Chapter 3: Free the Wave

At Tazuna's house, Naruto brought Haku to one of the spare rooms. He laid her down on the bed to rest and asked if Hinata could continue healing her and asked Kurenai if she could guard her to make sure she doesn't try to escape before he returned.

Tazuna, the bridge builder, lives with his daughter, Tsunami. Tsunami is a beautiful civilian woman. She is a widowed housewife that raises her son, Inari, alone. Her husband, the boy's stepfather, Kaiza, died fighting against Gato. Gato made sure to send a message to the citizens of Wave country by brutally torturing and killing Kaiza in front of Tsunami and Inari. In Tsunami's words, by the time he finally died, Tsunami didn't recognize him. His grisly death traumatized Inari. Naruto could see that the boy has lost the hope in his eyes.

Naruto let Kurenai know that he was going to take the Satsuki and Tayuya with him and investigate the town. When he entered into the village, he noticed the poverty and depression of the citizens. More and more hopelessness everywhere he turns. Children, filthy and malnourished. Some digging through trash to find something to eat. People living in cardboard boxes and whatever buildings there are can hardly be called habitable.

"Naru-kun... these people..." Satsuki says.

"I know, Satsuki-chan... We have to help them." he responds.

Suddenly, a scream pierces through the air. The trio run to the source, finding a group of three men in a dark alley pinning down a helpless woman and tearing her clothes off. Their intentions were clear and Naruto was ready to make them pay.

"Come on, girly! I promise you'll like it!" one of the attackers says

"No! Somebody please help me!!!" The woman screams before her mouth was gagged.

"There! That oughta shut her up so that we can-" before the man can finish, his head was sent flying. The woman's eyes widen and she begins to gag at the sight. Naruto finishes off another one before grabbing the remaining thug by the neck. The man struggles and chokes but Naruto doesn't let go.

He activates his Mangekyo and after a few seconds, the man goes limp and Naruto drops him to the ground. He looks at the woman who cowers in fear. Naruto's expression softens before he speaks. "It's ok, ma'am. I'm not going to hurt you. Do you want us to take you home?" She shakes her head.

"N-no! It-it-it's ok. Th-thank you, kind savior." She gathers her clothes and holds them together. Getting to her feet, she scurries out of the dark alley. Satsuki and Tayuya approach Naruto. Looking down at the thug at his feet, they see the blank look on his face.

Tayuya asks, "What'd you do to him?"

"I brought him into the Tsukuyomi and tortured him. He gave up where Gato is. Afterwards I broke his mind. Scum like him deserve worse." Tayuya and Satsuki notice the cold expression on Naruto's face. They walk over and hug him.

"Calm down, love." Satsuki says.

"Yeah, babe. You're scaring us." Tayuya adds.

Naruto smiles softly. Wrapping his arms around Satsuki and Tayuya, he says, "Thank you, my loves. I don't know what I'd do without you two. I love you both so much."

The trio savor the tender moment. After Naruto gathers himself, he leads the girl's to Gato's base. Wielding his kama and activating his Sharingan, Naruto prepares to cull the souls of these wicked men.


(First person view)

He just wouldn't stop. Why? He kept stabbing her in front of me, long after she went limp. I couldn't stop him, I just hid in the corner. The next thing I see is him turning, looking straight at me. I couldn't recognize my mother anymore, there's so much blood. Everywhere. The kunai in his hand is caked in blood. He gets to his feet and starts walking towards me. I can't move. I'm too afraid. I keep telling my body to run but it just won't listen. He's going to kill me, isn't he? He's going to butcher me like my mother, isn't he? Why father? Why?

Suddenly, the door slams open. I see the silhouette of a towering man with a massive blade. He looks around the room and narrows his eyes at my father. He lunges at him, cleaving my father in two at his torso. He sees me cowering. He reaches down, grabs me, and takes me with him. As we leave the village, I close my eyes and rest against his chest. That's right. This is when Zabuza-sama saved me from my father. The day Zabuza-sama became my purpose in life.

