AN: Hello. Um. So, I wrote a thing. It's kind of an AU of Camp Camp that takes inspiration from the Percy Jackson series as well as a KHR fanfic I read a while back. It's basically a retelling of the series but with this whole Greek god spin to it. I know I'm not going to do every episode, and I'm honestly debating on whether or not I even want to go in order or if I wanna just jump around to my favorite episodes. We shall see.

Takes place before s1e1, in case you can't tell :-)

Max was honestly surprised his "parents" hadn't sold him off yet. Kids like him, with the abilities he had, didn't last long in this world. As soon as someone found you out, it was off to the auction house to be sold to the highest bidder.

Max guesses he was lucky in that regard. Neither of his parents cared about him enough to wonder why he was a little darker than you'd expect of a child of his "father."

Yep. Max's mom had a one night stand two years into their marriage and it just so happened that the guy she fucked was Dolos, the God of Trickery.

And that made Max a Godling.

Demigod. Halfling? Whatever the fuck else people called mistakes like him.

Which brought Max's attention back to his current predicament.

He may have avoided the auction house due to his "parent's" ignorance, but escaping Camp Campbell was near impossible.

"Goooood morning, campers," the annoyingly chipper camp counselor said to the seven children gathered just outside the mess hall. "Today, we're going to begin our first day of camp with introductions. Each of you will take a turn saying your name and what camp you're here for, okay? I'll go first. My name is David and I-"

Max tuned him out, not caring in the least about any of the people here. He didn't want to be here, and judging by that other counselor's face, neither did she.

Despite his best efforts, however, Max did eventually get to know the other campers. Every. Single. One.

He would have walked to the auction house himself if he knew this was going to be the alternative.

Some good did come out of the torture session David called "introductions".

Max may not know about or have complete control over all the abilities he has, but there is one skill he has mastered. His father is the God of Trickery. And to lie, confuse, or otherwise trick others, you must first know as much about them as you possibly can. Which is why Max's most useful ability is the one to gather. Background, heritage, weaknesses. All of it will appear to Max as soon as he looks at someone and hears their name.

Slowly but surely, Max was able to make an itemized list of all the kids in this gods-forsaken place. Perfect for when he had use for the idiots.

First was Dolph. This walking, talking, oblivious stereotype of a person was a Legacy. It took Max a bit, but he soon figured that Dolph was the grandson of Athena. (Looking back at this moment on Parent's Day, Max now knew why Dolph's father found his way into the military. The government protected useful Godlings (mostly), and a child of Athena would be a boon that the military couldn't pass up.) Dolph must have inherited his grandmother's artistic side, rather than her strategic and military prowess. Max decided that avoiding Dolph would be the best course of action, for now. Wouldn't want to be branded a Neo-Nazi by association.

After him was the perfectionist, Preston. A Legacy like Dolph, but unlike little boy Arts-and-Craft, he wasn't the grandson of a major god. No, Preston was the Legacy of… one of the Muses. Either Melpomene of Tragedy or Thalia of Comedy. Max didn't know. The kid was so high strung and in your face that Max couldn't bear to look at him long enough to gather anything else.

Nurf was someone Max would have avoided on principle even before finding out who he was related to. Nurf was the grandson of Ares, god of war, and it showed. Descendants of Ares just ozed power, and Max's skin crawled every time Nurf got close. Not only was this kid the embodiment of every bully ever, he had all the power to back up his threats. While Max hid his abilities with a wary conscience, Nurf flaunted it, knowing that no one but his mother or the gods themselves would come close enough to stop him. Max half suspected that the decision to send him to "Correctional camp" was as much his mother's attempt to better him as it was the government's attempt at getting this would-be-tool under control.

Next up was Harrison. Camp Campbell's freshly dubbed "Magic Kid." Like Max, Harrison was a full fledged Godling, not a Legacy. The kid's mother was Hecate, the goddess of magic and witchcraft. Max thought this information was obvious, considering the kind of magic Harrison does by accident. From what Max could gather, however, Harrison's abilities came from… belief. Meaning, as long as Harrison continued to deny his true potential, he would have about as much control over his abilities as a baby had over their bladder. In layman's terms, Harrison would be doing parlor tricks for the rest of his life if he didn't shape up. Max resolved to keep his distance until Harrison stopped accidentally setting people on fire.

