answering. "I'm fine, Satsuki-chan. Thank you for stopping me before I did something stupid back there."

Satsuki smiles back at Naruto. "That's what I'm here for, Naruto-kun. I would never let you do something you'll regret." The two Uchihas share a warm hug before heading to the academy.

Once they enter their classroom, Naruto is swarmed by his two fangirls, Yamanaka Ino and Haruno Sakura. "NARUTO-KUN!!!!" they both shout. "Naruto-kun, I was so worried about you I wanted to rush over immediately when I heard the news!" Ino says.

"I was worried about you even more, Naruto-kun! I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you!" Sakura adds.

"Shut up, forehead! I was worried more!" Ino shouts at Sakura.

"You shut up, Ino-pig! I was the one who was worried most!" Sakura retorts.



"Billboard brow!"

"Slutty tramp!"


The two fangirls pale before turning around slowly. Their eyes land upon a cranky redheaded girl who looks like she just woke up from a nap. She yawns and and rubs her eyes before noticing that Naruto and Satsuki had just arrived in the classroom.

"Oh, hey Naruto. Didn't realize you had come in. At least until the two loudasses announced it to the whole village." she says.

Naruto smiles at her. "Hey, Tayuya. I'm happy to see you again." Tayuya rests her chin on her palm and smirks at Naruto.

"Ya miss me, sweetcheeks?" she teases.

He chuckles. "Of course I did, cherry head. Wouldn't know what I'd do without you." Naruto and Satsuki walk up to where Tayuya is sitting. Naruto takes the seat next to her and Satsuki takes the seat to his right.

Tayuya turns and looks at him. "How ya holding up?"

"I'm good, Tayuya. Besides, you saw me at the funeral." Naruto answers.

Tayuya scoffs. "I know I did, dummy. Doesn't mean I can't still worry about you. How about you, Satsuki? You doing ok?"

Satsuki smiles politely. "I'm doing good, Tayuya-chan. Thanks for asking about me. But I assure you, there's no need to worry about me or Naruto-kun. We can take care of ourselves."

Tayuya chuckles. "Oh, I'm sure you can, princess."

The two lock eyes with one another. 'Hm?' Naruto feels an odd tension in the air and somehow feels a chill down his spine. The rest of the class sweatdrop at the interaction between Tayuya and Satsuki.

Deciding to break the tense atmosphere between the two, Naruto speaks up. "By the way, Tayuya, we saw your dad this morning."

Tayuya scoffs. "Oh yeah? What did he want?"

"Just council stuff. Civilian council wanted to kiss our asses all of a sudden." Naruto says.

Satsuki notices Tayuya's reaction to mentioning her dad. She decides to asks, "Do you and your dad not get along, Tayuya-chan?"

Tayuya shakes her head. "That's not it, Satsuki. I love my parents but they can be so overprotective. They're the best parents in the world but you know how it is. Sometimes they can be annoying."

Satsuki laughs and Naruto smiles at Tayuya. Tayuya though looks at Satsuki hesitantly before adding, "And... I'm really sorry about your parents, Satsuki and your dad, Naruto. I honestly don't know what I'd do without my mom or dad so I can only imagine what you two are going through."

Satsuki and Naruto are saddened by Tayuya's words. Naruto decides to speak up. "We'll be fine Tayuya. Thank you for worrying about us." Tayuya feels that she might have said too much but smiles at Naruto. She does something that catches everyone off guard.

Smirking, Tayuya leans up and kisses Naruto's cheek, stunning Satsuki and leaving Naruto speechless. "You're welcome, sweetcheeks. You know I'm always here for you if you ever need anything." She ends with a wink and before either can say anything, Iruka, the class' chunin instructor, walks in and the lesson begins.


(Timesskip 2 years; Naruto age 16)

Naruto, Satsuki, and Tayuya easily passed the genin exam, Naruto being Rookie of the Year and Tayuya being Kunoichi of the Year, just barely scoring higher than Satsuki, much to her dismay. The genin test was a simple written exam, a taijutsu contest against a chunin proctor whom the three each effortlessly defeated, an accuracy test that the three each scored perfectly on, and a jutsu test that covered Kawarimi, Henge, and Bunshin along with three other jutsu mastery of choice.