Clang! Clang! I open my eyes and see Zabuza-sama fighting. His eyes, he must be an Uchiha. Suddenly I see Zabuza-sama flying back and strike a tree. Oh no. Zabuza-sama is hurt, he's losing. I need to step in. I throw three senbon aimed at several nerves in Zabuza-sama's neck. The standard plan if Zabuza-sama is in trouble. Dammit! This girl ruined our plan. What? He knew I was watching this whole time?! Shit! This girl is strong! Zabuza-sama hang on! I'll be there soon, I promise! This damned girl! She's smiling at me. I'm too weak, Zabuza-sama! My eyes widen. Zabuza-sama is losing too much blood. He can't even lift his blade. No! Zabuza-sama turn around! The water dragon jutsu didn't land! I see it again. Blood splatters along the ground. The blood of a loved one. Zabuza-sama... please... don't leave me alone in this world. Tears. My eyes are filled with them once again. Suddenly, the world starts to fade. The last thing I remember is seeing Zabuza-sama's body face down on the ground. If I die... at least let me see Zabuza-sama's face once more.

(Dream finished; returning to third person)

"Zabuza-sama!" Haku shouts as she regains consciousness. She looks around and doesn't recognize where she is. She sees one of the girls in the group assigned to protect the old man beside her bed. An enemy? She reaches for her senbon, preparing to defend herself. Suddenly, a bandaged hand grabs her wrist. She looks up and sees the woman Zabuza was fighting restraining her. She narrows her eyes and grits her teeth.

"Calm down. We aren't here to hurt you." Haku still doesn't relax.

"Where am I? And where is Zabuza-sama?!" she demands. She then notices that both women look away from her sadly. She recognizes their reactions. Her heart breaks. "No... Zabuza-sama..." Haku cries.

"I'm sorry... I didn't want this, sweetie... but-" Haku cuts Kurenai off.

"Shut up! You don't understand anything! Zabuza-sama didn't want to do this kind of work but we needed to raise money for the rebellion! And you people killed him! He just wanted to save his village and you people took him from me!" Haku can't hold her emotions. She breaks down crying, sobbing, mourning the loss of her mentor and father figure. Kurenai looks at Hinata and nods. The two leave the room, giving Haku her space.


"GAAAAHHHHH!!!!" Gato screams as Naruto breaks his right leg. Naruto crippled Gato so he couldn't escape. He decided that the best thing to do would be to give him to the villagers and let them decide his fate. He turns as he sees his beautiful girlfriends approaching. He smiles. "Did you two clean up this pig's henchmen?" he asks, pointing at the groaning form of Gato. They nod. Naruto leans in and kisses them both. "Good. I gathered all of his assets. I used my Kotoamatsukami to force him to sign his company over. I'll have Tsunami-san take control of it. With the company and the bridge, Wave should be back on it's feet in no time.

The girls smile at Naruto but notice something. Satsuki speaks up and asks, "Wait, Naruto-kun. What about the money?" He smiles and points to a seal on his wrist. The girls giggle at their boyfriend's sneakiness. Naruto then knocks Gato unconscious and seals him into a scroll. The trio head to the basement.

What they find down there makes it hard for them to resist killing the bastard. Women locked in cages or chained against the wall, all hope absent in their eyes. Gritting his teeth, Naruto quickly frees them, wrapping them with cloths and leading them outside the building.

Naruto then heads to the village central and unseals Gato from the scroll. He binds his hands and feet and ties him to a post, leaving his fate the the villagers who find him.

After returning to Tazuna's house, Team 7 informs them of Gato's demise and the destruction of his thugs. Tazuna and Tsunami celebrate at the news and Inari is in disbelief. As the family celebrates, Kurenai approaches Naruto. "Naruto-kun." Naruto is surprised at the affectionate suffix Kurenai uses and decides to play along.

"Yes, Kurenai-chan? What's wrong?" Kurenai blushes and gasps at Naruto's choice of words. Naruto chuckles at Kurenai's reaction. "I hope I wasn't gone too long. You didn't miss me too much, did you?"

Kurenai blushes even harder. "B-baka! Don't tease a jounin sensei like that!" she crosses her arms and turns away, pouting. But on the inside, Kurenai's heart is pounding. 'Gosh! Why am I reacting like this to him! I have a boyfriend! Even though...'

"I'm sorry Kurenai-san. You're just too cute, I couldn't resist teasing you." Kurenai resists the urge to faint.

"A-As long as you understand, Naruto-kun." she says, clearing her throat. "I just wanted to let you know that the girl woke up. Haku, right? She's... really torn up by Zabuza's death. I thought I should let you know."

