Title: In the Hands of Daddy

Author: Jessica Perkins E-Mail: JazChick15@aol.com Rating: PG 13 (Lil Violence) Disclaimer: No, I do not own the cast of New York Undercover, however I do own Tori Torres. So, Dick Wolf don't sue me, cause I need my money. I only write these Fanfiction for fun. Summary: Nina gets sick and it's up to Eddie to take care of their three- month-old daughter Tori. Things are not going his way! Can Eddie handle a day as the babysitter? Character Death.. Or is there?

In the Hands of Daddy


Orlando Maldone stood by watching Eddie and Nina Torres sitting in
Central Park with their three-month old daughter Tori. A tall Cuban
man with dark hazel eyes approaches Maldone. "What are you playing on
doing Orlando?" he asks. "Just wait. I'm going to take that precious
little girl away from him and kill his ass just like he took my
daughter away from me" "Are you sure Orlando? Why can't you just
leave? You know the consequences of messing with Eduardo." He says
persuasively. Orlando looks him directly in the eyes and says, "I want
that little girl! And I want Eddie DEAD! Is that clear!" The guy takes
that as his cue and leaves.

Part One:

"Waaaaaaaaaaa waahaaa waahaaaa!" Tori screams. Nina moves in her sleep and reaches for Eddie. "Waaahaaa wahaaa waaahaa waahaaa" Tori screams louder. "Eddie honey can you please get Tori. I'm not feeling so well." Nina says softly. "I" she pauses. "HaaaChew" She sneezes. "I don't feel.HaaaChew..like getting her sick." Nina continues. He slowly gets out of bed and walks lazily to Tori's crib. "Waaahaaa waaahaa." "I'm coming Tori. Papi's coming." Eddie coos. Eddie reaches into her crib and picks her up. Tori looks up her father and starts to slowly quits. "Tori why you have to wake up with such a bang. You know Mami and Papi are two very tired people." Tori reaches up and play with his face. "You like Papi's nose huh? You have your mothers nose." Eddie brings her to the kitchen where he fixes her a bottle. "Waaahaaa waahaaa" "I know honey I know you're hungry." "Waahaaaa" Eddie gives Tori her bottle and walks around the kitchen in circles to quit her down. Some time later Tori is fed and playing happily in her crib. He walks back into his bedroom to fine Nina coughing up a storm. "Nina, honey, you don't look too well. Maybe you should go to the doctors." He tells her lovingly. "Eddie I'm fine. It's just a ..a.. a CHEW.a cold." She says sickly. "You're going to have to take off and take care of Tori for me." Eddie looks down into Nina's eyes and sees nothing, but passion.

Eddie's POV

I love Tori I really do, but I don't think I could handle her all day by myself. Nina's sick and Melissa is off to school. Here I am stuck in an apartment with a sick wife and a three-month old. Who would have ever thought, Me, Eddie Anthony Torres, married with two beautiful daughters? I, for one, wouldn't have thunk it. Okay, back to the present. Tori is asleep in her crib and Nina is out like a light. Out of nowhere there is this loud bang. I turn around and who do I see. Orlando Maldone. "Eduardo good to see you Papi." Maldone says sluggishly. "What are you doing here? In my house for that matter. I thought you were in jail you evil Son of a Bitch?" Eddie says angrily. Orlando walks over to Tori's crib and takes her out. "I'm here for her." "Put.MY.Daughter.Down.NOW!" Eddie yells. "Her name is Tori right. I like that name. It's fits her. Tori Torres. Or should I say Tori Maldone. You see Eduardo, you took my daughter away from me. And NOW I'm going to take yours." Orlando takes out a gun and fires. Eddie falls backwards onto the wall. His limp body falls to the floor. Maldone leaves the room the apartment with a crying baby in his arms.

Nina's POV

I was awaken out of my sleep by the sounds of a gun going off. I hurriedly run to Tori's nursery. On the ground was my husband. Tears begin to forcefully fall down my face. "Eddie! Oh my GOD Eddie!" She says frantically. "Nina" pause. "Maldone.. took..Tori. I...let..her..GO!" He says nervously. "Eddie NO! Where's Tori" Eddie's eyelids starts to close. He is dying. My husband is dying. "NO Eddie, not again! Don't leave me Eddie! Please Eddie! Don't leave me you bastard." Eddie is giving me no response. "Where is my daughter? Wake up Eddie! Don't die on me! Eddie NO!" Nina yells.

TO be continued in part 2