Naruto's three jutsu choices were Katon: Dragon Fire, Raiton: Lightning Blast, and his Anaterasu. Satsuki chose Katon: Great Fireball, Katon: Phoenix Fire Flower, and her Kamui . Tayuya chose Fuuton: Cutting Whirlwind, Fuuton: Gale Wind Palm, and her bloodline Adamantine Sealing Chains, the latter which resulted in her scoring higher than Satsuki.

About a year after Satsuki awakened her Mangekyo, Mikoto approached Satsuki. She offered to give Satsuki an Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan from the eyes of one of the fallen Uchiha from the night of the massacre. After she, Naruto, and Mikoto debated the offer, Satsuki agreed and went to Rin with the idea. She agreed to perform the surgery.

After gaining the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Satsuki's power skyrocketed, now being able to use the power of the Mangekyo with no drawbacks whatsoever. With Naruto and Mikoto's guidance, she was able to master the Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, Kamui, and her Susanoo.

Naruto had been thinking that his and his friends' power levels might bring up some issues when it came to team placements. After weighing the possibilities, he decided to bring the issue to the Hokage since he decides the team placements. Upon reaching the Hokage tower, Naruto walks in and speaks with the secretary. "Hello." he says to get her attention.

The woman looks up. "Oh! Uchiha-sama, how may I help you today?" Naruto groans. The civilians still haven't seemed to grasp how much he hates being addressed so formally.

"I'd like to meet with the Hokage about something important." Naruto says. The secretary nods.

"He's actually free at the moment. You may go right in." Naruto nods and walks up to the Hokage office. Upon entering, he finds three clones of Minato handling paperwork while Minato himself is sitting behind his desk, feet up reading an orange book and giggling to himself. Naruto smirks at his surrogate uncle's antics.

"Yo, Minato-oji." he says. Minato looks up and smiles.

"Ah, Naruto-kun. It's good to see you. What can I do for you today?" he asks.

Naruto begins. "Well, I was wondering if you could do a favor for me. It's important." Minato widens his eyes slightly at Naruto's sudden request.

"If it's reasonable, of course. Tell me what you need."

"I want to be on a team with Satsuki and Tayuya." Minato was actually suspecting this. He sighs before answering.

"I honestly figured you would want that, Naruto-kun. Honestly, I was thinking about making that team placement anyways. The only problem is team balance. Everyone knows that you're at least on the same level as I am, Naruto-kun. Not to mention how much Satsuki has improved since being more extensively trained by you. According to Mikoto-chan, she's at least mid-jounin level. And Tayuya is easily jounin level without using the kyuubi's chakra. I think a team with you three might honestly be too overpowered." Naruto actually chuckles at this and already prepared a counter argument.

"I thought about that too, Oji. But think about this: wouldn't it better for the three of us, who are so far ahead of the rest of the class, to be on the same team together? While I understand the important of balance, having someone so far beneath our level on our team would only slow us down. And on the other hand, placing us on teams where the other members are so far beneath our level would only result in us carrying them and either having them gain little to no experience whatsoever or losing the motivation to improve themselves." Minato is surprised at Naruto's deduction and had no choice but to agree.

Minato sighs. "You're absolutely right, Naruto-kun. I wish I had thought about it that far ahead. I guess I didn't consider just how far ahead you three actually are and how that would affect other students." Naruto smiles, proud of his two close friends. "Very well, Naruto-kun. I'll make sure you three are placed together."

Naruto smiles. "Thanks, Minato-oji. I knew I could count on you." He turns to leave but Minato speaks up.

"Wait a minute, Naruto." Naruto stops and turns around, surprised at the sharpness of Minato's tone. "I'm trusting you with my little girl. But if I find out you hurt her or break her heart, I promise you... Not even Mikoto-chan will be able to save you from me!" Naruto shudders at the crazed look in Minato's eyes. He sweatdrops and recalls how Tayuya mention how overprotective he and Kushina can be.

"N-No problem, Minato-oji. I promise that I would never hurt Tayuya-chan. She's just as important to me as Satsuki-chan is. You have my word." Minato nods at Naruto, who turns to leave again. As Naruto closes the door behind him, he pops his head back in again and says, "Though, should I start calling you 'Otou-san' now? Cuz, you know, I promise I'll take care of her and all-" he shuts the door quickly as one of Minato's Hirashin kunai fly towards his head.

"Damn brat! I swear if you defile my little girl, I'll kill you!"


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