Naruto smiles at Kurenai. He decides to push it. As she turns to walk away, Naruto catches her off guard by kissing her on the cheek. She freezes at the gesture. "Thanks Kurenai-chan. I don't know what I'd do without you." Naruto walks upstairs, leaving behind a speechless Kurenai and two giggling girlfriends.



Naruto stops outside the room he laid Haku in. He almost opens the door before he hears sniffling and whimpering. He didn't realize how much Zabuza meant to the girl. He opens the door and walks in, knowing that if he knocked he wouldn't get a response anyways.

On the bed he sees Haku with her head buried in her knees. She looks up and Naruto sees her eyes are puffy and red from crying. Naruto looks at the girl solemnly as she glares at him.

"Murderer..." she spits out with venom in her voice.

Naruto begins, "I'm sorry-" He dodges a pillow flying at his head.

"You murdered him! How dare you tell me you're sorry! You don't understand anything!" she lunges at Naruto, senbon in hand. Naruto catches her wrists and pulls her into a hug. Haku struggles to try to get out his grip, to no avail.

"Let me go, murderer! I swear I'll kill you and then I'll kill myself!" she shouts.

"Haku, calm down! I'm sorry! I swear I mean it, just listen to me!" Naruto feels Haku begin to relax in his grasp. He hugs her tighter. "Before Zabuza died, he asked me to protect you." Haku gasps. She is shocked that Zabuza would request such a thing. "I swore to him I would. Haku, live your own life. You are your own person. Live for yourself. Live for me. Do want you want, live how you want. Don't give up hope. For me, for Zabuza."

For a moment, Haku is silent. Suddenly, she asks, "Why did you kill him?"

Naruto doesn't know how to answer. He doesn't know why he killed Zabuza. He could have easily overpowered and restrained him but he didn't. "...because I'm a murderer. I can't tell you honestly why I killed him. In all honesty, I could have restrained him. But I didn't. I killed him. I deserve your hatred."

Haku grits her teeth and tries to attack Naruto again. Naruto on the other hand pushes her down and restrains her, pinning her to the bed. "Listen to me! Calm down and listen!"

Haku pants, tears in her eyes. "You bastard. I swear I'll kill you." she says through heavy breaths. Naruto looks into her eyes, seeing her pain. Haku stops resisting and he raises a hand to her face, stroking her cheek.

"I can't apologize enough about taking away someone precious to you. But I can promise you that as long as I live, no one will harm you." he says.

Haku narrows her eyes at Naruto. "I won't fall for your lies, you monster."

Naruto cracks a small smile. "I wouldn't lie to you. Not to a face as beautiful as yours."

Haku grits her teeth. "That doesn't forgive the fact that you murdered my master, someone you could have spared. You monster."

Naruto frowns. "What about all the people Zabuza killed? The men he took from families. They all felt the same way you did, if not worse. And other than mentorship, he gave you a life on the run. A mercenary lifestyle. Haku-chan, you never truly lived your life. You don't know the feeling of family and friends, experiencing the world with your own eyes. You only saw what he showed you. Haku-chan let me give you a chance to do what you truly want in your life. I won't take that away from you or let anyone else take it from you. Come live with me and I promise you a life of happiness and comfort."

Haku's tears couldn't be contained. She starts openly crying. "You bastard... What do you know!"

Naruto gets down closer to her face. "I know a lonely woman when I see one! I know emptiness and pain! I know that what you truly want is to feel the warmth and love of another, the comfort of a family! I will give that to you, Haku-chan! Just trust me!"

Haku sniffles and whimpers. "Bastard... I won't... trust you..." Naruto feels a tightening in his chest. The sight of her beautiful face with tears flowing from her eyes and her soft gentle lips make Naruto do something he never thought he'd do. He leans down and captures Haku's lips with his own.


Haku is shocked and initially resists. But she eventually relaxes and begins kissing Naruto back. Naruto releases his kiss and the two pant heavily, both full of lust. Haku wraps her arms around Naruto's neck. Naruto looks deep into her half lidded eyes. "I promise... I'll make you happy, Haku-chan."

Haku pulls Naruto back into a hot, passionate kiss. Naruto wraps his arms around her body and the two begin to toss and roll around on the bed until Haku was on top of him. She leans up and pulls off her kimono and kicks off her sandals. She leans back down and begins kissing Naruto again. Naruto reaches up and pulls Haku's undergarments off.

