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Rising, rising, rising

Slowly in the sky

Twilight's coming fast now

Making song birds cry.

Watching in my tall tree

As candles are slowly lit

Silence gather's quickly

Until Miroku- again- is hit.

Quiet falls again

More reluctant then before

But as the chatter dwindles down

My heart starts to feel sore.

I yearn to be down with her-

Kagome- on the ground

As she smiles at Sango

My heart begins to pound.

I watch her as she tends the fires

More beautiful then her incarnation

Why did it take me so damn long

To make this realization?

Her hair is dark as the blackest night

And softer still then silk

Her skin is gentle, a rosy pink

Yet creamer then milk.

Her lips are full,

Her eyes are bright

And dance with the fire

Of the distant starlight.

She sees me watching and turns around

I blush and look away

Glaring hard towards the ground

I wait until the day. . .

The day when I can tell her

Of how she makes me feel

Warm, cared for- right at home

Sometimes I wonder if it's real.

I watch the full moon rise

As slowly as it began

Round and golden, glowing bright

Quickening it's pace when it can.

Wish I could sometimes speed things up

Defeat these blasted demons

But if the shards are collected completely

She'll lose her only reason. . .

I don't admit to missing her

When she leaves to her time

But sometimes I find myself wishing

She'd find her home in mine.

I like it when she's with me

She's true and sweet and kind

Her gentle sent is calming

It softens my heart and mind.

I know I cannot weaken

And I must mask my face

But deep inside I know

She is my belonging place.

I notice she is watching

As I gaze upon the moon

She calls my name and tells me

That they're going to bed soon.

'Are you going to join us?'

She whispers loud enough for me to hear

I glance and blush in her direction

And answer with a wiggle of my ear.

'Will you come on down?'

Her voice echo's through the night

I raise an eyebrow mentally

Did I hear her right?

I softly leap down next to her

She beams at me as I do so

I prepare to sit next to her sleeping bag

I'm surprised when she says no.

She opens her arms to me

And hugs me very tight

Laying me on her sleeping bag

She lays down on my right.

'It's hard to sleep

when your not near me'

she whispers as my

heart jumps queerly.

'I feel the same,'

I reply

Watching the stars

as they twinkle in the sky.


I hear her say

I roll over to look at her

She glances nervously away.

But then I taste a sweet surprise

A sensation of strawberries and cream

Her lips are softly pressed to mine

I pray to the gods this isn't a dream.

We pull away hesitantly

The moon shines high above

I hold her close and tell her

About my undying love.

She blushes and replies

That she feels the same

My heart leaps high every time

I hear her say my name.

We lay together in the dark

And sadden as we realize light will come soon

But we savor our alone time

As we watch the golden moon.


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