After that magic kid came the other magic kid, Nerris. The wannabe wizard-elf-thing definitely inherited Mnemosyne's storytelling ability, which was a pretty good gift to gain for a Legacy. Flashy abilities got you caught and sold. Legacies may not be as valuable as a Godling, but they're captured none-the-less. Give her time to grow out of that lisp, and she might even have a decently enraptured audience during those campaigns of hers. For now though, Max would avoid her to keep her geekiness from rubbing off on him.

Next up was Ered. She was… Honestly, Max had no clue. He could gather that she was adopted by two FBI agents and had an insatiable need to be seen as "cool" by everyone around her, but that was it. Max couldn't gather anything else. After looking a bit close, Max saw some kind of veil around the older girl, and poking at it gave Max a headache. Someone didn't want Ered read, and if this something was strong enough to block Max's gaze, Max decided they were too strong to mess with. It seemed like the veil was only there to leave an air of "mystery" around Ered to add to the cool factor, anyway. Max stopped caring after a while. Ered was one of the few people here more versed in her abilities than him, which meant manipulating her would have to happen through peer pressure rather than any other special skill. Max relished in the challenge she presented.

Finally, the truest enigma out of all the campers: Space Kid. Max was honestly baffled when he gathered whose Legacy this fish-bowl-head was. Max stole David's phone as soon as he could to double check, because this had to be some kind of mistake. A glitch of some sort in his ability. Because when Max gathered what he could on Space Kid, the twerp came back as a Legacy to a fucking Titan. Astraeus, God of stars, planet, and astrology. Max had never met another Godling before coming to this camp, let alone someone with the blood of a Titan. As Space kid rambled on, and on, and on about space (his obsession makes a lot more sense, now), Max gathered some more.

"Oh thank fuck," he thought, "he's hella diluted."

When Godlings were first discovered, many humans tried their hardest to wipe them out before they grew into their powers. Before the auction houses, most Godlings didn't make it past the age of 5, let alone make it to an age where they could have kids of their own. It seems that way, way, way back, one of Space Kid's ancestors was a Godling of Astraeus, and somehow survived long enough to do what most couldn't. This happened so far back, in fact, that Space Kid is almost 90% human. Enough blood to make it past the (meager) defenses of the camp borders and have an almost unhealthy obsession with space, but not enough to hold any actual abilities like the other Legacies here.

To sum up all of this, it meant that Max wouldn't have to fight any of these kids for the right to claim this place. Perfect. If Max was going to be stuck here, he was going to make Camp Campbell his territory. For comfort's sake, obviously. The only other place he has claimed was his bedroom at home, and his parents' constant arguing made it… less than ideal.

Moving on to the "adults," Max could barely keep a straight face. These were the people left to watch over them for the whole summer?!

One glance at Quartermaster left Max gagging. He was not gathering anything on that man. Instinct said what he would find would be more horrifying than it was worth.

Gwen, from what Max could gather was an almost entirely normal human. The only thing that differed her from all the other fanfiction writing, trashy novel reading 25 year olds out there was her ability to see through the mist. That magical veil that hid the mystical and strange from the eyes of mortals who didn't need to see them. She came from a line of seers and oracles, and apparently had a distant cousin who was the current host for the spirit of Delphi. Cool. Gwen had a knack for finding and seeing the otherworldly (which probably contributed greatly to her monster kink). It was a subtle but useful ability that Max would normally respect someone for having, but the woman's delusional fantasies made that kind of difficult to do.

Despite all he learned about the people at this camp, however, there was one who he could not read, no matter if he used his human eyes or his godly ones.


No matter how hard he tried, Max was unable to get more than the bare minimum from the man. Unlike Ered, whose presence was obviously being manipulated by something to keep up the "cool factor," David was frustratingly vague. It was like, whenever Max tried to gather, the pieces that made up the chipper idiot's psyche crumbled and slipped through his fingers.

David was a cheerful, happy-go-lucky 24 year old with an almost unhealthy love for Camp Campbell. He can be skittish, but takes his job as camp counselor as seriously as a SWAT team would take a bomb threat.

But that was all he could get. Max felt like he gathered a fucking TV advertisement with how much that fucking told him. He couldn't use any of that. Hell, he couldn't even tell if the guy was human or not!

It pissed Max off.

Even if it took the entire summer, Max vowed that he would break this man.

Maybe if he was broken, Max would finally be able to find out just what made him tick.

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