Naruto then pulls Haku into a loving embrace and rolls her onto her back. Naruto pulls of his trench coat and takes off his shirt. He takes of his boots and pulls down his pants and boxers. The two naked bodies embrace each other once more in a heated kiss. Their hands roam the other's body. Naruto explores Haku's gentle curves while Haku explores Naruto's coarse, rigid muscles. She wraps a hand around Naruto's massive member and begins stroking him. Naruto reaches up and let's Haku's hair down, letting it fall freely down her back. The two part and look deeply into each other's eyes. Haku smiles gently, pushing Naruto onto his back.

She straddles her Uchiha lover, lining up the tip of Naruto's penis with her entrance. "Are you sure you want to do this, love?" Naruto asks. Haku nods.

"I want you, Naruto-kun." She slides her hips down onto his tip, the head pushing her slit open. She moans gently as he begins to enter inside of her. Naruto winces at the moist pleasure, gripping her hips and groaning as she takes more of him inside. Haku's hymen tears, the pain taking her by surprise and sending a shock of electricity through her body. She doesn't stop until she takes all 11 inches of his large cock inside of her. She stops as she reaches his base, trembling and adjusting to the size of his girth.

Naruto sees this and rubs his hands gently against her skin, comforting her with his touch. Haku feels this and leans down, kissing him aggressively. "I love you, Naruto-kun..." she says in between kisses.

"I love you too, Haku-chan..." he answers in kind. Haku leans back up and begins moving her hips. Naruto is enthralled by her sexy and seductive movements that only serve to increase his arousal. He looks her body up and down, taking in the sight of the sweat on her skin, the gentleness of her mouth, the sweetness of her breath, the light bouncing of her perky breasts. "Haku-chan... you're so beautiful... I want you for myself..."

Haku smiles gently as she continues to ride her black haired lover. "I'm already yours, Naruto-kun. I belong to you." Those words break Naruto's reasoning. He grabs her hips and begins to thrust upwards hard. The sound of flesh slapping together fills the room and the pungent musk of sex permeates the air. Haku begins to moan loudly as her lover pounds deep inside her.

"Fuck! Naruto-kun, I love you! Harder! Fuck me harder!" She starts moving her hips in rhythm with his. They start panting in tune with each other, staring passionately into each other's eyes. Naruto leans up and wraps his arms around Haku. He switches positions with her, laying her down on the mattress and lifting her legs up. He begins to pound even deeper inside her, banging into her womb. The pleasure is overwhelming Haku's mind, her eyes rolling back into her head and her tongue rolling out her mouth as her lover abuses her vagina.

Seeing Haku's petite, beautiful feet, he takes her toes into his mouth and begins licking and sucking on her feet, the sourness of her sweat making his penis even harder. Haku has orgasmed several times at this point, the sheets beneath her soaked with her love juices. Naruto leans in deeper, pinning her in a mating press. He pounds faster, Haku sounding more like a wild animal than a woman as he fries her brain with his thrusting.

"Fuck! Fuck! I'm cumming, Haku-chan!" Haku lets out a shriek as Naruto pounds her one last time, pressing his tip directly against her womb and letting out torrents of his semen inside her. He cums so much it begins to leak out of her. Haku's orgasm is so powerful, she bucks her hips, arching her back and legs twitching violently. Her eyes roll back almost completely inside her head, her tongue rolls, and she talks some form of gibberish.

Naruto smirks and chuckles at the sight and he pulls out gently. He sits on the edge of the bed, his body covered in sweat and his back to Haku as she convulses again. Her toes curl and her body bridges as she orgasms again, squirting and soaking the floor at the end of the bed. Naruto chuckles. He leans over and kisses her, breaking her out of her orgasmic stupor. He then looks into her eyes. "You know that's just round one, right?" Haku's eyes widen in terror. Naruto then proceeds to subject her to even more pleasurable torture.


Unbeknownst to Haku, a certain black haired jounin observed the whole scene outside their door. She began pleasuring herself while watching Naruto give Haku what most women desire: an animalistic fucking that drowns them in pleasure.

Naruto, though, knew she was there the whole time. He purposefully put their copulation on display for her to see. He wants Kurenai to know that this is what she's in for. And Kurenai hopes to get a taste of this man amongst men for herself.


Over the next two weeks, Naruto and company helped Wave get back on it's feet. Naruto, Satsuki, and Tayuya made many clones to help build houses, orphanages, and shelters. Kiba and Shino went out hunting and gathering to give food for the people of Wave. Haku and Hinata helped treat the sick and wounded. The atmosphere around Wave lifted with the death of Gato and his goons and people began calling Naruto the Hero of Wave.

