"Okay, I will trust you with the dollar store now," Patty said. She was going on cruise so she would be away for a while.

"You can trust us!" Apple said with a smile. He was so happy because the dollar store was his dream to own someday. He tried to buy it for a dollar one time because it was a dollar store but she said he couldnt buy it.

"Okay..." Patty said. Apple & Onion smiled and nodded over and over until Patty left out of the store.

The day was good and they sold a lot of things for a dollar exept they accidently sold the cash register and had to run and get it back. They locked the store while they were away and Closed was the sign then.

"Phew we got it back," Onion said. "I thought we woudl have to call Encyclopedia Brown."

"You might still have to call him," Apple said. "I lost the key." He could not open the locked store without the key. "What have you done!" Onion said and he dropeped the cash register because he was so angry. Onion was fumigating but he still called him.

"Okay I am here!" Encyclopedia said with his teleport boots on. He was there already because of the boots.

"We lost the key!" Apple said.

"No he lost the key!" Onion said.

"Aha, I know where the key is!" Encyclopedia said. "It was put in the cash register to keep safe because you were a believer that Apple would lose it."

Onion opened cash register and there was only money. "Haha did you like the joke?" Encyclopedia said because he told them wrong.

"Why didn't you help us?" Apple said. He was tears up all the way down his face.

"You forgot to pay me" Encyclopedia said and he looked really angry.

"Oh no!" sorry. APple said and he gave Encyclopedia a dollar from the cash register. "NO I need a quarter," Encyclopedia said.

"Okay sorry," Onion said and he gave Encyclopedia the quarter.

"Now it was a joke because I didn't tell you the whole story. It was in the register because Apple would lose it and that was true but then Bugs Meany took it when you were fumigating!" Encyclopedia said. "He hid it in the store and now it is locked in!"

"Oh no!" Onion said. "Bugs Meany owns the dollar store now!"

"I have a plan," Apple said. He went in the store because Bugs opened it again and he went to the counter. "I want to buy dollar store key," he said.

"Okay that it a dollar," Bugs said. They did the deal.

"Yay we own the store again!" Onion said. "That was brillient Apple!"

"No I messed up bad!" Bugs said. Then the police took him to the jail again because he was a thef.

"I saved the food world," Encyclopedia said and he teleported away.

Apple & Onion ran the dollar store good then and did not lose the key again so Patty was really happy.

The End