He knew the place looked familiar, looking around he realized why.  There was the city of Retro Ville in the distance and the road was the only one linking the city to the rest of the world.  Even though he and his parents had only driven down this road once, he would always remember it.  He wasn't exactly on the road though, behind some of the tall grass framing the road was a little country path: It was paved with dirt, framed by low lying ferns and weeds, and interrupted by sprouting plants branching out from the middle.  It was the average country road. 

It didn't take long for him to realize that someone else was there; she led him by the hand until he stopped looking around to walk beside her.  Even though she was no more than a foot in front of him, the genius couldn't think through his confusion to grasp who she was.  Once he caught up and looked to his left, the sight woke him up like a brain blast.  Cindy Vortex was walking next to him, out in the middle of nowhere on a country lane, still holding his hand.  The Cindy he knew would only grab his hand to yank him somewhere and once there would thrust his hand back at him.  He looked more, to see that she looked like the Cindy he knew, the same ponytail, and those darned short pants.  But she didn't look like she was leading him to a trap.  There was no smirk, no seriousness.  He would swear it was nearly the same look as she got whenever Nick came into the room; she seemed so… happy.

Still walking, she looked over at him, smiling in a dreamy kind of way that somehow deepened when she squeezed his hand.  His eyes ran back to their hands, still together, letting a chill go from his hand, up and then to the bottom of his spine as she tightened her hand slowly and softly for a brief moment.  Even though his feet kept up a rhythm with hers the rest of him froze and thoughts strolled through his brain.  Why was he there?  Why was she there with him with nobody else around?  Why couldn't he remember anything about the time before they were walking together and holding hands?


"Yeah Jimmy?"  That kind of surprised him.  If they ever called each other by family names, it meant that they were potentially at war and both of them cooperated as much as to both follow the procedure.  If they called each other by given names, they were temporarily on friendly terms and both cooperated to that end also.

"Cindy, why are we walking down a country lane and holding hands?"  He replied in compliance with the protocol.

"Why not?"

"Well, um…  We've never done anything remotely like this before."

"That doesn't mean we can't.  Right?"

"Sure, but why would you want to?  We've never even been very neighborly."

Cindy stopped walking and Jimmy did too, before he got more than a step ahead, before Cindy had finished saying, "And why not?"

They faced each other and Cindy let go of his hand, making him look at the point of disconnection.  He looked back to her, the smile gone, replaced by a much sadder face.  "What do you…?  But…  I."

"You know," she said, the smile glimmering again before she turned her head towards the open fields, "We're together, and away from anybody who knows us, we can act however we want without anyone knowing."  She turned back to him, her smile taking on some mischievous qualities.

"You're right," was all he said before a smile appeared on his face and both of them had a silent agreement to move closer until their lips caught and their hands re-linked.  Just before things went black he squeezed her hand quickly, and got a reply.