Naruto also began helping Haku open up. She became less reserved around Team 7 and Team 8, befriending everyone and getting closer to Naruto. She forgave him for killing Zabuza and became quite attached to Naruto.

Kurenai also struggled with her feelings. At 22 years old, she couldn't believe how easily this 16 year old boy could get her flustered. It wasn't much more than simple flirting and teasing but Kurenai hated being led on by Naruto. Although she admittedly finds him unbelievably attractive. And if that pounding he gave Haku was anything to go by, then she would undoubtedly find herself addicted to the Uchiha's dick. Haku took over a week to recover from the sex, she couldn't get out of bed the next morning and afterwards, her limp was so bad she had to cling on the edges of furniture to hold herself up. It was an established fact that Naruto is a kami in bed.

Kurenai would often find Naruto helping the elderly people of Wave with yard work or groceries. She'd spot him playing with the children, mostly orphans of the Wave who lost their families to Gato. The scenes would make Kurenai smile at the gentle demeanor that he can show while also being a fierce fighter and cunning strategist.

Kurenai's favorite scenes, however, were those where she would find Naruto working up a sweat, building houses or ploughing a field. She would develop a large blush, biting her lip and rubbing her thighs together at the shirtless kami, skin glistening with sweat, muscles rippling with every movement. 'Kami... he's so much more muscular than Asuma... so masculine... so... SEXY!' Kurenai would often have to fight back the urge to jump the mighty Uchiha and take him in the middle of the day.

As reconstruction ends, Team 7 and Team 8 have gathered at the bridge Tazuna has built, preparing to leave for Konoha. Every citizen of Wave gathered to bid their heroes and liberators farewell.

"We can't thank you enough for what you each have done for us. All of you are more than welcome to come back any time." Tsunami says.

"Thank you, Tsunami-san. I'll be sure to give the Hokage these alliance papers." Naruto says with a smile. Tsunami blushes.

"Be sure to come back and visit, Naruto-kun." she says with a teasing grin.

Naruto chuckles. "I will. I promise."

As Team 7 and Team 8 leave, Tazuna speaks up. "I guess we need to think of a name for this mighty bridge, wouldn't you say?"

Tsunami smiles. "The Bridge of Heroes. Without our heroes, we would still be under Gato's rule."

Tazuna chuckles. "I do agree with that. The Bridge of Heroes it is!" All of Wave celebrated as Tsunami, the new Wave Daimyo, declared this day Heroes Day in dedication to the shinobi who freed Wave country from the tyrannical rule of Gato.


"Well done, Team 7 and Team 8. I'll be sure to pay you all well for the completion of this mission as well as assisting in rebuilding Wave. I'm proud of you all." Minato says after receiving the report from Kurenai and Naruto.

"Hai, Hokage-sama." Naruto and Kurenai say in unison.

Minato smiles. "And by the way. I wanted to ask if you each believe that your teams are ready to be promoted to chunin." Naruto smiles.

"Of course I do, Oji. I actually believe I'm ready to take that hat from you right now. Wanna see if that's true?" Naruto teases. Minato fights down the urge to shiver.

"Naruto-kun! Show some respect to Hokage-sama!" Kurenai scolds Naruto.

'-kun?' Minato laughs. "Don't worry about that, Kurenai. He always jokes with me like this. Trust me, I'd rather not find out." Naruto laughs as Kurenai looks at Minato in surprise.

'Hokage-sama doesn't actually want to fight Naruto-kun? Does that mean he actually isn't confident that he can beat Naruto-kun? I remember him saying that but I just thought he was exaggerating. Just how strong are you, Naruto-kun?' Kurenai thinks to herself.

"Well, Jounin Kurenai? Do you think your team is ready?" Kurenai looks at Team 8. She notices that instead of their normal, confident selves, they actually look worried. She smiles gently.

Turning to Minato, Kurenai answers, "No, Hokage-sama. I think my team needs more time to grow. Like I explained in my report, if not for Team 7 intervening, we would have died. I'd like my team to enter the chunin exams when they're ready. I don't want to send them in unprepared." Minato smiles and nods.

"Well said, Kurenai. There's no shame in admitting that you are not ready. Many shinobi die from being overconfident. Take all the time you need. Team 8, dismissed." Kurenai and Team 8 bow and exit the room. Naruto watches as Kurenai leaves. Turning, he sees Minato take out some papers. He hands them to Naruto, who hands a sheet to Tayuya and Satsuki. They each fill out the form and hand it back to Minato.

As Minato calls his secretary in and gives her the papers, he turns to Team 7. "I don't think I need to tell you all this, but I will anyways. Be careful. Especially you, Tayuya. I'll say this in front of everyone. You're my daughter. If anything happens to you, your mother and I will be devastated. Watch each other's back during this exam. And good luck. May the Will of Fire guide you all."


A few weeks went by and Team 7 completed a few more missions. Haku moved into the Uchiha compound, much to the excitement of Mikoto. She was given a chunin rank by Minato and started working in the Konoha hospital under the direct tutelage of Tsunade, who was impressed by her already impressive talent in medical ninjutsu coupled with her water affinity and precise chakra control.

Team 7 grew closer as well. Satsuki and Tayuya accepted Haku as one of Naruto's women. Naruto took Satsuki and Tayuya on several more dates and enjoyed all the time he could spend with them. He loved them both dearly.

Their training has been coming along, too. Tayuya mastered the Rasengan and began adding elemental chakra to it, much to the surprise of Minato who never was able to complete it. Minato also wanted to teach Tayuya the Hiraishin but she refused. Satsuki began practicing her lightning release and experimented with the principle of the Rasengan Tayuya was learning. The result was... remarkable. Satsuki, instead of creating a Rasengan, learned to coat her arm in elemental chakra. Minato witnessed this and stated it was similar to his student, Kakashi's, Chidori except that he has to charge with it and that it was named Chidori for the sound it makes, which sounds like birds chirping. Satsuki's version is completely silent and she's able to use other elements besides lightning. She named it Yarinage.

After another intense training session, Naruto decided to take his teammates to grab some lunch. After their meal, the trio leave and are strolling down the street. "You brat! Watch where you're going!" They hear someone shout from down an alley they passed and thought someone was in trouble.

Running to the scene, they find Sakura and Ino standing off against a pair who seem to be from Suna. There was a guy wearing a strange cat outfit with makeup on and a large object strapped to his back. He was holding up the Sandaime's grandson, Konohamaru, whom Naruto was acquainted with.

Behind him was a girl who was very beautiful to Naruto. She had sandy blonde hair tied up in four pigtails, she wore a violet battle kimono and had a large fan strapped to her back. Naruto noticed her serious expression which accented her beautiful features.

"Let him down! It was an accident!" Sakura shouted at the guy in the cat suit.

"Shut up, bitch! I'm gonna teach him that he needs to watch where he's going!" he responds.

Naruto narrows his eyes. He hates when women are disrespected, especially a friend or loved one.

"Drop the brat, Kankuro. You're making a fool of yoursef." the blond haired girl with pigtails says.

"You shut up too, Temari. This is my business.

Sick of watching, Naruto acts. Quicker than the four could see, Naruto is behind Kankuro, the blade of his Kama held to his jugular. Temari and Kankuro are stunned while Ino and Sakura are elated.

"Naruto-kun!" they say in unison. Naruto smiles at the two.

"Hey girls. You both are looking beautiful today." His two favorite fangirls squeal in delight. Naruto turns his attention to Temari. "You're looking beautiful as well. Temari was it? It's a fine pleasure to meet you." Temari is shocked at Naruto's forwardness. She blushes slightly but decides to play it cool. Placing a hand on her hip and striking a sultry pose, she responds.

"Well, you're a handsome one. It's a pleasure to meet you, too. What's your name?" she asks.

"Uchiha Naruto. I'm guessing you three are here for the chunin exams. Hopefully we'll get to know each other in the meantime." he says with a wink. Tayuya and Satsuki smirk while shaking their heads.

"Can't resist a hot chick can you, sweetcheeks? Gotta have em all, huh?" Tayuya jests. Naruto laughs.

"Of course he does, Tayuya-chan. He's already got us and Haku-chan and he's looking for more." Satsuki smirks.

Ino noticed Naruto's words. "What do you mean by the three of them, Naruto-kun? There's only two."

Naruto turns his attention to a tree in the distance. "I'm talking about the chick who looks like she wants to kill Tayuya-chan. I feel the killing intent she's directing at her. Wonder why she doesn't wanna come down here and play." The girl takes notice and appears near them in a sand shunshin.

Naruto takes in her appearance. She has blood red hair in a ponytail that hands down the front of here left shoulder, a red long sleeve battle dress that exposes her left leg, black ANBU style pants underneath, black sandals, and a large gourd on her back. She also has turquoise eyes and a tattoo of the kanji for 'Love' on her forehead. 'Holy shit, she's hot.' Naruto thinks.

Tayuya smirks. "You're staring, babe." she says.

Naruto snaps out of it and turns to her, rubbing the back of his head and laughing awkwardly. "Sorry, Tayuya-chan. You know how it is." Tayuya rolls her eyes.

Kankuro, though, looks scared to death. "G-Gaia... I-I-I'm sorry!"

"Shut up before I kill you, Kankuro. You're an embarrassment." she says in a voice that could freeze a river. She turns to Naruto. "I apologize for my brother's behavior."

Naruto sighs and secures his kama to his back. Smiling, he says, "No worries. I'm Uchiha Naruto, that's Tayuya and that's Satsuki." he says, pointing to each respectively. The girls nods.

"Gaia no Sabaku. These are my siblings, Kankuro and Temari." Naruto nods. Walking up to her, he takes her hand and kisses her knuckles. Gaia's eyes widen and her siblings look on in fear that Naruto might get killed.

"It's a pleasure to meet such a beautiful desert rose. I look forward to meeting you and your sister during the exams. Take care of yourselves." he gives his most charming smile and walks away, leaving the sand siblings to look on in wonder.

Temari nudges Kankuro with her elbow. "Hey!" she whispers, "Gaia didn't attack him! He actually approached her without dying! And he even kissed her hand!"

Kankuro whispers back. "I know! What the hell, why is he so good at picking up girls!" Temari hits Kankuro over the head with her fan and stomps away.

"Dumbass! That isn't what I meant!" she growls as she leaves.

The siblings failed to notice that Gaia hadn't moved from her spot. She simply stared on as Naruto and his two girlfriends walked away. She is confused. Nobody has ever given her the feeling she has now. It's a strange and alien feeling. 'Uchiha Naruto... I must learn more about you...'


Panting fills the room. It's hot and humid, the pungent smell of sweat and musk is heavy in the air. Grunting and moaning echoes in the room along with the sound of flesh smacking. Tayuya is currently bent over on Naruto's bed as Naruto pounds her from behind. Satsuki is laying on her back, panting as Naruto continues to slam his massive member inside of Tayuya's vagina.

Satsuki speaks up. "So, you like those two sand girls, huh Naru-kun?" she smirks at her adonis.

Naruto's rippling muscles are covered in sweat, his black hair is a bit more frizzled and wild looking. He smirks. "Yeah... the jinchuuriki is fucking hot. I want her bad. Plus her sister- Ah, shit!- Temari right? She's pretty hot too." He smacks Tayuya's ass, making her moan hard and tighten up. He then takes his thumb and presses it into her asshole.

"Fuck, baby! God, I love this dick!" Tayuya shouts.

Satsuki chuckles. "So what, you gonna go for them? Add them to your little harem too?" She twirls some of her hair and crosses her legs.

Naruto pants out as he thrusts even harder inside his redheaded lover. "Yeah. I want them both. You two won't mind right? I won't do it if you two don't approve. You two come first."

Satsuki giggles again. She leans up and wraps her arms around her lover and pulls him into a deep, passionate kiss. "Of course I don't, koi. Just make sure you don't forget us. Otherwise, we'll kill you." Naruto grins and captures her mouth in another hot kiss.

"You know I won't, babe." Naruto continues thrusting inside Tayuya until he feels his climax coming on. He then pins her done prone to the matress, grabs a fistful of her beautiful red hair and thrusts deeply inside her, pressing his tip directly against her womb. "Ahhh, Fuuuck!!!" He comes deep inside of her, his semen flooding her womb.

Tayuya screams out and digs her nails into the bedsheets. Her orgasm sends electricity through her body, she squirts and soaks the already damp sheets from earlier again. After Naruto finishes his climax he pulls out and rolls to his side, panting. Tayuya lays on his bed limp, fainted from the pleasure.

Naruto and Satsuki look at each other. "Wanna go again?" Naruto asks. Satsuki doesn't answer. She just jumps on Naruto's lap and straddles him. The sound of flesh smacking fills the room once.